Chapter 244: Carnival

    Chapter 244: Carnival

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    All the average wild wolves and huge wolves in the surrounding mountains and plains surged towards Zhang Tie in waves...

    At this time, the red-snake sword had become a flexible, spiritual snake that was swimming in the space 1 m-3 m in front of Zhang Tie. All the wild wolves that rushed into this space would be lose their heads or receiving terrifying wounds on their bodies, spattering blood; they wailed mournfully and rolled on the ground before dying.

    Another three wild wolves charged at Zhang Tie with one in the front and two behind. Zhang Tie waved his red-snake sword and chopped off the head of the first wild wolf which was over 1 m away from him. Right after that, the blade elongated once again and reached 3 m away. After drawing an elegant "S" curve, it cut two terrifying two-feet long wounds on the wild wolves behind. Those wounds went from their heads to their tails, causing them to scream miserably.

    The wild wolves attacked Zhang Tie like an endless tide. The moment he killed the three wild wolves, another one charged at him. When the wild wolf was about to open its bloody mouth and bite at Zhang Tie's shin, the blade that had been reaching 3 m away immediately drew back like a lightning bolt. Before Zhang Tie moved, that blade bounced back and flew past that wild wolf. As a result, the moment the wild wolf moved close to Zhang Tie, it spattered a great amount of fresh blood, then mournfully wailed and rolled away.

    The blade was almost completely drawn back, only revealing a small section of less than 20 cm from the handle. Zhang Tie rapidly moved aside and avoided a huge wolf that had silently sneaked close and then fiercely charged at the most critical moment. However, while it was still in the air, Zhang Tie had used his dagger-like sword to thrust at it several times...

    As a result, the moment the huge wolf fell on to the ground, it tilted down.

    More wild wolves charged at him and just after a wave of his hand, an over 2-m long blade cut through the wild wolves like how it had dealt with the others before...

    Then the blade drew back once again and turned into a 1-m long sword, like an average sword. Holding it, Zhang Tie felt as if he was using an average long sword. He then rushed into the wolf pack and brought a foul wind and a rain of blood...

    Ten minutes later, Zhang Tie thrust his long sword into the last huge wolf's mouth. The rapidly elongating blade directly cut through the huge wolf's body and drilled out from its bottom before drawing back. Holding the sword, Zhang Tie glanced over the shiny blade with no fresh blood on it since the beginning of this massacre. He burst out laughing...

    If Second Lieutenant Pi Ping and that first lieutenant of the Equipment Center would have caught sight of him using this red-snake sword so adroitly, they would've been greatly amazed, so much that their mouths could even hold a big duck egg.

    The Trouble-Reappearance Situation broke into light dots once again.


    Today was the third day after Zhang Tie got his red-snake sword. The fact was that if you wanted to adapt to a weapon, you had to practice it on a battlefield.

    These days, holding this sword, Zhang Tie had experienced many battles and deaths in the Trouble-Reappearance Situations. He had been wounded by the sword many times due to his improper use.

    After experiencing so many battles and deaths at the cost of his life and fresh blood, after being attacked by thousands of wild wolves and huge wolves in total, Zhang Tie sensed the secret of red-snake sword for the first time. Holding the sword, he finally understood how to flexibly use this sword from his inner heart.

    Zhang Tie realized that he had truly gotten a treasure. This red-snake sword was definitely a top weapon in the arsenal. If Zhang Tie would've been asked to name it, the name he would grant would definitely give people a feeling of coarseness - Man's D*ck.

    The whole sword could change length and hardness at his will. What else was it if not a man's d*ck.

    The secret to manipulating the red-snake sword so adroitly lay in the frequently changing hidden strength that was poured into the blade. With hidden strength, the sword's blade could become hard and elongate. If it was too long, the blade would be a bit flexible which would make it hard to control.

    At this time, the swordsman should make adjustments to the hidden strength that he had injected into the blade for the sake of performance so that the hidden strength that in the blade could keep in a mobile balance with the weird performance of the blade. This way, the swordsman would be able to freely manipulate this sword and exert its power to its largest extent.

    For a warrior, when he used a weapon, the strength he injected into the weapon was relatively stable, so it was a huge challenge for many people to inject a changing hidden strength into the weapon they used. When one used this weapon, he needed to calculate and frequently change the amount of the hidden strength that was injected based on different situations, which meant a heavy burden on one's mentality and physical strength. Especially in combat, this burden could not be born by many people. However, for Zhang Tie, who had terrifying spiritual energy and the extremely great mental arithmetic by abacus, it was even simpler than drinking cold water in this case.

