Chapter 262: News

    Chapter 262: News

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    The man who travels far knows more--this was what Donder always said before. After attending the auction in the morning, Zhang Tie truly understood the meaning of those words. Therefore, he was determined to attend that subordinate auction in the afternoon even if they didn't auction anything else except for golden uangs.

    For Zhang Tie, an average juvenile who had grown up in Blackhot City since he was born, this auction was definitely a good opportunity to broaden his horizons. If not for selling that rune ring, it might take Zhang Tie many years to attend such an auction.

    The first subordinate auction at 2:00 pm was exclusively for medicament and medical pills. In this auction, Zhang Tie caught sight of the low-level and medium recovery medicament. The low-level recovery medicament was auctioned in terms of batches. Each batch of low-level recovery medicament contained 50 vials. The bottom price for each batch of low-level recovery medicament was 1200 gold coins. The selling price for most low-level recovery medicament was about 1800 gold coins. In this subordinate auction, there were 86 batches of low-level recovery medicament that would be sold. After the bidding for the first group, the following offers and auctions went by very quickly. Most of the first offers in the following rounds would be close to the transaction price. Therefore, the 86 groups of low-level recovery medicament were soon sold.

    Low-level recovery medicament could cure most bruises. As Zhang Tie had the preliminary recovery body, he didn't need these low-level recovery medicament. However, he was concerned about his friends in Blackhot City, therefore, Zhang Tie bought one batch of low-level recovery medicament in the price of 1860 gold coins.

    Medium recovery medicament was also sold in terms of batches with ten vials in each. The starting price was 1400 gold coins for each batch. The final transaction price was about 2100 gold coins.

    What made Zhang Tie curious was that he had not seen advanced recovery medicament in the auction.

    "Grandpa, why is there there no advanced recovery medicament at this auction?" A person in a brass mask sitting in front of him turned his head and asked a person dressed in the same way sitting beside him. Obviously, Zhang Tie was not the only one who was in doubt.

    "Perhaps, this grandpa and grandson also here to broaden their horizons." Zhang Tie thought inside.

    "Only a few alchemists can produce advanced recovery medicament. which would have long been ordered by those big powers the moment they went to the market. These items could rapidly cure one's wounds and save people's lives. Last year, a few advanced recovery medicament were still auctioned here, yet no more this year. At the same time, the price of low-level recovery medicament and medium recovery medicament also rose by 30% and 50% respectively in the last year and fewer flew into the market, alas..." The old man finally let out a sigh.

    "How could that be?"

    "Because winter is coming." The old man said in a low voice.

    When the old man said this, the others beside also heard it. However, they all kept silent.

    After the golden uangs, Zhang Tie saw some more marvelous medicament, among which, he caught sight of a set of concealment agents. A set of concealment medicament was composed of pupil-dying medicament, skin-changing medicament, hair-dying medicament and bleaching medicament. After dropping the pupil-dying medicament into eyes, the color of one's pupil would change. After drinking a skin-changing medicament, one's skin color would change. Hair-dying medicament was more convenient. You only needed to comb it onto your hair. Compared to that face-changing mask left by Donder, this seemed to be another way of disguising oneself. Especially the pupil-dying agent and hair-dying medicament, which looked more like woman's cosmetics. Only the skin-changing agent was the true drinkable medicament. The effect of this set of concealment medicament could last 2 months. If you wanted to recover your original look before the concealment medicament lost its effect, you only needed to drink the bleaching medicament. This made it very convenient.

    Compared to the former expensive items, this set of concealment medicament was not expensive as its starting price was only a bit more than 100 gold coins. Few people would like to bid for it as they felt it was useless. Therefore, Zhang Tie successfully bought 3 sets of cross-dressing medicament at the cost of less than 400 gold coins in total.

