Chapter 238: A New Attempt

    Chapter 238: A New Attempt

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    After putting some clothes into a bag, Zhang Tie came to Chevli. Knowing that he was going to be here today, Hanna was waiting for him at the entrance of the village. At the sight of him walking towards her, she started running towards him with two cute golden braids.

    If one didn't see how Hanna ran, they would never know what were the true roaring waves.

    Even though Zhang Tie had ridden this girl who was three years older than him many times, at the sight of her running towards him, he still forcefully swallowed his saliva. After a careful comparison, he realized that after being irrigated by him these days, Hanna already looked more brilliant and alluring than when he saw her for the first time.

    Hanna never minded holding Zhang Tie's hand, and he didn't mind that either. After staying in Blapei for many days, Zhang Tie found that the residents in Chevli were very bold and unrestrained. They were very compromising with the love affairs between men and women. As long as you didn't do something too excessively in public, nobody would care about you.

    Certainly, in front of Hanna's family members, they had better not be too casual. Her grandpa seemed to worry that Zhang Tie might escape after making Hanna pregnant. In this village, abortion was almost like murder; it was one hundred times more serious than having a stealthy love affair. Women who had abortion would have a bad reputation here because residents here thought that they had bad luck, were unable to marry others.

    Hand in hand, the two of them walked inside the village with jokes and laughter. On the way, besides some people teasing them, all the others thought it was normal.

    "Zhang Tie, will you come to my house today?"

    The one who was even more eager for Zhang Tie's arrival than Hanna was another peasant household in the village who raised earthworms. As Zhang Tie was here to purchase earthworms home by home, they all queued up. Whichever household he came to, the family members of that household would be very happy; while those households which he hadn't come to yet would always worry that he, the pious believer of the Motherland Goddess, would not come to their households. After all, such an idiot who would buy earthworms could not be easily encountered every year.

    Zhang Tie remembered that the farmer who was waiting for him to buy his earthworms was called Billy. The 30-odd man raised four sons, the eldest among which was 11-12 years old. His economic status was not very good, so he was very eager to sell his earthworms. Besides Hanna, this person also squatted at the entrance of the village, waiting for Zhang Tie's arrival.

    "Okay, you can go back home and prepare for it, I will come to your house soon!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, that man became happy and hurriedly wanted to leave. However, Zhang Tie stopped him.

    "Are there any laborers in the village these days?

    "Yes, there are. As it's already autumn, after sowing wheat seeds, men in the village are free!"

    "Fine, besides you, I want you to find five more people for me. Take your own tools and wooden handcarts, I will pay you three silver coins a day per person!"

    Billy then happily left. Hanna became curious and looked at Zhang Tie.

    "Why would you hire so many people?"

    "Because I want to accelerate my speed of setting the earthworms free!"

    After experiencing the abduction that day, Zhang Tie was stimulated. Due to this crisis, he felt that he was recovering a bit too slowly, so he wanted to speed up his recovery. Previously, he thought that he had to free the earthworms by himself, so as to gather their appreciation onto himself. However, these days, he had thought about it for a while and wanted to test it whether he could speed up his redemption and increase the amount of earthworms being set free so as to increase the effects of the Fruit of Redemption only by paying and performing as a commander. If this method worked, he had already made a plan inside which could definitely accelerate his recovery greatly.

    "Have you found a place for me to settle in?" Zhang Tie asked Hanna.

    "Of course!"



    Hanna then peered at Zhang Tie in exceedingly fascinating and charming way, like how she looked back at him when he hugged her butt and heavily crashed into her.

    At the sight of Hanna's alluring look, Zhang Tie's heart pounded and he abruptly thought of one possibility. "In your home?"

    "Right!" Hanna giggled as her enchanting figure shivered. "I didn't expect that you could hit it."

    "Aren't you afraid?" Zhang Tie asked her.

    "Afraid of what?" Hanna asked in reply.

    "Will your grandpa like me?"

    "You'll rent his house, why won't he like you. In addition, won't he be more reassured if he can keep you and me under his vision!"

    'Sounds right.' Zhang Tie scratched his head speechlessly. 'However, if so, it won't be that convenient to do that stimulative thing with Hanna.'

    Even if they could still date in the hay like before, even idiots could figure it out what happened if they always appeared and disappeared from the house at the same time.

    "What were you thinking about just now?"

    Hanna seemed to guess that Zhang Tie was thinking about something, so she threw another alluring glance at him.

    "Nothing!" Zhang Tie replied, pretending that he was thinking about nothing.


    Looking at Hanna's teasing smile, Zhang Tie then looked around and found nobody els, so he drew his head close to her ear while thrusting one finger into her butt. He pressed his finger onto her skirt and directly hit a part in the deep groove of her butt. After that, he even kneaded that place.

    "I'm thinking that if I live in your home, it might become inconvenient if I want to thrust you with this bad thing!"

    Zhang Tie's brave stimulation slightly disturbed Hanna's walking frequency. Face blushed, she hurriedly beat off Zhang Tie's weird hand.

    "You little rascal!"


    There was truly a vacant room in Hanna's home. It was above the room piled with farming tools, grains, and some random items. Hanna's elder brother had lived there before. After Hanna's elder brother got married, that room was left vacant. Hanna had already cleaned it yesterday, so Zhang Tie could move in straight away.

