Chapter 303: Yaksha on the Waves

    Chapter 303: Yaksha on the Waves

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    Facing the wuthering wind and rain, Zhang Tie immediately rushed out of the room, exited the castle and swiftly arrived at the Pearl Field.

    Looking at the fierce waves, some girls were hugging each other on a mountainous path beside the Pearl Field. They were shivering while tears were covering their faces. In front of the power of the sea, some girls' impulsion caused an unexpected result.

    "Where's she?" Although it was a short distance, Zhang Tie was covered in rain.

    With tears in her eyes, Lyu Shasha pointed at the reef in afar where the waves were most fierce. Zhang Tie then rushed towards where she pointed without any pause. He didn't even take off his clothes. Before those girls responded, he had already jumped into the sea from the reef.

    The moment Zhang Tie jumped in, a huge wave had arrived, which caused a spray of a few dozen meters high near the reef. When the spray declined, Zhang Tie had disappeared.

    The decisive image of Zhang Tie deeply impressed those girls which will forever remain in the hearts of the girls for the rest of their lives.

    Senior Chen and the other yakshas in the sea also followed closely.

    "Where's Zhang Tie?" Senior Chen changed his face as Zhang Tie was no where to be found.

    "Zhang Tie...Zhang Tie jumped in!' A girl pointed at that reef from where Zhang Tie jumped into the sea.

    "Senior Chen, take these girls back. We'll take a look in the sea!" A yaksha of the Pearl Field told senior Chen at once.

    When senior Chen brought the girls back, a girl suddenly pointed at the sea, "Argh...Zhang Tie!"

    They then looked along the direction the girl pointed and caught sight of Zhang Tie.

    At this very moment, Zhang Tie was really like a yaksha on the waves in the legend as he was stepping on the huge waves of over 10 meters in height. He jumped from one wave peak to another. Sometimes, he would sink in; sometimes, he would fly onto a wave peak in order to see clearly. He continued to jump and strive bravely in huge waves...

    The heaven-breaking waves were like rolling ladder under Zhang Tie's feet. Zhang Tie stepped on the wave peaks as steadily as rushing on smooth land like a spirit in the sea, causing snow-white sprays.

    Watching Zhang Tie risked his life to seek for Du Yuhan, Lyu Shasha and the other girls all felt a burning heat and started to burst into tears.

    Senior Chen and the other yakshas were really stunned about what they saw.

    "Yaksha on the waves. Each step is so elegant...it's really yaksha on the waves..." A yaksha in the sea of the Pearl Field had forgotten what to do, while he was watching Zhang Tie who was jumping among the huge waves in afar.

    "Yaksha on the waves, water doesn't reach knees. It's true..." Senior Chen was also shocked. In the legend of that the elders told in the Pearl Field, only those yakshas in the sea who had been favored by the sea god could perform such a marvellous skill in the sea.

    The sea with surging and rolling waves was like a shallow small ditch under Zhang Tie's feet. Before the seawater reached his knees, he would have already stridden one feet out. He kept running among the surging waves...

    Zhang Tie's image at this moment was definitely a rare painting for the other yakshas in the sea who were going to jump into the sea.

    "Wait for Zhang Tie to come back..." A yaksha took a deep breath, "No matter what, Zhang Tie would get her out of the there!"

    He didn't mean to give up but reverence--the reverence and belief to a yaksha on the waves from a yaksha in the sea who had been working in the sea for many years.

    At this very moment, Zhang Tie didn't know how amazing he was. He only felt a constantly rolling strength from the seawater. He felt that he was able to move freely on the sea with that strength. Therefore, he did it automatically.

    Among the surging waves in afar, there seemed to be a hand stretched out of the sea. Although it was just a second, Zhang Tie still caught it with his eyes.

    Zhang Tie then jumped off the wave and dived into the sea. The moment he opened his space tunnel, he started to shoot towards there like a bolt.

    That was truly Du Yuhan. She had been wrapped by long seaweeds along with the huge waves. She was dragged underwater by seawater and was in half coma.

    After he arrived, Zhang Tie instantly hugged Du Yuhan and kissed her while transferring air into her mouth from the Castle of Black Iron. After that, he tore off the seaweeds that surrounded Du Yuhan.

