Chapter 297: Im Long

    Chapter 297: I'm Long

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    Zhang Tie used the fastest and most aggressive movement of the 36 free hand movements of the Iron-blood Fist--Mountain Collapse Punch.

    He gathered the strength from his legs. The punch contained an unrivaled power and was full of Zhang Tie's determination, decisiveness and wild-fire like fury.

    Anyone who dared to insult Zhang Tie's family members had to face Zhang Tie's fury in the equivalent of a life and death battle.

    Even though this member of the Breaking-Heavens Department had reached level 8, he still dared not to directly face Zhang Tie's fist with Iron-blood battle qi; instead, he chose to avoid Zhang Tie's attack.

    The guy moved so fast that when Zhang Tie launched his punch towards him, he immediately flashed away and reached a position 5 steps away from Zhang Tie's left.

    It was also Zhang Tie's first time encountering such an opponent. In a split second, he had already avoided his punch. Commoners could only feel that person suddenly disappeared; however, with super high spiritual energy, Zhang could slow down his movement and see clearly what he had done. That person didn't disappear all of sudden but used strange movements. As a result, he instantly escaped out of Zhang Tie's attack range.

    "Mountain splitting ax!". After the punch, Zhang Tie instantly tilted his body as he slashed his right leg towards that man like a big ax. That man then escaped away once again. At the same time, Zhang Tie's leg broke the air and made a sharp sound before touching the ground, leaving a 2 m long and 30 cm deep rift.

    Zhang Tie's 36 free hand movements of the Iron-blood Fist were so fluent that soon after the Mountain Splitting Ax was used, the moment his feet landed, Zhang Tie instantly surged forward with a bow-like stance and attacked that man's lower abdomen with a heavy elbow. The man flashed away for the third time. Zhang Tie then used a horizontal sword palm, causing a tearing sound in the air.

    When Zhang Tie hacked onto the ground with the Fierce Mountain Collapse Axe. Every onlooker felt a faint earthquake. Knowing the power of Zhang Tie's Iron-blood Fist, all of them changed their faces. After exchanging glances, they all saw a wisp of fear and shock in the eyes of the opponent. Although they knew that Iron-blood Fist and Iron-blood battle qi were great, none of them had imagined that it could be that great. Zhang Tie was only level 6. That was too absurd.

    Anyone who directly faced Zhang Tie's attacks just now would be severely wounded. That was too fierce to stand. What was more amazing was that Zhang Tie kept applying his fierce fist movements as smoothly and rapidly as an untiring machine. He kept launching attacks towards Zhang Guoqing. However, Zhang Guoqing escaped from his attacks each time through weird foot movements.

    "Is Iron-blood fist truly that great?" That man among the onlookers who talked with Zhang Tie just now started to mumble when he watched Zhang Tie's flexible moving shadow. Of course, he could judge from Zhang Tie's movements that Zhang Tie had only cultivated Iron-blood Fist and nothing else. Additionally, Zhang Tie didn't receive any systematic training on fighting skills; for instance, Zhang Tie had not mastered the fundamental movements which was a compulsory course in the Breaking-Heavens Department. He didn't see any fighting skills in the Secret Knowledge Pavilion from Zhang Tie either. Even though, by only using Iron-blood fist, Zhang Tie had already beaten Zhang Qingguo so fiercely that Zhang Qingguo didn't even have a chance to fight back; instead, he just escaped here and there.

    During this process, Zhang Qingguo also tried to launch attacks several times; however, Zhang Tie just ignored his attacks. Zhang Tie kept attacking him without any inclination to defend or escape from his attacks at all. Zhang Tie was definitely fighting him at the price of life. In fear of Zhang Tie's Iron-blood battle qi, Zhang Qingguo didn't even dare to directly face Zhang Tie. In every instance in which Zhang Qingguo prepared to fight back, he had been forced by Zhang Tie to give up and run away.

    It was okay at the beginning; however, as the battle between them continued, the scene became as follows: Zhang Tie chased after Zhang Qingguo by beating him while Zhang Qingguo kept escaping from his attacks.

    At the beginning, Zhang Qingguo was thinking about looking for a chance to fight back when the latter was tired. However, after being chased after and beaten for more than 10 minutes, Zhang Tie didn't feel tired at all. Instead, he became more spirited and could use his movements more smoothly. As a result, the roar of a tiger and the breaking-air sound along with his punches became sharper and sharper. Zhang Qingguo's face then turned black as his forehead started to ooze a cold sweat.

    Hearing the noise, the number of onlookers also increased.

