Chapter 259: Heller and His Subordinates

    Chapter 259: Heller and His Subordinates

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    The primary auction in Sauls auction house lasted 4 hours in the morning. According to the arrangement, the subordinate auctions would start at 2:00 pm, each of which would last half an hour. There was a 15 minutes' break between each of the two subordinate auctions so that all the guests could easily choose their own subordinate auctions to attend at their will.

    The subordinate auction for animals and pets would start at 2:45 pm. Therefore, Zhang Tie had almost 3 hours before it started.

    Until he left the auction house at 12 pm, Zhang Tie was still thinking about what had happened in the auction house previously.

    This time, the Iron Gate Clan really had silently reversed the situation of Kalur. By then, the fat calf that was Kalur had become a ripe for the taking. Although the Sun Dynasty and the Norman Empire both had the strength to engulf it, in this age, even the greatest lunatic would not choose to blatantly plunder a master alchemist's family property as spoils of war.

    Because the revenge of a master alchemist who could produce alchemical bombs that was equal to 1 ton of TNT explosive equivalents would definitely be 10 times more severe than that suffered from the average people in Kalur City if they engulfed the whole Kalur City. No idiot would do that. In this age, each alchemist was a hornet's nest, especially this guy who could casually make a pile of alchemical items and seemed to have countless reserves money and a great amount of followers. Sometimes, this kind of person was even more destructive and terrifying than an army.

    Perhaps the Sun Dynasty and the Norman Empire would still investigate whether the Selindor clan had really found a master alchemist as to be its backer through other intelligence channels. Even only for face, the war between the Iron-Horn Army and the Brilliant Feathers on Kalur would not instantly come to an end. They had to find a proper reason. Whereas, this primary auction brought a wisp of hope for peace to Kalur which had been clouded due to the war. From today onwards, the two powers' skirmishes in Kalur region would sharply reduce before this war finally came to an end.

    Zhang Tie felt this was a good matter. Because most of the people that died on the battle field were commoners from two countries, while the party that suffered the most in this war was the hundreds of thousands of refugees in Kalur. The earlier this war came to an end, the fewer people would die. Perhaps some big figures would feel not happy, but in this world, when rich ones encountered something, the ones suffered a loss would always be the poor; when big figures fought, the small figures would always be beaten up.

    Zhang Tie thought about it for quite a while and found it was a bit interesting. From finding the army of the Norman Empire attacking the Blackhot City on the New Crescent Prairie to attending the fight between the Iron-Blood Camp and the army of the Sun Dynasty and witnessing the Iron-Gate Clan reversed the situation of Kalur, Zhang Tie found that he had witnessed and experienced each important stage of this war since he attended the survival training in the Wild Wolf Valley. During this process, he matured.


    After returning to the room, the moment Zhang Tie took off his clothes and mask, the serviceman of the hotel had pushed in the dining car.

    "Sir, please enjoy yourself. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

    After sending in Zhang Tie's lunch, that serviceman stood well in the room.

    "What's your monthly payment here?" Zhang Tie asked the serviceman.

    "Plus tips, almost 1 gold coin!" The 20-odd year old serviceman honestly answered.

    Zhang Tie then took out his last gold coin, after weighing it in hand, he flicked it to that serviceman, who instantly grabbed it with an ecstatic expression, "Thanks, sir, you're too generous!"

    "I want to ask about something from you"

    The serviceman instantly changed his face while he hurriedly put the gold coin onto the dining car like having touched something hot, "Sir, we have regulations. We can't reveal the information on the guests in the hotel. Once discovered I might lose my life!"

    "Not for information on the guests in the hotel, but any information on the representatives of the Norman Empire and the Sun Dynasty who had just left the auction house. You help me ask about whether they were still in Kalur City now. I think it's not too difficult of a task"

    The serviceman the looked relaxed as he hurriedly grabbed that gold coin from the dining car again and put it into his own pocket, "It will take me some time!"

    "It doesn't matter, you have 1 hour, when you come back to tidy up the tableware, I think you've already dealt with it!"

    The serviceman then left...

