Chapter 314: Being Famous

    Chapter 314: Being Famous

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    After leaving the library, it was already dark outside. Zhang Tie then went back to the place where he saw the red-skirt girl yesterday and sat there, waiting for her.

    Zhang Tie was still hoping to see her over there once again; however, after waiting over 3 hours, with the exception of the chirps of insects and the refreshing wind, he didn't see anything. Finally, Zhang Tie knew that the red-skirt girl would not appear tonight. He then revealed a bitter smile as he stood up from cyan stone and shook dirt off his clothes before left.

    'What about making a notice on people wanted...' a thought flashed across Zhang Tie's mind. He then remembered what 'Freo' had told him. Would I really want to wait for her baby to call me uncle?'

    The moment Zhang Tie thought of that red-skirt girl having a kid who called him uncle, Zhang Tie's face and heart started to twitch irregularly. Finally, he touched that pair of embroidered shoes and gritted his teeth.

    When he returned to his residence in Songtao Pavilion, he confirmed another sentence - what is not known by only one person is not be a secret at all. That he produced the all-purpose medicament had been known by at least 7 people.

    Although it was already too late, there were still more than 30 people waiting for him outside the Songtao Pavilion, including both male and female. Most of them were dreaming to be apprentices of alchemists. Many of them were here to be on-lookers. As they heard that guy who produced the all-purpose medicament was living in the Songtao Pavilion, everybody wanted to see who he was.

    All-purpose medicament! It was really shocking that someone could produce it. Those apprentices who were striving to be alchemists felt frantic about it. It was as unimaginable for a commoner that an average person who he met every day would suddenly became a super star.

    Because enzyme could be easily manufactured, for those young men who were striving to be alchemists, most of them had attempted to produce super enzyme so as to prove that famous presumption in the world of alchemists when in the herbal medicine apprentice stage.

    Although they all failed, their experiences in attempting to make super enzyme was the start for them to become alchemists. Although enzymes were easily made, it required a wide range of knowledge. Their teachers would require them to be familiar with the attributes of various herbal medicines and plants and gradually know more about the secrets of human body.

    Almost every herbal medicine apprentice had tried to make enzymes at the beginning and had dreamed to create an all-purpose medicament using the super enzyme and become famed overnight.

    However, it was just a dream. When none of them succeeded, everybody just accepted it calmly. But, they had never imagined that one day, the dream that thousands of herbal medicine apprentices could not realize over several hundreds of years was realized by a guy from nowhere.

    How could they not be shocked? How could they not be thrilled? How could they not be curious? They all could not wait to have a look at that guy. They wanted to see if he had some sort of super power.

    Those who were waiting for Zhang Tie had various purposes. As there were no idiots in the Breaking-Heavens Department, almost the moment they knew that someone could produce the all-purpose medicament, everybody smelt gold coins and privilege.

    Compared to other special medicaments, this all-purpose medicament made of super enzyme didn't have many special effects, it didn't work too much on very healthy and strong warriors and fighters. They would at most take it as a preliminary compound medicament with many effects. However, for many people suffering from various diseases, this all-purpose medicament was definitely a marvelous medicine that would take effect instantly.

    When Zhang Tie drew close to the Songtao Pavilion, those people only took him as an onlooker. Zhang Tie knew that he finally had to face this; therefore, he didn't care about that; instead, he just walked in front of the gate and prepared to insert his key inside.

    Not until Zhang Tie took out of his key to open the gate did those people realize something. Because he was almost the last one who come back in Songtao Pavilion, everybody else was waiting for him.

    Those people surrounding the Songtao Pavilion then exchanged glanced with each other. In a second, it became so quiet. Some of them were looking at each other, some took deep breaths while others wanted to surge forward toward Zhang Tie.

    Finally, someone walked forward.

    "Excuse me, are you Zhang Tie, your excellency?" A voice drifted from behind Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie then stopped and looked back. He then found a 20-year old youth standing behind him, who was glancing over him in a serious way.

    "Right, I'm Zhang Tie!" Zhang Tie said frankly as he looked around; he had already prepared for that question mentally.

    "Argh, he's Zhang Tie..."

    "I did not imagine that he'd be so young!"

    "I thought he was a senior brother. He's a junior brother!"

    "He's handsome!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie admitting his status, whispers drifted to him from all directions while their eyes became more sparkly.

    "Sorry to trouble you, but are you the producer of the all-purpose medicament?" That youth made the final confirmation.

    "Yeah, I make the all-purpose medicament!" Zhang Tie revealed a wisp of smile, "I know that you all want to see the look of the guy who produces the all-purpose medicament. Now you've seen that. It's too late and very cold now. You'd better go back, I will not invite you in!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, everybody became dumbfounded while the youth who spoke first didn't even know what to say now.

