Chapter 300: Strange Solution II

    Chapter 300: Strange Solution II

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    Last night, Zhang Tie slept very well. When he got up on the next morning, he felt fully energetic and had recovered his vitality again.

    After getting up, Zhang Tie warmed up his body by stretching his limbs and doing some movements. Suddenly, he realized that most of his wounds had recovered overnight.


    Zhang Tie tried a few more times and found that the wounds truly had been recovered. Previously, Zhang Tie estimated that it would probably take him a couple of days to completely recover based on his preliminary recovery body, he hadn't imagined that he had almost fully recovered overnight. To be serious, the effect over last night was at least equal to two days of good rest.

    Zhang Tie felt that he had mainly benefited from the 430% healing and recovery effect of his preliminary recovery body at night, therefore, Zhang Tie didn't think too much of it.

    When cleaning up in the washroom, Zhang Tie looked at the juvenile with a high color in the mirror as he exposed his two rows of white teeth and grinned. He then encouraged himself loudly, "Come on, come on, come on!"

    Each morning, Zhang Tie would encourage himself loudly in the mirror.

    Until he started brushing teeth when he licked his lips did Zhang Tie feel the fragrance of the residue of the essential-energy Reika yeast that he drunk last night.

    It was so good that Zhang Tie hadn't drunk such a marvelous thing before. It was like a beverage, but it tasted like alcohol although it wasn't. It tasted sour, sweet and cool. Although it was fermented by shattered fruits, its luster and taste were utterly different from the same type of yeast solution that he had drunk before at home.

    It tasted more mellow and distant. As long as he had it in his mouth, he could feel the spirit and vitality in the liquid.

    Zhang Tie couldn't describe how it felt. After drinking it, Zhang Tie only felt that all his pores had opened. He felt comfortable and refreshing all over.

    Additionally, after drinking it, he also slept pretty well.

    After cleaning up, the moment he thought about the taste of the solution, Zhang Tie started to drool. Patting his forehead, Zhang Tie swore, "Stupid, as long as I take a bottle, I can drink it at any time."

    After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie found an aluminum military kettle. He then cleaned it with water. After that, he directly locked his consciousness on the solution in the big vat in the lab of the Castle of Black Iron.

    All of a sudden, a trickle appeared in the kettle. Only after a short while, the whole kettle was full of the special liquid.

    After shaking the kettle full of the solution in his hand, Zhang Tie smiled as he felt that he had the potential to be a magician. If he made a performance with this talent, he could definitely arise others' attention.

    After doing this, Zhang Tie carried this kettle and lifted one crate that contained various javelins of different sizes before leaving his room. He went to the canteen to have breakfast first before going to the Long Wind Pearl Field.

    "Zhang Tie, what's that crate for?" Senior Chen walked towards him and asked. As Zhang Tie had been in the Long Wind Pearl Field for several days, he had been familiar with the other workers there.

    Senior Chen was both an old staff and a yaksha in the Pearl Field. He had been working in the Pearl Field for dozens of years. He was the very person who tested Zhang Tie's diving skills.

    "Nothing serious, these are weapons. I customize them from the Items Department. When we finished work tonight, I will take these javelins to the town for sale. They might worth several gold coins!" Zhang Tie raved. Of course, these javelins were not for sale.

    "Haha, you clever boy..." Senior Chen shook his head as he said, "There was also someone did this in the Breaking-Heavens Department before. They wanted to sell the items from the Items Department in town. However, things didn't proceed as they expect!"

    "Why?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    "Although the items in the Items Department are well produced, they are of high cost. Therefore, it's impossible for you to sell them at a higher price. Additionally, most of those people have been well prepared for coming to the island. Few people would buy weapons here. Additionally, there are weapon stores on the island. Don't you know that?"

    "Argh!" Zhang Tie shouted loudly like having been greatly shocked before revealing a sad expression, "Do you mean that I suffer a great loss this time? I've spent too much for those items..."

    "Heh heh, such pitfall isn't too bad, with your wit..." Senior Chen patted Zhang Tie's shoulder as he said like an experienced man.

    When they talked, the other 3 yakshas from the Breaking-Heavens Department arrived. They were all Zhang Tie's senior brothers, who were respectively called Yang Yuankang, Zhang Lin, and Zhu Wenqiang. They were all level 7. With good diving skills, they were here to gain clan contribution points.

    Among all the yakshas in the sea here, Zhang Tie's level was the lowest as he was only level 6. However, Zhang Tie's performance was really excellent.

    When they saw Zhang Tie's big crate, they all wondered what it was for. After senior Chen explained what Zhang Tie had told him to them, all the other yakshas laughed.

    "Junior brother, there's no need to do that. As long as you have good diving skills, there are many opportunities to make money in the sea!"

    "Alright, come on, let's start work. After a while, those pearl divers and girls would go into the sea!" Senior Chen urged aside, "Just put your crate here. I will keep an eye on it for you!"

    Zhang Tie then put down his crate before following them downstairs to the underground floor of the castle.

