Chapter 308: Cooperation

    Chapter 308: Cooperation

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    When Zhang Tie finished his day's training and went back to his residence, he saw Yang Yuankang waiting for him on the ground floor of the Songtao Pavilion with some other senior brothers from Breaking-Heavens Department. The moment they saw him, Yang Yuankang hurriedly waved hands towards him while the other guys instantly cast their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    "Senior Yang, it's been so late, what's up?" Zhang Tie revealed a big smile.

    It was truly very late. As the swordsmanship training gym in the Breaking-Heavens Department wasn't locked up until 11 pm, Zhang Tie always returned Songtao Pavilion after the training gym was closed. Therefore, it was almost 12 pm.

    "Hoho, I'm here to congratulate you, junior brother Zhang Tie!" Yang Yuankang smiled. As they had sold the huge centipede's magical core the moment they returned and each of them had gained a lot from it, they were all very happy, including Yang Yuankang.

    "Congratulate me?" Zhang Tie stared at Yang Yuankang in a dubious expression, "but why?"

    "Junior brother Zhang Tie would enter the Hidden Dragon Wealth List very soon. Of course, we're here to congratulate you!"

    "Senior brother Yang, you must be kidding me. I truly have some money now, but I won them from the bet with those in the Zhixing Department. Even including the debts that have not been cleared up, they are just 2000 gold coins in total. I even spent a lot. Each of the guys on the Hidden Dragon Wealth List have above hundreds of thousands of gold coins, compared with them, my small amount is nothing!" Zhang Tie shook his head.

    Yang Yuankang smiled before he told Zhang Tie about the effect of that solution given by Zhang Tie that they found in the Dragon Island.

    After hearing that his solution could detoxify venom very effectively, Zhang Tie was really shocked as he had not imagined that his solution could have that effect, "Senior brother Yang, you mean that solution could detoxify venom?"

    "You didn't know about that?"

    Zhang Tie tried to recover his composure before he asked, "I really didn't know about it. When I first gained the secret knowledge, I knew nothing about its effect except for feeling very comfortable after drinking it. I couldn't have imagined that it could detoxify venom!"

    "The effect of your solution could definitely match that of a LV 1 antidote. Even if you only sell it at the price of an antidote, you could still gain thousands of gold coins a day. It's just a matter of time before you enter the Hidden Dragon Wealth List. Additionally, that solution has other marvelous effects. It could definitely be very useful in the future! We were wondering, how much of it do you still have?"

    "Only little of the first batch is left. If senior brother Yang wants it, I can gift you some!"

    "Now that we know your solution is very precious, how could we ask for your thing for free!" Yang Yuankang's eyes radiated shimmering lights as he continued, "We didn't just come here to tell you all this news but in order to negotiate a business deal with you!"

    "Business?" In an instant, Zhang Tie had almost completely guessed Yang Yuankang's plan. He then smiled as he cast another glance over them, "Thanks for bringing me such good news, senior brother Yang. As it is almost midnight, it's not proper to talk about that here. Why not talk about it in my room!"

    Yang Yuankang was also smart. Knowing that Zhang Tie had not refused it and even invited them to talk about it in his room, he knew that the business was doomed to succeed. After exchanging glances with the other guys, Yang Yuankang also saw the excitement from all the others' eyes.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie invited them to enter his Xuan No.7 room.

    After they sat well on the sofa and in the chairs, Yang Yuankang looked solemn.

    "Junior brother, do you know how many antidotes are required on Hidden Dragon Island every day?"

    Zhang Tie shook his head.

    "As the Dragon Cave of Hidden Dragon Island is one of the entrances towards the underground world, there are at least thousands of warriors, fighters and adventurers deepening into the Dragon Cave to reinforce their battle qi or to seek out treasures every day. They come from all across Jinyun Country. They make the Hidden Dragon Island prosperous and many things become very urgent in demand!"

    "Are antidotes items that are often in urgent demand?"

    "Yes!" Yang Yuankang nodded, "This antidote is necessary for all the people entering the underground world. It could save one's life. Each people entering underground world would at least carry one vial of this antidote in case of emergency! In this case, they could see at least 500-600 vials of antidote on the Hidden Dragon Island every day. They might even sell over 1000 vials of antidote a day."

    Zhang Tie nodded as he remembered that Zhang Su, his cousin also carried some vials of antidote when he took Zhang Tie to form battle qi in the Dragon Cave.

