Chapter 253: Shocking News

    Chapter 253: Shocking News

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    Identical to what he had seen in the Golden Roc Bank in Blackhot City, when Zhang Tie went inside this one, he also saw many people waiting in the rest zone. The bank guaranteed all the guests' privacy by providing services for each guest in a private room.

    The number of people waiting in the rest zone was at least 5-6 times higher than in Blackhot City.

    When he passed by the rest zone, Zhang Tie heard a male and a female whispering in the rest zone.

    "Darling, will we leave Kalur this time?"

    "We will, don't worry, all of our properties and businesses in Angoula have been disposed of, we will move to a more peaceful place this time. We will go to a Chinese country first before moving to the Eastern Continent!"

    "Do we have to leave? Our kids are only four years old, I'm afraid that they won't be able to adapt to the outside environment! This long-distance migration would take us a long time..."

    "Although I don't know the reason, I know that after this war, the top clans in Angoula who are richer and smarter than us and can see through the situation more clearly are preparing to move their families and businesses. Their family members have been learning Chinese for a while now.

    "Everybody sees the Eastern Continent as the ultimate target of this movement. Why would we stay in Angoula? Small fish like us have to follow big fish to avoid dangerous torrents. Additionally, sometimes, if we know the direction, we can even swim faster than them! This is our advantage. We have to take good advantage of it!'

    "No wonder you wanted our kids to learn Chinese..."

    "To prepare for the movement in the future, you should learn it too..."

    Due to them being close by, what the couple from Angoula said was all heard by Zhang Tie, shocking him greatly. Angoula was also a city of the Andaman Alliance and was added to the map of the Norman Empire. If some of the top clans in Angoula were preparing to transfer their family members and wealth, they must have felt something. Based on their deep background and social relationships, they might have smelt the upcoming holy war between humans and demons.

    It was definitely possible. After all, there were many smart men in the world. If Donder and the big figures who had launched this war knew it, then others might also know or could speculate it. Before the catastrophe, able men would always try their best to stay in the safest place just like how people used to hide in fortresses and cities with tall walls before wars broke out.

    Since the Eastern Continent was very safe, it became everyone's first choice. Donder had also urged Zhang Tie to move to the Eastern Continent as soon as possible. Perhaps even clans like Gregory clan from Blackhot City were also preparing to move. If this holy war would last another 100 years, nobody could know whether the Blackson Human Clan Corridor could survive or not.

    Under the jealous eyes of a great amount of people, Zhang Tie, who was dressed as shabby as other refugees, enjoyed the privilege of the Chinese clan once again. He walked directly to the entrance of a golden room, which was set exclusively for Chinese clan, where he was respectfully invited into the room by a 30-odd man in glasses.

    The room was similar to the one he'd seen in Blackhot City. It was simple yet delicately designed. After closing the door, the 30-odd man came to the sofa in the room and sat before Zhang Tie.

    "Sir, what can I do for you?"

    Before opening his mouth, Zhang Tie took a deep breath. Although it would arise the suspicion of the bank staff about his status, Zhang Tie didn't think that the bank which had enjoyed a great reputation among Chinese and had almost 1000 years' history would betray him for only 3000 gold coins. Even Donder the scumbbag had praised the Golden Roc Bank for its reliability.

    "I need to contact my family members that are far away and gain some information. I remember that you can provide this information for me!"

    The 30-odd man then took a deep look at Zhang Tie. "Our bank truly provides such services. If the city where your family members are in have a branch of the Golden Roc Bank, we can start remote communications to help you get in contact with your family members. If there's no branch of the Golden Roc Bank over there, as long as you can provide us the address, we can also transfer your message to them. Additionally, we also provide various information. Based on the situation, the prices for the two services also change, it might be a bit more expensive than other channels outside. Are you sure you require these services?"

    "I'm sure!"

    In this age, the remote communications was akin to the wireless telegraph before the catastrophe. However, compared to the wireless telegraph, remote communications were carried out by a pair of twin mirror crystals. Its service fee was calculated by words. It was said that it could be used to transfer codes in terms of long and short signals. After deciphering the codes, people would get the message.

    It was almost the same as the wireless telegraph before the catastrophe and could not be popularized at all due to its limits, so people who used this communication means were not average. They were all groups with special powers and background. Only division-level troops in the Iron-Horn Army were qualified to contact their superiors by this crystal remote equipment.

    "Well then, please show me the certificate of your payment capacity. The basic amount is 1000 gold coins. After ensuring that you have the capacity to pay, we will provide you with the services!"

    Because Zhang Tie had only taken some gold coins when he escaped that day, he didn't have much money or gold checks now. Without any hesitation, he right away took off the Ring of Energy from his finger and put it into the 30-odd man's hand.

    "This item should be qualified as the certificate for my payment capacity!"

    The man didn't cast any contemptuous look when seeing the average looking ring; instead, he carefully put the ring into a tray covered with flannelette.

    "Wait a moment, please, we need to authenticate it!"

    Zhang Tie nodded. That man then carried the tray and left the service room through another door.

    Zhang Tie patiently waited on the sofa. It would be funny if that rune equipment which even Colonel Reinhardt didn't have was not worth 1000 gold coins. Zhang Tie estimated that this item should not be worth less than 5000 gold coins that Gregory clan had compensated him with.

    Several minutes later, another door of the service room was pushed open. This time, it was not that 30-odd man, but a 60-odd man who had a pair of extremely bright eyes. The old man was carrying the tray on which peacefully lay Zhang Tie's ring of energy.

    "Young man, can you tell me where you got this ring?"

    "Is there any problem with it?"

    Zhang Tie slightly frowned.

    "There's no problem with this secret-silver ring. It's clean. I'm just curious. It doesn't matter if you don't want to tell me as it won't influence the Golden Roc Bank's services for you!"

    The old man smiled as he spoke genially.

    'Secret-silver?' Zhang Tie's heart pounded. Not until then did he know that the material of this ring which was heavier than gold was called secret-silver. He had never heard about this material before.

    "It's a trophy that I collected from a military officer of the Sun Dynasty on a battlefield!" Zhang Tie honestly replied.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, the old man nodded. After that, he put the tray in front of Zhang Tie and let him check whether the ring was complete as he sat down opposite.

    "You want to contact your family members and want to inquire about something here?"


    "What's the address of your family members and the name of contact?"

    Zhang Tie then told him the his home's address and his dad's name. After saying this, he saw that the old man sitting opposite him instantly looked weird. The old man then glanced over Zhang Tie with a weird expression. Finally, he looked like he was ascertained something in his mind.

    "You are... Zhang Tie?"


    The moment the old man opened his mouth, Zhang Tie was so amazed that he directly sprung up from the sofa. How could this man know his name when he told him his home address and his dad's name?

    Although Zhang Tie was prepared to expose his status before entering, he had not imagined that his status would be identified before he had even contacted his family members.

    'How could that be? Is the old man a humanoid difference machine that manages population data? How could he be that sharp...'

    "Don't be that amazed, I could guess your status not only due from the address of your home and your father's name or that you're famous now but also because your home is well known across Blackhot City. As the information manager of the bank, of course I know a lot about the recent big events in Blackhot City and Blapei. Even many average people would know it, so how could I not know!"

    The old man smiled as he tried to soothe Zhang Tie's tension.
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