    There was a huge underground space over 30 m wide under the castle. A huge dark blue seawater pond was inside, which was connected to the sea. Through this entrance, they could enter the sea.

    After they reached the underground space, senior Chen lifted the steel fence under the water pond. Zhang Tie and the other yakshas started to take off their clothes. As they were all men, they didn't feel shameful to take off all of their clothes. After that, they started to put on diving trousers made of shark's skin and carry underwater weapons and equipment.

    Yakshas always used water-shed daggers, common daggers, underwater crossbows and dragon-king forks. Each of these weapons was available. If one was confident in himself, it was also okay if he didn't carry any weapon, even his webbed feet. However, one must carry the cross-cloud arrow that was used to send a warning.

    The cross-cloud arrow was like a crossbow cylinder, each of which was as long as 30 cm. As long as the one emerged from the water and shot out a loud bolt towards the sky, the bolt would release a ball of red fog when it rose above 70 m in the air. The red fog would last for a long time to remind everyone else to go back onto the bank as soon as possible as some dangerous magical beast or sea monster is coming underwater.

    Although after hundreds of years' siege and hunting, there was basically no underwater magical beast or sea monster within the area of dozens of miles near the Hidden Dragon Island, they had to be prepared. In senior Chen's words, if a man-eating magical shark intruded in the Pearl Field, it would be a disaster.

    Zhu Wenqiang got ready, "Brothers, I will go down first!", after saying that, Zhu Wenqiang dove into the water.

    After Zhang Lin and Yang Yuankang, it was Zhang Tie's turn.

    Before going down, Zhang Tie opened his kettle and drunk two mouths of the solution.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie felt comfortable and refreshing all over.

    "Zhang Tie, don't drink alcohol before going down. Although alcohol could warm up temporarily, it will harm your lungs if you stay long in water!" Seeing Zhang Tie drinking something, senior Chen hurriedly reminded him aside.

    "It's not alcohol. I brewed something else!" Zhang Tie smiled as he covered the lid of the kettle.

    Senior Chen took a deep breath and truly smelt no alcohol from Zhang Tie; instead, he smelt a weird fragrance. He then didn't say anything but cast a glance at Zhang Tie's aluminum military kettle out of curiosity.

    After hanging his kettle together with his clothes, Zhang Tie didn't say anything as he directly dove into the seawater.

    After a while, Zhang Tie caught up with the other yakshas. They then sped up underwater like mermaids as fast as running on the bank. In only a few minutes, they had already arrived at the Pearl Field and started to be responsible for the safety of different portions of the Pearl Field.

    It took them more than 40 minutes to finish patrolling he Pearl Field. During this period, all the other 3 yakshas took a breath above water except for Zhang Tie. He kept moving underwater as easily as he did on land which allowed the other yakshas to admire his ability.

    After patrolling in the water area of the Pearl Field, they swam towards the surrounding water areas of the Pearl Field and formed several cordons.

    Arriving at the sea area outside the Pearl Field, Zhang Tie was like a bird in the sky as he had no constraints anymore. He then started to seek his prey.

    After a short while, Zhang Tie had seen an over 4-m long man-eating white shark swimming towards him the moment it caught sight of him. Zhang Tie became 10 times agiler all of a sudden. Before the white shark drew close to him with its huge mouth, Zhang Tie had already reached its head. He stretched out his palm and slightly pressed onto its head while slightly releasing his iron-blood battle qi...

    Without drawing any blood, the white shark had lost its life in a split second before it sunk to the bottom of the sea...

    After an hour, three more white sharks were killed by Zhang Tie.

    Knowing that he had formed the latest ripe trouble-reappearance fruit by killing this shark, Zhang Tie stopped.


    Not knowing why, after finishing today's task, Zhang Tie felt that he was not that hungry as before. He felt that he consumed less physical strength today.


    In the evening, Zhang Tie was sitting quietly with eyes closed in the cultivation cell of the Xuan No. 7 room, Songtao Pavilion, Breaking-Heavens Department.

    In the trouble-reappearance situation of the latest trouble-reappearance fruit, some sharks were closely chasing after Zhang Tie with red eyes. Finally, they could only watch Zhang Tie swimming far away from them.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie had already swum faster than sharks underwater even without the help of the Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie dove into the underground entrance of the castle of the Long Wind Pearl Field again. Without caring about the sharks chasing after him, after he opened his crate, he started to practice his javelins from smaller to bigger ones in the unmanned castle...

    In the next 2 days, Zhang Tie carried a big crate to the Long Wind Pearl Field every day and used the javelins in them to kill sea snakes or sharks in the sea to form new trouble-reappearance situations. Finally, he started to practice throwing javelins in the trouble-reappearance situations which were the same as the true environment.

    When Zhang Tie held the javelins with normal size, he could clearly sense the conic locking state between him and the target. However, when he used very small javelins, he didn't have this sense.

