Chapter 288: Freak

    Chapter 288: Freak

    Translator: WQL  Editor: EbonyFrost

    After killing a Hell-black spider and gathering a green ball of Soul Fire, Guo Miaolu caught sight of some hell black spiders rushing towards her. She dared not to stay still; instead, she hurriedly ran upward from the foot of the canyon. When she arrived at a safer place, before this elder sister from Zhixing Department gasped twice, she had already noticed that Zhang Tie, the common enemy of the girls in Zhixing Department was standing not far from her and was watching the fight between human and spiders in the 100-m deep canyon.

    Last night, Guo Miaolu had already found out from other girls that Zhang Tie would go to the Dragon Cave to form Iron-Blood Battle Qi; however, she could never imagine she would see Zhang Tie here. This Dark Canyon was not like other places as it gathered most the Hell-black spiders and was much more dangerous than other places. Almost no newbie who had reached level 6 dared to gather battle qi here before being fully familiar with the fighting skills of these Hell-black spiders. The girls in Zhixing Department and the others had already fought the hell black spiders for over a month in other places. Many of them had already been able to feel Soul Fire entering their body. Therefore, they tried to challenge more Hell-black spiders in the Dark Canyon.

    "Not bad. Soul Fire already entered your body." Having just found what was Soul Fire entering one's body, Zhang Tie instantly praised her like an experienced old man when he found Guo Miaolu was staring at him with enlarged eyes.

    Guo Miaolu then slightly frowned. After glancing at Zhang Su at Zhang Tie's side, she immediately looked gloomy and asked in a bad mood, "What are you here for?"

    "There are so many Hell-black spiders here, I'm here to form my battle qi!" Zhang Tie said bluntly.

    "You are here to form battle qi?" Guo Miaolu became slightly dumbfounded, "You're going to die. How dare you come here? You are new here! Do you know how many level 6 newbies have been killed in the Dark Canyon? Over 100. Yesterday, one more died here. With so many Hell -black spiders here, once you enter the canyon, you might lose your life while being ambushed by them!"

    "I didn't think that Miaolu cared about me so much!" Zhang Tie gave a bashful smile.

    The moment Zhang Tie uttered her name, Guo Miaolu quivered all over, closely followed by a burning fury. With eyebrows raising up, she swore, "F*rt, I just don't want you to die here while owing a debt to the girls of Zhixing Department!"

    "Trust me, I won't die. Besides being disgusting, these insects don't look like that sharp." Zhang Tie teased.

    Before Guo Miaolu was able to say anything else, Zhang Tie had already jumped down onto the bulging rocks on the walls as swift as a goat and arrived at the bottom of the Dark Canyon in a short while.

    "Senior brother!" Guo Miaolu looked at Zhang Su, "Is it...okay for Zhang Tie?" Although Zhang Tie was annoying, Guo Miaolu didn't want to see him die here.

    "Don't worry, he'll be safe. He's a freak!" Zhang Su shook his head while added inside, "Hope you're not too shocked when you see for yourself."

    Looking at the shadow of Zhang Tie at the foot of the canyon, Guo Miaolu became slightly curious, "What's his talent?" How could he make his cousin so reassured? He didn't even take a weapon."

    There were huge bottomless seams on the ground of the Dark Canyon. It was bloody everywhere due to the bleeding corpses of the Hell-black spiders. Being stimulated by this bloody scene, more and more Hell-black spiders constantly climbed out of the seams. Zhang Tie saw these disgusting Hell-black spiders didn't even spare their partner's bodies. Once they found that their partners were killed, some hell black spiders would soon drag the dead bodies into hidden and gloomy places. Soon after that, Zhang Tie would hear terrifying chewing sounds from there.

    In comparison to Zhang Tie, the other people in the canyon were all in groups of 2-3. For many level 6 newbies who had not formed their battle qi, their partners could help them out while being attacked by a group of Hell-black spiders.

    Of course, some people who had greater fighting skills could take advantage of the topography in the canyon to deal with the Hell-black spiders. As a result, those dead hell black spiders would produce colorful Soul Fire, which would then automatically float towards those people who killed the spiders.

    "Haha...I got one more Soul Fire!"

    Along with the growls of people were exclamations which could be heard every so often.

