Chapter 307: Fortune Day II

    Chapter 307: Fortune Day II

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    The underground world was as vast as the sea. Even though one had reached 5-6 km away from the mouth of the Dragon Cave, it only equaled to coming to the beach, still a distance away from the real sea.

    When manager Zhang carefully asked those who had used Zhang Tie's solution in his office about the effect of the solution, the centipede hunting team, led by Yang Yuankang, had already delved into Dragon Cave and arrived in an underground space where huge centipedes were always seen.

    The underground karst where most of the Hell-black spiders gathered was more than 3000 m away from the entrance of Dragon Cave. However, huge centipedes lived in a darker place. Only when they reached 5000-6000 m away from the entrance could they see huge centipedes.

    In the ecological system of the underground world, huge centipedes had a very wide range of food. All the rotten animals, the corpses of magical beasts, those mutated underground snails and huge flies that liked to wander among the various underground fungi and plants were the food of huge centipedes. Sometimes, if huge centipedes were too hungry, they could even engulf the Hell-black spiders.

    Compared to Hell-black spiders, centipedes were much larger. Most of them were longer than 10 m. Additionally, centipedes moved more swiftly. Those centipedes hiding in the seams could charge at you at any time and cause a fatal harm on you.

    What made people more worried were that huge centipedes' shells were much stronger than that of the Hell-black spiders. They were much more difficult to pierce. This was an underground creature with a very powerful vitality. Even if they were broken into halves, they could still stay alive for 1 week before death.

    Most people who ventured into the living area of centipedes were there to attempt advancement to level 7. Compared to the difficulty of forming battle qi at level 6, when they reached level 7, the formed battle qi would be like dried straws; as long as they absorb a ball of soul fire, it would lead to a new battle totem.

    All the members of the huge centipede hunting team were level 7 fighters. Each of them had been here many times. Soon after they entered the underground living area of centipedes, they had met their first prey.

    For level 7 fighters, it wasn't too hard to deal with a centipede. Through cooperation, it only took them several minutes to kill the centipede.

    After that, a fighter used a huge ax and opened the hardest head.

    Although no magical core was found, they didn't become disappointed as it would be too lucky for them if they could find a magical core from the first huge centipede. Before coming down, they already prepared to gain nothing.

    Many people from Breaking-Heavens Department were here to hunt for huge centipedes' magical cores every day; however, above 98% of them might not see one huge centipede's magical core for 1 week's work as the possibility for huge centipedes to produce magical cores was less than 1/1000.

    Because there was no magical core inside it, they only took its fist-sized venom container. At least they could sell it for some money. There were some business groups purchasing venom containers of huge centipedes at the price of 2 silver coins each. They could be made into medicines including poison and medicament that could cure venom, relieve inflammation, and sores.

    The huge centipede's shell could also be made into a special glue. However, as it was cheap and was difficult to deal with, besides special personnel who were dispatched here from business groups above to clean up and collect these things, the other people would feel reluctant to deal with such cumbersome things.

    "Let's go for the second target. We're in a persistent war, watch out everyone." After receiving no gains, Yang Yuankang called others to continue walking forward.

    Fortunately, 7 hours later, after they killed the 34th huge centipede in a narrow crack and opened its head, they finally found one magical core.

    It was a grape-sized bead which radiated a faint red light in the dark underground cave.

    At the sight of this bead, everybody was amazed as they hadn't imagined that they could gain one so easily today. However, dangers always came when people let their guards down. When they were excited about their achievement, another huge centipede suddenly drilled out and charged towards them by springing up its body from 10 m away.

    Two huge centipedes lived in this crack, not one.

    "Watch out!"

    Yang Yuankang was the first one who responded as he immediately shouted loudly and jumped up. At the same time, he broke out his battle qi once again...

    In a split second, a great amount of fine venom was sprouted out of the huge centipede's mouth and was covering towards them like suddenly sprayed raindrops. Although they all responded quickly, facing such an undifferentiated attack, 3 people of the team were still sprayed by the venom.

    After dozens of seconds, the second huge centipede was also killed in the most violent way by them; however, those guys who were splashed by the venom also started feeling its effects.

    The venom of huge centipede was known for its extremely strong permeability and slight corrosivity. Once sprayed, it would be no different from being bitten by the huge centipede as its venom would permeate into your blood through your skin as soon as possible.

