Chapter 240: Weird

    Chapter 240: Weird

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    Zhang Tie only stayed in the Castle of Black Iron for less than two hours. The first thing he did after leaving was to find a dagger and cut a 2-cm long shallow wound on his left index finger like how he might get hurt when carelessly peeling a fruit. When he moved his dagger away, crimson blood started to flow out his finger.

    Having long gotten used to being torn into pieces by a pack of wild wolves in the Trouble-Reappearance Situations, Zhang Tie certainly didn't fear this little pain. He put the bleeding finger under the lamplight in the room to carefully watch it without even blinking.

    If it was under normal circumstances, such a small wound would stop bleeding in at least ten minutes. Zhang Tie wanted to see the effect of his preliminary recovery body. Because earthworms didn't like light, in the evening, preliminary recovery body could bring him a double effect, namely 430%. Zhang Tie couldn't control his inner excitement as he waited to have an actual experience of this preliminary recovery body.

    After cutting a wound on his finger, Zhang Tie specially checked his pocket watch - 23:14:36.

    In the beginning, blood drops rolled down his finger. Slowly, under the lamp light in the room, Zhang Tie found that the rolling blood drops on his finger were shrinking at a recognizable speed. Gradually, they even turned into a crimson string. Finally, when the wound didn't bleed any more, Zhang Tie had another look at the watch - 23:16: 54.

    It took him two minutes and eighteen seconds to stop bleeding, which was truly about four times faster than the normal speed. Additionally, Zhang Tie felt that the pain also disappeared much faster.

    If he had not exclaimed quite a while in the Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie might have been shouting loudly now.

    Right then, a familiar rat-a-tat drifted from the door.

    These couple of days, Hanna had become increasingly more audacious. When she came to his room the first time, it was midnight; after that, she came here earlier day by day. In rural areas, people went to bed at an early time. Most of them would go to bed between 9-10 pm. so these couple of days, this mad girl even slipped into Zhang Tie's room at 12:00 pm. Today, she came here earlier, when it was not even 12:00 pm yet.

    Zhang Tie estimated that old Harley and Hanna's elder sister-in-law might already know about the clandestine affair between Hanna and him, although they pretended not to know about it. After all, Hanna was an adult and nobody suffered a loss in such an affair.

    Especially at the table today, Hanna's elder sister-in-law seemed to have found something. When they finished supper, she stealthily pinched Hanna's butt while Hanna made a grimace by sticking her tongue out. All these had been noticed by Zhang Tie.

    As expected, when he opened the door, Hanna embraced him while her hot lips were put onto his and a fragrant tongue immediately broke into his mouth and started to crazily and bravely wrestle with his own tongue, making him breathless.

    Zhang Tie felt that Hanna was a bit hotter and more enthusiastic than before.

    After a long while, the two separated and Hanna noticed Zhang Tie's wounded finger.

    "Ah, what's happening to your finger?"

    "I was playing with a dagger just now and carelessly cut it!"

    "Let me have a look!"

    Saying this, Hanna put Zhang Tie's wounded index finger into her mouth and started to suck on it. Undoubtedly, this was another temptation.

    When he saw Hanna holding his finger and making it touch her lips on purpose while she licked his finger with a pair of big eyes watching him full of emotions, although Zhang Tie's finger didn't bleed, a part of him started to expand and become grim.

    When Zhang Tie was prepared to deal with her, Hanna giggled and immediately held Zhang Tie's mummy and avoided his first invasion.

    "Easy, follow me to my room. I'll show you something interesting..." Hanna told Zhang Tie with narrowed, alluring eyes as she continued to move her hand on Zhang Tie's mummy.

    "In your room?"

    Zhang Tie was a bit shocked.

    "Don't you dare, little man?"

    Hanna threw a contemptuous glance at Zhang Tie on purpose.


    Few people would admit that they were timid at this moment. So was Zhang Tie. After saying this, he blew out the lamp before stealthily leaving his room together with Hanna.

    Holding Zhang Tie's hand, she walked ahead. They both softened their footsteps. Not until now did Zhang Tie noticed that Hanna was wearing a skirt that he had never seen before yet one that looked a bit familiar.

    "Is this your skirt? I've not seen it before."

    "My elder sister-in-law gave it to me. It's a skirt for a young mature woman. Is it familiar?"

    Hanna lowered her voice in the darkness while her eyes filled with excitement. Her lips almost touched Zhang Tie's ear, making it itchy.

    The two of them then silently went downstairs and went through the passageway there. In the darkness, they went upstairs. Seeing that raised, plump butt waving in front of him, Zhang Tie immediately recalled the sight under her skirt at supper. Heavily stimulated, he was almost driven berserk.