    Zhang Tie took a careful look around and found that most Soul Fires were grey and white; with a few of them being green, cyan, faint blue and red. According to his cousin, these Soul Fires came from resonance between the mysterious energy from the spiders and each person. Different colors represented different ranks and kinds of battle qi.

    What a marvelous thing!

    As they were all busy fighting Hell-black spiders, nobody paid attention to Zhang Tie. With the exception of Guo Miaolu, the other boys and girls from Zhixing Department didn't know that Zhang Tie was there yet.

    The first Hell-black spider had already appeared in front of Zhang Tie less than one minute after Zhang Tie arrived at the foot of the canyon. Seeing that spider piercing its sharp forelimbs towards him, Zhang Tie instantly hacked towards its forelimbs using "Sword-like Palm", which was one of the free movements of Iron-Blood Fist Skill.

    The forelimbs of Hell-black spiders collided with Zhang Tie's "Sword-like Palm...

    Zhang Tie then cleanly cut off a forelimb of the Hell-black spider as if he had used a kitchen knife to slice bean curd. The moment the spider lost its balance and tilted towards him, Zhang Tie had kicked on the bottom of its head. After exploding his Iron-Blood Untouchable Strength, he instantly shocked its brain into a mess.

    The fight ended in 2 seconds.

    After killing this Hell-black spider, Zhang Tie continued to move forward. Soon after that, three hell black spiders appeared in front of Zhang Tie, one in the front, two in the back. This time, Zhang Tie suddenly paced up and surged forward before they attacked him, "Bang" "Bang" "Bang", with three sounds, their brains flew a second later...

    Zhang Tie kept going.

    Standing on top of the Dark Canyon, Guo Miaolu was shocked by Zhang Tie's swift movements. Those Hell-black spiders which frightened all the newbies didn't have the ability to even respond to Zhang Tie. However, she didn't know that Zhang Tie had already been able to kill those level 6 military officers of Sun Dynasty who had formed battle qi like chopping melons and vegetables when he was only level 4, let alone these hell black spiders which were used to form battle qi.

    Guo Miaolu was really surprised by Zhang Tie's movements. However, she had never imagined that there were more surprises to come. When he swiftly killed the fifth Hell-black spider, a golden light had already started to gather from the corpses of the previous spiders. They became balls of golden Soul Fire and floated towards Zhang Tie.

    In that pitch-dark valley, the golden Soul Fires were unique as they were as dazzling as sunlight.

    "Golden...Soul Fire? That must be an illusion!" Guo Miaolu rubbed her eyes as she didn't believe what happened at the foot of the canyon...

    When the first ball of Soul Fire entered his body, Zhang Tie had already killed six Hell-black spiders. When the second ball of Soul Fire entered his body, Zhang Tie had already killed eight spiders while the third ball of Soul Fire entered his body, Zhang Tie had already killed 11 spiders.

    Obviously, Zhang Tie killed those Hell-black spiders faster than the Soul Fires could form. Later, the scene was as follows--When Zhang Tie was swiftly eliminating the Hell-black spiders which were rushing towards him, the golden balls of Soul Fire started to gather, rise and float towards Zhang Tie like golden comets. As a result, the gloomy canyon was filled with brilliant golden flying lights of different lengths.

    Standing at the top of the canyon and watching those traces of golden light constantly flying towards Zhang Tie, Guo Miaolu suddenly felt they were exceptionally beautiful. She felt the golden lights were as beautiful as the feathers on the tail of the legendary phoenix...

    Guo Miaolu was confused about how such a mean, lecherous, greedy and sinister guy could create such a beautiful and shocking scene. Compared to the constantly rising Soul Fire behind Zhang Tie, all the other sparse Soul Fires behind other people became ornaments.

    Gradually, Zhang Tie arouse the public's attention as more and more people in the canyon started to pay attention to him. After noticing the increasing number of golden Soul Fire behind Zhang Tie, the others all became dumbfounded. "Who's that guy? How can he gather golden Soul Fire? That only belongs to top grade battle qis!"


    When more and more golden Soul Fire automatically flew into Zhang Tie's dantian elixir field, Zhang Tie had already entered a wonderful state. He felt the Iron-Blood Untouchable Strength in his body had slowly changed in a strange way after integrating with the Soul Fire.

    Being immersed in fighting Hell-black spiders, Zhang Tie completely forgot time...