    However, when he held those javelins which were one size smaller than normal ones, the locking state became unstable. At the same time, that mysterious conic sensing form started to shake and transform. If Zhang Tie threw them, he could not ensure the precision.

    Zhang Tie firstly used javelins that were one size smaller than normal javelins. Through constant throwing, the unstable state gradually became stable and finally became the same as that of the normal javelins.

    When he had adapted to a certain size of javelins, he started to train himself with smaller javelins...

    In this way, Zhang Tie made clan contribution points as yaksha while accumulating basic energy storage and stimulating the production of iron-body fruit in the sea in the daytime and practiced throwing javelins of different sizes in the trouble-reappearance situations in the evening to complete his first round of evolution of his ancestral bloodline. If he had free time, he would go to attend classes or learn General History of Human Beings, Overview of Human Culture on the Continents and Geography by himself which were the compulsory cultural courses that he had paid for.

    Since he entered the Breaking-Heavens Department, Zhang Tie had become so busy every day that he didn't even have time to do other things except for work, practice, and study. However, Zhang Tie thought it was very fulfilling although being very busy and monotonous.

    In this way, Zhang Tie had stayed in the Breaking-Heavens Department for over a month.

    During the past month, Zhang Tie's cousin Zhang Su came here for Zhang Tie once. They only had a meal. After asking about Zhang Tie's recent condition and encouraging him, Zhang Su took a new task and left again.

    In the past month, Zhang Tie ignited two more surge points and had already ignited 10 surge points on his spine.

    During the same period, Zhang Tie drunk a kettle of that special solution every day. It was too delicious and he had become used to drinking it. No matter what, he had several hundreds kg of that solution in the Castle of Black Iron and could not drink them up in a short period.

    Besides its taste, Zhang Tie didn't feel anything special about the solution.

    For all the changes like gradually becoming energetic, not being easily hungry in the sea, his skin gradually becoming bright, clean and tender, his spiritual energy and battle qi naturally growing, his five senses becoming sharper and his saliva becoming sweeter... Zhang Tie owed them to his ignited surge points.

    However, what was doomed to happen finally occurred.

    That day, seeing that Zhang Tie would have a drink of the solution in the military kettle before going down in the sea, Yang Yuankang who had been increasingly familiar with Zhang Tie finally couldn't control his curiosity as he asked.

    "Zhang Tie, what's inside? I see you drinking this every day."

    "It's beverage brewed by myself, have a try?" Saying this, Zhang Tie had thrown the kettle to Yang Yuankang.

    Taking Zhang Tie's kettle, Yang Yuankang firstly smelt it. In a sudden, a weird yet refreshing fragrance drifted from the opening of the kettle. Yang Yuankang's eyebrows instantly jumped twice. He hadn't smelt such a strange fragrance before. The moment he smelt it, he felt cool all over.

    After putting it close to his mouth and engulfed two mouths with a sound of "glug glug", Yang Yuankang exclaimed, "Argh, what's this? How could it taste so good!"

    "Let me try!" Zhang Lin took the kettle from Yang Yuankang and also engulfed two mouths without any hesitation. After that, Zhang Lin's eyes radiated shimmering lights.

    Zhu Wenqiang who was beside Zhang Lin raised his nose. As he smelt that refreshing fragrance, he started to drool. Seeing Zhang Lin drink 4 mouthfuls of that solution, he finally couldn't stand it and grabbed Zhang Tie's kettle, "Let me have a try..."

    With this taste, even Zhu Wenqiang's eyebrows raised.

    Looking at senior Chen's sad look with frowning forehead, Zhang Tie couldn't stand but said, "senior Chen, would you like to try it?"

    In that period, senior Chen's rheumatism was showing its effect once again. This disease was due to his long-time stay in the water and the seaside. He had eaten many kinds of medicine, yet none of them took effect. Therefore, he was tortured and looked bad every day. Even now, his knees were still aching heavily. Previously senior Chen didn't want to drink it; however, hearing Zhang Tie's suggestion and looking at the other guys' movements, senior Chen also became a bit curious, "Let me have a try..."

    Zhang Tie's kettle was then passed to senior Chen. Zhu Wenqiang and the other guys didn't grab that with senior Chen considering his age. After a mouth, senior Chen was shocked. Then, under the widening eyes of the others who were forcefully their saliva, senior Chen bottomed up the kettle.

    "Hmm, not bad!" Senior Chen smacked his lips while nodding his head.

    Seeing the solution being cleaned, they all went into the seawater one by another. Although they felt it was good, none of them thought too much about that.


    However, only after an hour, senior Chen found the aches in his knees were gradually disappearing while a wholly new sense of vitality and warmth seemed to spread inside his body. After being tortured by rheumatism all over for many years, it felt like a long-dried land welcoming sweet dew...

    Senior Chen was full of pleasure inside, 'What's happening?'


    Five hours later, Zhu Wenqiang felt a bit strange as he would definitely feel hungry and tired at this time in usual days, how could he not feel as hungry and as tired as he previously did?
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