    When Zhang Tie turned back and wanted to push open the gate of Songtao Pavilion, another person walked out of the crowd.

    "Hold on, junior brother!"

    Zhang Tie then slightly frowned his forehead as he turned back. Hearing the man's appellation, Zhang Tie instantly felt being dwarfed and felt this man's trick.

    It was a youth just over 20 years old, dressed in a white robe with an eye-attracting waist which was embroidered with grasses and gourds. Given from his waist, Zhang Tie could identify his real status - a waist banded alchemist. A waist banded alchemist was qualified to be proud of himself wherever he was.

    "I'm Gu Bai; have you heard of my name?" Although smiling, this youth revealed a faint arrogance. When he spoke, he glanced at Zhang Tie, waiting for Zhang Tie to say something like 'I've heard about your name for a long time.'

    However, after glancing at this guy twice, Zhang Tie shook his head, "Not before now!" Zhang Tie really had not heard about his name. 'Gu Bai' was nothing to do with him.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Gu Bai's face became a bit stiff. But it soon recovered. He remained his smile and acted gracefully, "As junior brother has been in Hidden Dragon Palace for a short time, you might not know about me. I just ranked 27 on the Hidden Dragon Craftsmanship List; not too sharp!"

    He showed his modesty by giving an excuse.

    Hearing that he entered the Hidden Dragon Craftsmanship List, Zhang Tie cast 2 more glances at him; however, Zhang Tie's tone remained very calm, "What do you want?"

    "I heard you've worked out the all-purpose medicament. I want to invite you to the Flying Feathers Pavilion in Herb Valley!"

    "Flying Feathers Pavilion?" Zhang Tie mumbled.

    "Yes, after hearing that you've worked out the all-purpose medicament, some of my friends in the Herbs Valley are all very curious about this. They want to learn from you!"

    Hearing his words, Zhang Tie then stared at Gu Bai's gleaming eyes. He then instantly understood it. Actually, they just wanted to steal away his method on producing the all-purpose medicament. At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't feel like talking with them at all.

    "Sorry, I don't study too much on making medicinal powders. As I use secret knowledge to make the all-purpose medicament, I'm afraid that I will not share it with you!"

    Being directly refused by Zhang Tie, Gu Bai's smile became stiff at once; he soon looked like bemoaning the universe.

    "All-purpose medicament has numerous effects. As long as it is promoted, it will definitely benefit all living beings. Junior brother, you don't need to treasure it too much and act that exclusive. With one more people's effort, our star would be better. I'm offering out of good intentions!"

    Hearing his words, Zhang Tie immediately pretended to be righteous, "As senior brother wants to bring happiness to the living beings on this planet, I will definitely give you a favor. How about this? In front of the public, you take out all of your personal property to buy a batch of my all-purpose medicament at cost. Then you distribute this batch of medicament to those that you want to bring happiness to for free. There are so many poor guys even in the Hidden Dragon Island. How about that? The one who regrets their words and dares not to do that would be a bastard and son of a b*tch!"

    "Heh...heh..." Gu Bai started to cough after hearing Zhang Tie' words. He could not maintain that sad look any more; instead, his face blushed, "You...you...how could you treat bringing happiness to the rest of the world so frivolously?"

    "It's a truly great undertaking to bring happiness to the rest of the world. In front of such a great undertaking, personal lives and honors are just trifling matters. We can abandon them if we want. Never care about the money. Senior brother dares not to forego these trifling things?" Zhang Tie asked with a smile.

    "Erm...for this thing, how do I need your favor. If I can produce an all-purpose medicament myself, I will do that myself. No need for your help at all!" Gu Bai didn't know what to say.

    "Right, senior brother, I also think so. For men, great undertakings like bringing happiness to the rest of the world is like entering the bridal chamber. Even though I am too tired and exhausted, I would always do it myself. I don't like others' help!" Zhang Tie stared at Gu Bai with a big smile, "Do you need others to help you with this? If you really need, I feel like doing you a favor..."

    Puh! Hearing Zhang Tie's words, many onlookers burst out laughter; some girls' faces blushed as they swore at Zhang Tie inside, 'Rogue!'

    Nobody had imagined that the person who produced the all-purpose medicament in the Breaking-Heavens Department could be like that.

    "Of course, no need!" Gu Bai was choked by Zhang Tie's words as the blue veins on his forehead started to pop. He could not lose his temper in front of this huge crowd.

    "So, please go back, senior brother, I don't need your help either..."

    By then, Gu Bai realized that he had fallen into Zhang Tie's trap as his words were full of contradictions. After looking around at the crowd of the onlookers and glaring at Zhang Tie, Gu Bai couldn't stay there anymore. He directly left the Songtao Pavilion in an embarrassed manner.

