Chapter 232: Unexpected

    Chapter 232: Unexpected

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    The second Zhang Tie activated the binding skill in the warehouse like an invisible storm, he knew that he had succeeded because the effect of the chains hitting all the twelve people was brought to his mind at once.

    Among these people, the highest rank was LV 6 while the lowest was LV 2. The effect of binding skill ranged from over three to over eight minutes, which depended on the ratio of their spiritual energy to that of Zhang Tie.

    Before releasing the binding skill, Zhang Tie had bet that no figure above LV 7 was in this warehouse. As spies of the Sun Dynasty, they should have high intelligence instead of high fighting strength, so their levels should not be too high.

    What Zhang Tie was most concerned about were those fleeing guys from the airship. He was not sure about the highest level among the figures sent from the Sun Dynasty.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that those people had taken the secret medicine of the Sun Dynasty before coming here and didn't plan to come back alive, so he presumed based on usual rules. But in reality, since those people were doomed to die in this mission, the Sun Dynasty would not have assigned officers with high levels. After all, fighters above LV 6 were not cheap white cabbages.

    He was right. The highest level of the people in the warehouse was that person's who had punched him just now, a LV 6 fighter whose battle-qi totem was black spider.

    The whole warehouse immediately froze up. With the exception of Zhang Tie, the rest could only move their eyes. Nobody understood what was happening. The moment they were hit by the binding chains, everybody lost control of their body. They could still see, sense, and think, but not move.

    What was happening?

    Zhang Tie then moved his wrist and grabbed the dagger from that guy who had wanted to trick him just now. In a split second, that guy's eyes were full of fear and shock. He wanted to say something, but he could not even open his mouth. As if posed with an immobilization skill, he just stood there like an idiot with eyes widely opened, watching Zhang Tie taking the dagger from his hand.

    After taking the dagger, Zhang Tie cast a smile at that person. "Unexpected, right? What you wanted to do had nothing to do with me, so I didn't want to kill you, but now that you want to kill me, I have to say sorry..."

    Putting his left arm on that person's shoulder, Zhang Tie fiercely thrust the dagger into hischest, directly hitting his heart. Once the man's eyes lost their spirit, Zhang Tie then carefully put him on the ground without making any sound.

    Due to his experience in the Iron-Blood Camp, Zhang Tie didn't hesitate to kill a person. He did it fast, like killing a chicken.

    After killing this one, Zhang Tie walked towards the person who had beat him just now. It was the only LV 6 fighter among them. Putting his arm around that person's shoulder like how he did to the first one, Zhang Tie thrust the dagger into his chests and slowly lowered him to the ground.

    In a minute, Zhang Tie quickly ended the lives of all the twelve people in the warehouse the same way.

    He had not imagined that he would have to kill so many people when he used his binding skill for the first time. Actually, he didn't want to kill them. He had killed too many people on the battlefields. Previously, he thought that he could remain peaceful in Blapei, but unexpectedly, he had to kill people again. In this age, many things were out of one's control!

    After killing the twelve people in the warehouse, Zhang Tie sighed inside. He cleaned the dagger on the last person's military uniform, then silently walked around the wooden barrels, towards the exit of the warehouse. When he reached it, he saw clearly that this warehouse was on the second floor of a building, so, he walked downstairs to the first floor.

    In the "hide the blade" move, he put the blade against his wrist and slowly walked downstairs, leaning against the wall.

    A pile of sundries were piled under the stairs, while a truck marked with the symbol of the logistics department of the Iron-Horn Army parked nearby.


    Two people in the military uniform of the Norman Empire's soldiers were guarding that truck with their eyes fixed on the entrance of the building. If that person didn't lie to him, with the exception of the two near the truck, there should be another sentry in the courtyard outside the distillery to make them fifteen people in total.

    The distance between the entrance of the building and the truck was over ten meters. The gate of the distillery was right in front of the truck. If he wanted to leave, he had to kill the two people next to the truck without catching the attention of the sentry outside. After thinking for a while in the entrance, Zhang Tie came up with an idea.

    Making some noise on purpose, he walked out of the shadow at the entrance of the building towards the two people at a medium speed, moving towards the truck.

    The moment the two people caught sight of Zhang Tie casually walking out of the entrance in military uniform, they became stunned.

    "Is it that truck? It looks nice. But something's not right with it. I agree to take you into the logistics base, but if you want to pretend this truck needs to be repaired, you have to make it look dirty..."

    As if not seeing the two people at all, Zhang Tie walked towards them and started to judge the truck.

    "Stop, where are the others?"

    The two soldiers immediately became alert.

    "They're arranging their uniforms upstairs. For average soldiers, their military uniforms are too clean. If they want to pretend to be soldiers coming back from the battlefield or the transportation team, this would bring them trouble, so they told me to come downstairs first. Your clothes should be a bit dirty too..."

    Ignoring their suspicions, Zhang Tie still moved closer toward them. Soon, he was less than eight meters away.

    Zhang Tie's leisurely attitude and his familiarity with tonight's plan stunned the two for a bit more. They felt that what he said was reasonable, and he could not have killed all the people upstairs alone, so they instantly loosened their vigilance around him.

    When he was seven meters away from them, Zhang Tie let out a breath and immediately froze the two people with binding chins. As a result, they could only stare at him with fearful eyes.

    "Where's another one? Hurry up, call him in. We're going to set off. If it's too late, the investigation on the vehicles accessing the base would be stricter..." Zhang Tie shouted loudly on purpose as he passed by the two soldiers and opened the side door of the warehouse. He then exclaimed towards outside impatiently, "Hurry up, come on in, after preparations we'll have to go!"

    After saying this, although his heart pounded, Zhang Tie still pretended to sit down calmly at a desk in front of the two frozen soldiers, seemingly waiting for that person outside to come in.

