Chapter 233: Chop You to Feed Dogs

    Chapter 233: Chop You to Feed Dogs

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    Zhang Tie didn't feel good. Nobody would feel good after experiencing what happened tonight-being plotted against, abducted, lied to walk into a deathtrap, used by others like a tool; he had almost lost his life. Additionally, he had to even use his trump card to escape...

    He had no other choice but to kill fifteen people in total.

    Because it was not too late yet, after leaving that distillery, Zhang Tie stopped a horse taxi and arrived at the block where his residence was located in only a bit more than twenty minutes.

    Not until his belly uttered 'gulu gulu' after he got off the horse taxi did Zhang Tie realize that he had not eaten supper.


    After hurriedly eating supper in a roadside hotel, Zhang Tie came back to his residence with a gloomy expression.

    He intended to leave here two days later. After that, he intended to come back at most once a week. In wartime, Blapei was not a peaceful land any more. If he put on his military uniform, he would stir up many troubles downtown, such as this time. In contrast, the Chevli village was like a paradise where he could set free earthworms and f*ck women, bringing himself power and happiness. Although Chevli was a small village, Zhang Tie only wanted to completely recover in that small village.

    After experiencing another fatal danger, he sincerely felt the importance of real strength required to live in this world. This time, if he had been a bit weaker or didn't have that binding skill brought by the god rune, he might have been killed in the rear instead of a battlefield.

    'Real strength, real strength, real strength...' Zhang Tie mumbled inside several times as he walked out of the hotel, even more strongly wishing to move to Chevli. If he moved there and made good use of his time, he could set free earthworms several times faster than before.

    Zhang Tie had already made his decision.

    Nevertheless, he had not expected that his bad luck tonight hadn't yet ended.

    Mr. Green was silently waiting for him at the end of the lane. The moment he caught sight of Zhang Tie, the landowner ran out at once.

    "More than ten people are looking for you. They look ferocious and are waiting for you to return..." Mr. Green told Zhang Tie, full of concern.

    'More than ten people are waiting for me? Ferocious?' Zhang Tie frowned. 'After killing so many people in the battlefield with the other members of the Iron-Blood Camp, even breaking my "Woman's Excellence" and "Man's Certificate" and killing fifteen people just now, how could anyone still dare to find me trouble? Vicious? They dare to play this role in front of me...'

    "Do they wear military uniforms?" Zhang only asked Mr. Green one question.

    "No, but many of them are holding steel pipes and iron chains..."

    Saying this, Mr. Green glanced at Zhang Tie's weak body.

    Since Blapei had been peaceful for a long time, everybody had become too relaxed. When the Iron-Horn Army arrived here, no casualties were caused, so most people here, including the innocent Mr. and Mrs. Green, might have forgotten what the military uniform he wore meant. Did they consider the Iron-Horn Army as the vigilante group in Blapei composed of volunteers?

    'Someone dares to find trouble for military officers of the Norman Empire on a newly occupied land?'

    Zhang Tie was so annoyed that he almost became thrilled. They really didn't know what death meant.

    "Mr. Green, thanks for your warning. You go back first and close your gate. Forget about them. I will solve this trouble!"

    After comforting Mr. Green for a while, Zhang Tie then asked him to go back first before leaving this lane.

    As those spies and saboteurs of the Sun Dynasty in Blapei had not been caught, there were many patrols and sentries of No. 21 Division on the streets.

    Only after less than 100 m, Zhang Tie had already found a team of patrolling soldiers of the No. 21 Division. He casually showed his military officer's certificate to them and explained was happening. All the soldiers then pulled out their sabers and followed Zhang Tie back full of killing intent.

    Before Mr. and Mrs. Green's house, more than ten people were lazily standing in the shadow under the tree.

    "Mr. Beise, don't forget the benefits you've promised us after we deal with that lad for you..."

    A ruffian with a ring hanging off his nose and legs full of tattoos was talking to a 40-odd man who had been ferociously beaten up by Zhang Tie last time and driven away from the female tenant's on the third floor door.

    After a week, most of that middle-aged man's wounds had recovered, except for a plaster on his forehead. The moment he heard someone beside him mention that lad who had beaten him up that day, he gritted his teeth. That day, Zhang Tie had not only ruined his happiness but also deeply impressed him with the ferocious beating.

    What he couldn't understand and felt a bit humiliated by was that he was scared away by a brat of 15-16 years old. This really annoyed him. So the moment his wounds were almost all recovered, he immediately fetched some helpers to find Zhang Tie trouble.

