Chapter 257: The Prelude of the Climax

    Chapter 257: The Prelude of the Climax

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    Entering the auction house in such a high-key and straight forward manner, the representatives of the Sun Dynasty and the Norman Empire immediately made the atmosphere of the house a bit tense. Although the guests on the seats below the chartered rooms didn't whisper to each other, under their brass masks, many people exchanged glances with each other and had special thoughts inside.

    Wondering whether the representatives of the Sun Dynasty and the Norman Empire were here to display their existence or for the items on the brochure or just a small episode of fighting for Kalur, many people had made the decision inside that as long as the items were wanted by the figures in the two chartered rooms upstairs, they would give them up.

    Among them, perhaps what Zhang Tie was thinking would scare everybody else. It was out of expectation to see Reinhardt here, but what Zhang Tie was thinking about at this moment was that red-robe muling who was holding a gold mace.

    For others, this red-robe muling might symbolize authority, power, terror or make some feel like flattering him. The old man was totally a walking treasure trove.

    F*ck him...f*ck him...f*ck him...

    A voice kept shouting inside him. The moment Zhang Tie thought of the benefits of killing the red-robe muling, his heart would beat heavily. What were the benefits to killing this old guy? At least tens of thousands of merit points; a Fruit of Brilliance that could make his spiritual energy surge or a Fruit of Judgment.

    The introduction of the Fruit of Judgment reappeared in Zhang Tie's mind immediately, leaving him deep in thought.

    "--The people who profaned celestial beings in the name of other celestial beings and those who did evil acts in the name of celestial beings are doomed to be judged. Their existence does the greatest harm to everything beautiful and kind, they were the greatest profanity to gods. Their dirty lives and deeds shall be ended by sabers and swords. This is the condition for bearing a Fruit of Judgment, and the biggest award from gods to a dauntless man who dares to wave his saber towards the forces of darkness. Ah! The brave man who spread the glorious light of the gods' over his mother land. Please take this reward and use the strength gifted by it to judge those who profane the gods so as to relieve the people's fear of celestial beings. Gods don't need their fear as fear is the food of ghosts. According to the law of creation, the more judgments you make, the more power you will have to judge with."

    'F*ck him!' Zhang Tie made the decision at once. He decided to find a chance to kill that old man after the auction. He would have a higher possibility to kill a red-robe muling in Kalur City than on the battle field. It was difficult to kill him while accompanied by two powerhouses of the Sun Dynasty. Zhang Tie might even encounter many unpredictable dangers. But how could he succeed if he didn't even try? How could he have raised big achievements without being willing to risking his life?

    The binding skill brought by the Fruit of Judgment saved Zhang Tie's life at the critical moment and helped him reverse the situation. Zhang Tie would never feel that it was too much to have such powerful items.

    Having formed the killing intent inside, Zhang Tie couldn't stand to look back at the red-robe muling of the Sun Dynasty. He then slowly took a deep breath...


    "Thank you all for attending this Sauls Auction House's annual winter auction." When it was 8 am, the auctioneer, in a set of black ceremonial robe immediately appeared. Perhaps he also knew that these figures didn't have the patience to listen to his crap, after greeting them, he directly started the auction's procedures.

    "The first lot today is a crystal pyramid..." Soon after his voice faded, the image of this crystal pyramid had been displayed on the screen in the back by the projector on the auction block, "This crystal pyramid is a nature-born treasure that forms in class-5 water. After opening and polishing the class-5 crystal, you will get the most essential core of this class-5 crystal pyramid. The direct coverage range of its crystal energy field is 1.8 m. I'll not mention its function on polishing burning points as you all know. The starting price of this item is 500 gold coins. The lowest increase of each bid is 10 gold coins. Now, start!"

    Soon the price of the crystal pyramid broke through 1000 gold coins and was finally fixed at 1250 gold coins.

    Zhang Tie took a deep breath. It was his first time seeing money spent like flowing water. Additionally, it was also his first time to see such an advanced crystal pyramid. Previously, the most advanced crystal that he had seen was "class-4 electric generator crystal." He saw it in the office of manager Hance of the Iron-Thorn Fighting Club. A class-5 crystal was at least 10 times more valuable than that of a class-4 crystal and rarely seen.