    AT first, old Harley didn't like Zhang Tie living in their home, but it quickly changed once Zhang Tie used gold coins to satisfy him along with Hanna's parents, elder brother, and elder sister-in-law.

    Three gold coins for living in Hanna's home for three months, three meals a day. This payment could enable Zhang Tie to live in high-end beer hotels in Blapei or Tonikas, let alone in a peasant household of Chevli, though the first choice might even cost him less.

    Thus, Zhang Tie lived in Hanna's home.


    Including Hanna's elder brother, Zhang Tie hired seven people that day in Chevli village to set free earthworms together with him. This way, he could accelerate his redemption speed by three times.

    Through paying and commanding other people to work for him, he emptied three earthworm ponds in Chevli in one day, which contained over 300,000 earthworms in total.

    Zhang Tie estimated that if what they did today was effective, he could at least recover 4% today. If this method didn't work, he would just take this as a lesson and would honestly do it by himself from then on.

    In others' eyes, Zhang Tie performed very calmly today, but he himself knew that he was not calm inside at all. He was waiting for the small tree's judgment.


    Seemingly to greet Zhang Tie's arrival and appreciate his generosity, Hanna's family made bumper lunch and supper today. At supper, at the sight of the chicken on the table, Zhang Tie knew that this must be much better than what they usually eat. In rural areas, few households would eat fish and meat every meal, especially chickens. Because many households raised chickens to lay eggs instead of eating them.

    "The supper is too hearty, I know you want to show your appreciation to me, but you'd better not treat me so solemnly. I'll eat what you usually eat from today on. I wasn't used to eating so good before!" Zhang Tie sincerely explained to Hanna's family members.

    Seeing this juvenile being so polite, Hanna's family members were all very happy. Even old Harley, who had always been dubious, felt that Zhang Tie was a good person.

    "Where's Hanna?" Zhang Tie asked as he didn't see her at the table.

    "She's heading for the Tonikas town to have a perm with the other girls in the village. She's coming back late tonight!" Hanna's elder sister-in-law answered.


    Not until Zhang Tie finished supper and took a bath in the washroom of old Harley's home did Hanna, who had had a perm in the Tonikas town, came back home.

    Before the catastrophe, people had already invented a bathing equipment heated by solar energy. It was very convenient wherever it was. There was also one set of this kind of bathing equipment in old Harley's home. They built a small bath room beside the courtyard. When Hanna came back, the dusk had just fallen. After taking a bath, Zhang Tie walked out of the bath room with a basin and a towel in hand and instantly noticed Hanna.

    Her two long braids had disappeared and become golden wavy hair. This hairstyle seemed to match her face better, making her more womanly and alluring.

    Hanna then revealed a smile to Zhang Tie, making him slightly dizzy.

    After the bath, Zhang Tie came to his own room in the small building. After closing his door, he calmly sat inside for awhile to recover his composure. He was used to doing this as he needed to recover composure before anything important.

    After sitting quietly for ten minutes, Zhang Tie took a deep breath and entered the Castle of Black Iron.

    --Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron!

    Zhang Tie walked towards the small tree. Like a couple of days ago, on the twig in the middle of the small tree, there seemed to be hanging a ripe Fruit of Redemption.

    He stretched out his hand...

    --Fruit of Redemption, from earthworms' appreciation, has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    --This fruit can recover your wounds by 4.6%.

    Zhang Tie rubbed his eyes and then lowered his hand back. He then stretch out his hand again. It was still 4.6%.

    'No change... no change... no change...'


    Thrilled, Zhang Tie burst out laughing.

    'That's too great! It turns out that my wounds can recover faster!'

    Without saying anything, Zhang Tie immediately picked the Fruit of Redemption and put it in front of his nose. After taking a deep and intoxicating breath, he then swallowed it at once...

    After a long while, Zhang Tie opened his eyes while a powerful sense that had not appeared for a long time reappeared in him.

    His wounds had recovered by over 25%...


    At midnight, when Zhang Tie was sleeping soundly, he heard someone lightly knocking at his door. He then got off his bed to open the door.

    In an alluring pose, Hanna was standing outside the door. Under the dim light, Zhang Tie recognized her look. Right now, Hanna had already put on those clothes and that pair of high-heeled leather shoes that Zhang Tie had gifted her.

    It had a super short hip skirt, its side only a palm's distance away from Hanna's bottom. In this set of clothes, her curves became outstanding, putting on display her huge and plump breasts, while that place between her pair of snow white thighs and her raising butt was looming.

    Along with her beautiful wavy blond hair, Hanna became full of womanly charm that could not even be described in words.

    Not until then did Zhang Tie realize that those clothes that he had gifted to Hanna were the same as those of the female tenant on the third floor that he'd seen in the passage. No wonder the female boss' expression became slightly weird when he bought these clothes. As he bought them unconsciously, Zhang Tie didn't think too much, neither did he know what he was thinking at that time.

    "Little boy, your teacher will follow your orders tonight. You should be kind to your teacher."

    Hanna lightly entered the room and closed the door. After a short while, various weird sounds and voices could be heard from the room...

    As he was going to completely recover very soon and a beauty in a sexy skirt had entered his room at midnight, who was very obedient and tempted him in various ways, Zhang Tie felt very cool during the night...

    This night, Zhang Tie found that he truly could not resist in front of a hip length skirt...
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