Chapter 312: Medicament Test

    Chapter 312: Medicament Test

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    After only 10 minutes, that girl - in a pair of new shoes - appeared in front of the Heavens-Dependence Pavilion of Master Pure Cloud in the Breaking-Heavens Department.

    Master Pure Cloud was the chief alchemist in Hidden Dragon Palace. As a golden-robe alchemist who enjoyed a high reputation in the entire Waii Sub-Continent, he was LV 9 in the world of alchemists. Besides that, he was also an officer of Zhang clan's Huaiyuan Palace. As a LV 9 alchemist, he was definitely a master.

    Heavens-Dependence Pavilion was where Master Pure Cloud lived in the Breaking-Heavens Department and where he taught his apprentices and produced medicaments. As an important place in Breaking-Heavens Department, it was protected by three tiers of guardians. With the exception of the students of Master Pure Cloud and those who were allowed in, common students of Breaking-Heavens Department were forbidden entry.

    That girl directly entered without encountering any obstacle. Everybody greeted her respectfully, including the guardians. The girl then slightly nodded towards them with extreme majesty.

    She directly entered the lab of Master Pure Cloud.

    "Argh, Senior Sister Xi, you've returned!" It was the workshop of Master Pure Cloud's apprentices and assistants outside the lab. At the sight of the girl, all of them hurriedly greeted her.

    "Is master inside?"

    "Master is testing the new medicament inside!"

    "I'll take a look inside!" After saying this, the girl walked in the lab directly with gentle footsteps.

    An old man with snow-white hair and beard in a brilliant golden robe was standing in front of a great pile of sophisticated instruments and vials. Raising his head toward the sky, he was gazing at the ceiling while mumbling.

    "It's not right. Although it could detoxify venom, I don't find any element of medicine inside. Am I using the wrong testing method? It's impossible. Even though I couldn't detect it through testing, I could at least detect it through taste; unless no medicine is used in this medicament at all. But how could a medicament that contains no medicine detoxify venom and recover one's vitality and energy, which are the features of compound medicament, it could only be..." The old man shook his head, "It shouldn't be that! That thing's effect is progressive, it could never be that strong..."

    With changing looks, he seemed to be a bit confused about it all.

    "Master..." The girl became a bit respectful in front of Master Pure Cloud.

    "Ah, Yunxi..." Turning his head, the master revealed a smile at the sight of the girl in the red skirt, "When did you come back?"

    "I've just come back today. I heard that master was testing a new medicament. So, I came here for a look!" Saying that, the girl looked over at the instruments on the test-bed before smelling the familiar scents of the testing reagents, "Master, have you got the testing result?"

    "The last test!"

    While talking with her, Master Pure Cloud had gradually organized his thoughts. Golden-robed alchemists were extremely confident about their own professional knowledge. Instead of doubting his professional knowledge, he preferred to trust that others might create miracles.

    However, it required a last short test.

    Master Pure Cloud was also extremely straightforward. Once he made the decision, he instantly started to do that. He then directly took a silver knife from the test-bed and cut a small wound on his own hand in the red-skirt girl's shocking eyes.

    "Argh, master..."

    "It's okay, Yunxi, just a small wound. In order to verify whether that medicament is really what I want, this is a necessary step! If I did this on others' hands, they might not be as sensitive about the medicament as me. You know, for a medicament, this wound is nothing serious at all, just like being stung by a mosquito..."

    The old man raised his hand to stop the girl who was walking towards him as he revealed a smile and rapidly opened a vial of medicament made by Zhang Tie. He slightly poured a bit of medicament out and daubed it onto the wound. Being really strange, the moment he daubed it onto the wound, he had stopped bleeding while a refreshing feeling started to spread across his hand.

    The old man then kept his eyes closed as his snow-white eyebrows were slightly moving. After that, he opened his eyes and started to manipulate the equipment on the test-bed. In a short while, the old man had fabricated a wholly new vial of green medicament and directly engulfed it.

    The red-skirt girl just looked aside. Of course, she knew that the medicament made by Master Pure Cloud was a simplified advanced recovery medicament using Zhang Tie's medicament as the ingredients. Usually, although it could rapidly cure his wound, it could not reach the perfect recovery effect of true advanced recovery medicament that would leave no scar on his body at all.

    However, after drinking it, the small wound started to recover in a visible speed. In less than half a minute, the wound had already completely recovered. Master Pure Cloud then rubbed on the place where the wound lay and tore off a thin layer of medicament left by Zhang Tie's medicament. What really shocked him was that no scar was left over there.

    A perfect recovery!

    The girl called Yunxi just watched aside. When she saw no scar was left on master's hand, she was also somewhat shocked. Based on her knowledge about medicaments, of course she knew what this meant. That medicament had the effect of perfect recovery. How come?

