Chapter 271: It Sounds Great

    Chapter 271: It Sounds Great

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    In previous years, it always snowed in Blackhot City in December. However, 5000 miles away in Jinhai City, it had rained. Due to the rain, the air in the early morning seemed very nice.

    This was the third day since Zhang Tie came to Jinhai City to reunite with his family members.

    Although his father had suffered in prison for over 10 days, thankfully, the decision-makers of the Zhang clan still set Zhang Ping free due to the Mental Arithmetic by Abacus. Zhang Tie was told by Zhang Yang that it was mainly because of the sixth uncle of their father.

    Because of sixth uncle's help, this tragedy, which might have caused their father to suffer in prison the rest of his life was finally cleared off.

    Based on the generations, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang should refer to their father's sixth uncle as sixth great-uncle as he was an elder of the Zhang clan who was three generations higher than them. It was said that he was a cousin of Zhang Tie's grandfather. Their sixth great-uncle was very famous in Jinhai City as he ruled the Clansmen Pavilion and was the only member of Jinhai City's bloodline in the Zhang clan's elders association. He was evidently the Jinhai City's representative in the Zhang clan's elders association.

    Hearing this news, Zhang Tie bore it in mind and must repay this sixth great-uncle whom he had never met.

    The Jinhai City bloodline of Zhang clan originated from the seventh wife of Lord Huaiyuan. Today, there was a total of 20,000-30,000 members of the Zhang clan in Jinhai City of Huaiyuan Palace. Although this number ranked near the last amongst the 8 cities of Huaiyuan Palace, the Zhang clan was really the number one clan and the most powerful ruler of Jinhai City.

    As Zhang Tie's family had lived alone in Blackhot City for dozens of years, it really seemed like a dream to Zhang Tie's that he could be a member of such a great clan.

    This morning, Zhang Tie's mom boiled a pot eight-treasures porridge[1]. She had started to prepare it since last night. In the early morning, Zhang Tie devoured the sweet eight-treasures porridge. He saw his mom's genial smile with fine wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, which reminded Zhang Tie of the time when his mom would watch him eat breakfast before going to school each morning when they were in Blackhot City.

    All the risks that Zhang Tie had experienced, the fights and struggles in the outside during the past several months had all disappeared in front of his mom's eight-treasures porridge. Instead, Zhang Tie only felt a warm sense of home flowing inside.

    "Eat as much as you'd like, we've got more in the pot!"Seeing Zhang Tie's spoon moving slower, Zhang Tie's mom added another big spoon of porridge into Zhang Tie's bowl.

    "Save a spoon for elder-sister in law, she needs the nutrition more than me!" Eating it, Zhang Tie mumbled.

    "You know that your mom knows what do to!" Zhang Tie's father flicked at his forehead.

    Although he had stayed in prison for more than 10 days, Zhang Ping seemed to not be suffering from any mental or physical troubles. At the sight of his father at this time, Zhang Tie felt his father had become more relaxed and revealed more smiles.

    Zhang Tie had never imagined that the Mental Arithmetic by Abacus that he had bought at the cost of several silver coins from a roadside booth was so influential. The moment he thought of the benefits that the book had brought him, Zhang Tie felt that he hadn't fully learned its secrets.

    In the past two days, Zhang Tie found that he could calculate the four operations on two 13-column abacuses at the same time more fluently. He felt his mindset was becoming more and more flexible after each visualization of the abacuses. He seemed to be gradually able to focus on two totally different things at the same time which was a marvelous sensation.

    "Mom, last night, I went to that building on Xinhe Street that you told me about. My grandparents and eldest uncle's family don't live there anymore. I inquired about it from others and was told that they had moved away ten years ago. It seems that they moved to Xince City. Since you had already fallen asleep when I came back, I didn't bother you." Zhang Yang reported to his parents about the news while he was eating the eight-treasures porridge.

    Hearing this news, Zhang Tie's mom let out a sigh.

    "Mom, don't worry, if you want to find them as soon as possible, we can release wanted posters in the newspaper. As they are still living in the Huaiyuan Prefecture, we will definitely find them!" Seeing his mother a bit sad, Zhang Tie hurriedly comforted her.

    "Release it in the newspaper?" Zhang Tie's mom blinked, seemingly interested in this idea.

    "Since we know they've been to Xince City, I will go to there with your mom when we're free. It's only several hours from here. We can hire people to find them too. If neither of these methods works, we will release it in the newspaper. As we are new here, it's better for us to be low key" Zhang Tie's father explained in a calm way.

    Since they came back to Huaiyuan Prefecture, Zhang Tie also found that his dad became calmer in lieu of recent events.

