Chapter 282: Test

    Chapter 282: Test

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    On the second morning, on the way from the Hidden Dragon Palace to Iron Ore Beach...

    "Zhang Tie, how did you manage to stir up all the girls in Zhixing Department? Why did I see all the girls show you the whites of their eyes at breakfast?" Wei Wu walked as he asked Zhang Tie who was walking in front of him.

    Speaking of this, Zhang Tie was also a bit depressed, "Who knows, since I came to Hidden Dragon Palace, I've haven't talked with any girls. Damn, girls are really born to be narrow-minded and crazy!"

    Zhang Keliang burst out laughing, "Brother, nobody in Hidden Dragon Palace dares to say that girls are born to be narrow-minded and crazy. According to your words, I don't think you'll have a girlfriend in the Palace anytime soon."

    Zhang Keliang's laugh roused everybody's attention on Zhang Tie. Many people were surprised by Zhang Tie's boldness--"Born to be narrow-minded and crazy", "This guy is really a dead mouse that feels no cold. He's so careless that he dares to stir up all the girls in the Hidden Dragon Palace by saying this!"

    Many people mumbled.

    "When I was new here, I also heard from others that girls in Hidden Dragon Palace were tricky. Zhang Tie, you'd better watch your words. If the girls heard your words, they might come to find trouble for you." Zhang Yunfei reminded Zhang Tie.

    "So what? You think I'm a kind man? Those girls are born crazy. This father has not stirred up them at all. Why would they show me the whites of their eyes? I admit that I said that, I want to see whether they can bite off my butt or not!" Zhang Tie said in a casual way. Zhang Tie finally understood the proverb that one can be austere if he has no selfish desires. As he didn't expect to establish any relationship with those girls, he didn't care about whether they were happy or not.

    "Brother, based on your distant attitude towards girls, you might be alone for the rest of your life. No girls would like you!" Zhang Hongsheng controlled his laugh as pretended to tell Zhang Tie in a serious way.

    "I will be alone?" Zhang Tie pointed at his own nose as he seemed having heard the most interesting joke. "If the girls of the Rose Association and Pandora, Alice and Beverly heard this, they would definitely not agree. Even if I want to be alone, I don't think that they would agree to that... cough...cough...but I don't have to show off in front of these guys, Heh...heh..." Zhang Tie smiled as he lowered his head and kept walking without saying anything else.

    "Zhang Tie, try to recall what did you stir up those girls. You'd better spare some time to apologize to them. Otherwise, you might not be able to live well on the island in the future." Zhang Yunfei seriously suggested.

    Zhang Tie patted Zhang Yunfei's shoulders, "Trust me, never think that you will leave a good impression on those girls by pretending to be a considerate gentleman. All those girls are crazy. When they lose their mind, you should never try to explain logic to them. You should ignore them. If they dare to stir up you, you should treat them as spinning tops in front of your feet and ferociously whip them. The more ferociously you whip them, the more docile they would be. Although men have 12 zodiacs, girls only have 1--spinning top!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the boys aside were stunned. This guy really dared to say anything. Hearing Zhang Tie's unusual talk, all the juveniles cast weird eyes on him. None of them made any response.

    When they arrived at the Iron Ore Beach, the sun had just risen up. Everyone then started to undress by the sea. After putting their clothes by the rocks on the bank, they started to walk into the sea with wire sacks while gritting their teeth.

    "Argh, it's too cold..." Only after walking several steps into the sea, before the seawater reached his knee, Wei Wu's teeth had already started to clatter. For all the juveniles, the most painstaking moment was when they entered the sea each morning. The icy seawater's test to people could even match that of the scorching sun.

    "Ocean, I'm here..." Zhang Tie made a weird utterance as he rushed into the sea, splattering icy seawater onto Wei Wu and Zhang Hongsheng on his side, causing them to utter strange cries.

    "Bastard!" The boys uttered as they chased after Zhang Tie's shadow and directly dived into the sea to end the stimulation.

    After swimming 50 m away from the shoal area, he took a deep breath as he lowered his head and instantly dived into the seawater. Although still being stimulated by the icy seawater, Zhang Tie felt it wasn't as cold as yesterday. Zhang Tie knew that it was because of the 1% cold-resistance granted by that Fruit of Redemption that he had eaten last night.

    Compared to yesterday, Zhang Tie could swim better today. After all, Zhang Tie had practiced swimming for 4-5 hours in the Trouble-Reappearance Situation last night before went to bed. Therefore, Zhang Tie realized rapid progress due to his sharper sensitivity towards water flow and constant practice.

