Chapter 296: Collision

    Chapter 296: Collision

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    The bamboo woods man told Zhang Tie about a simple way to complete his first evolution in his ancestral bloodline of precise throwing, namely - keep practicing! Practice precisely throwing with javelins of different sizes!

    Now that he knew he could precisely throw a 1.4 m javelin, how about throwing a 1.3 m javelin? And when he can precisely throw a 1.3 m javelin, how about throwing a 1.29 m one and then try throwing a 1.28 m one...

    As long as he kept practicing by constantly extending the applicable range of precise throwing and shortening the sizes of the javelins, Zhang Tie would definitely be able throw a knife, a bolt, a piece of stone, or a javelin head, which was only several inches in length, as precisely as he threw out a javelin. When he could accomplish this, he would finish his first round of evolution of his ancestral bloodline.

    After learning of this method from the bamboo woods man, Zhang Tie had been thinking about it a lot. For the majority of people, because precise throwing was not a senior ancestral bloodline, its power was completely determined by that person's strength. However, because people's strength was limited, when it reached a certain distance, the throwing power could not match that of a strong crossbow. The attack only depended on the sudden explosive force of a person while the power of a crossbow depended on the combination of the strong power of the bow and the human's power. The two were not even on the same starting line.

    'Although this is applicable to most people, it is not applicable to me, because I have the seven-strength fruits, which can improve my strength to a level which is out of normal person's imagination. With only 9 wild wolf seven-strength fruits, I have already become so much more terrifyingly powerful than most people. What if I have 9 more huge wolf seven-strength fruits and 9 more golden wolf seven-strength fruits?

    'Undoubtedly, that would mean that the power of precise throwing has no upper limit for me as it can constantly increase along with the seven-strength fruits that I eat.

    'Based on this premise, once I finish the first round of evolution of my ancestral bloodline, besides javelins, I will also be able to use other lighter, smaller, and more portable items to complete throwing attacks. That means that items that are not powerful in others' eyes will exert a terrifying power with my rising strength. By then, I will not only be like a movable, humanoid artillery battery, but also be the most terrifying king of hidden weapons.'

    When he imagined that once he raised his hands, he would scare off the enemy and make them flee in terror, Zhang Tie felt his blood boiling up throughout his body.

    After forming his Iron-Blood Battle Qi, Zhang Tie's next target for his fighting skills was to complete the first round of evolution of his ancestral bloodline and apply his precise throwing skill for smaller objects.

    The javelins made by the Items Department for Zhang Tie were divided into 41 groups of different specifications. Each group contained 6 javelins. The lengths ranged from normal size to 5 inch, which looked like a dart. They were put in 3 big crates, weighing more than 1480 kg in total. Even though the 3 big crates were not too heavy, Zhang Tie could only carry them back to his room in the Songtao Pavilion over 3 trips.

    When Zhang Tie was carrying the last crate back, he met those girls who had wanted to take revenge for their junior sisters in the Breaking Heaven Department more than 10 days ago.

    7 or 8 men were behind them. There was total of more than 10 people all together. As they walked towards Zhang Tie while talking and laughing, unavoidably, they clashed with him.

    Zhang Tie didn't feel like talking with those girls as they acted so strange to Zhang Tie. Additionally, Zhang Tie was very busy and had no time to care about how they felt towards him.

    Zhang Tie really felt that there was nothing to say, but the girls seemed to be very hateful towards him. When Zhang Tie was still over 10 m away from those girls, they had already fixed their eyes full of 'killing intent' onto him.

    "I heard that you've not selected the fundamental moves and shield defense skill?" One of those girls said icily when she was close to Zhang Tie.

    "I've not got enough clan contribution points. I'm doing tasks first!" Zhang Tie calmly answered while both of them stopped walking.

    "I hope that you never select those 2 compulsory fighting courses."

    "Never mind, I will not live up to your good intention, senior sisters!"

    'What a joke! You want me to scare me off?' Zhang Tie felt that it was a bit ridiculous, 'These girls really take themselves too seriously!'

    "Humph... I hope you don't eat your own words!"

    After this, Zhang Tie and that girl didn't talk any more and kept walking on. However, Zhang Tie had not expected that only after a few steps away, he had heard those girls talking with a man which immediately stopped Zhang Tie.

    "Is this brat that Zhang Tie? I lost more than 100 gold coins because of him. He doesn't look that great..."

    "That's him. It is really very strange for him to form Iron-Blood Battle Qi in one day. I was told that Iron-Blood Battle Qi could not be formed without being very brave. I really wonder how he could form it so smoothly!"

