Chapter 309: The First Transaction

    Chapter 309: The First Transaction

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    Since that they had decided to do it, they would do it well.

    As they were all young men and full of passion, after making up their minds, they all started to move enthusiastically.

    Early the next morning, Yang Yuankang had already arrived at the Songtao Pavilion in the appointed place.

    He brought two crates of new crystal vials into Zhang Tie's room. Yang Yuankang and Zhang Tie then filled all the solution from the terrine into the vials. They got 138 vials of medicament in total.

    "These vials of medicament have no symbols. In the future, we should customize all the vials of medicament!" Yang Yuankang said.

    "Where will we customize them?"

    "It's available in the Breaking-Heavens Department. The students who cultivate to be alchemists would customize their personal vials for medicaments after being able to produce them. There are private symbols on their vials. You can call them trademarks. All the private symbols on the vials are trademarks. They are registered in the Alchemists Association and are the only private image-text symbols being protected by the Alchemists Association!"

    "I'm not an alchemist. How could I register my private symbol on the vials?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    "You can. All the vials with medicament inside could be registered for exclusively private symbol in the Alchemists Association!" Taking a empty crystal vial of medicament, Yang Yuankang pointed at some special designs on it, "This crystal vial includes several unique patents from aspects like ingredients and craftsmanship. These patents are exclusively enjoyed by the Alchemists Association. The Alchemists Association monopolizes the production of all the vials and the right to register and authenticate the symbols on the vials!"

    Zhang Tie nodded. He thought if this batch of solution could really sell well, as long as he could produce it on a large scale, he would definitely customize his own vials.

    After filling the solution inside the vials, Yang Yuankang took away 120 vials. Zhang Tie asked to keep the rest 18 vials. For the 120 vials, Zhang Tie sold them at the price of 4 gold coins for each.

    Zhang Tie decided to set the price of each vial at 5 gold coins, which was 10% lower than the common LV 1 antidote on the market, leaving 20% of gross profit to Yang Yuankang and the other guys.

    Because medicament were usually very expensive. Most of stores and sales terminals would variate from 5% to 8%. As the first dealer of Zhang Tie, Yang Yuankang could enjoy 20% of the gross profit. This was really too profitable.

    As the condition for the cooperation between both parties, if they could sell these products successfully, in the future, regardless of the rising sales price of the terminals, Zhang Tie always provide them at least 10000 vials of medicament at the price of lower than 4 gold coins a vial so as to ensure their investment benefits as the first ones who dared to eat crabs.

    After taking the 120 vials of medicament, Yang Yuankang became so excited that after bidding a farewell with ZhangTie, he hurriedly left.

    Staying in his room, Zhang Tie smirked as he counted the 480 gold coins paid by Yang Yuankang for many times. He was filled with pleasure. This was Zhang Tie's first time making money with his real talent and ability. Previously, although Zhang Tie had manipulated more money than this, he actually didn't make it with his own ability.

    When the Gregory family compensated 5000 gold coins for him, they were actually paying for the life of a second lieutenant of the Iron-Blood Camp of Norman Empire.

    When in Blapei, although he took the position as an officer in the logistics department and could gain a lot of gold coins per week, that was due to the concern about him from the big figures of the Iron-Horn Army.

    Even though that rune ring was still picked up from the battlefield, it was due to good luck.

    However, today, with his own ability, he made 480 gold coins. Holding the heavy gold coins which weighed over 10 kg, Zhang Tie felt very satisfied.

    After Yang Yuankang left, Zhang Tie also left Songtao Pavilion with some money.


    Seeing Zhang Tie falling off the 4 m high quincuncial piles once again, although standing on the ground steadily, Gu Caidie who was responsible for guiding Zhang Tie frowned her forehead with a serious expression at once.

    "Junior brother Zhang Tie, you seem not concentrated today! As you've made progress very fast during this period, you shouldn't slack off!"

    "Yes, senior sister Gu!" Feeling embarrassed, Zhang Tie scratched his head as he slightly jumped up from the ground and stood back onto the piles. After practicing it for several days, although Zhang Tie could still not defeat those girls, his movements had become increasingly more flexible. He could stand longer and longer on the piles now. Even when falling off the piles, Zhang Tie could still stand on the ground safe and sound, instead of being that awkward at the beginning.

    Today, because Zhang Tie was thinking about making money, he became a bit mind-absent on the piles.

    "Although you have great strength on your feet, it was not enough, as you have to feel being both a nail and a spring on the piles, in each second, you should be at the equilibrium point between the nail and the spring. Only when you could fix and move your foot in a split second could you pass the test!"

