Chapter 247: The Start of the Carnival

    Chapter 247: The Start of the Carnival

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    The annual beer festival in Blapei would be fixed on the first weekend of each November. Because the beer festival originated from the festivity of farmers in the most leisurely time of Blapei, even though the month chosen was not as hot as June and July, people's passion for their favorite beer was enough to ignite the whole Blapei on the same day each year.

    Even if facing the danger of war and just having suffered a bomb attack from the Sun Dynasty several weeks before, each house in Blapei today still became boisterous like flaring fire.

    It seemed that because of having been oppressed by the upcoming war, people here became really mad and decided to give full vent to their inner emotions.

    Old Harley said that the quantity of festooned vehicles from Chevli village this year was the largest in recent years. The festooned vehicles were also more beautiful than before.

    For this festival, Zhang Tie also showed great interest. Since last night, old Harley had been ten times more enthusiastic about him than ever before. After learning that Zhang Tie had not prepared a traditional costume for the beer festival, in the early morning, he sent a whole new, decent costume to Zhang Tie.

    This proper and decent costume included a jazz hat decorated with beautiful feathers, an average and good-looking jujube-wood walking stick, a black woolen coat without lapels, a small black vest, a round, woolen half-body cloak, a pair of black leather jazz pants, a pair of stockings, and a pair of brown, round-head brogues.

    Once he dressed in these clothes, Zhang Tie found himself very funny. Looking at himself in the mirror, he felt like he was much more mature. If a mustache was put on his mouth corner, he would look like a mature gentleman. Since he was almost 16 years old, Zhang Tie's lips were covered with fine cyan hair, making him as tender as a Chinese onion.

    Zhang Tie estimated that this costume had cost old Harley at least 20-30 silver coins. When old Harley sent it here, he was even worried that Zhang Tie wouldn't receive it.

    After Zhang Tie generously received the clothes, all the family members of old Harley became excited. After all, these items were really trivial compared to what Zhang Tie had promised them last night.

    After what happened last night, he had turned from an ostentatious outsider to a respected guest of old Harley's family.

    Hanna also changed to a set of beautiful clothes today. She wore a beautiful dress with corset and an open collar whose neckline was decorated with a circle of delicate folded lace. Her shoulders and breasts were decorated with a rectangular purple silky cloth of beautiful lace, on which was a bow knot and some beautiful bibelots. The sleeves of the skirt were bulging puff sleeves. The lower part of the skirt which was also decorated with many delicate ornaments reached her feet.

    Of course, on the lower part of the skirt was an apron that greatly impressed Zhang Tie. It was said that an apron represented that the working woman was diligent.

    As an unmarried woman, Hanna wore a beautiful garland woven of camellia.

    In this costume, Hanna became more fascinating and beautiful. Zhang Tie liked it very much as it revealed her womanly figure and displayed her plump breasts and butt that attracted men's attention.


    At this moment, Zhang Tie was standing near the windowsill in his room, revealing a weird expression. He seemed to be enjoying the scene, gasping, and watching the courtyard of Hanna's home.

    Besides Zhang Tie, everybody in Hanna's home were wearing new clothes. Even old Harley had changed to a set of clean and decent clothes.

    "Zhang Tie, have you seen Hanna?"

    Seeing Zhang Tie standing next to the windowsill in his room and facing the courtyard, old Harley who was seeking for Hanna raised his head and asked.

    "I saw her down there in the courtyard just now!" Zhang Tie answered loudly from upstairs.

    "Where has that wicked girl gone..." Old Harley mumbled downstairs in the courtyard before turning back and leaving.

    What Zhang Tie said just now was true. A moment ago, he truly had seen Hanna in the courtyard. but now...

    Hearing Zhang Tie talking with old Harley, Hanna who was squatting down and working hard became more excited. After forcefully swallowing and spitting several times, Hanna's apex nasi had almost reached Zhang Tie's pubis on the lower abdomen. With eyes half closed, Hanna became slightly intoxicated. At a rhythm, she would slightly groan besides the "zi zi" sound made by her lips

    getting in contact with Zhang Tie's d*ck. It seemed that this state could bring her a certain pleasure.

    Zhang Tie was very pleased as he liked to do this very much, spiritually, physically, and even visually.

    Because she was squatting in front of Zhang Tie in a dress with an open collar, her slightly raised head, revealed the beautiful curve of her neck and the part above her clavicle. Zhang Tie felt that Hanna was like a beautiful swan at this moment.

    A beautiful swan singing a song for him...

    Zhang Tie felt very lucky.