    "Argh, I might have been splashed by its venom..."

    "So was I..."

    "Hurry up, check up yourself. As long as you find being splashed by its venom, drink your antidote as soon as possible!" Yang Yuankang raised his voice.

    Only after 1 minute, Zhang Feng had already felt his pulse and heart racing. Additionally, he started to feel disgusting and a bit dizzy. At the same time, he's tongue gradually became stiff and numb.

    "F*ck!" Zhang Feng swore as he touched his neck when he felt the location on his neck which was close to the left side of his jaw was a bit hot just like having been burnt by some drops of hot water

    As people's neck was very close to one's heart and brain, therefore, the venom of huge centipede would act on one's neck faster than other places. Zhang Feng became a bit hurried as he opened his medicament capsule and pulled out of a vial of antidote. After opening its lid, he instantly engulfed it, making a sound of "Gulp Gulp"

    In less than 1 minute after he drunk it, he had already felt better. The disgusting feeling gradually disappeared. Then, his tongue also recovered flexibility; he became more conscious; what was more, his pulse and heart beat also recovered.

    "Wait, this antidote doesn't feel good!"

    After recovering his sense of taste, Zhang Feng sucked his lip as he felt it tasted not as same as those before.


    "Is everybody okay?"

    "Okay, f*ck, but I wouldn't have imagined that there were two huge centipedes in the crack. If we've didn't find the magical core, we've already suffered a loss now!"

    "If not for that magical core, we might not have been that easily attacked by that bi**h!"

    The members started to discuss.

    "Feng, are you all right?" Seeing Zhang Feng staying still over there after drinking the antidote, Yang Yuankang walked towards him as he started to worry about him. He then patted Zhang Feng's shoulder and asked.

    The other guys who noticed Zhang Feng's situation also walked towards him. Some of them instantly noticed those red points on his neck where had been splashed by the venom.

    Thinking that Zhang Feng had been poisoned, Yang Yuankang hurriedly grabbed his hand as he touched Zhang Feng's pulse. However, he found Zhang Feng's pulse was steady, no signal of being poisoned at all.

    Everybody then noticed Zhang Feng's extremely weird expression.

    "What's wrong?" Yang Yuankang asked out of curiosity.

    "Head, is that solution you gave me is able to help people recover vitality?" Zhang Feng asked Yang Yuankang in a curious expression.

    "That thing is very effective to rheumatism and arithmetic! Some people who had tried it all said it was marvelous!"

    "What else?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "I find... that medicament might also be used to detoxify venom!" Zhang Feng said in a lowered tone.

    "What? How?"

    Facing the other's dubious eyes, Zhang Feng put his hand into his medicament capsule again and pulled out another vial of medicament. After that, he presented that empty vial, "After being poisoned just now, I made a mistake and took the medicament which was given by the head. However, the real antidote is still here. Soon after I drunk that medicament, the symptoms of being poisoned had disappeared!"

    Looking at the two vials of medicament that were almost the same size, everybody became stunned immediately as it was really out of their imagination.

    The most shocked one was Yang Yuankang. After being dumbfounded for several seconds, Yang Yuankang made one thing that was out of everybody else's expectation--He directly opened his palm skin using his dagger and squeezed a bit venom out of the huge centipede's venom container onto the wound. After half a minute, he took out of the vial of solution which was given by Zhang Tie and bottomed it up in front of the others.

    Everybody then fixed their eyes on Yang Yuankang without a wink.

    Only after 2 minutes, Yang Yuankang had already shown an uncontrolled expression...

    "It truly works..."

    "In a split second, Yang Yuankang's head was filled with many thoughts. After thinking for almost 1 minute, Yang Yuankang started to recover his composure.

    "Let's go back to the Breaking-Heavens Department!"

    Zhang Tie might not know about the true value of that solution that he brewed. As his friend, Yang Yuankang thought he was obligated to tell Zhang Tie that those solutions that he brewed were not only solutions but a real medicament. He should tell Zhang Tie about the true value of the medicament.

    Yang Yuankang then exchanged glances with the other members who went down the underground cave. From then on, the value of Zhang Tie's solution soon spread in Breaking-Heavens Department.

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