Chapter 261: A New Ability

    Chapter 261: A New Ability

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    After only staying with this spiritual being for half an hour, Zhang Tie had understood this person's general character and temperament and what was behind his ambitious personality.

    Although Zhang Tie felt that he had done well, Heller was still not satisfied with the current situation in the Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, the ambitious steward had formulated a plan. The first step was to create a self-sufficient supply of food in the Castle of Black Iron and reclaim 60 mu of farmable field.

    The second was to develop the all-round forestry in the Castle of Black Iron. He wanted to the Castle of Black Iron to produce at least 5000 points of aura value a day, several times more than before.

    The third step was to form a fresh water lake of more than 100 mu and a wetland of above 100 mu, aiming to build a three-dimensional ecosystem that was more suitable to the survival of species inside.

    The fourth step was to build a real castle inside which matched Zhang Tie's status--the Castle Lord as Heller found the current log cabins were too embarrassing.

    The above four steps were just Heller's short-term objective to make the Castle of Black Iron more like a manor and more inhabitable.

    Hearing Heller's plan, Zhang Tie felt his shin cramping; especially when he heard the third step--a fresh water lake of 100 m and a wetland of the same size, Zhang Tie almost frothed at the mouth. God knew how much basic energy storage it would take to accomplish such a topographic creation. He was wondering whether he could collect enough basic energy storage to complete the topographic creation even by carrying mining ores for another six months.

    However, as the Castle Lord, Zhang Tie didn't feel like disappointing Heller. To tell the truth, Zhang Tie found Heller was very useful. Therefore, he could only ask the question in an obscure way.

    "Erm...your plan is very good. But have you considered as to whether the basic energy storage inside the Castle of Black Iron could support your plan!"

    Heller watched Zhang Tie with an amazed look. "Won't Castle Lord solve the the problem of basic energy storage for the development of the Castle of Black Iron? Besides aura value points that could be produced by the plants inside the Castle of Black Iron, won't other basic energy storage and merit points come from Castle Lord's achievement from the outside?"

    Heller's amazed eyes made Zhang Tie bashful once again. With the exception of his looks and personality, Heller was also very enterprising, which, in contrast, made Zhang Tie feel that he was just a rich second generation.

    "I mean that although I could acquire some basic energy storage from outside, that could only be done on the premise that the Castle of Black Iron was not exposed. Actually, each time I carried those materials into the Castle of Black Iron to throw them into the pool of chaos, I was taking a risk. With my current ability, I cannot ensure that anyone wouldn't hurt me and my loved ones once they know my secret. Am I clear?" Zhang Tie put it in a straightforward manner.

    "This is truly a problem!" Heller thought it for a while before revealed another fascinating smile, "But I don't know whether Castle Lord has noticed that with trips after the Castle of Black Iron had completed it's upgrade--the interactive mode between the Castle Lord and the Castle of Black Iron through the space door has been established! At this moment, has the color of that space door in your mind has become verdant?"

    "Yes, it has!" Zhang Tie recalled that information in his mind when he was in the auction before nodding, "You reminded me, I still don't know it means by 'Spiritual connection and interaction between Castle Lord and the Castle of Black Iron through the space door has been established' even now.

    "It means that from now on, Castle Lord can directly send the items from outside to the inside of Castle of Black Iron or take the items inside out of the Castle of Black Iron. You don't have to access the arc door any more. You only need to hold an item and interact with space door of the Castle of Black Iron using your spirit. That item would then be automatically absorbed in or spat out. Items that are absorbed into the Castle of Black Iron would fall into your designated place or directly into the pool of chaos while the items that are spat out of the Castle of Black Iron through the space door would appear in your hand!"

    Zhang Tie eyes seemed to have popped from their sockets.

    "Castle Lord, don't be that amazed. It's just the most basic, portable storage function of the Castle of Black Iron. Previously, when you integrated with the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree, this function had already been started. However, at that time, the creator of this space hadn't expected that your spiritual energy would be that low. Therefore, this function was always unavailable until your spiritual energy reached the minimum requirements for activating this function!"

    Zhang Tie finally understood, but he still couldn't fully accept it. Previously, he was wondering why he had to add basic energy storage into such an advanced space equipment by doing labor work like accessing the Castle of Black Iron in such a time-consuming and labor-intensive way. It turned out that that was because his low spiritual energy could not start these basic functions of the Castle of Black Iron at all just like how a weak kid could not even rotate the wheel and engage the gear of a car. This was really the most aspiring news today, "You mean I don't have to access the Castle of Black Iron to move in the items in and out?"

    "Right, that's the basic space storage function of Castle of Black Iron. Based on your current spiritual energy, any item that you could move could be freely moved in and out of the Castle of Black Iron. Although this process would also consume your spiritual energy, compared to the former situation that you took items in and out by yourself, in this way, you could reduce the consumption of spiritual energy by 50%!"


