Chapter 304: Fighters Training

    Chapter 304: Fighter's Training

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    The storm lasted 2 weeks. 6 days after Zhang Tie saved Du Yuhan, he finally accomplished the first round of advancement of his ancestral bloodline - precise throwing - after 2 months' practice.

    He accomplished this round of advancement perfectly. When Zhang Tie used a finger-sized javelin to lock onto wild wolves precisely which were over 100 m away, Zhang Tie knew that he had accomplished his advancement.

    From then on, he didn't have to depend on javelins or the size of the weapon. As long as he locked onto the target, Zhang Tie would accomplish the precise throw.

    After that, Zhang Tie was so excited that he even tried throwing shells, stones, snails, knives and long swords. The fact was that no matter what the item was, as long as they were held by Zhang Tie and was thrown out with a terrifying strength, they would exert a huge destructive force.

    Anything, once reaching a certain speed, would bring a huge destructive force.

    With Zhang Tie's great strength, those items could fly very fast.

    In order to achieve explosiveness, Zhang Tie even tried to accomplish throwing training in the sea.

    In the same 2 weeks, the situation on the east continent varied fast. More news about the discovery of demons on Hurricane Plateau came into Hidden Dragon Palace. In the task hall of Breaking Heaven Department, the Hidden Dragon Palace had officially released the clan training task about hunting demons on the Hurricane Plateau.

    Everybody who was above LV 6 could attend this clan training task. The only requirement was that everybody who attended this task should at least have passed all the compulsory courses for fighters.

    This task would proceed by batches. Each batch lasted 3 months. Each batch was available for 50 students in the Breaking Heaven Department.

    This task shocked the Breaking Heaven Department. Zhang Tie's cousin Zhang Su applied to attend the first batch of training. One day, Zhang Su and the other 49 people took an airship sent by the Zhang clan and left from the Hidden Dragon Island for the Hurricane Plateau which neighbored Golan Empire.

    Most of the first batch of trainees were above LV 7. It was said that 1/3 of them were from the Hidden Dragon Fighting Force List.

    By killing each demon, the fighter would gain 100 clan contribution points as a payment. This made many people drip off saliva. However, from the award, everybody knew that this task was very risky. Fighting demons wasn't funny - at all.

    The reason that demons were terrifying was that all the demons would be equal to LV 6 human fighters when they became adult without having to cultivate themselves.

    That was why people could not be called fighters until they reach LV 6. This standard was set to fight common, mature demons. Those people who could not reach LV 6 could only be called warriors.

    This ability of demons was really terrifying. In contrast, the good news for human beings was that all the demons had to devour the other demons in order to accomplish their rite of passage. That was a genetic plunder. The bad news was that demons could also accomplish their rite of passage through devouring human beings.

    This explained why human beings were demons' implacable foe. Because all human beings were their supper and dim sum.

    Not all the demons in the demon troops were adults; however, the lowest level of those demons who were about to be adults were already LV 5 warriors. With the arrival of the holy war, more and more demons would accomplish their rite of passage on the battlefield.

    What made the demon corps terrifying was that each corps of demons would grow more powerful through battles. In the later period of the early 2 holy wars between human beings and demons, all the remained corps of demons were terrifying killing machines being composed of adult demons. These killing machines brought huge destruction to human world.

    Finally, what enabled human beings to survive the 2 earlier holy wars between human beings and demons was not human beings' fighting force but their excellent reproductive ability.

    Such a task was nothing to do with Zhang Tie at all at least for the time being. Therefore, Zhang Tie could only diligently lay a solid foundation on the Hidden Dragon Island.

    Only a few days after the storm, Zhang Tie had already left the Pearl Field and ended his task as a yaksha in the sea.

    This task lasted 9 weeks which brought Zhang Tie 540 clan contribution points.

    With these clan contribution points, Zhang Tie could finally attend the training of compulsory courses for official fighters.

    There were 6 compulsory courses for fighters in the Breaking Heaven Department, namely fundamental movements, fundamental swordsmanship, shield defense skill, preliminary archery, flying skill, and horsemanship.

    Because of lacking foundation, Zhang Tie really lacked the training of these fundamental skills at the present.

    Actually, Zhang Tie was an emulative guy. Although those girls of Breaking Heaven Department wanted to find him trouble when he attended the training of fundamental movements and shield defense skill, Zhang Tie still chose the two courses firstly.

    2 days after paying 140 clan contribution points, Zhang Tie arrived at the training field for fundamental movements and saw the women who were sneering at him.

    It was more like a huge steam-driven machine than a training field.