    Zhang Tie hugged Du Yuhan with one hand as he transferred air to her, mouth to mouth. Then, he rapidly dived towards the bay of the Pearl Field. After a short while, his presence was seen on the huge waves near the bay.

    "Argh, Zhang Tie is back..."After they saw Zhang Tie's shadow and the person he was carrying, everybody let out a sigh.

    When they ran to the bay to check the situation of Du Yuhan, they were all dumbfounded.

    All the girls' faces blushed while senior Chen and the other yashas revealed obscure smirks.

    Du Yuhan was like an octopus, her arms wrapped tightly around Zhang Tie's neck, while her legs naturally wrapped around Zhang Tie's waist. Besides, she forcefully sucked onto Zhang Tie's mouth,as if there was delicious food in his mouth.

    This was just a natural response of a drowning person as if she grabbed a floating stick of straw to take in fresh air. Being unconscious, Du Yuhan didn't even know what she was doing.

    As Zhang Tie's mouth and tongue were tightly sucked by Du Yuhan, he could not speak. Therefore, he could only tell the other girls to quickly move Du Yuhan away from him. As she was sucking so forcefully, Zhang Tie even felt a pain on the root of his tongue.

    "Yuhan, Yuhan..." Lyu Shasha and a girl called Qu Liangying walked over. One forcefully patted her back, while the other separated Du Yuhan's arms from Zhang Tie's neck.

    For those girls, Zhang Tie and Du Yuhan' s posture were so embarrassing.

    Because Du Yuhan could pick up pearls in the sea, she excelled in diving in the sea. When Zhang Tie found her, she was just became breathless and fainted. After Zhang Tie passed on some air to her several times and being patted and called by the other girls, she finally woke up.

    After she woke up, Du Yuhan saw Zhang Tie at her first sight who also had his eyes fixed on her. Their eyelashes could almost touch each others. Because they were too close to each other, Du Yuhan could not recognize the person who was in front of her. Meanwhile, she realized that she was still kissing this person while a soft thing was in her mouth, which she was forcefully sucking greedily and didn't feel like separating with.

    Soon after, Du Yuhan noticed their ambiguous gesture as she was wrapping his neck with her arms and riding his waist.

    Being greatly shocked, Du Yuhan made a shrill shriek as she immediately jumped off Zhang Tie's body. Because she was too nervous, she even bit Zhang Tie's tongue before she left.

    Closely followed by Zhang Tie's shrill shriek, who then sprung up from the ground...


    "Bullsh*t!" A manager of the Pearl Field was blaming the girls whose clothes had been dried around fire and were standing there, being upset, "Zhang Tie was here for your debt? Then you little girls wanted to pick up pearls in this weather so as to make money instead of apologizing to him? Who told you Zhang Tie was here for your debt?"

    "He told us!" A girl justified softly.

    "Zhang Tie is a yaksha in the sea of the Long Wind Pearl Field. In the past month, he had been here everyday so as to drive away the dangerous living beings under water. When you were picking up pearls, he was vigilant in the outer sea area for your safety. Each day he was here one hour earlier than all of you and left after you!"

    The manager then let out a sign as he looked at those girls from Zhixing Department, "Normally, you could not see him; but due to the heavy storm today, you were unable to pick up pearls, therefore, he was here for a rest in the castle! Coincidentally, you encountered him here! If he wanted you to pay off the debt, he had long asked for that. No need to wait until today!"

    "Argh!" All the girls of Zhixing Department covered their mouths with their hands as they exchanged glances with each other. They had not imagined that the person that they hated most could have protected them for such a long time in the dark.

    "If it was not for Zhang Tie today, you might have been dead. Girls, don't be that impulsive in the future!" The manager told Du Yuhan in a serious way.

    Du Yuhan had a mixed mood. The moment she thought back of how she kissed Zhang Tie after being saved out of there by him, Du Yuhan felt feverish on her face as she had a strange feeling towards Zhang Tie.

    'Humph, that bastard. How could I have given him my first kiss...they said that the bastard instantly jumped into the huge waves after knowing that I was drown. Even Shasha and the other girls were too moved that they even cried...' The girl wanted to blame him yet she didn't really wanted to. ' 'Did I overly bit him. I wonder whether if he is still hurting...'
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