Chapter 301: An Idea on Making Money

    Chapter 301: An Idea on Making Money

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    At sunset, the wind blew heavily while waves surged. The sea waves near the Pearl Field were over 3 m high.

    Having stayed in the sea for the whole day, Zhang Tie popped his head out of the sea and moved along the undulating sea waves. Raising his head, Zhang Tie realized the weather today was a bit unusual as the sea waves were like walls in all directions that even blocked his view. After undulating with sea waves twice, Zhang Tie came to the peak of sea wave and could finally see clearly the situation of the castle in the far.

    A tangerine safe lamp had been highly suspended at the top of the castle.

    After seeing that lamp, Zhang Tie leisurely dove into the coming sea wave and slowly swam towards the castle, leaving a splash behind.

    Although it was not tranquil 30 m under water, it was already able to be described as calm compared to that above sea.

    After a short while, Zhang Tie had already sensed an underwater current. He then immediately dove into that underwater current and was carried along by it.

    After increasing his sensitivity 9 times over, Zhang Tie had gradually grasped this underwater skill, which could help him easily sense the underwater currents in the surrounding sea and the general directions of them. Additionally, after entering the underwater current, he could effortlessly utilize the propulsive force of the underwater currents.

    After entering the underwater current, Zhang Tie felt really cool. It was like flying in the sky like a bird.

    With this skill, Zhang Tie could touch a splendid corner of this limitless, vast world.

    There were numerous underwater currents in the sea, which had various causes, such as temperature, moisture and density in the sea, tide, season, submarine relief, weather above sea, geological movements, self-rotation of galaxy and the changing moon phase.

    There were all sizes of underwater currents in the sea. Bigger ones might form ocean currents which could last several hundred thousand miles. There were also numerous smaller underwater currents, some of which were tributary of bigger underwater currents while the others would form and disappear at any time.

    Those underwater currents of different sizes granted the sea with more tiers and mystique and constituted this splendid and mystical submarine world.

    Zhang Tie felt those underwater currents in the sea were like wind on the land. It was like dashing in the wind. Although being in the sea, Zhang Tie who was wandering in the underwater current, felt as if he was a wolf running on the New Crescent Prairie.

    After being sent to the place not far from the castle by this underwater current, Zhang Tie swiftly swam out of it and dove into the underground entrance of the castle after a short while.

    With a sound of splash, after slightly patting the water, Zhang Tie had already jumped onto the bank of the pond.

    When he landed, he found senior Chen, Zhu Wenqiang and the other buddies were all there. They had already put on their clothes. At the sight of Zhang Tie, they glanced at him at the same time with shimmering eyes.

    "Oh, you've not left!" Zhang Tie took off his diving clothes as he walked towards the water pipe to clean the muck off his body.

    As sea water had a high content of salt. If he didn't wash off the sea water, the salt particles would stick to his skin. Additionally, the sea water near the bottom was fishy, therefore, they had to take a bath before leaving every day.

    Not until Zhang Tie finished bathing, washed his diving clothes, and suspend them on the line did Zhang Tie realize that all the others were still gazing at him with an obscure and weird expression. Senior Chen rubbed his beard using one hand without even blinking.

    Although having exposed his naked butt many times in front of them, at the sight of their weird expression, Zhang Tie still felt his asshole being tightened as a layer of goosebumps appeared on his skin all over.

    Zhang Tie then put on his clothes at the fastest speed ever and said, "Argh, won't you leave? I will leave then!"

    "Wait a moment!" Senior Chen started the topic.

    "What's up?"

    "Can you bring me more of your brew tomorrow?" Senior Chen said.

    "The more, the better!" Yang Yuankang added.

    Zhang Tie swiftly thought it through in his mind twice before replied, "As there are only a small amount left, if you want, I can make more, but it will take longer. Were you waiting for me just for this?"

    "That's it!" Senior Chen said as he rubbed his knees with a bashful expression, "I don't know why, but after drinking the thing you brought this morning, my rheumatism has been much better. Soon after I drink it, the ache on my knees has disappeared. I feel pretty comfortable all day long! Therefore, I was hoping you could bring me more tomorrow..."

    "We felt strange too. After drinking that thing, we were much more energetic than before in the daytime and don't feel very hungry, even now!" Zhang Lin added with a dubious expression.

    "I thought only I felt this way; however, I would never have imagined that everyone else is also in a much better condition than before!" Zhu Wenqiang said.

    Yang Yuankang also nodded.

    Zhang Tie was shocked by their words inside. Because he had improved very fast these days and had eaten a great amount of wild wolf seven-strength fruits before, he was always exceptionally energetic. Therefore, although he felt good these days, he didn't think too much about it. It was really out of his imagination that senior Chen, Yang Yuankang and the other guys could feel that good after eating the mutated yeast for the first time.