    Around ten minutes later, Zhang Tie started to violently tremble. Out of consciousness, he hugged Hanna's hand with his own while Hanna also accelerated the frequency tacitly. Her blond hair started to crazily weave under the camellia corolla. Finally, Hanna's whole face almost lay on Zhang Tie's lower abdomen as she tightly held Zhang Tie's d*ck in her mouth and remained still. At the same time, Zhang Tie completed a thorough ejection in the deepest part of Hanna's mouth...


    Hanna swallowed everything before extracting the last drop of body fluid of Zhang Tie with her lips and tongue and put that tamed thing into his jazz pants.

    "Your waistband is very beautiful. Is it new? I've not seen it before..."

    After arranging Zhang Tie's pants, Hanna noticed his new waistband.

    "Yea, It's new!" Zhang Tie could only reply in this way.

    Already having stood up, Hanna touched the red snakes which were embedded in the buckle of the waistband. "That's weird, it's two snakes; isn't it be a bit large for a buckle of a waistband? But it's very beautiful and gorgeous. Plus that weird snake, you have three snakes now, one big and two small, hey hey..."

    "You coquettish woman!"

    Zhang Tie became slightly dumbfounded as he found that this woman was even more lewd than him.

    "What? Don't you like it?"

    Hanna stared at Zhang Tie in an enchanting way.

    "I do like it!' Zhang Tie honestly answered.

    "Many times last month you've forcefully ejected into my body by pressing me down, I was worried about being pregnant; unexpectedly, my menstruation still arrived last month on time!"

    "Haven't I told you that if I don't want you to get pregnant, you wont' get pregnant!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile as this was a mysterious function brought by the small tree.

    Only when he wanted to have babies could the essence ejected from him contain the most important energy that could breed new lives. Normally, although the essence looked no different from usual, it would never make a woman pregnant.

    When he made love with Pandora in Blackhot City for the first time, the selective dialog box had popped out in his mind at the most critical moment, making Zhang Tie more relaxed and happier to make love with those girls of the Rose Association later on. This truly saved a lot of trouble for him by preventing the women from getting pregnant. Besides the fruits, Zhang Tie felt that this function of the small tree was the most considerate.

    "You know what, I've already recovered today. Little boy, don't forget to wait for your teacher at night! Now, I have to go to the festooned vehicles..."

    After stealthily glancing at the courtyard, Hanna kissed Zhang Tie's face, then rearranged her dress, and, walking on her tiptoes, quietly ran down the stairs from Zhang Tie's room.


    Five minutes after Hanna had left, Zhang Tie also went downstairs like a thief.

    Today, most of the people in Chevli village wanted to go along with the festooned vehicles to see the flower parade and the evening carnival in Blapei. Previously, old Harley and Hanna's dad had also wanted to be there; however, after what had happened last night, the two men of Hanna's family decided to stay at home.

    Last night, when Hanna explained that the reason for the beer being so delicious lay in the special yeast powder gifted by Zhang Tie, all the other family members became thrilled. Of course, the quality of the yeast used to ferment the beer could not be judged by one's eyes or mouth. However, people in Blapei who had several hundred years' traditions in brewing beer truly had their own method to test the quality of the yeast gifted so as to check the truth of Hanna's words.

    Old Harley only took a small half glass of beer zymotic fluid from the fermenter. After that he fetched a vial and sprayed a bit of weird powder from the vial into it. He then slightly shook the bottle. After a short while, at the sight of the small half glass of zymotic fluid, old Harley became so thrilled that his words started to be disordered.

    "Oh, my god, it's true; how could it be? There's no other anaerobia except for yeast in the zymotic fluid. This was really a wholly new yeast that I've never seen before..."

    After Hanna explained it to Zhang Tie, he finally understood why old Harley was so excited.

    In Chevli village, all the zymotic fluid left from brewed beer was recyclable. However, the recycling times were limited to 4-5 times. It would be ineffective after being recycled 6-7 times. The reason was as follows: during the process of beer fermentation, besides yeast, there would be other anaerobia. After each fermentation, the quantity of these anaerobia would increase. When the quantity and proportion of other anaerobia became greater than 20% of the total amount of yeast in the zymotic fluid, the beer brewed would taste bad.

    For a long time, people in Blapei had concluded a series of methods to test the proportion of other anaerobia in zymotic fluid to determine the zymotic fluid's availability. Zhang Tie didn't know what old Harley had sprayed into the zymotic fluid, but Hanna told him that if there were anaerobia inside, after spraying the powders inside, the color of the zymotic fluid would change accordingly. Experienced people could identify the proportion of anaerobia inside from the changing color.