    In the primary auction, Zhang Tie had thought twice before making the final decision to kill the representatives of the Sun Dynasty by rushing into danger. However, he had not imagined that the auction would be full of climaxes. After getting one alchemical bomb, the representatives of the Sun Dynasty had left, reminding Zhang Tie that his first hunting plan might have failed. Although he knew that the red-robe muling had a low possibility of staying in Kalur City now, Zhang still wanted to verify it and see whether the gods would give him this chance to kill them.

    After finishing lunch in less than 10 minutes, Zhang Tie closed the door and pulled down the windows before going to the bathroom. According to Zhang Tie's observations, the bathroom would be the last place under the surveillance. Even though there were hidden surveillance channels, they were arranged in the parlors and bedrooms; In a contrast, with such a narrow space, a bathroom where everything inside was easily seen was safer and more secret. Having been very careful, Zhang Tie had been accessing the Castle of Black Iron in the bathroom these days. Since experiencing that event with Major Franca, Zhang Tie had become more cautious.


    "What does the space spirit being look like?'

    Before entering the Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie became curious.


    "Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron. I'm the spirit being of Castle of Black Iron. My name is Heller!"

    This time, Zhang Tie entered the Castle of Black Iron in a much easier way. Almost the moment he focused his attention he entered. When he entered the Castle of Black, Zhang Tie saw a 40-odd year old man in a set of delicate black ceremonial dress and bow like a steward standing in front of him.

    This man respectfully bowed to Zhang Tie.

    At the sight of this man, Zhang Tie didn't feel genial but jealous.

    Zhang Tie swore that he had not imagined a man could be that handsome and beautiful. He deserved all the descriptive words possible to describe a handsome man. Each line and detail on his face and body seemed having been delicately carved by the creator. This man had the face and temperament like that of Apollo. At the sight of this man, the first word in Zhang Tie's mind was not handsome but challenging. This guy was simply challenging everyones imagination to their limits on perfect and handsome men. From his appearance and temperament, this man was definitely perfect. If this man was moved outside, Zhang Tie confirmed that wherever he went, he would be surrounded by a great amount of women and their screams. If any woman passed out at the sight of this man, Zhang Tie wouldn't feel it strange at all.

    This guy was absolutely the enemy of all the men!

    'F*ck, how could a man be that handsome?' As it was his first time to feeling bashful since he was born, Zhang Tie started faintly complaining about that to himself.

    "You say you are...Heller?"

    "Yes, my lord!"

    "Uhm...are you a man?" Zhang Tie asked such an abnormal question.

    "I'm the life created in this space. I'm the manifestation of the space functions. To be strict, my full name should be smart spiritual being control unit of the Castle of Black Iron. My DNA was 99.97% similar to that of human beings. You can treat me as humanoid life. My task is to assist Castle Lord and to manage the Castle of Black Iron as well as solve all of your questions about the Castle of Black Iron!" Heller respectfully answered.

    "Then, can I bring you into the real world?"

    "No, because the laws of space and creation that grant me with life are different from that of your world. My entire life and all the basic energy particles that form my body are part of this space's laws and are closely related to this space; therefore, I cannot leave this space independently!"

    Good! Hearing this answer, Zhang Tie let out a sigh unconsciously. If this handsome guy wandered everywhere in the world, other men would not have women any more.

    During the process of chatting with Heller, Zhang casually looked around, what amazed him were the 3 people digging the earth beside the vegetable field.

    "Erm... what about those 3 people?" Zhang Tie became surprised as he pointed at the 3 persons doing farming work.

    "They are the spirit servants being created in this space together with me. They are my subordinates and completely follow my orders!" Heller explained.

    "Your subordinates?"

    "Of course, there are so many things to do in the Castle of Black Iron. Do you think I alone could finish all the things, my lord?" Heller asked.

    "Haha, buy 1 get 3 for free!" Zhang Tie felt pretty good all of a sudden.

    Having not met them previously, Heller called the 3 people over. They immediately stopped what they were doing and rapidly ran over here. When they came in front of Zhang Tie, they directly knelt down in front of Zhang Tie and started to his shoes in the most humble way, which startled Zhang Tie.

    "Lord, I'm your loyal slave servant A'gan!"

    "Lord, I'm your loyal slave servant Edward!"

    "Lord, I'm your loyal slave servant Aziz!"
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