    Zhang Tie's heart pounded. Even though he had not sold his ring at this moment, he could still make bids at the auction. His largest bidding limit was the starting price of his ring--12000 gold coins.

    From the brochure, he knew that there were a total of 11 class-5 crystal pyramids. Therefore, he was not hurry. He just waited there to see the final prices of the other class-5 crystal pyramids.

    Based on final price of the first class-5 crystal pyramid, the final prices of the other class-5 crystal pyramids all varied from 1000-1300 gold coins according to their sizes and qualities. They were auctioned in a fast an efficient manner. When it came to the 8th one, Zhang Tie also quoted and finally got one weighing 5.7 kgs at the price of 1280 gold coins.

    As it was his first time to spend over 1000 gold coins for one item, Zhang Tie's hand even sweated when he raised the board. Meanwhile, his adrenaline heavily secreted. When his final price was fixed, Zhang Tie felt relaxed inside and a bit exhausted.

    This time, I spend dad's total salary after 100 years Zhang Tie mocked himself while feeling extremely excited.

    In this age, among all the auctions, crystals and stones would always cost the most. This group of class-5 crystal pyramids was just used to warm up the auction. Later, the other crystals and stones would be constantly auctioned.

    Even though by scanning through the brochure and listening to the auctioneer's brief introduction on those items, Zhang Tie had already learned a lot and widely broadened his vision.

    Previously, the guests downstairs were worrying that the representatives of Sun Dynasty and Norman Empire would butt in; unexpectedly, after 2 hours, when a great amount of items had been auctioned, neither of the two people in the chartered rooms upstairs had opened their mouths. They just silently watched. Therefore, the guests downstairs became reassured and started to frequently quote price, making the whole auction house more and more boisterous.

    Now, Zhang Tie realized that he was totally an outsider of the auction house as the prices of those crystals and stones would always be worth thousands even tens of thousands gold coins. The crystal pyramid that he had got was just the cheapest one.

    The first small climax broke out on the first alchemical object. The moment it was displayed, most of the bidders kept their wits about them.

    "This is a sun-stone necklace created by a master alchemist. Its marvelous effect had been completely activated by the master alchemist. This necklace had two attributes: first, courage, which could make the wearer immune to the negativity and despair caused by some spiritual control skills and cure and alleviate the symptoms of melancholia patients second, crits, which could recover in 7 days. Every 7 days, this necklace could bring a 120% of battle qi crits for wears below LV 10. The starting price of this necklace was 21000 gold coins. At least 100 gold coins for each bid. Bidding starts now."

    The moment the auctioneer stopped talking, the first person shouted a price of 25000 gold coins. Closely followed by other offers. The final price was fixed at 58000 gold coins, breaking the record of the highest value item in this auction.

    During the process, while masked, Zhang Tie's mouth was agape in shock while staring at those auctioneers who treated gold coins like nothing as that golden, shiny sun-stone necklace on the auction block went to its new owner. Zhang Tie seemed to become petrified.

    Sun stones were not expensive as it was just a semi-gemstone. Judging from the price, it could not even match the pure rubies and sapphires that he had gifted to Beverly, Alice and Pandora. Many jewelry stores in Blackhot City sold various ornaments made of sun stones. By comparison, those ornaments were very cheap. Even being made of the best sun stones and pure gold, most of their prices were only several or several dozens of gold coins. The sun-stone hairpins, necklaces and rings worn by the girls in the rose association were even cheaper, which only cost them several even 10-odd silver coins.

    However, the starting price of this sun-stone necklace was 25000 gold coins!

    Its final price was 58000 gold coins!

    Even if they were both sun-stone ornaments. Why were the price differences so sharp. The only reason was that the sun-stone necklace came from a master alchemist. The mysterious attributes and energy of that sun stone had been activated, making it so amazing. Therefore, although they were all made of sun stones, one was average while the other was top tier.

    This was really magic. Even calling it the Midas touch which turns all to gold couldn't describe an alchemist's ability.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time being shocked by an alchemist's achievement. A huge wave raised in the youth's heart. Faintly, Zhang Tie heard a voice from the depths of his inner heart, an aspiration that he had never experienced before...

    This sun-stone necklace only pulled open the prelude of the hidden climax in this auction.
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