    Zhang Tie nodded.

    After concentrating, Zhang Tie performed much better. Two hours passed very soon.

    The moment it was finished, after bidding a farewell with Gu Caidie, Zhang Tie had hurriedly left the training field.

    Seeing that Zhang Tie was that anxious, Gu Caidie could only reveal a smile as she shook her head.

    Even though afterTwo hours' training, when Zhang Tie left the training field for fundamental movements, it was still 9 am..

    After leaving the training field, Zhang Tie directly came to the hall of the Middle Castle and queued up before the counter where he handed in money at the beginning.

    After the front ones handed in the monthly payment, it was finally Zhang Tie's turn.

    Behind that counter was still those senior scholars who were wearing oversleeves.

    "I want to rent a warehouse!" Zhang Tie directly gave his clan plate to a senior scholar.

    Taking Zhang Tie's clan plate, the old man inserted it into the slot of the machine. After pulling down a drawbar, he looked at the data on the machine before nodding. "You have good credit. You can rent some facilities of Hidden Dragon Palace. What sort of warehouse do you want?"

    "The area of the warehouse should be above 200 sq meters. It should have good access to water, wind and items. Additionally, the warehouse should be safe. Besides me, nobody else can enter!"

    "The only one that meets your requirements should be the workshop for herbal medicine apprentices in the Hidden Dragon Palace. Each herbal medicine apprentice is equipped with a herbal medicine warehouse which covers 210 sq meters. The warehouse is access to to wind, water. Besides, its illumination and temperature are adjustable!"

    "The workshop of herbal medicine apprentices? It doesn't sound too bad." Zhang Tie thought inwardly.

    "What about the rate?"

    "The rent for each workshop is 15 gold coins a month! You should pay off one year's rent before being able to use it."

    This price was still too high for purely renting a room; however, as it was in the Hidden Dragon Palace, it was still acceptable for Zhang Tie.

    "Well, I want to rent a workshop then!" Saying this, Zhang Tie pulled out his purse and counted out 180 gold coins, which were a part of that paid by Yang Yuankang and the other guys. After the payment, only 300 gold coins left.

    "Your workshop is in the Poria Cocos Park in Herb Valley." The old man returned the clan plate to Zhang Tie as he give him a metal plate marked with "Poria Cocos". "This plate is the only secret key to open the Poria Cocos Park. Take it and register in the Administration Center of the Herbs Valley, where someone will guide you to the Poria Cocos Park!"

    After taking a serious look at the metal plate marked with "Poria Cocos", Zhang Tie found it was a bit similar to his clan plate as on the back of each plate was graved with some secret metal grains.

    Holding the secret key, Zhang Tie instantly rushed into Herb Valley.

    Herb Valley was beside the Lower Castle. It was not far from the Secret Knowledge Pavilion and was only over 500 m away from the Zhixing Department. Herb Vallley was in the east while the Zhixing Department was in the west with a ridge between them. This was a more tranquil small valley, which was covered with many herbal fields. The moment Zhang Tie entered this region, he had smelt the fragrance of many kinds of herbal medicines.

    Those independent small parks were scattering in this small valley. On the way, Zhang Tie saw many rooms were named "White Peony Park", "Licorice Park", "Angelica Park", "Red Peony Park" and "Ginseng Park", etc...

    Zhang Tie entered the Administration Center of Herb Valley to register himself. After that, a staff member guided him into Poria Cocos Park.

    There was a firm iron gate outside the Poria Cocos Park. After inserting the secret key into the slot on the iron gate, Zhang Tie twisted the handle on the iron gate to open it.

    Poria Cocos Park covered more than 300 sq meters. It was divided into many small rooms, including a lab, lounge room and herbal medicine warehouse. There were some simple tools for processing herbal medicines.

    Zhang Tie was concerned about the warehouse most. After circling around the warehouse, Zhang Tie found some wooden brackets in the warehouse which almost filled the whole warehouse. He then faintly frowned, "I don't need these things, can you have someone move them out of here?

    "These items are used to dry and store various herbal medicines. Each herbal medicine apprentice would use them!" The staff explained as he thought Zhang Tie didn't know their purpose.

    "I won't use them!"

    "Aren't you a herbal medicine apprentice?" The staff asked out of curiosity.

    "Who told you I was a herbal medicine apprentice?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "But what do you rent it for..."

    "I have money, I want to pickle vegetables here!" Zhang Tie smirked...
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