    Several minutes later, after Zhang Tie left the Castle of Black Iron, Heller officially took over the management on the mutation and evolution of the three living beings in the Castle of Black Iron--bees, earthworms and the basic aura yeast that has experienced mutation and evolution once.

    Of course, the first round of mutation and evolution of the bees had failed. For the second round, Heller suggested to increase the input of aura value points in the queen bee. For earthworms, if they could succeed in one round of mutation and evolution, in Heller's words, the task of fertilizing the fields in the Castle of Black Iron would be their job. To realize this, Heller also changed the evolutionary pattern on earthworms from that of a collective pattern to an individual pattern. He would choose three earthworms and input 3 merit value points and 300 aura value points into each of them several times. The possibility of success would be higher in this way. Once it succeeded, the earthworms would gain greater reproductive abilities and reproduce a large amount of earthworms in the Castle of Black Iron.

    For the evolution of the basic aura yeast, Zhang Tie didn't pay too much attention to it. After the yeast successfully evolved, it would be 100 times more difficult for them to complete the second evolution. Therefore, in a short period, Zhang Tie could almost ignore them.

    As a space spirit being, Heller had great freedom to manage the Castle of Black Iron. But all the usage on the basic energy storage, merit value points and aura value points of Castle of Black Iron had to be approved by Zhang Tie in advance. Therefore, the Castle of Black Iron was still under the control of Zhang Tie.

    The moment he thought there would be some people working for him in the Castle of Black Iron form today on, Zhang Tie really felt like being a landlord. The best part, Heller and his three subordinates didn't need compensation...ha...ha...ha


    Zhang Tie then reappeared in the bathroom in the hotel.

    Standing there, he looked around the bath covered with beautiful Mosaic tiles. After rolling his eyes, he took up soap from the sink of the bathroom before connecting his spiritual energy with the space door. At this time, the space door felt like a mirror. After casting his spiritual energy onto the space door, it would "project" a weird and unstable wave onto Zhang Tie's hand. After adjusting it several times, that weird wave became stable and fully "locked" onto the soap in Zhang Tie's hand. Zhang Tie felt like he had put his hand into a storage compartment. Once he loosened his grip, the soap in his hand would drop off.

    Several seconds later, the soap in Zhang Tie's hand suddenly disappeared like performing conjuring tricks and appeared on the table of the lab in the Castle of Black Iron. Several seconds later, the soap reappeared. After that, it disappeared and reappeared once again. Zhang Tie was so excited that he tried this for many times like a kid. He found that the spiritual energy that he would consume to carry a small soap in or out of the Castle of Black Iron was so low that it could even be directly ignored. Finally when that soap disappeared from Zhang Tie's hand, it directly fell into the pool of chaos in the Castle of Black Iron and served as a bit of basic energy storage for the Castle of Black Iron.

    Seeing a mouth-rinsing glass in the bathroom, Zhang Tie took up the glass as he started to focus his spiritual energy onto that spring in the Castle of Black Iron through the marvelous arc door. Gradually, something amazing happened as a lot of water directly poured in the glass from the air which even flowed out, causing Zhang Tie's hand and sleeve to become wet.

    The water then stopped pouring in, leaving the water level at the mouth of the glass waving back and forth. "Bottoms up!", Zhang Tie burst out laughing loudly.

    This basic storage function of Castle of Black Iron was marvelous. Truly marvelous!

    Leaving the bathroom, Zhang Tie whistled and returned to the parlor. He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall of the parlor and found it was almost 1:00 pm. Therefore, Zhang Tie pulled down one end of the service rope of the parlor, the other end of which was connected to the information desk on the same floor by a fine copper pipe.

    2 minutes later, that serviceman who had received Zhang Tie's "tip" pushed open Zhang Tie's door with a dining car and entered.

    "How about the news?"

    "The representatives of the Sun Dynasty and the Norman Empire had hurriedly left Kalur City in cars after they left the auction house, one to the north gate of Kalur, the other to the south gate of Kalur."

    "Well, it's okay. You can take away the tableware on the table and leave" Zhang Tie wove his hand.

    After gaining 1 gold coins so easily, the serviceman happily cleaned up the dining table and left politely.

    "It seems that the plan to hunt the red-muling of the Sun Dynasty would fail. But, I've achieved too much today. I'd better be not get too greedy."

    "Before returning to Jinyun Country, I'd better not make any trouble."

    Thinking of it in this way, Zhang Tie instantly felt relieved.

    As there was a subordinate auction in the afternoon, after looking at the time, Zhang Tie took a seat in the room quietly and started to recover his spiritual energy by practicing mental arithmetic by abacus.

    After what happened today, Zhang Tie realized that his spiritual energy was far more important than he had imagined as spiritual energy was required to polish burning points, activate the Trouble-Reappearance Situation, form the binding chain, and even to use the basic space storage function of Castle of Black Iron. Perhaps, there were many more functions of spiritual energy to be used for...
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