    What was in front of his eyes were hydraulic metal columns which were rising and falling while being driven by steam in the training field of thousands of square meters.

    Many people were jumping on the hydraulic metal columns and dodging from the high-pressure water flow shooting towards them from all directions. Those being hit by the water cannon would drop off the columns with a shrill shriek and fell into the pond below.

    "Right here?" Zhang Tie pointed at those rising and falling hydraulic metal columns as he asked those women who were sneering at him.

    "That would be too nice for you. That training field is for testing your fundamental movements. Its length is 100 m. Only when you could run through that passage without being wet could you pass the test for fundamental movements. You don't even know what is fundamental movements. Do you want to attend the test?"

    "No crap. I know you want to deal with me. Just do it, I'm waiting for that!" With arms crossed, Zhang Tie said. As he was here, he didn't believe that they could mistreat him.

    "Well! Come with us..."

    Zhang Tie then followed them into a room dozens of meters long. One of the women manipulated some switches and handles on the wall. Soon after that, 6 hydraulic metal columns that were as same as those outside rose up from the ground.

    They didn't stop until they reached about 4 m in the air. The area of the top of each hydraulic metal column was only as large as the mouth of a bowl, which could only hold a foot.

    The moment the columns reached at the highest points, those women then exchanged glances with each other.

    "Ruomei, you first or me?"

    "I'll go first!"

    Saying this, one woman walked to the foot of a hydraulic metal column. She then easily jumped onto the top of the 4 m high column and stably stood there with only one foot like a rooster which usually stood with one foot. At the same time, she looked at Zhang Tie proudly.

    Even though Zhang Tie didn't have a good impression of the woman, he still applauded at her performance.

    "It's your turn!"

    "What for?" Zhang Tie became a bit puzzled.

    "This is the first step for fundamental movements, quincuncial piles. You can only use your feet on the piles, instead of using your battle qi. When you could stand on the piles for 2 minutes and successfully dodged from Ruomei's kicks, you will pass the first step!"

    "I'm not allowed to kick her? Wouldn't I suffer a loss then?"

    "If you are that talented, you can also try to kick here. As long as you could kick her down from the quincuncial piles, you would pass this step, too!" A girl said arrogantly.


    Zhang Tie then walked to the foot of the piles and took a deep breath before jumped onto the top of a pile with the help of feet and hands.

    If that woman called Ruomei was regarded as a swallow, Zhang Tie was just a bear who only knew how to use his strength stupidly.

    Zhang Tie then stood on the top of a pile with one foot. When he looked around, he started to sway. Realizing that he could not imitate that women, Zhang Tie immediately landed his another foot on the top of another pile. After swaying twice more, he finally stood fast.

    During this process, that woman who was standing on the top of one pile kept sneering over there. After Zhang Tie stood fast, she finally opened her mouth, "Are you ready?"


    The moment Zhang Tie finished saying "dy", he had felt dizzy as his right leg had been hooked by her foot, causing him lose his balance. As a result he directly fell off the piles with face towards the sky.

    "Damnit!" Thanks to his iron-body fruits, Zhang Tie picked himself up and jumped onto the piles once again.

    This time, Zhang Tie became smarter. The moment the woman intended to hook his leg, he had hurriedly moved away that foot. However, before he moved the other leg away, that woman had directly kicked onto his butt and directly sent him fly off the pile.

    This time, Zhang Tie became more embarrassed. At the sight of Zhang Tie's embarrassing look, all the women revealed their sneers but hurriedly hid them.

    When Zhang Tie tried for the 3rd time, he chose to launch an attack preemptively. However, before he touched the woman's clothes, he had been kicked off.

    In the next 2 hours, the other women fiercely mistreated him in turn.

    During this process, Zhang Tie gradually realized the secret of using quincuncial piles to train fundamental movements

    This was actually a pure match problem. When one stood on one pile, if one wanted to move, one would have 5 different movements. With 6 piles, one would be familiar with 30 movements in all directions and distances.

    After you turned the movements on the top of quincuncial piles into instinct, when you fought others on the land, you would have too much space to dodge.

    Zhang Tie understood this secret at the price of falling onto the ground heavily with a bloody nose and a swollen face.

    "Later on, you should train yourself every day. We could only 'guide' you 2 hours a day. Our guidance today has ended; we will continue tomorrow!" After saying this, the women left.

    After staying in the room for awhile, Zhang Tie had become familiar with those switches. He then found the columns had been lifted to the highest points; however, their lowest positions were only 50 cm above the ground.

    This was the price for offending women.

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