    At the beginning, Zhang Tie had not adapted to this sword well, but after figuring out the know-how of changing the amount of the hidden strength according to the blade's performance and the actual situation when the blade was pushed out to a certain length through numerous times of practice, he was able to exert its power to the utmost.

    Sometimes, Zhang Tie felt that the item in his hand was a mix a sophisticated weapon instead of being just a sword. It might be more fitting to see it as a cross-disciplinary weapon.

    When the blade only reached a bit longer than 20 cm, this sword could be used as a dagger or a short saber.

    When the blade reached a bit longer than 1 m, it could retain its largest rigidity and have a proper tenacity after being injected with hidden strength. This sword then could be used as a delicate long sword that could easily cut iron like cutting mud.

    When the 3 m blade was fully extended, this sword could be used as a terrifying battle sword that could even match the "Man's Certificate". Its attack radius could reach over 4 m if counting Zhang Tie's arms and steps. Additionally, the super thin blade made of unknown metal was definitely more effective than that of the "Man's Certificate". Used with enough strength, this red-snake sword could definitely be used as a whip and a spear.

    When one used it as a whip, its blade could whip the opponent. After using it adroitly, one could bundle something using the sword and bring it in front of him. When one used it as a spear, the sharp sword tip, it could easily cut through a huge sword or a varanid within 2-4 m. After being injected with hidden strength, the triangular-shaped sword tip could rapidly stretch out like a hidden weapon to reinforce the piercing effect.

    The guy who invented this sword was definitely a genius. However, a genius' work would always be isolated and buried among a great amount of fierce weapons that shone with icy lights. Even if someone didn't complain about its feminine look and took a casual look at it, how could one immediately know the design's essence and usage of this weapon. They would only feel it was not easily controlled. Due to various reasons, the red-snake sword was in the end discovered by Zhang Tie.

    In truth, if not because Zhang Tie didn't want to expose his real strength and was not in the frontier, he would not have chosen this weird weapon as the reward for him winning the Iron-Blood Medal. However, based on the weapon's capabilities, he made the right choice this time. He was filled with surprise inside.


    The next few days were Zhang Tie's most relaxed and pleasant days in Blapei.

    Being in the weird state where she bled yet wasn't wounded, Hanna became obedient and didn't come to Zhang Tie at midnight like before, giving him more time to immerse himself in the Trouble-Reappearance Situations to constantly improve his fighting skills.

    In contrast, Hanna's elder brother always got up early and returned home late each day as the "agent" for setting free earthworms for Zhang Tie. The farming households in the neighboring villages of Chevli eagerly sold their earthworms to Hanna's elder brother, whom then had all the earthworms set free in the wild.

    Although Zhang Tie wasn't set the earthworms free himself, the merit value points of having Hanna's elder brother do it were still making the Fruit of Redemption grow, the effect of which was still on Zhang Tie.

    He could check the effect of having Hanna's elder brother set the earthworms free, which really surprised him. Learning that it was truly feasible, Zhang Tie estimated that even if he didn't have to go to Blapei, he could still have an agent like Hanna's elder brother to set the earthworms free for him. Perhaps in a few years, even before the holy war, he would have achieved the medium recovery body. He was really happy from eating fruits at such a stable frequency.

    Additionally, the affair of Zhang Tie buying earthworms in Chevli village had not only spread across Chevli but also the neighboring villages. Tempted by the silver coins, some households in Chevli and some in neighboring villages started to raise earthworms. Although they didn't know whether that idiot would come here to purchase their earthworms a year later, it was not bad to just have a try.

    Of course, Zhang Tie was happy they thought of doing it.

    During the most leisurely and relaxed days, many people across Blapei and even in the Chevli village were actually busy in a nervous and joyful state, because a few days later, the most important and grandest annual beer festival in Blapei would arrive.

    On the day of the beer festival, villages like Chevli would organize several festooned vehicles to travel to downtown in Blapei. The strongest men and the most beautiful women and the most delicious beer in Chevli would go together with the festooned vehicles to celebrate the carnival for one day in downtown. It was a big event for the entire village.

    With such a hot atmosphere, the carnival of the beer festival in Blapei was coming...
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