    Hearing dad's words, all the others nodded after thinking awhile.

    After eating breakfast, the whole family was busy as they all started to clean up after themselves and put on the new clothes that they had recently purchased. Especially his father as it was Zhang Tie's first time seeing him put on a double-breasted suit with a tie.

    After putting on this suit, Zhang Tie's dad looked completely different from before.

    "Dad, you really look like a dandy in that costume!" Zhang Tie kidded.

    "Alas, I've not worn it for dozens of years. I don't even know how to prepare my tie anymore." Zhang Tie's dad sighed.

    Thinking back to the period when Zhang Tie's dad usually wore a set of somewhat white working uniform and struggled for the whole family's livelihood by getting up early and going back home late in Blackhot City, Zhang Tie would feel like crying. Thinking of this, he increased his resolve to join Hidden Dragon Palace. As he had grown up, it was the right time for him to assume the responsibility for his family.

    When it was almost half past nine in the morning, Zhang Ping's brother, Zhang Tie's eldest uncle, came to pick them up.

    Zhang Tie's eldest uncle was over 50 years old, who looked 60% similar to Zhang Tie's father. Besides, he looked a bit gentle in a pair of glasses. Nevertheless, he was a bit fatter than Zhang Tie's father and looked like he had been used to a noble's lifestyle.

    Because Zhang Tie's eldest uncle usually came here during this period, they had been familiar with each other. Therefore, they got straight to the point.

    Zhang Tie's family then got into a black three-row sedan and left their current residence.

    Jinhai City was also a coastal city. It was not as prosperous as Yiyang City but was still a large city. Jinhai City contained 3.4 million people. As the manufacturing center of Zhang clan of Huaiyuan Palace, its manufacturing accomplishments were even above that of Kalur. Half of Jinyun Country's steamers and one-fifth of its airships came from the manufacturing factories in Jinhai City.

    When the car drove onto the coastal avenue of Jinhai City, Zhang Tie saw numerous docks of different sizes on the sea and the harbors in the far.

    "Let's go to visit our shipyard first, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang have not seen it yet." Sitting in the front row, the eldest uncle turned back and spoke to Zhang Ping.

    Zhang Ping nodded, "Fine, let's go to have a look then. I've not been there for a long time. I'm also wondering how it looks now."

    "Dad has merged two more shipyards in past years. Now, the Milkyway Shipyard could rank top three in shipbuilding in terms of scale and strength in Jinhai City and top five in Jinyun Country. Now, our shipyard mainly builds off-shore fishing boats weighing from 500 tons to 2000 tons, Yuanjiang-class passenger liners and rapid destroyers that we've bid for from the navy of Jinyun Country. Dad is full of ambition that he prepares to start the program of 10,000-ton pelagic fishing ships next year and officially push the Milkyway Shipyard into the ranks of 10,000-ton ships manufacturers!"

    "Our former shipyard didn't have the ability to produce 10,000-ton pelagic fishing ships. Is the new shipyard under construction?"

    "It will be completed in two months. As our former shipyard started from building fishing ships, we've got many assets in the past years, we could also be able to build 10,000-ton pelagic fishing ships!"

    "As pelagic shipping is an industry of high risk and high return, ships that are adapted to pelagic shipping are produced in accordance with orders, which pose very strict requirements on various aspects. Our new shipyard has not been completed, how have we received orders?" Zhang Tie's dad became slightly startled.

    "The orders come from our Zhang clan. I also feel strange about that. Last year, the Changfeng Business Group, the Pelagic Fishing Company and the Pelagic Steamers Company under the affiliation of the Zhang clan almost tossed some development plans at the same time, which increased the demands for 10,000-ton pelagic fishing ships, pelagic passenger liners and pelagic freighters by several times. It looks very rash and a bit absurd. I don't know how could they be that confident. What is more absurd is that their plans had been approved by the council of the Zhang clan of Huaiyuan Palace. the first set of capital to renovate the Milkyway Shipyard is interest-free loan provided by Huaiyuan Bank. As for the orders sent by the Pelagic Fishing Company, as long as the first 10,000-ton pelagic fishing ship is paved with its keel, the Huaiyuan Bank will prepay 40% of the shipbuilding cost for Pelagic Shipping Company. It's great preferential treatment. In Jinhai City, besides our shipyard, all the other shipyards have received similar orders."

    Hearing the discussion between dad and eldest uncle, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang sitting in the back of the car exchanged glances with each other with astonishment. Neither of them had ever imagined that their dad was born into such a great clan, who's shipyard ranked top three in Jinhai City and top five in Jinyun Country. It sounded great.
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