Chapter 236: An Encounter

    Chapter 236: An Encounter

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    The leisurely atmosphere in Blapei could not be completely felt until night.

    Even if there was war... even if the atmosphere in the city was a bit tense because of the spies and the escaped saboteurs of the Sun Dynasty... even if the price of beer was already twice of what it was before, the businesses of beer hotels and bars in Blapei were not influenced at all. For those who didn't forget to have a glass of beer in the evening even in this situation, what they should do was to only take their ID certificate with them.

    Men in Blapei didn't have to smoke, eat too much, even dress too good, but they had to drink beer. Even if the most prosperous streets here lacked a bit of magnificence compared to the Avenue Bright in "rural areas" like Blackhot City, even if there were fewer gentlemen and fair ladies in high-consumption places here than in Blackhot City, after supper, men here always left home with a casual coat to head to their favorite beer bars or hotels. So did women here. Without having to dress in delicate and expensive clothes, they displayed their own beauty.

    Men and women drank beer, talked, and laughed, and flirted with each other in the beer hotels or bars, which became one of the most important parts of people's lives in Blapei. In the former Andaman Alliance, with the exception of its beer, Blapei was also famous for its uninhibited life.

    Even if people here got married, they could still have their own dalliances. The significant other just ignored that as long as their partner didn't break the bottom line, such as bringing his or her paramour back home in the presence of the other one.

    The marriage here lacked that sacred sense of marriages in other places. It was more like a certificate for two people to willingly live together for a period of time. For many couples that had gotten married, the roles of wife and husband were just another appellation of "main lover".

    Men had their favorite places to drink beer, while women had their favorite places to drink beer too. As one of the weird phenomena in the downtown of Blapei, except for some specific societal activities with family as the unit, few couples would drink in the same place. Couples here had their own pleasures. They treated each other very good. What made someone in the former Andaman Alliance puzzled was that the divorce rate in this "indulgent place" was the lowest across Andaman Alliance, even across the Blackson Human Clan Corridor. Why? Perhaps only anthropologists or sociologists could answer it.

    When he went to "strike a bell[1]" in the Equipment Administration today, Second Lieutenant Pi Ping of No. 9 Equipment Administration proudly told Zhang Tie that he had two mistresses in Blapei. Women in Blapei all liked officers of the Iron-Horn Army. Therefore, many officers of the Logistics Department had mistresses in Blapei. In order to strike up an acquaintance with Zhang Tie, Second Lieutenant Pi Ping didn't even mind being a "pimp". He told Zhang Tie that if there was a need, he could introduce some mistresses to him.

    Walking on the most prosperous street of this city and listening to the laughter of men and women and the music drifting from the beer hotels and bars, Zhang Tie suddenly had an absurd thought-with the exception of the geographic location of Blapei, one reason that the officers and marshals of the logistics department of the Iron-Horn Army had set their headquarters here was for the convenience of finding willing women here. This was not impossible; sometimes, the most absurd and unspoken reason might also be the most important one.

    In this city, men were dissolute and women were audacious. Actually, compared to Blackhot City, Zhang Tie liked here more as this place was very close to his dream of being surrounded by a great number of gold coins and women.

    Just now, walking on the road, Zhang Tie even experienced "flirting" for the first time-some beautiful girls, older than 20 years old, in short skirts saw him outside a beer bar. Then, one of them started to whistle towards him, and all of them laughed. They then entered the boisterous beer bar beside him. Before entering the bar, that girl who had whistled towards Zhang Tie even looked back and smiled at him...

    Zhang Tie seemed to see Hanna stealthily waving her hands towards him from behind the wheat straw stack.

    Seeing that 20-odd girl's smile, Zhang Tie's mummy became grim like a wolf again. As a 15-year old juvenile, his hormone content was always at a high level all day long. After the flirting, the reading jumped up like the mercury in the mercury column...

    Perhaps Hanna was right. He truly liked to thrust into different women's body so as to conquer them using his d*ck, enjoying the delight of conquering them. If one took that 20-odd beautiful girl for an instance, wasn't it nice to conquer such a girl and make both him and her happy by irrigating her like how he irrigated Hanna.

