Chapter 310: Preparations

    Chapter 310: Preparations

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    It took him an hour to clean up the warehouse of the Poria Cocos Park. After that, Zhang Tie shut its gate and instantly went to White Dragon Town.

    Now that he wanted to make that solution, he had to prepare the necessary tools and raw materials.

    The tools were terrines that were used for fermenting while the raw materials were various fruits and sugars.

    The White Dragon Town was very populated. Zhang Tie soon found the pottery store where he bought that terrine last time.

    The pottery store sold various earthenwares, which were the most common items in regular families. They were not delicate, but very simple and durable. Compared to porcelains, these earthenwares were much cheaper.

    After looking around, Zhang Tie found the items in the store were smaller than those he needed. He then asked the salesman.

    "Buddy, do you have some bigger terrines?" Zhang Tie made a gesture with his hands. As he wanted to produce that solution on a large scale, the terrines should also be big enough, each of which should be able to contain over 100 kg of solution; however, the terrines in the store were all smaller. The largest one could only hold 40-50 kg.

    "Larger ones are in the warehouse!"

    "Can you show me there?"

    The salesman then glanced over Zhang Tie with a dubious expression. Zhang Tie looked very young and didn't look like making business to survive himself. Given Zhang Tie's figure, he didn't look like an islander who always visited this store, the salesman became a bit curious.

    Whereas, now that Zhang Tie wanted to visit there, the salesman could only take him there. As there were two salesmen in the store, after telling the other guy that he was leaving for the warehouse with Zhang Tie, that man then guided Zhang Tie there.

    There were more earthenwares in the warehouse, which were piled up in several layers. After following him into the warehouse, Zhang Tie saw a 1 m high terrine. "That's it!"

    After checking the patterns and workmanship, Zhang Tie nodded.

    "Buddy, how much is this terrine!"

    "9 silver coins each!"

    After calculating it inside for a second, Zhang Tie instantly got the answer, the whole warehouse could hold 90-100 terrines like this.

    "I want 80 terrines of this kind!" Zhang Tie pointed at that terrine as he said. Although his warehouse could hold more such kind of terrines, he had to leave some space for people to move inside. Therefore 80 terrines were proper.

    "How many do you want?" The salesman thought that he had heard incorrectly.

    "I want 80 terrines of this kind!" Zhang Tie repeated, "Can you deliver them to my door?"

    Realizing that Zhang Tie was not kidding, the salesman became excited at once as he became instantly enthusiastic about Zhang Tie. After guiding Zhang Tie back to the store, the salesman hurriedly made a cup of water for Zhang Tie.

    "As those terrines are of thin profits, if you want us to deliver them to your door, you need to add some transportation fee. As these items are not valuable, yet were cumbersome, we have to pay a lot to ask for help!"

    "How about 9 gold coins in total?"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, the salesman became so excited that he hurriedly nodded, "It's enough, it's enough..." As Hidden Dragon Palace was not far from the White Dragon Town, it would not cost much by transporting them there.

    As his family was doing such small business before, Zhang Tie knew they were working hard. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't bargain with him as he directly counted out 9 gold coins and gave them to him. The moment the salesman got the money, he became more enthusiastic.

    "When do you need them, sir, I will have someone deliver them to you!"

    "How about today?"

    "No problem, but since few people would buy such huge terrines, we don't have that much in stock. We have to make them in the kiln!"

    "How many days do you need?"

    "We only need 2 days!"

    "How many do you have now?"

    "A bit more than 20!"

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie replied, "Okay, you can deliver those inventory to Hidden Dragon Palace first, I will go to buy something else. I will wait for you in Hidden Dragon Palace!"

    "May I know your surname, sir?"

    "I'm Zhang Tie. If I'm not there when your goods arrived, just wait for me over there for a while!"

    "No problem!"

    After making the deal, Zhang Tie left the pottery store.

    Later, Zhang Tie bought a lot of items in White Dragon Town. Therefore, he returned to the Hidden Dragon Palace with 2 carriages behind him, which were used to load his items.