    "He's a talent, but he has a poor reputation among the girls in the Zhixing Department. That's why Ruomei and the other junior sisters requested that we teach him a lesson!"

    "What talent? He's just fortunate..." A faintly hoarse voice was heard, "I was told that his dad was a crap, who was chosen to marry a woman with a different surname. Finally, his dad stealthily eloped with that woman. As his dad is a douchebag, how could his son be that great..."

    "Senior brother Qiguo, watch out your words, please!"

    After stopping his footsteps, Zhang Tie turned back. With a loud sound, he threw the crate of 500 kg onto the ground. Hearing the killing intent from the falling crate, in a split second, they stopped walking and turned around.

    Zhang Tie faintly narrowed his eyes as he looked at them with a cold expression and said in an icy voice, "The one who mentioned my dad, if you kneel down in front of me and kowtow for my dad three times and slap yourself 10 times to apologize to my dad, I will take it as if nothing has happened!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the others' faces changed.

    "Zhang Tie, you..."

    Before one of the girls frowned and wanted to say something, she was stopped by Zhang Tie's reproach.

    "Shut up! It's got nothing to do with you!"

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was totally like a different person as he was not as calm or happy as before.

    "Junior brother, senior brother just made an indiscreet remark just now, don't be that aggressive!"

    "An indiscreet remark? If he could about swear about his dad ten times like before, I will trust you!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, that person opened his mouth, yet his voice didn't come out at all.

    Zhang Tie then fixed his eyes on the male boys among the group of people like a wolf as he growled, "Who said it just now? Where you are?"

    "I said it, so what?" A young man around the age of 20 with a lanky face walked 2 steps forward as he raised his head and looked at Zhang Tie with a cold smile, "Don't think that you are unrivaled just because you've formed your Iron-Blood Battle Qi, as we're in the Breaking Heaven Department, I want to test your Iron-Blood Battle Qi..."

    Soon after he said this, his face abruptly changed. At the same time, Zhang Tie exploded his Battle-Qi Totem - Bloody Banner. In the dense roiling Bloody Battle Qi, a golden terrifying hell-black spider gradually rose up from behind Zhang Tie like a giant. Finally the horrible monster which was as tall as a building started to look down at those people with icy eyes while a burning, dense, bloody energy like lively flames enshrouded everyone present.

    Zhang Tie's battle qi totem was very frightening and shocking even from afar, let alone standing just in front the battle qi totem and being enshrouded by the qi field and frame of the whole battle qi totem.

    The group of people in the opposite of Zhang Tie needed to raise up their heads to be able to see the whole battle qi totem. That hell-black spider was like a burning mountain which carried the fury and will of Zhang Tie; erected in front of everyone. When they looked into the 4 rows of 8 pitch-black icy eyes on the battle qi totem which was dozens of meters high, they would feel like they were gazing into hell. The feeling of darkness and fear was oppressive enough to frighten those timid ones and make them fall onto the ground.

    Being influenced by Zhang Tie's great oppression and qi field, those people who were enshrouded by Zhang Tie's battle qi totem all started to roll up their own battle qi totems.

    Most of their battle qi totems were LV 7 centipedes; only a few of them were LV 8 king snakes. Their battle qi totems varied from 2 m to 5 m. These battle qi totems in front of Zhang Tie's hell-black spider were like infants in front of an adult. When they stood on the opposite side, it felt that Zhang Tie's hell-black spider was going to eat those centipedes and king snakes like eating dim sum...

    The battle qi totem of that guy with a lanky face was also a LV 8 king snake. Looking at Zhang Tie who was walking towards him, that man's battle qi totem also started to shake violently while a weird expression flashed across his eyes!

    "Move back..." Noticing the increasingly dangerous atmosphere over the two men, the other guys hurriedly moved back to make some space for them.

    Where there were men, there were collisions. Therefore, it was not strange to have collisions in the Breaking Heaven Department. When those collisions could not be solved orally, in accordance with the current rules, they could only be settled through their fists. When a big problem arose from a fight, for instance one party was killed or one party believed that something was amiss, it would be solved by the Disciplinary Department of Hidden Dragon Palace according to the rules of the Breaking Heaven Department.

    The moment the other people near that person moved back, Zhang Tie had already launched an attack; making the stone slabs under his feet completely shatter into small pieces. In a split second, Zhang Tie shot out like a bolt while launching his fist towards that person's head, which was accompanied by the tiger's roar of the wind...
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