    Of course, the alleged antidote could not detoxify all the poisons. Take that blue frost that he was poisoned by before as an example. Only a special antidote could detoxify it. There were some lethal poisons that could not be detoxified at all.

    In this age, antidotes were always universal which was mainly targeted at detoxifying venoms possessed by various creatures and magical beasts below LV 9. They were made of special minerals.

    Universal antidotes below LV 9 could be further divided into 3 levels. Those which could detoxify the venom of creatures below LV 7 belonged to LV 1 antidote; those which could detoxify the venom of creatures below LV 8 belonged to LV 2 antidotes; those which could detoxify the venom of creatures below LV 9 belonged to LV 3 antidotes.

    "Although LV 1 antidotes are the most common ones, their sales volume and variety of purposes are much greater than other antidotes. They could be used in many places. Not only warriors, fighters and adventurers are equipped with this medicament, even many common households had them. Because most people are only likely to meet dangerous creatures below LV 7!"

    Zhang Tie nodded once again. It was true. Take sea serpents as an example, they were just LV 0 living beings before mutation; however, for commoners, it was also very severe if being bitten by them. Among all the dangerous creatures, the amount of creatures below LV 7 occupied above 95% of the total amount of these creatures.

    "According to my knowledge, the alchemists on the Hidden Dragon Island can only produce over 200 vials of LV 1 antidotes a day. The shortage in demand is transported by business groups of the Zhang clan from outside the island. Now that we already know that your medicament can detoxify venom, we can definitely make a lot using your solution!" Yang Yuankang said with a spark in his eyes.

    "What's your plan, senior Yang?"

    "My friends and I have just gained a huge centipede's magical core and sold it for 1200 gold coins today. We'll prepare to rent a store on the island in order to sell your medicament exclusively!"

    Gradually, Yang Yuankang had changed the name of Zhang Tie's solution into "medicament".

    After testing the detoxifying effect of Zhang Tie's medicament, Yang Yuankang and the others were so confident about it. They'd found a great business opportunity in it. After negotiating for a while, Yang Yuankang and the others decided to make investment using the money they made today. They prepared to make a lot by the relationship with Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie was greatly moved by Yang Yuankang's idea.

    Speaking of opening a store, Zhang Tie had much more experience than Yang Yuankang and the other guys. After assessing its feasibility, Zhang Tie started to negotiate about the cooperation with them seriously.

    If they wanted to make money with that solution, they still needed to solve a lot of problems.

    The first problem is that few of his solution was left, only a bit more than 10 kg. It was definitely impossible to enter the market using it.

    Zhang Tie then directly took that terrine of solution out of his bed room and put it on the desk in front of them.

    "Junior brother, your stuff is so small now?" A senior sister uttered.

    She didn't feel anything wrong when she said this; however, after saying it, she found the faces of all the guys in the room turned weird at once. Their face all blushed. Then, she realized the ambiguity in his words. Her face blushed soon, too.

    "This thing...has become so little!" Zhang Tie said with a slightly embarrassed expression.

    "Alas..." Yang Yuankang coughed twice as he recovered composure, "Junior brother Zhang Tie, how long will it take you to make such medicament?"

    "At least 2 months!"

    "Can you be faster?"

    "I can catalyze a batch of them rapidly, it will take me 2 weeks!"

    It was just Zhang Tie's excuse for catalyzing them. Actually, Zhang Tie prepared to move some of the fermented solution out of the Castle of Black Iron. As long as he made preparations, he would not arise their doubts.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Yang Yuankang and the others all looked very thrilled.

    "That's too incredible. If we restrict the sales volume of the rest medicament, we can last 2 weeks with them. We can make it popular first. After this is sold out, new batches will be ready!"

    Zhang Tie nodded, "I also mean for it to be like that. If you put the rest into standard vials, you can still make over 100 vials of it. In the next 2 weeks, you can sell it as a trial and check the response of the market. If there's any problems, we can find them in time; if it works well, it could work like hunger marketing!"

    Hearing that, everybody nodded.

    They then negotiated about the cooperation details before separating.

    After seeing them off to the ground floor of the Songtao Pavilion, Zhang Tie returned to his own room. Staring at that terrine, Zhang Tie still couldn't believe the solution inside could have that marvelous effect.

    As he had sold rice brew with yeast for over 10 years at home, will he sell yeast again?

    Zhang Tie felt the marvel of destiny. Meanwhile, he also became thrilled as he seemed to see numerous gold coins flying towards him...
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