    Not knowing how long had passed, with a sound of "Paka...", Zhang Tie seemed to hear the sound of breaking eggs. At the same time, the golden swirl of spiritual energy in Zhang Tie's mind exploded, followed by a widespread golden brilliance. It started to completely integrate with the exceptional strength in his body. A wholly new strength then started to rise from the inside of Zhang Tie's body. Like a lion that suddenly broke out of its cage, he entered a new realm.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie felt that each of his cells was filled with a huge strength.

    Zhang Tie started to radiate a Soul Fire-like blurry shadow. An obscure, huge Hell-black spider started to grow bigger and clearer behind Zhang Tie which gradually turned into a real totem of a grim golden spider of 30-40 m in height. Behind this terrifying golden spider totem, bloody waves rolled in like banners...


    In the Dark Canyon, at the sight of that huge golden totem and the rolling banner-like bloody waves behind him, that "cold-harrumph" youth who came here together with Zhang Tie and Zhang Su had completely changed his face as he mumbled, "Iron-Blood Battle Qi...Bloody Banners...Iron-Blood Battle Qi...Bloody Banners, that's not possible, that's not possible..."

    At this time, the "cold-harrumph" youth was also attempting to form his battle qi. However, compared to that 30-40 m oppressive totem behind Zhang Tie, the battle qi totem of that "cold-harrumph" youth was only 2-3 m in height. In front of Zhang Tie's battle qi totem, it was as funny as a toy at the foot of the giant...

    "Sister Fu", "Junior brother Yu", "Junior brother Feng", "Senior brother An" and "Senior sister Fang" who came to Hidden Dragon Island together with Zhang Tie on the same passenger liner were also in the Dark Canyon. As they were 4-5 km away from Zhang Tie, they didn't see the shocking image when the golden Soul Fire entered Zhang Tie's body. However, at this moment, when that terrifying huge battle qi totem behind Zhang Tie appeared, the five people naturally noticed it.

    "Senior sister Fang, what...what's that?" Junior brother Feng pointed at the battle qi totem behind Zhang Tie and stammered.

    "It looks like the battle qi totem of Iron-Blood Battle Qi, Bloody Banner...but how could it be that huge, that terrifying. Is there any from the imperial household of Norman Empire forming battle-qi?" Seeing that unprecedented battle qi totem, senior sister Fang became stunned for quite awhile before replied in an unimaginable look.

    "Let's go have a look..." Senior brother An responded as he too was excited. Therefore he suggested taking a look there to see who was forming such a terrifying battle qi totem to broaden their horizons.

    The moment senior brother An finished, they then started to run towards where Zhang Tie's location.

    Only after running several hundred meters, a thunder-like long wail had drifted from the place where the huge battle qi totem rose. Being affected, all the Hell-black spiders close to the howl started to wail as they lay on the ground like shaking lambs waiting to be slaughtered. At the same time, all the other Hell-black spiders hurriedly retreated into the seams...

    The whole Dark Canyon then became quiet.

    This was a side effect and the most remarkable symbol and name card of all the top battle qi--totem shock! Those who could form these top battle qi were naturally threatening to those magical beasts and monsters that appeared on the battle qi totems. At this moment, Zhang Tie's long howl was due to the energy contained the totem shock of Iron-Blood Battle Qi.


    "F*ck!" Even always being calm, Zhang Tie's cousin Zhang Su still couldn't help but swear...

    All the people in the entire Dark Canyon started to run towards Zhang Tie. Looking at this boy who walked through those shaking Hell-black spiders towards her, Guo Miaolu almost couldn't connect this man with that guy in her mind.

    The terrifying battle qi totem behind this person was as majestic as that of a God, which covered the entire Dark Canyon. However, in her memory, that bastard was a miser and lady-killer who didn't even spare 1 silver coin to support the girls' business. There was a great contrast...

    "Am I dreaming?" Guo Miaolu couldn't help but ask herself...

    "Ha...ha...Junior sister Miaolu, you have to call me senior brother from today on. Don't forget about our bet! You owe me 90 gold coins now. Erm. I'm always generous. Let's start calculating its interest from tomorrow!" Zhang Tie walked towards her with a smile!

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhang Su's eye corner twitched once again, while Guo Miaolu started to grind her teeth. "I'm not dreaming! That's the douchebag..."
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