    Among them, there were various fruits, over 100 kg of liquor, several hundred kilograms of honey, several hundred kilograms of brown sugar, more than 10 kitchen knives, 10 chopping boards, huge iron-sheet basins, etc..

    When Zhang Tie returned to the Hidden Dragon Palace with the two carriages leisurely, those huge terrines also arrived.

    Because outsiders were forbidden in, Zhang Tie had to carry these items into the Poria Cocos Park in Herb Valley one by one.

    After moving all of them into the park, Zhang Tie was still busy as he had to clean up the over 20 huge terrines with water before sterilizing the inside of them with liquor.

    It was a trifling affair. It took Zhang Tie the whole afternoon to clean up and sterilize those terrines.

    Zhang Tie then directly went to the fish market in the wharf. After setting free fishes today, Zhang Tie came to the Zhixing Department. He firstly chated with Wei Wu and Zhang Liang and the other friends before asking a great number of girls who had just finished their supper to work for him.

    Zhang Tie even paid each of them 1 gold coin for their assistance--of course, this should be deducted from the debt that they owed him. Considering it was a great compensation, all the girls accepted the task.

    Zhang Tie then brought them to the Poria Cocos Park. At the sight of the fruits and terrines around the park, everybody became dumbfounded.

    "So many items! What do you want us to do?" Du Yuhan showed the white of her eyes as she said in a tender voice.

    After that affair when Zhang Tie saved Du Yuhan at the risk of his own life, the girls' impression about Zhang Tie had greatly changed. Many of them started to call him senior brother. Zhang Tie realized that his good personality was finally admitted.

    Zhang Tie then cast a glance at Du Yuhan, whose attitude towards him had greatly changed. Previously, she was always furious with him; however, since last time when he saved her, her face always blushed in front of him. Additionally, she became more tender. At the moment, watching Du Yuhan's look, Zhang Tie suddenly felt his mummy jumped out of no reason.

    "God bless me. I haven't touched girls in a long time." As a great number of girls were gazing at him, Zhang Tie dared not to lose face this time. Therefore, he put his right hand into a pocket of his trousers in a cool way and started his "Right hand covering method" stealthily. "Your job is very simple. Do you see these fruits? Your task today is to clean up 1/3 of those fruits. After that, you should shatter them into pieces and put them into the terrines!"

    "That's it?" Du Yuhan winked her eyes as she asked in a dubious way.

    "Of course, your senior brother is always kind and generous with great morals. Previously, you must have misunderstood me. You felt that I was mean. Actually, you can make money from your senior brother very easily. That's it! It's much easier than selling 100 packs of sea shell oil!" Zhang Tie winked his eyes towards Du Yuhan.

    The girls then cast their whites of eyes to Zhang Tie at the same time. Seeing Zhang Tie have already prepared all the tools, they then started to work. This job was really very easy. Under Zhang Tie's guidance on one side, those girls then started to work seriously.

    Having been busy since morning, Zhang Tie suddenly remembered that he had not eaten. His stomach started to coo. Therefore, Zhang Tie casually picked up a banana and started to eat.

    "Senior brother, do you believe that each girl would know your Chinese Zodiac at the sight of you?" Said Qu Liangying, who was washing fruits rolled her eyes when she saw Zhang Tie eating a banana.

    Zhang Tie became stunned as he soon engulfed that banana, "That's impossible, I don't believe! Tell me my Chinese Zodiac sign then."

    "Sisters, tell him what our senior brother's Chinese Zodiac is?" Qu Liangying shouted loudly, "I count 1, 2, 3 and let's tell him in unison!"


    "1...2...3...Sisters, tell him what is his Chinese Zodiac!"

    "Monkey!" After shouting the answer out loudly in unison, the girls then exchanged glances with each other as they could stand to burst out laugh loudly at the same time.

    Zhang Tie looked at his banana as he instantly realized that he was set up. He then burst into laughter too. At the beginning, Zhang Tie said all the girls' Chinese Zodiac was spinning top. He had not imagined that they finally asked for his compensation. Girls were really born to be narrow-minded.