    "Come here and have a look, a level 6 junior brother is chasing after and beating a level 8 senior brother. The level 8 senior brother was beaten so fiercely that he escaped everywhere..."Among the new onlookers, some wicked guys shouted loudly. Hearing that yell, Zhang Qingguo almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

    Right then, Zhang Tie left an opening on his right ribs to Zhang Qingguo. Immediately, Zhang Qingguo attacked Zhang Tie's right ribs. When he made it, Zhang Qingguo's heart pounded. However, before he became excited, he became shocked as Zhang Tie directly clipped his hand with right arm by making a turn.

    Zhang Tie was so powerful that he instantly clipped Zhang Qingguo's right hand tightly like a pair of pliers. Zhang Qingguo could not draw his right hand out at all. As a result, his right hand instantly became numb.

    When Zhang Qingguo's right hand was clipped under Zhang Tie's armpit, his partners were all shocked, "That's awful!". Nobody had imagined that Zhang Tie who was only level 6 could beat Zhang Qingguo, who was 2 levels higher than him. The chance left by Zhang Tie was made for the purpose of catching Zhang Qingguo.

    "Let's see how you escape now!" Seeing Zhang Tie's bloody mouth and grim smile, Zhang Qingguo became greatly shocked as he shouted loudly, "Argh!" When he could not withdraw his right hand, he wanted to stomp onto Zhang Tie's foot; however, before he raised his foot, Zhang Tie's left foot had already raised up and stomped his foot. All of a sudden, Zhang Qingguo felt like he was being fixed by a big iron nail into the ground.

    When he could not move his foot, he could only use the left hand. The two men both responded very quickly.

    When Zhang Qingguo smacked Zhang Tie's chest with a left punch, Zhang Tie directly punched Zhang Qingguo's lower abdomen.

    At this moment, as they could only move one hand and one foot, the two men were stuck together.

    Zhang Qingguo's punch and Zhang Tie's punch were both fierce. As a result, they both spurted out a mouthful of blood and were wounded.

    Plus the last time when he left an opening to Zhang Qingguo, Zhang Tie was beaten twice before spurted out blood; however, the Iron-blood Fist was so fierce that the moment he touched Zhang Qingguo's lower abdomen, he had made Zhang Qingguo spurt out blood.

    After suffering from a punch from each other and spurting out blood respectively, Zhang Tie and Zhang Qingguo's eyes both turned red. They gritted their teeth tightly as they stared at each other's eyes. Using no fighting skills, they just punched each other at the price of blood and wounds. They wanted to know who could have the last laugh.

    All the onlookers had been dumbfounded as none of them had imagined that the two people would fight in such a fierce manner.

    One was level 6 and cultivated the Iron-blood Fist while the other was level 8 and cultivated another high-end battle qi and had been in the Breaking-Heavens Department for a long time. In only several seconds, the two had already attacked each other more than 10 times respectively, causing them spurt blood heavily.

    The one who fell down first was Zhang Qingguo. Zhang Tie kept punching his lower abdomen many times, causing him spurt blood and lose the strength to fight back. Gradually, he bent over and knelt down in front of Zhang Tie. Then, he showed the whites of his eyes as he lay down on the ground and panted like a dead fish.

    Spurting blood, Zhang Tie directly rode on his back and clenched his collar as he asked, "Are you wrong?"

    Receiving no response, Zhang Tie slapped his face...

    "Are you wrong?"... "Pah"...

    "Are you wrong?"... "Pah"...

    "Are you wrong?"... "Pah"...

    "Are you wrong?"... "Pah"...

    "Are you wrong?"... "Pah"...

    Under Zhang Tie's crotch, after being slapped more than 10 times, that guy's face had become swollen. At the same time, his eyes were full of fear like looking at a ghost. Staring at Zhang Tie's firm and cruel expression, he definitely believed that as long as he didn't reply, he was doomed to be slapped to death here...

    "Are you wrong?"

    "Long..." That person's mouth had been so swollen that he could not even utter clearly.

    Zhang Tie grinned, "I want your apology!"

    "I...em long...I...em...solly...!"

    Hearing his apology, Zhang Tie finally loosened his grasp and stood up from the ground. He then lowered his head and watched that person, "If you think that you're not wrong and want to fight me, I'll wait for you at any time. Duels are also okay. I'll accompany you anytime! However, if I hear those words from you next time, I'll kill you!"

    Standing up, Zhang Tie glanced at his partners before wiping off the blood from the corners of his mouth and slowly walked towards his crate.

    Seeing Zhang Tie coming towards them, the onlookers all gave way. Many people even cast admirable glances towards him. Zhang Tie came to the crate as he took a deep breath and forcefully picked it up from the ground before walking away towards the Songtao Pavilion.

    Lying on the ground, that man's eyes were full of complaints and hatred...

    Looking at Zhang Qingguo's expression, some of his partners faintly frowned their foreheads...
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