    In the next auction, Zhang Tie successfully bought 4 batches of golden uangs. It seemed that many alchemists attended this auction. Therefore, according to the rules of the Sauls auction house, each attendee could only bid for 4 batches of the same items. This made Zhang Tie's plan to buy over 10 batches of golden uangs to raise his real strength all at once in a short period fail.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie found that when he raised his board to bid for the third batch of golden uangs, everybody focused their eyes on him. Almost nobody would compete with him as they all turned their heads to watch him, seemingly wanting to see through his brass mask. This made Zhang Tie's heart race as he didn't know that he had stood out so much. When Zhang Tie raised his board for the 4th batch of golden uangs, even wearing two masks, Zhang Tie still felt his face was itchy as the others' gazes made his face feel hot. In addition, even the auctioneer became more respectful to him. Like before, the 4th batch of golden uangs were also bought by Zhang Tie without any competitor.

    It wasn't until this auction ended did Zhang Tie know why he became so eye-catching.


    "Master!" When Zhang Tie wanted to leave, some people in the same house walked towards Zhang Tie and held him back. After that, Zhang Tie was surrounded by a great amount of people.

    "Master? When did I become a master?" Zhang Tie felt strange as he asked, "What do you hold me back for?"

    Because Zhang Tie had eaten a voice-changing pill, nobody could judge his age from his low voice. Additionally, Zhang Tie was not tall. All this made people mistake Zhang Tie as an old man. In this case, they would always feel that Zhang Tie was a master in their heart--old age, aloof, arrogant and lonely.

    "We are all alchemists who have attended the auction. We all come from the cities of the former Andaman Alliance. As there's a party of alchemists in the mansion at the top of the hotel, whether we have the honor to invite you there..."

    "I'm not a master!" Although Zhang Tie didn't know why they mistook him for a master, but Zhang Tie still told them the truth. Although Zhang Tie was curious about the alchemists' party, he also knew that if he directly went there, he would definitely be revealed by others to the public. He didn't want to have so many enemies who were alchemists and felt they were being made fun of. Looking around the brass masks, Zhang Tie's heart pounded as a thought popped into his head--the master Abyan of Blackhot City might be among them. As he had killed Samira, he must have offended master Abyan. In this case, Zhang Tie didn't dare to attend that party at all.

    Zhang Tie was right as Abyan was really among the alchemists, not only that, he was among the crowd before him.

    Under the brass mask, master Abyan shone with a weird brilliance. With eyes fixed on Zhang Tie who was also wearing the mask, Abyan was planning something.

    "As this master could buy 4 groups of golden uangs in the auction at once, they must be used to make strength-enhancing medicament. If you only wanted to study them, you don't have to buy so many golden uangs at once. Although some red-robe alchemists among us have mastered some secret about some strength-enhancing medicament using golden uangs, only real yellow-robe alchemists could master the full secret to absorb true strength from golden uangs. It would be our great honor if we could receive even a bit of your guidance!" Saying this, that person bowed towards Zhang Tie once again, while all the other alchemists bowed towards Zhang Tie.

    In the world of alchemists, the powerful ones would always be respected. As a red-robe alchemist, Abyan could be called master in Blackhot City, then, as a yellow-robe alchemist who could stand on the brilliant stage of the 7th level of alchemists in the world was qualified to be called master in more places. Additionally, even among the entire circle of alchemists, a yellow-robe alchemist could still garner respect.

    Zhang Tie silently swallowed his saliva as he considered how to solve this problem. He couldn't have imagined that only by bidding for some batches of golden uangs would he be brought so much trouble. "How should I deal with this? I shouldn't attend the party." He knew he could not offend so many alchemists at the moment as it could bring him many troubles. If he wasn't bidding for the 4 batches of golden uangs for making strength-enhancing medicament, what did he bid on so many for? If there's truly someone who was able ask him thoroughly on this affair, he would cause quite a stir.

    As he could not think out other methods, Zhang Tie could only start the "Cave Barbarian Survival Mode" once again.

    "I will not attend your party, I like to stay alone!" Zhang Tie answered without any mood.

    "If so, where do you live, master? Whether do we have a chance to visit your mansion to learn from you!"

    "I've told you. I don't like to be bothered!"

    At this moment, many people had looked disappointed and unsatisfied. In their eyes, they've already been too polite; however, this weird yellow-robe alchemist was really rude.

    Having worked in Donder's grocery store for so long, Zhang Tie sensed the dissatisfaction in the air.