    Although he thought so inside and his heart started to pound, Zhang Tie didn't follow the girls into the boisterous beer bar, instead, he still wandered through the street. He still remembered his promise to bring a gift for Hanna tomorrow-a gift that could make Miss Daina, the goddess in his dream, most beautiful and sexy.

    By the time he finished supper, Zhang Tie had already wandered through many women's clothing stores in the streets of Blapei. However, he didn't see any proper clothes. Generally, few people would visit these stores, so the moment Zhang Tie entered, he would always gain some weird gazes. However, having long gotten used to it when he was in Blackhot City, he didn't care about it at all. He had even bought whole sets of underclothes for 85 women at once, not to mention now.

    There was one average women's clothing store in front of him. In the glass showcase outside the store some wooden models were standing in beautiful skirts along with some pairs of leather boots, sandals, and some accessories on two small counters. This store sold solely women's items, although it was evening, under the special lamp lights, the decorations of the store still looked very ambient and stylish.

    This was a clothing store full of womanly style.

    With a casual attitude, Zhang Tie pushed in to the store and walked inside. What he had not imagined was that after wandering through the streets for a long while, he would encounter two familiar people here-Blapei was really too small.

    Hearing the bell rings when Zhang Tie pushed in, the two people in the store both turned around. In a split second, three of them became dumbfounded.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie coming in, Mr. Beise's face turned pale once again. Looking at Zhang Tie, he stammered, "You... you... don't misunderstand, I... I'm here to give the real... real estate contract of this store that Linda had pledged to me back to her... our debts have been cleared last night... I didn't know that you would come here to pick her up; I will not be here from this moment on then... wish you a good night!"

    After saying this, before Zhang Tie had even uttered a word, Mr. Beise quickly escaped without even having the courage to look back at Zhang Tie.

    This store only occupied over forty square meters. After Mr. Beise hurriedly escaped, there were only two people in the store-Zhang Tie and that female tenant on the third floor of Mr. and Mrs. Green house.

    The atmosphere in the store was a bit embarrassing and ambiguous. Neither of them knew how to start the topic, especially after hearing the last sentence of Mr. Beise before he left. The 30-odd female boss looked quite bashful.

    Zhang Tie became embarrassed too. God knew that he was here only to buy clothes. He had never imagined that he would meet the two people here. However, if he explained this now, will she trust him? This woman seemed to know what had happened last night. However, he appeared at this moment when she was going to go off job, which seemed to contain something special. How to say... it seemed... seemed that he was threatening her to get some reward...

    "I... I didn't know you were here.. .I'm just... just... here to buy a set of clothes!"

    For some reason, seeing this 30-odd mature and delicate woman who was as old as Miss Daina standing behind the cashier of the store and looking at him with intricate eyes, Zhang Tie also became flurried like Mr. Beise.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's embarrassment, Linda's intricate eyes became tender at once.

    After biting her lips, the female boss moved away from the cashier. "No matter what, thank you very much. When I have enough money, I'll pay you back!"

    "Really no need, I just beat him up last night as I didn't like him... uhm, I'm really here to buy clothes!" Zhang Tie kept explaining with his eyes fixed on the body of the beautiful female boss.

    She was wearing an overskirt that looked great on a mature woman. The black overskirt with floral patterns was skintight while a circle of lace was exposed from the deep, upturned V type collar of the overskirt, making her very womanly. Additionally, the lotus leaf decoration over her waist made her upper body and her lower curve more outstanding and plump. When she moved close to Zhang Tie, he smelt a special perfume that almost immediately made his mummy expand and become hard.

    Zhang Tie finally understood the difference between mature women and female students, namely mature women would be more sensitive and insightful to the man next to them. When the female boss's expression became weird, Zhang Tie then looked along her eyes before noticing that a high tent was rose up in his pants. A bit bashful, Zhang Tie hurriedly used his "Right Hand Covering Skill". In a split second, the two people both felt their faces becoming hot while pretending that nothing had happened...
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