    Receiving no reply, senior Chen thought Zhang Tie might be considering the cost.

    "Zhang Tie, I don't know whether that thing is expensive or not. If it's too much for you, I will pay you for one bottle!" After drinking that thing, senior Chen felt so cool like a dried land finally welcoming sweet dew. He was too impressed by that thing. It felt much better than taking medicine. Therefore, senior Chen even wanted to buy some.

    Senior Chen had spent too much trying to deal with his rheumatism over many years.

    "Hah, senior Chen, what are you talking about, how could I take your money! Go get a bottle, I will bring one bottle for you!" Zhang Tie waved his hand as he said generously.

    Senior Chen instantly revealed a big smile as the winkles on his swarthy face unfolded, "Fine, I will go get a bottle!"

    After saying this, senior Chen immediately went upstairs for bottle.

    "Zhang Tie, what the hell is that drink?" Zhu Wenqiang asked out of curiosity.

    "They are brewed with various fruits in a secret method!"

    Zhang Tie knew that it was the effect of the essential-energy reiki yeast. That brewing process was not sophisticated and had a low cost. Anyone could master it if they were told how.

    However, if he told Zhu Wenqiang that that was yeast solution, they might try to brew it themselves. If they didn't get the same effect, they would definitely blame him for lying to them on purpose.

    Therefore, he thought that he'd better tell them this was a secret knowledge so that they would know that it was easy to make it. This would save a lot of troubles for him in the future. No matter what, essential-energy reiki yeast was almost like a secret knowledge, neither did Zhang Tie plan to share it with the others.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhu Wenqiang didn't look strange; instead, they all looked like they'd been expecting it. Because it was a secret knowledge, the other guys then felt embarrassed about asking for the brewing process.

    When they went upstairs, senior Chen had fetched a delicate silver-gilt flagon which could contain over 300 ml.

    After taking that flagon and promising that he would bring more solution for them the next day, Zhang Tie then left the Long Wind Pearl Field.

    As usual, after leaving the Long Wind Pearl Field, Zhang Tie had arrived at the fish market near the wharf and spent less than 10 silver coins to buy all the sand-scale fish in the fish market and set them free in the sea.

    In the recent months, Zhang Tie almost came here every day. As a result, all the fish vendors had become familiar with him. Additionally, as Zhang Tie was generous and didn't bargain, many vendors would like to keep the sand-scale fish for Zhang Tie every day.

    When Zhang Tie threw the last barrel of sand-scale fish into the sea and watched them returning to the sea jubilantly, Zhang Tie had formed an indescribable pleasure inside. Previously, he set the fish free to eat fruits, now it had gradually become an enjoyment for Zhang Tie to set free fish.

    This was an incomparable enjoyment.

    Each time, Zhang Tie could clearly feel the fish's cheers of freedom, pleasure of rebirth and affection towards life and the sea when they returned to the sea. Being affected by such a feeling, Zhang Tie felt that each time he set free fish, he was setting free a part of himself in a weird sense.

    Some small sand-scale fish didn't escape away at once when they returned to the sea; instead, they formed a circle and kept rotating, seemingly expressing their gratitude to Zhang Tie, which really amazed him.

    "Wuh? I never could've imagined these small things could circle in the sea!"

    A voice drifted in his ear from aside. Zhang Tie then turned his head and found that an old man had already been squatting beside him.

    The old man seemed like a beggar who was shabbily dressed, with disordered hair, and a beard on a dirty face from which Zhang Tie could not even identify his real age.

    "Brat, why these fish are circling in the sea?" The old beggar fixed his eyes on Zhang Tie and asked seriously.

    Hearing this question, Zhang Tie became stunned as he didn't know how to answer him. After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie replied, "They might be happy about going back home soon!"

    "Going back home?" Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, the old beggar's bright eyes became watery.

    "Going back home...going back home...going back home, where's my home? Argh, why don't I have a home...fish have a home, why don't I have a home? How could I not even match...where's my home? I couldn't remember my home, argh..." the old beggar started to shriek painfully while hugging his head. After that, he stood up and turned back before ran away like a mad...

    'There might be something wrong with this old beggar's mind. What a poor man!' Zhang Tie shook his head as he went back to the fish market to give the barrel to the vendor.

    After leaving the wharf, Zhang Tie didn't return to the Hidden Dragon Palace; instead, he wandered towards the White Dragon Town.

    When he arrived at the White Dragon Town, it had been completely dark.

    Compared to the other towns around the Dragon Cave, White Dragon Town looked more boisterous as about half of the people on the island lived here.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that his solution could be noticed by others today. Now that it happened, he needed to deal with the aftermath.