    Everybody knew that Zhang Tie was not a figure that could be cheated logically.

    "Junior brother Zhang Tie, do you still sell all-purpose medicament? We want some! Someone asked loudly among the onlookers.

    "The first batch has been sold out. The latest ones would be in 2 weeks. You can come to me then! Please go back, I'm really going to the bed!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, everybody left.

    After seeing everybody leave, Zhang Tie intended to enter his door. All of a sudden, he raised his nose. He then instantly took out of the cloth-wrapped embroidered shoes from his coat and put them on his hands. After that, he started to touch that pair of shoes like touching a small white rabbit while sighing in an extremely kind way.

    "What poor embroidered shoes! You've been deserted by your owner. If your owner still doesn't come for you tonight, you'll have to follow me in! But, trust me, I will treasure you very much. If your owner doesn't appear, I will have to hang you in the hall of Qinyun Palace for your owner."

    "Douchebag!" Soon after his words, Zhang Tie saw that girl who was wearing red skirt in front of him. Whereas, now, she had changed into a moving white skirt.

    At the sight of her, Zhang Tie felt the whole world, including his heart becoming alive. It felt like a rainbow which abruptly appeared in front of him while that blurry hole in his memory was filled with mixed moods in a split second.

    "Give me my shoes!" The girl glared at Zhang Tie with somewhat bashful and furious expression. Her face was faintly covered with an icy frost. Across the entire Hidden Dragon Palace, nobody dared to take her belongings and play tricks with her like that.

    As if he hadn't heard her words, Zhang Tie just fixed his eyes on her, "I went to the place where we met last night and waited there for 3 hours; knowing that you might not go there, I came back!"

    "Why did you wait me?" The girl's voice became icy still.

    "Because I couldn't remember what you looked like any more. Last night, when I came back, I kept missing you too much, even in my dreams. Therefore, I almost forgot your face! As I'm afraid of being unable to remember how you look, I wanted to meet you there to see you again..." Zhang Tie revealed a big smirk jubilantly, "It's okay now, I know your look once again!"

    The girl had planned to beat Zhang Tie ferociously; however, not knowing why, hearing Zhang Tie's words, she only felt her face start to get a fever while that layer of icy frost over her face started to fade away.

    She was a bit shocked by Zhang Tie's words. She didn't believe that if one thought too much about someone, they could forget that person's looks. Nevertheless, hearing Zhang Tie's frank and passionate statement, she knew that Zhang Tie wasn't lying to her.

    Zhang Tie's passion was like a fire ball. The girl had not experienced such audacious love words before; she had not even heard about such words before.

    After glancing at Zhang Tie's bright and honest eyes, her heart suddenly started to race. As a result, she dared not to stare at Zhang Tie's eyes any more.

    "Argh, stay away from me!" The girl looked very furious at first; however, seeing Zhang Tie taking 2 steps towards her, she immediately became slightly flurried. Even though she was too much more powerful than Zhang Tie, as long as Zhang Tie drew close to her, she started to become stressed. For her, Zhang Tie seemed to be full of aggression.

    "Well, I will not move..." Being afraid of scaring her away like yesterday, Zhang Tie hurriedly stopped.

    "How did you know I was here!" The girl asked Zhang Tie with widened eyes. Seeing Zhang Tie stay still, she finally recovered her composure.

    "Your smell. You smelt very special!" Zhang Tie looked around this girl with greedy and gleaming eyes as he kept sniffing the air forcefully, "You look so nice in any skirts. Oh, you've not told me your name?"

    The girl glared at Zhang Tie incredulously, "Why would I tell you my name?"

    "Because you lost your shoes and I picked them up. Additionally, I kept them 1 day for you. You should at least be polite to the one who helped you! Furthermore, you need to give me a photo of you, so that I never forget you again!" Zhang Tie waved his hands as he said loudly.

    "Douchebag. It's obviously you who stole my shoes!" The girl bit her lips as she added, "It's already too polite to you that I don't beat you up!"

    "No crap! How could a talented youth like me steal a woman's shoes! Are your shoes very expensive? How could I steal away your shoes if they were on your feet?" Zhang Tie replied brutally, "I don't care. If you don't tell me your name, you will not get back your shoes!"

    After saying this, Zhang Tie felt empty on his hands as that girl directly grabbed her shoes away from Zhang Tie's hands in the air.

    Zhang Tie was really frightened by this girl's power. After taking her shoes, the girl glanced at Zhang Tie pleasantly. Out of her expectation, Zhang Tie directly charged at her like how a starved tiger would chase after its prey...
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