Chapter 315: Being Shameless

    Chapter 315: Being Shameless

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    In a split second, Zhang Tie had opened his arms and charged at her. As a result, the girl became really flurried as she dashed away quickly and immediately flew 10 m away. Zhang Tie didn't stop; he kept surging towards her like a starved tiger.

    The girl kept moving back while Zhang Tie kept moving forward. In the night, the girl flashed 100 m away in a blink of an eye. At the same time, Zhang Tie also exploded at his maximum speed and kept chasing after her.

    "If you keep chasing after me, I'll beat you up!" The girl became a bit furious.

    "You stole my things, now you want to run away?" Zhang Tie said aggressively.

    "They're my shoes!" The girl was really infuriated by Zhang Tie.

    "You snatched them away from me. How could they be your shoes? I picked up those shoes from the wild. How can you verify that you're that owner? Only you have shoes? You can bully your junior brother just because you are the senior sister? You can do whatever you want just because you have high fighting skills? Even though I could not defeat you, I will also have a try. I will see whether you can beat me to death..." Zhang Tie said like being wronged by a villain.

    "What a douchebag!" The girl swore him furiously. When she saw Zhang Tie charging at her like a rascal once again, she instantly flew backward with a blushed face.

    Zhang Tie charged at her with arms completely stretched. He was definitely intending to hug her. Since she was born, she had not been hugged by anyone in such a brutal way. Zhang Tie's behavior really frightened her.

    The production of all-purpose medicament was a big event in Hidden Dragon Palace. When she heard that the one who produced all-purpose medicament was named Zhang Tie, who was living in the Songtao Pavilion, she wanted to have a look inside.

    As there were people with the same name in the Hidden Dragon Palace, when she heard the name Zhang Tie, who produced the all-purpose medicament, she firstly recalled that douchebag that she met in Herb Valley. Being driven by curiosity, she came to the Songtao Pavilion to have a look and found it was truly the same person.

    The girl hadn't imagined that Zhang Tie could find her in terms of her smell. Not even this, he even forced her out of there using aggressive words. Furthermore, Zhang Tie's passionate and honest words and the shameless movements along with his aggressive intention scared her away once again.

    The girl hadn't seen such a man since she was born. She didn't know how to deal with him at all. Although she wanted to give Zhang Tie a lesson, the girl couldn't make the final decision. Therefore, facing Zhang Tie's straightforward passionate and honest eyes and shameless behavior, the girl felt breathless and dared not even to look directly into Zhang Tie's eyes.

    At this moment, even she wanted to escape away, Zhang Tie wouldn't let her go away; instead, he kept chasing after her.

    She had not been chased after like that. Therefore, when being chased after by Zhang Tie, she had a strange feeling that she hadn't experienced before.

    However, the girl was really much more powerful than Zhang Tie. Even though Zhang Tie had unrivaled endurance as he had eaten 9 wild wolf seven-strength fruits, he still could not match the girl's speed.

    In a blink of an eye, they had moved 500 m away from Songtao Pavilion. When the girl would soon run out of his vision, Zhang Tie became flurried. This time, he didn't even hold her tender hands. If she escaped away this time, he didn't know when he would see her next.

    "Heh, hurry up, stop. If you keep running, I'll launch an

    attack!" Zhang Tie started to threaten her. Although Zhang Tie couldn't match that girl on speed, with wild wolf Seven-Strength Fruits, Zhang Tie had lasting endurance. Even when rushing, Zhang Tie could still talk.

    Hearing Zhang Tie shouting loudly in a flurried way, the

    girl in front of him revealed a wisp of a smile.

    Having not imagined that Zhang Tie could still talk normally

    at this moment, the girl became amazed about Zhang Tie's endurance and running ability inside.

    "You have 3 seconds, no regret!"

    The girl ignored Zhang Tie's warning. "3...2...1...catch the thief, that female thief stole my shoes. Catch the thief, a female thief steals my shoes..." Zhang Tie shouted loudly behind her, "If you don't stop, I will report the case to the Qinyun Palace by offering a reward. I'm not frightened by you. I could really do that. You female thief who steals my shoes, just wait for others' judgment then..."

    The girl became so irritated that she had never imagined that Zhang Tie could be that shameless. As she didn't want this trifling matter being known by the public, after swearing Zhang Tie "douchebag", she finally stopped.

    When Zhang Tie caught up with her, the girl was so angry that she directly threw that pair of shoes onto Zhang Tie's head, "Here are you!"