    "It's not bad. If I'm a monkey then I'm definitely the monkey king. I can have over 10 female monkeys and let so many female monkeys pick up fruits and wash fruits for me every day. If any female monkey performs well, I will feed her bananas..." Zhang Tie replied with a big smile.


    Soon after Zhang Tie said that more than ten fruits were thrown towards him from all directions. Zhang Tie rapidly collected them in the air and hugged them all.

    "Look, the moment you heard that I would feed you bananas, you've already become so excited. Don't be that anxious for being specially favored by me!" Zhang Tie flirted with them all again. Seeing the girls who were shattering fruits pretending to throw kitchen knives towards him, Zhang Tie pretended to be scared and immediately escaped away.

    After exchanging glances with each other, the girls then revealed smiles once again.


    In less than 3 hours, the girls had cleaned and shattered all the fruits, put them into the terrines, added sugar, water and honey.

    In the later 2 days, the girls worked 2 hours for Zhang Tie at each night after supper so as to deduct 1 gold coin's debt. In this way, they worked three days for Zhang Tie. After three days, all the 80 huge terrines were filled.

    "Senior brother, what are you fermenting so many enzymes for?" Not until the third day after they finished work did Li Yurou asked Zhang Tie out of curiosity.

    "Enzymes? You mean I'm fermenting enzymes?" Being faintly shocked, Zhang Tie stared at Li Yurou as he had heard this word for the first time.

    "Yes, I always fermented enzyme at home when I was young. I remember that my grandma told me that if one eats enzymes, one would not have health problems! It's easy to make enzyme; however, this item isn't worth much money."

    "Hoho, it's a secret. You will know about it in the future." Zhang Tie said in a mysterious way.

    "Humph, narrow-minded!" Li Yurou then pouted her peach-like mouth.

    "As you've helped your senior brother for three days, your senior brother will send each of you a small gift!" Zhang Tie then took out those vials that had been filled with that special solution.

    "What's this?" The girls took his "gift" as they started to look it around.

    "This thing is as effective as a level 1 antidote. Additionally, it could replenish your energy. Take it and go play!"

    "Argh!" The girls exclaimed. Even with the effect that it equaled to that of a level 1 antidote, this thing would worth no less than 5 gold coins. They had not imagined that Zhang Tie could be that generous.

    "Well, well, don't be that moved with watery eyes. If you really want to thank me, you can marry me. If we are a family, your senior brother would even clear off your debts!" Zhang Tie made a grimace.

    After showing the whites of their eyes, the girls then left.

    Because it was too late, Zhang Tie didn't come back to the Poria Cocos Park until he sent the girls into the Zhixing Department. After that, Zhang Tie closed the gate of the Poria Cocos Park before going to the warehouse again. Facing the 80 huge terrines, Zhang Tie was filled with a sense of achievement.

    Later, Zhang Tie took some essential-energy reiki yeast out of Castle of Black Iron and added them into the terrines. The moment he added the essential-energy reiki yeast into the terrines, the items in the terrines had become different from that before. With the exception of Zhang Tie, nobody knew that the items in the terrines had become different.

    After doing all this, Zhang Tie took two huge terrines of well-fermented special solution out of the lab in Castle of Black Iron and exchanged them with another two huge terrines in the warehouse which had just been fermented. By then, he finished all the preparations.

    The 80 huge terrines of solution in the warehouse weighed almost 12 tons in total. If Yang Yuankang's sales could stimulate its demand, 2 months later, the value of the 12 tons of special solution would at least equal to that of 12 tons of LV 1 antidote.

    It could definitely shock a great number of people if he told it to others. How come such precious detoxification solution could be counted by tons!

    "Perhaps I should go to the library of Breaking-Heavens Department to look up the books about enzyme. I want to figure out the reason why such mysterious solution is so marvelous!" Zhang Tie mumbled.

    Feeling very nice, Zhang Tie then left the Poria Cocos Park. On the way back to his residence, Zhang Tie encountered a woman in Herb Valley who had love affairs with him for the rest of his life...
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