    Through the open side door of the warehouse, the sentry outside could easily see the two soldiers standing beside Zhang Tie, safe and sound.

    Zhang Tie just sat there and waited for that one to come in. Based on the effect of the binding chains on the two soldiers, he had eight minutes left. He didn't believe that the sentry outside would not come inside to have a look when he saw the side door opened and was called inside for preparations.

    Generally speaking, sentries outside would always stay in a very hidden place. Compared to finding that person out at the risk of his life, it was wiser for Zhang Tie to let that sentry come in by himself.

    Certainly, after less than half a minute, a head popped out from the side door of the distillery. Although a bit suspicious, at the sight of Zhang Tie sitting well on the chair while the two soldiers were standing beside him that sentry immediately loosened his vigilance and walked in.

    When he came, that sentry was still holding a crossbow with a bolt on it. At the sight it in that person's hands, Zhang Tie was drenched in cold sweat all over. If he had hurriedly slipped out of the distillery just now, he might have already been a corpse.

    Zhang Tie's decision was right. Binding skill was not an all-purpose skill, especially in crisis when a calm mindset, courage, and insight counted most. Although risky, his decision had saved his life tonight again.

    Zhang Tie then let out a long breath inside.

    "Where are Victor and the others?" asked the sentry in a very meticulous way, becoming doubtful as he came in.

    Zhang Tie didn't know who was Victor, but he knew he must me a partner of this guy.

    "They're dressing upstairs..."

    Right then, the sentry caught sight of the two frozen people beside Zhang Tie. As Zhang Tie was paying full attention to the sentry's expressions, the moment he saw his face suddenly changing, Zhang Tie immediately threw the desk before himself. Almost in a split second, with a sound of "duo", Zhang Tie felt was shocked as a half of a sharp arrowhead with icy light penetrated through the thick desk and stopped right before his forehead.

    Zhang Tie then rolled on the ground. At the same time, that person pulled out his dagger and rushed towards Zhang tie. As a result, the distance between the two of them was immediately reduced to seven meters.

    Zhang Tie felt a bit cold between his eyebrows...

    A binding chain flew out like an invisible lightning bolt...

    While that person rushing forward fell to the ground...

    The whole distillery became calm once again.

    Zhang Tie panted heavily. The past two seconds were as adventurous as that bloody fight that night. If he was a bit slower or the desk was a bit thinner, it would have been a totally different outcome.

    After gasping a couple times, Zhang Tie stood up from the ground. He then walked towards that person fallen on the ground. Ignoring the vacancy and shock in that person's eyes, Zhang Tie immediately pulled out his dagger and directly thrust it into his chest. With eyes popped out, that person then sprouted blood from his mouth corner before finally tilting his head to one side and moving no more.

    Zhang Tie then walked before the two soldiers who had been struck by binding chains and carefully stared at their faces for awhile. After staring for a short time, he finally discovered the problem. They had their eye popped out and weren't blinking at all! Additionally, there was a wisp of panic in their eyes. Once having watched it for several seconds, careful people would find that there was something wrong with their faces.

    'Thank God.'

    Zhang Tie let out a long breath...

    Several seconds later, nobody was alive except for Zhang Tie inside the distillery. After dressing up, he stealthily slipped away.

    Although 2000 gold coins' reward was a huge sum of money, Zhang Tie was not mad enough to make money by exposing his secret. At this time, he didn't lack money at all. If he was questioned how he could kill so many people alone as a disabled person who had not even recovered yet, how would he reply? Telling them that he ate a Fruit of Judgment or that the saboteurs and spies of the Sun Dynasty suddenly became idiots and just stood still to be thrust to death by him?

    Zhang Tie didn't want to be notice, so he silently left this place!

    After leaving the warehouse, Zhang Tie didn't know that in a building on the opposite side of the road, a person with wholly gray hair, black coat, and sanguine gloves was standing in a dark room with his eyes fixed on him who was slipping away from the courtyard of the warehouse. All of a sudden, the man's eyes as sharp as that of wolves radiated faint lights...

    Fifteen minutes after Zhang Tie left the distillery, the man who was standing before the windowsill waved his hand and a group of people in black coats suddenly rushed into that distillery like ghosts that appeared in the darkness.


    Nobody in this world could grasp and predict everything. Zhang Tie had not predicted that he could be abducted by others; those people who abducted him had not predicted that the first lieutenant of the logistics department who had been almost disabled had such a terrifying trump card. Additionally, Zhang Tie had not predicted that when he left the distillery, all his movements had been watched by other people as this warehouse had been monitored for several days.

    That person with gray hair and sanguine gloves had not predicted that the good play that he had been expecting for tonight would cease all of a sudden. According to his plan, those saboteurs and spies of the Sun Dynasty were just a tool which could be used to smack someone's face while making others pleased. From the start, he fully understood what these people's plan was. Since the third day he arrived at Blapei, they had been completely under his control.

    The Iron-Horn Army might be very sharp on the battle field, but speaking of the ways used to deal with these mice, the elephant Iron-Horn Army didn't enjoy a good reputation. Although they could turn cities into battlefields by building wire meshes and moats, they didn't know that those mice were exceptionally good at accessing wire meshes and moats.

    The most perfect plot was that when the saboteurs and spies of the Sun Dynasty made the whole Blapei chaotic, the dark robed guys would catch the boring mice and send them to Nordinburg, which could make these guys in red gloves more attractive in some big figures' eyes, just like cockroaches on a cake or mice in a ball!

    This was how this world went. No matter whether you liked it or not, many people would encounter each other due to various emergencies like two trains driving on the same rail from opposite directions, which, after crashing into each other, would change their directions out of control...

    Whether they would derail or fly out of the precipice and cause damage and casualties, only God knew...
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