    Zhang Tie burst out loud laugh as he grabbed that pair of

    shoes by hand at once before hugged them into his coat, "That's it, how could you grab another's belongings casually? You have to return it to its owner!"

    "You bastard!" The girl swore.

    Zhang Tie then replied with rolling eyes, "You really don't

    need them?"

    "Yes, I don't need them!" The girl glared at Zhang Tie with

    gritting teeth. She wondered what else would that douchebag do.

    "Well, now that it is your token of love, I will take it.

    Never mind, I will preserve it well!" Zhang Tie then fixed his eyes onto that

    girl with full of emotions, which really made her quiver for one time.

    "You...you...when have I given you the token of love?" The girl's face totally blushed as she pointed at Zhang Tie.

    "You said it just now!" Zhang Tie then waved her embroidered

    shoes in front of her before hurriedly hid them in his coat, "You gave me your embroidered shoes and told me you didn't need them. Isn't this a token of love?

    I'm not fixing one's shoes; however, a girl gifted here beloved embroidered shoes to me. Isn't that a token of love? How about explaining to the public and asking for their judgments. Doesn't it mean that a girl falls in love with that man by gifting her embroidered shoes to him? Do you dare to say this pair of shoes isn't yours? You dare to say you didn't gift it to me?"

    Zhang Tie fabricated as he made a grimace towards that girl.

    "You...you bastard!" The girl was so irritated and bashful

    that she wondered why there was such a shameless man in the world? He was really the rogue of rogues. How could he say that I stole his belonging by taking my own shoes back? If I didn't need it, it then became his token of love.

    "Now that you could gift me your embroidered shoes, may I

    know your name now?" Zhang Tie replied without knowing what shame was.

    "Give my shoes back!" That girl was driven so mad that she

    almost passed out. Hearing Zhang Tie's reply, she became so bashful and irritated that she directly slapped towards Zhang Tie.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't even hide from her attack. He just

    watched her and waited for her smack. With a miserable shriek, he directly flew backward and fell down onto the grassland several meters away. He then rolled off the 10-m high grass slope and finally lay at the foot of the grass slope. With one foot cramped twice, he didn't move anymore.

    The girl was also dumbfounded that she had not imagined that Zhang Tie didn't even hide just now. It only took him 30% of strength to smack him; but she clearly knew that even with one smack, she could easily kill a tiger or a leopard. Commoners could hardly stand it at all.

    'Is he that weak? I've beaten him to death?' The moment she thought

    about this, the girl suddenly felt very sorry. Seeing Zhang Tie lying there like a corpse, the girl hurriedly flew downwards the grass slope.

    Lying on the grassland, Zhang Tie's face turned completely

    pale. With eyes closed, he looked a bit frightening. At the sight of Zhang Tie's look, the girl felt sadder inside as she hurriedly squatted in front of Zhang Tie to take a check.

    The girl stretched her hand under Zhang Tie's nostrils to

    test his breathing rhythm. Out of her imagination, Zhang Tie directly tilted his head and kissed her hand.

    "Argh..." Feeling like being struck by a lightning bolt, she

    quivered all over. Before she responded, Zhang Tie who was lying on the grassland like a corpse immediately grabbed her two wrists and tightly hugged her. Then, after turning over, he directly pressed her under his body.

    It was really out of her imagination that Zhang Tie was

    playing dead. Without any preparation, she was successfully raided by Zhang Tie. His strength was so big that the girl could not shake herself out. As a result, she could only be pressed under Zhang Tie's body brutally and barbarously.

    At this moment, it looked like that Zhang Tie was raping

    her. The girl was really irritated; then, she became bashful; finally, she became flurried.

    Although Zhang Tie had pressed many girls before, this time,

    he felt most stimulative. Although pressing this girl, Zhang Tie didn't do any movement excessively; instead, he just fixed his eyes on her.

    The girl then twisted her body when she found that Zhang Tie

    was like a robust ox who didn't allow her to exert strength at all. As a

    result, she just stared at Zhang Tie bashfully and furiously and tried to look stern, "What do you want, hurry up, let me off!"

    "I won't!" Zhang Tie stubbornly shook his head, "If I let you off, you will escape away. If you escape away, I will not be able to catch up with you! As it's really hard to catch up with you, if I just let you off, I would be an idiot!"

    The moment Zhang Tie said this, the girl felt being filled

    with a strange feeling, which was warm, bashful, a bit sweet and furious. "If I know you are such a bastard, I would have slapped you to death!" While restraining that strange feeling, the girl uttered ferociously...
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