    As he lived in Songtao Pavilion of Breaking Heaven Department, he could not hide too many things in his room. If they went to see his solution in his room, he could not move them out of nothing. If so, the secret of Castle of Black Iron would expose sooner or later.

    As a thoughtful man, of course Zhang Tie would notice and patch up the loophole, now that he brewed the solution himself, he should at least pretend to have done that. No matter what, as he had been in the Hidden Dragon Palace for so long, nobody would know when he brewed a vat of solution.

    After taking a round in the White Dragon Town, Zhang Tie already had a plan.

    He went to the carpenter's shop in the White Dragon Town and bought a portable wooden case at the price of 2 silver coins before bought a terrine which could contain 20-30 kg of solution in a porcelain store at the price of over 10 copper coins. Then, he came to a remote place and put the terrine into the wooden case before returned to the Hidden Dragon Palace with that wooden case.

    It seemed easier for him to put the terrine into the Castle of Black Iron; however, Zhang Tie didn't want to expose his real ability in a place full of powerhouses. Therefore, he needed to pay special attention to all details.

    What if it was seen by someone else when he made the terrine disappear?

    As details determine success or failure, it was not bad to be a bit careful. It was also reasonable if he put the terrine into the wooden case. Even if it was noticed by people from Hidden Dragon Palace, they would not see through the wooden case either.

    When Zhang Tie was going to leave the White Dragon Town, the roadside gate was suddenly opened while a person was carried and thrown out by some strong servants.

    "Pah, you jerk beggar, this is the Zhao Mansion in White Dragon Town. It is not your home. Don't come here to seek for your relatives. I've seen so many liars like you. Our lord would never have such a relative. Roll out of here!"

    A steward pointed at that man being thrown out and swore him. After that, the steward glared at those servants, "What were you doing just now? Are you blind? You didn't even know when this jerk beggar came in. This jerk said Zhao Mansion was his home and swaggered into the west bedroom before being noticed by a servant girl. Half of your salary this month will be deducted!"

    The servants became so depressed. After the steward entered the Mansion, two servants were so furious that they directly rushed towards that old beggar who was lying on the ground and wanted to beat him again before being hurriedly stopped by the other two servants.

    "Easy, this old beggar is already so thin, if he was beaten to death by you outside the gate, it would be unfortunate and troublesome!"

    "Damn, we've been here for a whole day, yet we didn't see how he entered!" A servant kept swearing and finally stopped beating that old beggar.

    "I've told you before that the dog door over there is too big; we need to make it smaller!"

    The servants then walked into the gate before shutting it, making a loud sound, "bang".

    Leaving that old beggar sitting alone on the street before the gate of Zhao Mansion. He looked so painful that he pulled his hair and mumbled, "Where's my home...Isn't my home Zhao Mansion? How could my family members disappear...argh!"

    Zhang Tie saw what happened in front of his eyes. He had not imagined that he could meet that old beggar here.

    Seeing that old beggar sitting on the street alone, being mad, not knowing where his home was, Zhang Tie felt like crying inside as he walked towards him and pulled out his money purse and gave them to the old man. They were 2 gold coins, dozens of silver coins and over 10 copper coins in total.

    At the beginning, Zhang Tie wanted to pull out a part of the spare money; however, seeing his poor air, Zhang Tie directly squatted in front of that old beggar and put his money purse onto the old beggar's hand.

    Even though the old beggar was holding the money purse, he was still unconscious as he mumbled there. Watching that old beggar, Zhang Tie directly foisted his money purse into his pocket.

    After doing this, Zhang Tie stood up as he sighed inside. With another two glances at him, Zhang Tie returned to the Hidden Dragon Palace.

    After returning to the Xuan No. 7 room of Hidden Dragon Palace, Zhang Tie opened the wooden case and took out of the terrine. He washed the terrine with water before he lugged it into the cultivation room. While focusing on his concentration, Zhang Tie soon filled the 2/3 of the terrine through a spring in the air in more than 10 seconds.

    After smelling the refreshing fragrance in the new terrine, Zhang Tie patted his hands as he covered the lid of the terrine. Now he could explain it to his friends that the solution in the terrine was brewed himself since he came to the Hidden Dragon Palace. He had drunk 1/3 and left 2/3 inside.

    After filling the flagon of senior Chen and his own kettle, Zhang Tie fixed his eyes onto the liquid while a thought suddenly flashed across his mind, 'Could I make money with this? If I can make money with this, I would not have to worry about living in the Hidden Dragon Palace from then on! Perhaps...I can have a try... Coincidentally, senior Chen and the other guys could test its effect...'
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