    The moment they reached the end of the staircase on the second floor, they were really startled by old Harley's cough in a room beside them. In the darkness, they both stopped and held their breath. At this moment, Zhang Tie became even more nervous than when he had launched a sneak attack on the base of the Brilliant Feathers Army for the first time.

    After waiting for several seconds, they heard no other sounds from that room. They then once again begun to quietly move towards Hanna's room. Although it was risky, they finally reached their goal. Zhang Tie silently closed the door and let out a breath.

    Hanna then lighted up her room, adjusting the luminescence to make it dim. The room was filled with a special fragrance that always existed in women's bedrooms.

    Hanna didn't say anything, just pulled Zhang Tie's hand and came in front of a mirror hanging on the wall of her room. After removing the mirror from the wall, Hanna pulled out a small bar, revealing a narrow crevice.

    "Come on, have a look inside!' she called to Zhang Tie full of excitement.

    Zhang Tie had already heard something weird, but he still couldn't help but move his head there.

    Through the crevice they could see the room of Hanna's elder brother and her elder sister-in-law. They were showing a big play. Hanna's elder sister-in-law had her open legs slightly bent as they were bound to the pillars at the head of the bed. The woman's mouth was bound with a towel. Hanna's elder brother was lying on her body and forcefully invading her by holding her snow-white butt, causing her breasts and butt to move like waves.

    It was very bright in that room while the crevice was beside a cabinet not far from them. Under the reflection of the lamp lights in the opposite room, Zhang Tie and Hanna could even see clearly the oozing sweat on Hanna's elder brother and hear clearly those weird noises and sounds.

    After watching for several seconds, Zhang Tie felt his face turning red and mouth becoming dry. It turned out that this was the "interesting thing" that Hanna wanted to show him...


    Until way pat midnight, after staying in Hanna's room for over four hours, Zhang Tie slipped out of of there and returned to his own room. In that time, nobody knew what were they doing in Hanna's room except for themselves.


    The next day, Zhang Tie woke up naturally. After that, lying on the bed, he started to carefully sense the crystal clear feeling in his mind and the energetic feeling after he had completely recovered. He was so happy that he broke into a big smile. Then he immediately got up and found it was over 8 am, which was not too late.

    He then glanced at the wound on his left index finger. Only in one night, that small wound had almost healed, leaving only a fine line as if had been wounded several days ago. At the sight of it, Zhang Tie became merry and felt full of drive.

    The breakfast was milk and oat bread. When he ate the breakfast, Zhang Tie peered at Hanna's elder brother and elder sister-in-law once again. He then felt weird inside. Hanna's elder brother and elder sister-in-law both looked frank and normal. Zhang Tie could never imagine that they had such a heavy taste.

    Perhaps that was just like an interesting game that they both enjoyed, so it had nothing to do with others whatever they wished to play. However, they might not have imagined that ever since they got married, there was a hole in their wall. So under their gradual daily influence, several years later, an innocent heifer was ruined.

    As Zhang Tie was thinking this, he didn't hear what the others were talking at the table.

    "Have you heard what my elder brother asked you just now?"

    Sitting on the opposite of Zhang Tie, Hanna slightly kicked him below the table.

    "Ah, sorry, I was thinking about something just now!"

    "My elder brother asked you whether you need assistants today. Villagers are relatively free these days!"

    Hanna rolled up her eyes at Zhang Tie.

    "Oh, are there any more households neighboring Chevli raising earthworms?" Zhang Tie asked Hanna's elder brother.

    "Most of households that raise earthworms were in Chevli, but there are also households in the nearby villages that raise them. 20-30 households in total!" Hanna's elder brother answered after thinking for a moment.

    "Are you familiar with those villages?"

    "Of course, as I grew up here since I was born, how could I not be familiar with them!"

    "Do you think those people who raise earthworms would sell them like you?"

    "As long as you can pay as much as what you paid in Chevli, I think nobody would refuse!'

    "Well, how about this, I'll pay you six silver coins. Can you help me buy those earthworms in the neighboring villages and set free those earthworms in the wild like what what we did in Chevli?"

    "Six silver coins a day?"

    Hanna's elder brother widely opened his eyes and his hand holding the bread started to quiver.

    "Hmm, six silver coins a day, and you're my agent!"

    "What about the money for buying earthworms and hiring helpers?"

    "I'll pay you 25 silver coins for a pond of earthworms and the helpers! Additionally, I'll pay you six silver coins a day as an agency fee!" Zhang Tie replied.