    On that day, when Zhang Tie had beaten him, he was wearing plain clothes, so, he had not imagined that the kid would be an officer of the Iron-Horn Army. Additionally, Zhang Tie was truly much younger than him. Due to such simple negligence, Mr. Beise would encounter a great tragedy.

    "Besides that brat, I'll definitely get that woman tonight!" After those words, the man thought of Linda's hot figure and charming face and felt his lower body becoming slightly hot. "Linda, bitch, you really thought that the brat could help you refuse me? I'll show you something tonight..."

    "I've heard that the woman is very beautiful!" The guy with a ring in his nose said, revealing an obscene smile. "I think Mr. Beise will not mind me receiving some benefits from her!"

    Hearing this, all the other guys with iron rods, sabers, and iron chains burst into laughter.

    However, that middle-aged man became a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, knowing that he had to rely on them to deal with Zhang Tie, he responded with a 'Hmm'. It was just a woman. After he enjoyed Linda himself, it would be good to punish her in this way so that she would be a bit more obedient from then on.

    While they were talking about how to distribute the rewards, Zhang Tie slowly showed himself in the lane near Mr. Green's house. As there was no lamplight on the two sides of this lane and outside Mr. Green's house, they could only see Zhang Tie's figure when he walked out of the darkness. They could not see clearly what he was wearing, neither did they notice that he was not alone but followed by a team of soldiers.

    "That's him..." Zhang Tie's figure and height were deeply impressed in Mr. Beise's mind, so the moment Zhang Tie appeared, Mr. Beise caught sight of him. Afraid of the boy escaping, he pointed at him and shouted loudly, "Don't let him escape, beat him to death!"

    After waiting there for quite a while, over ten "ferocious" ruffians and rogues rushed out with various weapons. That guy with a ring on his nose and an iron chain in his hand ran fastest. Not until he rushed in front of Zhang Tie did he clearly see Zhang Tie's military uniform. The brim of the hat covered a small half of his face, while Zhang Tie was followed by a team of soldiers of the Iron-Horn Army who had long pulled out their sabers. They were all full of killing intent.

    In a split second, that guy froze as if struck by a lightning bolt. His face immediately turned pale while the other ruffians followed up with exclamations and grim expressions...

    "Keep them alive..."

    After delivering the order, Zhang Tie waved his hand, and all the soldiers of No. 21 Division behind him growled and rushed out of the darkness.

    Before the soldiers of the Iron-Horn Army who were as ferocious as wolves and tigers, those ruffians didn't have a chance to make any response before being beaten up and left sprawled on the ground, wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves. After a single round, in less than five seconds, all of them were already lying. If it was not Zhang Tie's order, none of these people would've been still alive tonight.

    The ruffians were instantly shocked. Until then, they still hadn't thought it through. Weren't they here to deal with a brat? How could so many soldiers of the Iron-Horn Army have rushed out? At the sight of Zhang Tie's icy expression, they were more spiritually afraid than physically pained.

    However, as Blapei had been peaceful for such a long time, even now, not everyone had understood their situation. Some muddle-headed person from among the ruffians was used to being brutal. He still thought that there was no difference between these guys in dark red military uniforms and the former vigilante groups.

    "Bastard, you bastards, do you know who I am. You dare to tramp me. You're doomed to death. I'm..."

    "Kill him!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's emotionless order, one of the soldiers instantly slashed with his saber. Almost at the same time, a head with a mouth still opening to swear rolled to Zhang Tie's feet. Without even an extra blink, Zhang Tie casually kicked it to one side.

    In a split second, all the ruffians lying on the ground peed from fright. When that soldier flicked his saber, Zhang Tie heard an exclamation from the residence on the second floor and a hurried closing of a window. He guessed that the young couple must have been terrified when they saw the scene here, same as Mr. and Mrs. Green's whose residence's curtains were also drawn at the same time.

    Zhang Tie didn't see those ruffians lying on the ground at all, instead, he just pulled out the saber from the waist of one soldier standing beside him and walked directly to that man who had been ferociously beaten up that day.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie walking toward him with a saber in hand, Mr. Beise quivered how a mandarin duck did to shake off water from its feathers and immediately knelt down on to the ground.

    Patting Mr. Beise's forehead with the blade of the saber, Zhang Tie said, "Do you remember what I said last time. If I see you again, I'll chop you to feed dogs. Now, I will count from 1 to 10. If you cannot give me a reason to forgive you, I will chop off your head to feed dogs..."
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