    When practicing swimming in the Trouble-Reappearance Situation, the only weakness that made him pitiful was that he could not simulate the direct-transportation function of the Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, the moment he arrived here today, Zhang Tie couldn't wait to have a try.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether he would make a loud noise when he used the special functions of Castle of Black Iron for the first time. Therefore, after diving into the sea, he didn't swim towards those oceanic trenches; instead, he silently changed his direction and swam to a hidden place that contained more reefs and fewer navy-blue iron ores over 300 m away to the east of the Iron Ore Beach.

    Few people would usually come here.

    Zhang Tie found a place deeper than 30 m between two reefs where he could hide well before he started to test his direct transportation ability.

    Like several times before, when Zhang Tie focused his spiritual energy onto the arch door, the arch door started to radiate a strange, unsteady wave onto Zhang Tie's right palm. In a split second, Zhang Tie felt a great suction from inside his palm. At the same time, Zhang Tie's right hand felt like they were fastened by a rope and a force in the opposite of the suction force instantly pulled Zhang Tie 2 m forward in the seawater.

    Zhang Tie was really stunned by such a great change. As a result, he was chocked by a mouthful of seawater. The moment the qi between his chest and his abdomen disappeared, Zhang Tie hurriedly swam upwards.

    Behind a reef above the sea...

    With a bustling sound, Zhang Tie showed his head above water, "Cough...cough...cough", he coughed out the seawater in his mouth. Zhang Tie was so surprised as his face slightly turned pale. He didn't know what was going just now. How could his body lose control the moment he opened the channel between his Castle of Black Iron and the seawater? How could he be pulled forward by a force which was opposite to the suction?

    Zhang Tie carefully thought about that as he gradually understood it. Could it be the counter force of the suction?

    After taking a deep breath, Zhang Tie dived to the same place and prepared to make a second attempt.

    This time, Zhang Tie became more careful. He carefully controlled the size of the space transportation channel and fixed it as one-fifth of its original size before trying again.

    As was expected, the moment he opened the channel, the counterforce reappeared, pulling Zhang Tie's body forward along the direction that his fingers pointed at. Zhang Tie immediately held a reef using his left hand to stop the movement.

    As he had experienced this before, this time, Zhang Tie was not overly surprised; instead, he carefully felt the sense and the situation inside the Castle of Black Iron.

    Above the Pool of Chaos in the Castle of Black Iron, a torrent shot down like a completely opened faucet. The moment it fell into the Pool of Chaos, it instantly disappeared like a drop of water falling into the sea.

    When the torrent of seawater fell into the Pool of Chaos, Zhang Tie's hand was like a bottomless hole which was constantly sucking in seawater. The force that pulled his body forward was truly the counter force of the suction. After he opened the invisible door on his hand to suck in seawater, he was also pulled forward by the counter force.

    Zhang Tie instantly understood what was going on.

    At the bottom of the sea, Zhang Tie slowly observed his palm. After a short while, a small swirl with a diameter of 10 cm started to form. The swirl was like a funny twisting spirit in Zhang Tie's palm.

    Zhang Then used his spiritual energy to adjust the size of the torrent in his space channel. When he enlarged the size of the space channel, more water would enter the Pool of Chaos and a greater counterforce would act on his body. Similarly, when he narrowed the size of the space channel, less water would enter the Pool of Chaos and a smaller force would act on his body.

    After trying over 10 minutes underwater, Zhang Tie gradually discovered how things worked and became more adept at increasing his basic energy storage by transporting seawater into the Castle of Black Iron.

    If he wanted to increase his basic energy storage in the Castle of Black Iron in a short period, Zhang Tie had to expand the "caliber" of the space channel; however, if he wanted to expand the "caliber" of the space channel, the counterforce acting on him would be very great. In such a case, it would be very difficult for him to maintain balance underwater. As he watched that small swirl on his palm, Zhang Tie started to rack his mind, "I have to find a way to maintain balance in the sea. If I kept doing like this, I'd have to hug a huge reef with my other hand the maintain balance."

    When Zhang Tie was racking his mind, a colorful little fish flexibly swam across Zhang Tie 20 cm away from him. The moment he saw that flexible little fish, Zhang Tie was shocked as he came across an unprecedented thought.

    "Why do I have to fix my body and stay still in the sea? Why not move in the seawater using the counterforce? Couldn't the size and the direction of that counterforce be casually adjusted by myself? Doesn't it mean that I could increase my movement speed in the sea to a horrible level that nobody else could imagine..."

    The swirl on Zhang Tie's right hand disappeared. Zhang Tie then raised his two hands in front of him. After looking at his hands seriously and recovering his composure, Zhang Tie started to swim in the sea. At the same time, he opened his space channel a bit on his hands. In a split second, his swimming speed increased by at least 30%...
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