    "However, as I have met all of you here today, I will not let you down. I've got some experiences which might help you save a bit time on your way ahead!' Zhang Tie said in a solemn way.

    "Please!" The other people bowed towards Zhang Tie for a third time.

    Thinking of the paragraphs on the Fruit of Redemption that he saw for the first time, Zhang Tie slowly pulled out a sentence, "The secret of the strength-enhancing medicament is not in the genes of the golden uangs but in the extraction of the spiritual fire from golden uangs!"

    The moment Zhang Tie said this, the red-robe alchemists including master Abyan were shocked as they bowed towards Zhang Tie for the 4th time in a way 10 times more respectful than last time.

    Most of the alchemists in the surroundings were familiar with each other. At the sight of these red-robe alchemists' attitude, they would definitely understand the value of Zhang Tie's tip. Therefore, they also hurriedly bowed towards Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, they firmly bore Zhang Tie's words in mind. "May I have your name, master?" In a brass mask, Abyan moved one step forward as he asked respectfully.

    "I won't stay in Kalur City for too long. Therefore, my name is not that important!" Zhang Tie wove his hand like a real powerhouse and didn't ignore these people any more. He then directly walked towards the gate. As a result, all the other alchemists gave a way to him and saw him off in the most respectful attitude.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that the words that he extracted from the the paragraph on the Fruit of Redemption could really frighten these people. Therefore, Zhang Tie silently let out a sigh.

    "Never be that eye-catching any more." Zhang Tie seriously warned himself.


    Soon after he returned to his room, he had received what he had bid for in the auctions--1 crystal pyramid, 1 group of low-level recovery medicament and 3 sets of concealment medicament. The staff of the Sauls auction house who had sent those items here told Zhang Tie that after deducting the price of the three items from the final price of that rune ring, all the rest money money had been transferred to the Golden Roc Bank. Zhang Tie could withdraw the cash over there.

    "Where are the four batches of golden uangs?" Zhang Tie asked him, which was also what he was concerned about the most.

    "All the golden uangs in this auction come from the exclusive farm of an elder of the Alchemists Association in Carlow Federal. According to the conventions, after the auction ended, the Alchemists Association would carry those golden uangs into Kalur City by airship. It would take 5 days. Therefore, the delivery time of the golden uangs is 5 days later!" The staff answered.

    "5 days? That's alright." The seller was that generous, even though it seemed to be a convention. Zhang Tie then agreed. Additionally, he would also wait for the news about his family members in Kalur City during this period.

    Zhang Tie then continued to live in the hotel. He only did three things a day--Eat, sleep and cultivate.

    On the second day, when Zhang Tie watched the view from afar using a telescope on the balcony of the hotel, he really didn't see the airships of the Norman Empire and the Sun Dynasty fight any more while the columns of smoke in the distance also reduced a lot.

    On the third day, no column of smoke could be seen in the mountainous area. At the same time, he heard the news that the Sun Dynasty and the Norman Empire would cease the war.

    During this short period, through practice everyday, Zhang Tie had adapted to the storage function of the Castle of Black Iron. Now, Zhang Tie could fill a glass with water from the spring in the Castle of Black Iron in a very smooth manner. He wouldn't let even a drop of water flow out of the glass.

    After being completely familiar with this new function, Zhang Tie found that function was limited to a certain degree. For instance, Zhang Tie could not bring living beings into the Castle of Black Iron. Similarly, he could not bring out living beings out of Castle of Black Iron, even a mosquito.

    Thankfully, he could teleport plants into Castle of Black Iron through this function and order A'gan, Aziz and Edward to sow them in the field. But he could not move even a grass out of Castle of Black Iron though this function, unless that grass had been pulled out of the soil.

    Heller told Zhang Tie that this was the biggest feature of the space storage function. Because the space door in Zhang Tie's mind could only open due to the soul waves of Zhang Tie as a carbon-based life form, Zhang Tie was the only spiritual life form who could access Castle of Black Iron for free. Other spiritual lives could not be brought in until that space door was opened for Zhang Tie.

    On the 4th day, Zhang Tie finally received the news from his family members and the Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace.
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