Chapter 313: Being Strong-willed

    Chapter 313: Being Strong-willed

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    Early the next morning, when Zhang Tie first woke up, he had forgotten about the look of that girl whom he encountered in the Herb Valley last night.

    What he could only remember was her red skirt, her flute, and her fairy-like figure that flew away above the shadows of the trees.

    He didn't mean to forget that, but because he kept thinking about her since he came back last night. He kept thinking about her hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, and the other details of her. As a result, Zhang Tie abruptly felt panic as he could not remember her look any more.

    She became a shadow, a symbol and a frame that was deeply impressed in his mind.

    By then, Zhang Tie found that memory was like an eraser. When he thought too much about one person. The person's look would be unclear. Each time you tried to think about her, it would be like using an eraser to wipe off the words on the paper. The words on the piece of paper were clear; however, if you often tried to wipe them, they would gradually be unclear. Finally, the piece of paper would be broken, leaving empty holes in his memory.

    Over one night, Zhang Tie had broken the piece of paper. When he woke up in the morning, he found 1 more empty hole in his heart.

    Last night was like 1 year for Zhang Tie. He had never experienced this before.

    'What if I never see her again? What if I can't remember her face in the future?' Zhang Tie became flurried out of no reason.

    After getting up, Zhang Tie finished cleaning up before noticed that pair of beautiful embroidered shoes on the desk beside his bed.

    The shoes were both delicate and clean. Holding them, he even faintly smelt the fragrance and the rouge of her body.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not do anything perverted with her shoes. After taking the shoes back last night, Zhang Tie saw some dirt on the soles and the sides of the shoes; therefore, he fetched a brush to clean them off. After that, he wrapped them with cotton paper and dried them on the desk.

    At this moment, he took the shoes, opened the cotton paper and found they were already dried; therefore, Zhang Tie fetched a piece of clean, soft cloth and placed the pair of embroidered shoes inside his coat before left.

    Zhang Tie lived very regularly in the Breaking-Heavens Department. He used to get up early in the morning and read books for 1 hour before going to eat breakfast. After that, he would head for the training gyms to practice his fighting skills.

    During this period, Zhang Tie had made rapid progress in the shield defense skill. He was able to pass the test. He was considering learning the flying skill after finishing this course, 'after adopting the flying skill, if he met the situation like that last night, he might choose to chase after his wife in the moonlight. That might also be very funny, ha...ha...'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't know that his solution had shocked the entire Breaking-Heavens Department over last night.

    He kept practicing fundamental footsteps in the entire morning. In the afternoon, when he thought of the "enzymes" mentioned by Li Yurou, Zhang Tie came for the library of Breaking-Heavens Department. He wanted to look up something about enzyme in the library.

    This time, he was really shocked as Zhang Tie had never imagined that that thing he produced was really an enzyme.

    The books in the library of Breaking-Heavens Department were inclusive. Most of them originated from the knowledge left by human beings before the catastrophe. After connecting the knowledge about enzyme, Zhang Tie had a general understanding about the effect of enzyme and finally understood why his solution was so marvelous.

    Chinese people first discovered the great effect of enzymes on physical health. As early as over 2000 years ago before the catastrophe, healthcare and disease treatment had already been popularized among Chinese people.

    In the traditional Chinese medical science, vinegar - which was reputed as the "head of medicines" - had long played a role in curing diseases and healthcare. Vinegar was also an enzyme fermented by provisions. It was the enzyme in vinegar that made vinegar the "head of medicines".

    The reason that enzyme had such an effect was that it was the most fundamental and important energy and material that sustained all important vital activities and health of human cells. Describing enzymes' roles in the functioning of a human body, a biologist before the catastrophe had made a very important metaphor.

    He described it as "If human body was bulb, enzyme is current!" Although he could not see bulbs now, it didn't affect Zhang Tie's understanding.

    Another biologist who had won a top honor in biology made a more critical comment on the effect of enzymes, "Human beings are short lived because they lack enzyme".

    Before the catastrophe, human beings had achieved many major discoveries by studying enzymes. They realized that many physical diseases of human beings were actually due to the shortage of enzymes. It might not be very effective to deal with these diseases; however, when the number of enzymes in the human body reached a level, these diseases would disappear naturally.

    Before the catastrophe, many witches and doctors in remote regions even took fermented enzymes as the only method to deal with diseases and keep healthy.

    Because the library in Breaking-Heavens Department was managed by a difference engine, Zhang Tie could easily search for a lot of books through key words and indexes.

    In the book 'Guerrilla Battlefield Doctor', the only medicine that battlefield doctor, who was responsible for curing various wounds and relieving various pains for guerrilla members, used was an enzyme fermented by raw gingers, apples, tangerines, and other wild fruits in drinking bottles.

    Among the included data was a great amount of evidence that could verify that long-term use of enzymes could help postpone aging and increase life span.

    In a local, Chinese biography, there was a funny story about "monkey's wine". The story went as follows: In the wild of Leizhou State, there were a lot of monkeys. It was said that those monkeys were raised by immortals. They could produce immortal wine using various fruits. One day, a woodman who climbed the mountain to chop some wood saved a monkey out of the mouth of a huge snake. After being saved, the monkey guided the woodman into a mountain cave.