    "Fine!" Hanna's elder brother immediately agreed. He then felt a bit bashful as he scratched his head, "Isn't six silver coins a day too much?"

    "Not that much. This time, as you'll be the commander, you deserve that amount!"

    Based on the principle that locusts were also meat, of course Zhang Tie would not let go those earthworms in the nearby villages. Additionally, this time, he wanted to try and see whether he could get the benefits from setting the earthworms free only by paying the money and doing the overall coordination.

    If that truly worked, he would have a broader source for Fruit of Redemption. Sometimes, even if he was far away, he could still control and guide others to do this for him. Otherwise, it would not be that easy to reach the next target of advancing to the medium recovery body by gathering the appreciative energy of 160,000,000 earthworms.

    After staying in Chevli for so long, he had only set free over 10,000,000 earthworms. Besides money, he might hardly find a second Chevli across the former Andaman Alliance, even the whole Blackson Human Clan Corridor.

    If he had to come to Chevli once a year, it would take him at least sixteen years to reach this target. And since the holy war between humans and demons was coming, god only knew how the world would be in a few years, let alone sixteen years later.

    Perhaps just like what Donder had told him, many things in this world were not determined by you but by chance, without which, even if you had great talent, you could still not reach the target. Zhang Tie had met this chance in Chevli which would make him appreciate it for the rest of his life. As to whether there will be another chance like this, that really depended.

    After negotiating the details at the table, Zhang Tie pulled out one gold coin and gave it to Hanna's elder brother, letting him use it for the following days.

    After that, Zhang Tie recalled another thing, "Does anyone sell golden uangs in Blapei?"

    "Golden uangs?" Startled, Hanna's elder brother and old Harley glanced at Zhang Tie. "It's just an insect that kids usually play with by chance. Who would sell this? If you need, you can pay someone to find them for you. I think you can get some!"

    "I'm just wondering!"

    Hearing that explanation, Zhang Tie completely gave up on that idea. What Hanna's elder brother said was true. Besides being useful for a few people, who would raise them and wait for others to buy them? Additionally, if he paid others to catch them and then set them free, based on the rules on forming the Fruit of Redemption, it would be useless.

    As he had already completed the evolution of the preliminary recovery body in Blapei, he should not be too greedy. Later on, if there was a chance, he would see whether he could set free a batch of golden uangs. If he gained too many benefits in the same way, he thought even god would not stand it.


    After eating breakfast at Hanna's home, Zhang Tie caught a chance to tell Hanna that he needed to go back to the city and stay there for a couple of days.

    "Do you have a mistress downtown?"

    Hanna stared at Zhang Tie with a weird expression.


    Zhang Tie didn't know why she would Hanna ask this.

    "Liar!" Hanna pouted. "Why would you leave today, right after I told you that I'll start menstruating last night? Do you think that I can not satisfy you these days?"

    Zhang Tie became speechless at once. He didn't know how to explain to Hanna that he had completely recovered. After recovery, he had to deal with something back in Blapei.

    Hanna was so hot yesterday with high, rising desires. Last night, after Zhang Tie conquered her several times, she told him that she would especially want to make love several days before and after the menstruation every month. It seemed that many women were like that and would have a greater desire for making love before and after their menstruation, including Hanna's elder sister-in-law.

    Hanna told Zhang Tie that her menstruation was coming today. Zhang Tie then told her that he was going to leave today; no wonder Hanna would misunderstand it.


    Finally, after comforting Hanna, Zhang Tie left Chevli and came to Tonikas town. He then came to Blapei by a horse taxi.

    For some reason, the atmosphere in Blapei hadn't become relaxed but rather even more intense. The moment Zhang Tie left Tonikas, he met two sentries on the way. He was then stopped and investigated. The carter told Zhang Tie that this was because the group of saboteurs and spies of the Sun Dynasty had not been caught by the Iron-Horn Army yet. Since that explosion two weeks ago, these people were as if they had disappeared, making the whole Blapei feel tense.

    'Weren't those people killed by me? Haven't their corpses and that warehouse been discovered by others? How could that be...'

    Sitting in the horse taxi, Zhang Tie looked through the window at those solemn soldiers of the Norman Empire moving in teams.

    'If those corpses have not been discovered, should I send an anonymous letter to the headquarters of the logistics department to end the intense atmosphere in Blapei?'

    Thinking of this, Zhang Tie directly told the carter to turn a direction...

    Half an hour later, they passed by a suburban street. Sitting in the horse taxi, Zhang Tie noticed that the warehouse which he had left that night was burned into ruins. Like that charred charcoal in the ruins, Zhang Tie's face turned black...
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