    Looking at the place where the wound lay, Master Pure Cloud revealed a strange expression, which looked like feeling relieved, being dubious and being very shocked.

    "I've not imagined it could be that thing..." Master Pure Cloud faintly signed as he mumbled, "Created things are always unrivaled; great laws are always the simplest!". After saying that, he carefully took that vial of Zhang Tie's medicament.

    The girl called Yunxi found that although Master Pure Cloud's voice was calm, his hand was faintly shaking, which, for a golden-robed alchemist was almost impossible.

    When making various medicinal powders and medicament, an alchemists' hands were required to be precise and stable. Their hands and instruments were not allowed to shake. Actually, even a common suspending-kettle alchemist would not shake their hands when in operation; how could it be seen on a golden-robed alchemist.

    'If not because of a great shock inside, Master Pure Cloud would never shake his hand.'

    "Master..." Yunxi called him, a bit worried.

    "I'm okay..." Master Pure Cloud revealed a smile as he took a deep breath and looked at her, "From today on, an excellent figure will appear in the Hidden Dragon Palace. You won't feel lonely from then on!"

    "Master, even though it's a compound medicament with mixed effects, the producer might not be qualified to be praised in that way!" The girl didn't agree.

    "Yunxi, you don't understand. This medicament is not a compound medicament. Precisely, it was an all-purpose medicament, which numerous alchemists are dreaming for!" Master Pure Cloud said seriously.

    "Argh!" Hearing the phrase all-purpose medicament, the girl called Yunxi was extremely shocked as she remembered a presumption of all-purpose medicament and super enzyme that had been spread in the world of alchemists for a long time. In order to verify this presumption, numerous alchemists had been working for it; yet nobody could make any breakthroughs on it.

    The moment she thought about that presumption which was crowned with the most brilliant pearl in the world of alchemists, the girl called Yunxi also became thrilled; however, she still didn't believe it, "Master, you mean...someone in Hidden Dragon Palace has verified that presumption..."

    "The truth lies in front of you. In this marvelous world, although I could not make it, it doesn't mean that others could not make it!" Master Pure Cloud gradually recovered his composure, "Now that we know what is this medicament, the following process would be simple. We only need to complete a few more tests! You must have remembered the Felinan grouping contrast test for testing the effect and components of this medicament."

    "I remember it!"

    "Well, go call in those people in the outside. Let's work it together, hurry up!"


    Not much later, all the apprentices and assistants of Master Pure Cloud were called in. After knowing that they were going to make the Felinan grouping contrast test, all of them were shocked; however, at the same time, they became also very thrilled. Had someone really developed the super enzyme? Did the all-purpose medicament really appear in the Breaking-Heavens Department?

    Fact was better than eloquence. As the Felinan grouping contrast test proceeded, contrast data and effects gradually came out after repetitive confirmations.

    -Its detoxification effect was equal to that of LV 1 antidote. It worked on the venom of all the living beings below 7. Because of the obvious physical absorbing effect, its detoxifying time was 18% faster than common LV 1 antidote. It had no side effect at all!

    -Its effect on recovering physical wounds equaled to 67% of that of common preliminary recovery medicament. It could be either taken orally or dabbed on the wounds without any side effect!

    -Compared to common preliminary energy medicament, its effect equaled to 52% of that of the preliminary energy medicament. It could effectively relieve fatigue and provide the energy required by human bodies. According to preliminary estimations, 2 vials of such medicament could provide the physical energy required by a common fighter without any side effect!

    -After drinking it, commoners' visceral functions and immune system could be activated completely. Their blood could be purified. Additionally, the oxygen content in their red blood cells obviously raised; the devouring ability of their white blood cells reinforced; their intestines crept faster. What was more, their physical metabolic system could exclude foreign bodies much faster...without any side effect!

    -Pathological experiment...without any side effect!


    It really was an all-purpose medicament and a super enzyme. Seeing the test results one by another, everybody was shocked. Although this medicament could not provide any additional abilities to people like that of night-viewing medicament or strength reinforcing medicament, it could clear off or relieve all the abnormal or unhealthy conditions of the human body, adjusting one's body to the healthiest, purest and most vital condition...

    Someone in Breaking-Heavens Department really had realized that famous presumption in the world of alchemist by producing the all-purpose medicament!

    Drifting from the Heavens-Dependence Pavilion of Master Pure Cloud, the news suddenly aroused a great shock among all the alchemists in the Breaking-Heavens Department!

    Who, who made that medicament?

    Hearing the news, everybody started to guess who made this all-purpose medicament. Immediately, Yang Yuankang and the other guys who sold the medicament aroused the attention of them...
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