    After spraying the powders inside, old Harley was shocked by the result as there was almost no anaerobia inside the zymotic fluid. However, this phenomenon had never been seen during the past hundreds of years in Blapei. After being brewed for the first time, the content of anaerobia inside the zymotic fluid would usually increase by 3-5%. Old Harley's family members had not even heard about any zymotic fluid that would contain no anaerobia after being used once. Of course, the reason was the special yeast spices in the zymotic fluid.

    Hanna's words were verified at once.

    All the family members clearly knew what this meant.

    Such zymotic fluid could be recycled forever. However, this wasn't the real deal. What was most important was that as long as they were not afraid of trouble, after some filtering procedures, they could use the yeast in the zymotic fluid to cultivate more of the same yeast, which could be used to brew more top-quality beer. And top-quality beer symbolized great honor and a great amount of money in Blapei...

    A bright road suddenly appeared in front of Hanna's family members!

    However, Hanna's family members didn't know that the yeast was fully under the control of Zhang Tie. As it was a mutated species from his Castle of Black Iron, if Zhang Tie didn't like something, he could lock and change some of the yeast's gene functions to stop its reproduction. After eating the Fruit of Creator which could control the yeast, once Zhang Tie sent an order in his mind, he could kill all the yeasts which had been carried out of the Castle of Black Iron at once.

    Facing the eyes of Hanna's family members that were full of desire, Zhang Tie had made an agreement with them last night which almost drove them mad.


    The beer brewing workshop in Hanna' home was locked for today while the remaining zymotic fluid was carefully stored away. But even so, they were still not reassured, so two men stayed to keep an eye on the treasure.

    In Blapei, the value of yeast that could improve beer's quality could almost drive everybody mad.

    From last night, the affair of Zhang Tie gifting his mutated yeast to Hanna had become the top secret in old Harley's home.


    Because he planned to go back downtown today, Zhang Tie followed the festooned vehicles and the teams to head for Blapei after taking a very roundabout way.

    Hanna took her beer and sat on the predominant festooned vehicle while everybody in Chevli village including the village head surrounded her like numerous stars circling around the shiny moon. Last night, old Harley had silently called the village head into his home. After drinking a glass of Hanna's beer, the village head decided to let Hanna represent Chevli village to compete for this year's Beer Queen...

    The news that Hanna was going to compete for the title of Beer Queen immediately shocked the whole Chevli village.

    As Hanna hadn't brewed too much beer using the yeast given by Zhang Tie, not everyone could have a chance to taste her beer to verify her qualification. But after the village head shown the same "bubble certificate" in the public like what Zhang Tie had seen last night, all the villagers in Chevli were conquered.

    For people in Blapei, the quality of beer could be identified by eyes.

    The moment they opened Hanna's barrel, the fragrance of the beer almost caused a chaos among the team that had entered Blapei.

    After the chaos, the team of festooned vehicles of Chevli village no longer looked like going for a parade in Blapei any more, instead, they looked more like an army heading for a battle as everybody was highly spirited and with a high morale. If there was truly a Beer Queen in Chevli village, it would be a huge pride and honor for all the villagers in Chevli.

    In this atmosphere, Zhang Tie was ignored by others and was pushed to the end of the team. Nevertheless, he didn't mind it at all.

    Seeing Hanna's happiness while being surrounded by the people as if she was a queen, Zhang Tie also felt glad for her.

    He was truly in a good mood today!

    At least good at this moment!


    After the arrival of the teams of festooned vehicles from surrounding villages, the grand beer carnival in Blapei officially kicked off at noon.

    Today, every place in Blapei was well decorated. Roadside stores, houses, and lamp poles-all were covered with colored ribbons, flags, and various joyful symbols.

    The first news that Zhang Tie heard after arriving to the downtown area was not about the beer festival but about the war. Last night, in revenge, a brave airship of the Iron-Horn Army had dashed into the air territory of the Sun Dynasty and dropped two bombs on to an important logistics base of the Brilliant Feathers in Lazian City which was 160 km away from the frontier of the two armies, which greatly shocked the Sun Dynasty and its predominant army--the Brilliant Feathers.

    Zhang Tie read the news in the official newspaper of Blapei. Although it made him speechless, it was still very inspiring. Certainly, it might also be a propaganda act to deliver such news to a city which had been attacked by the Brilliant Feathers of the Sun Dynasty on the same day of the beer festival.

    After all, the spies and saboteurs of the Sun Dynasty had not been caught yet. However, it seemed that the rare patrolling soldiers of the No. 21 Division could be seen on the streets in such a festival atmosphere because of the arrival of such a grand festival and the two bombs last night.

    Previously, Zhang Tie had wanted to follow the festooned vehicles of Chevli to watch how Hanna competed for the title of the Beer Queen, but sadly soon after he entered the downtown area, he lost contact with the team of the festooned vehicles...
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