    After entering the mountain cave, the woodman found a stone groove. There were various fruits in the stone groove and a yellowish crystal liquid was flowing out of the stone groove, radiating an extremely appetizing fragrance. The woodman then took a sip. He felt it pretty refreshing and fragrant. His heartbeat calmed down and his mind seemed to be clearer. He then fell asleep very comfortably. When he opened his eyes, he felt cozy all over and very energetic. Therefore, he praised the fluid greatly.

    Later on, the woodman would always take a small mouth of it whenever he was in the mountain. As a result, when he was over 100 years old, he still looked rosy and healthy. Finally, he died at 126, which became a legend.

    The story of monkey's wine was just recorded in the book as a marvelous anecdote. The writer might not know the taste of monkey's wine; however, after reading this story, Zhang Tie instantly understood that the alleged monkey's wine was an enzyme drink naturally fermented by various wild fruits in the mountain.

    The monkey's wine drunk by that woodman was almost exactly the same as that enzyme produced by Zhang Tie. Additionally, because mountains and rivers could gather reiki, the monkey's wine was more effective than common enzymes. It was regarded as an immortal wine that the fairy taught the monkeys to brew.

    The moment he found the effect of enzyme, Zhang Tie couldn't wait to leave a huge vat of it to his parents so that they could drink it every day.

    Before the catastrophe, many people already knew a lot about the marvelous effects of enzymes; however, at that moment, the largest tragedy of human beings is that they were misled by some groups to rely on chemical products and science. Many of them formed a false thought and believed in a great lie - In the fields food and medicine, the more scientific they were, the more that was chemically synthesized something was, the better it was for them, compared to if they used naturally produced food and medicine.

    Because of this great lie, numerous people were eating various food and medicines which included poisonous chemicals as additives. Numerous people were taking chronic suicidality as normal.

    However, after the catastrophe, alchemists understood the effects of enzymes the most, because of enzymes' positive effects on human health covered almost all aspects; however, compared to medicaments, common enzymes took effect slower and it would take a longer time for enzyme to take effect on the human body. It could not relieve many diseases or health problems in a short period of time; therefore, some alchemists made a mad presumption:

    - One day, if someone could produce a super enzyme that could take effect on the human body faster than that of common enzymes, this super enzyme would be an all-purpose medicament which was able to cure many diseases and recover many people's abnormal conditions.

    Zhang Tie finally understood a lot of things about his solution. It turned out to be the 1st generation of super enzyme being made of essential-energy reiki yeast.

    Zhang Tie knew that it was impossible for him to not be famous this time. This time, being different from when he formed his iron-blood battle qi. Although iron-blood battle qi was sharp, after all, there were still many people who had formed it. He was only a special one among those who had formed the iron-blood battle qi. A LV 6 guy who had formed iron-blood battle qi could not raise people's attention too much on the Hidden Dragon Island.

    However, this time, Zhang Tie casually produced the super enzyme. This was truly an influential, colossal event. Additionally, he could produce the super enzyme by the tons. Such a great ability would soon be known to the public. He could not bury the secret at all. This would definitely make him more popular.

    When in Wild Wolf Castle and Blackhot City, Zhang Tie had already known how it felt when being well-known - gold, social status, beauties, crises, challenges would arrive closely after him. He had not imagined that he would soon be famous once again, and would be much more well-known than when he was in the Blackhot City.

    'Have you prepared for it?' Zhang Tie felt that the hand of destiny was forcefully pushing him from behind after several months' rest.

    After skimming over those books, Zhang Tie sat in the library for 1 more hour as he started to recall faces one by another, including that of his family members, his friends, those girls of the Rose Association, those comrade-in-arms in the Iron-Blood Camp. Finally, he locked on the bald-headed man, first lieutenant Freo.

    He remembered that first lieutenant Freo was smoking a extra big cigar and was ferociously staring at him while his cigar almost touched onto Zhang Tie's forehead.

    - Brat, remember that, you survive on behalf of me. You have to live well in the rest of your life. When you see beauties, you should f*ck them forcefully; when you see enemies, you should kill them all. That's what a man should do! Look at your coward performance during this period. Are you a man from the Iron-Blood Camp? It's just some fame. What are you afraid of? Once you become famous, women, money, and enemies will come chasing after you. How cool! For that red-skirt beauty, hurry up and f*ck her. What are you waiting for? Waiting for her to call you uncle?

    'You said that men should live as splendid as summer flowers and die as cool as spring thunders. Look at you. Since you return to the Huaiyuan Prefecture, you have been living like a green dog-tail grass[1] being hit by the frost. F*ck! Are you hesitating on this? Are you my bro? Are you the man from the Iron-Blood Camp?'

    "Of course, I'm your bro whom you've saved at the cost of your own life. Of course, I'm a man from the Iron-Blood Camp..." Zhang Tie mumbled. Then he gradually became strong-willed inside.

    'F*ck, it's this father who develop the super enzyme. So what?'
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