Chapter 316: Roguish Lord

    Chapter 316: Roguish Lord

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    "I will say nothing of being slapped to death by your hand!" Zhang Tie made a grimace as he tilted his head to look at her, "It's said that beauty would look more beautiful in the lamplight. Actually, you also look more beautiful in the moonlight, especially when you look stern!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's compliment, the girl almost could not keep her stern look. Tilting her head, she dared not to look into Zhang Tie's hot eyes, "You douchebag, let me off!"

    "If not because of my thick face[1], I would have been heavily wounded just now. You want me to end this by letting you off? At least you need to pay me a bit compensation..."

    "What compensation?"

    Pressing the girl under his body, Zhang Tie felt so stimulative. Seeing the girl could do nothing but lying under his body, Zhang Tie felt a pretty powerful, cool sense rising from inside.

    "Tell me your name first!"

    "I'm Lan Yunxi!" The girl replied as she looked at Zhang Tie's expression.

    "Hmm, this name sounds nice. But it's strange, I might have heard about it somewhere before!" Zhang Tie narrowed his eyes and thought for awhile; however, he failed to remember where he had heard it before. Therefore, he didn't think about it anymore.

    "Can you let me off now?" The girl tried to be calm.

    "No way!"

    "Why?" The girl glared at Zhang Tie.

    "Because as long as I let you off, you will definitely beat me up! Additionally, it's not enough by only telling me your name!" Zhang Tie seriously explained.


    "You should promise me one more thing, then, I will forgive you for that smack!"

    "What?" The girl asked.

    "Call me husband!" Zhang Tie said shamelessly.

    With widened eyes, Lan Yunxi glared at Zhang Tie as she had not imagined that Zhang Tie could pose such an excessive requirement--calling him hu...husband.

    The girl didn't speak again; instead, she instantly tried to struggle out of Zhang Tie's control. This time, she was so powerful that she almost turned Zhang Tie over to the ground. Her hand almost broke out of Zhang Tie's control too. This really shocked Zhang Tie as he hadn't imagined that this girl was so powerful. He almost lost control.

    Zhang Tie was almost level 7 now. During the period in Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Tie's strength surged so fast that even his hands could produce over 1 ton's strength. "In this case, the girl could still almost break out of my control." Zhang Tie was really shocked about her.

    Although her hand didn't break out of Zhang Tie's control, one of her feet gained certain moving space. The girl then moved her foot and directly crashed against Zhang Tie's lower abdomen, which was really painful for Zhang Tie.

    If not the iron-body fruits that Zhang Tie had eaten during this period, this girl would have long made Zhang Tie pass out.

    Although not passing out, Zhang Tie almost became dizzy by this kick. As a result, he kept taking deep breaths.

    When the girl prepared to kick Zhang Tie for the second time, Zhang Tie immediately stopped her kick by putting his knee against hers. At the same time, he wrestled his feet with hers while he tightly hugged that girl with his hands. When the girl started to struggle, two of them started to roll on the grassland.

    When they stopped, the girl exclaimed once again as she was pressed under Zhang Tie's body again. Additionally, her legs had been split by Zhang Tie's legs from the middle. Zhang Tie had cut into the center of her legs like a plug. As a result, she could not even put her legs together. Furthermore, Zhang Tie kept his own lower abdomen close to that of hers, making her not able to attack the places above Zhang Tie's thigh, almost leaving no moving space for Zhang Tie.

    This gesture made her much more bashful as it felt like Zhang Tie was raping her.

    They both used all their efforts; at this moment, they both had been gasping.

    "B*stard, let me off!" Lan Yunxi glared at Zhang Tie while her cheeks flushed like the rainbow in the skyline due to the previous movements and such a bashful gesture.

    "Call me husband!" Zhang Tie widened his eyes at stared at her.

    "No way!" Lan Yunxi tilted her head.

    "You have one more chance, do it or not?"

    "No way!"

    At the sight of that girl under his body, Zhang Tie's heart raced as he lowered his head and ferociously kissed her lips.

    "Wuh..." With widened eyes, Lan Yunxi could never believe that Zhang Tie dared to forcefully kiss her.

    With widened eyes, they both stared at each other while their eyelashes almost collided. Zhang Tie kept watching her as her moods changed from shock, fury to shame in a few seconds.

    Zhang Tie kept sucking her tender lips greedily. He had practiced his kissing skills by those girls of Rose Association. He really excelled at kissing. When he kissed her lips, his tongue constantly swam between her lips.

    Soon, Lan Yunxi's eyes changed from being bashful into half-closed blur.

    "Hmm..." When Lan Yunxi couldn't wait to utter a raptured nasal sound, Zhang Tie had finally opened her purely-white teeth using his tongue.

    Several minutes later, Zhang Tie had already loosened his clutch; however, the girl had willingly hugged Zhang Tie and started to respond to him enthusiastically...

    Several minutes later, Zhang Tie had been panting while his mummy had been as hard as iron. He then immediately left the girl's lips and knelt on the grassland in front of her. Being gasping, he instantly took off his trousers and hurriedly started to undo the girl's skirt.

    When Zhang Tie was undoing his own waistband, that girl suddenly became shocked and became awake. The moment she saw the ugly mummy of Zhang Tie, who was going to pull off her skirt, the girl was driven extremely bashful in a split second.

    "Argh, you...what are you doing?" The girl asked full of panic. Each girl would be a bit flurried when they faced this thing for the first time.

    Zhang Tie raised his head and uttered seriously, "I'm going to occupy the shortcut towards your heart!"

    Soon after he finished this sentence, Zhang Tie had been kicked and sent fly in the air and rolled 5-6 m away on the grassland.

    After that attack, Lan Yunxi instantly jumped up from the grassland. Touching her fevered face, she instantly flashed several dozens of meters away without caring about whether Zhang Tie was live or not.

    Twitching his mouth and touching that footprint on his chest, Zhang Tie climbed up from the grassland. He then saw that shadow 100 m away. Zhang Tie still wanted to chase after her; however, he realized that his butts were still naked.

    Zhang Tie felt it a bit pitiful as she finally escaped away; however, thinking of tonight's achievement--He had already kissed her lips when they met for the second time, Zhang Tie burst out laughing once again, feeling full of an unspeakable sense of achievement.

    For the girl's coy yet enthusiastic response just now, Zhang Tie felt like having discovered a treasure--this is a girl who looks cold yet is hot inside.

    "Lan Yunxi...Lan Yunxi..." Zhang Tie smacked his lips as he mumbled. At this moment, he could still taste the remaining fragrance from the girl's lips, 'Wuh? That's so strange, how could I feel this name becoming so familiar!'

    When Zhang Tie muttered this name, he walked towards Songtao Pavilion. He faintly felt having seen this name somewhere before.

    When Zhang Tie returned to the Songtao Pavilion and caught sight of the tall cornice of the Songtao Pavilion, he instantly remembered where he had seen the name.

    Gosh! When he finally remembered where he had seen this name, Zhang Tie instantly stopped. With widened eyes, Zhang Tie finally remembered that he had seen this name on the Hidden Dragon List in the Qinyun Palace.

    Lan Yunxi ranked both first on the Hidden Dragon Fighting Force List and the Hidden Dragon Clan Contribution List.

    "Is that girl, who became so flurried at the sight of him taking off his trousers, the 1st sister, the most famous figure in Breaking-Heavens Department?"

    After thinking for quite awhile, Zhang Tie finally accepted this fact. Tonight, he had completed an earth-quaking reversal!

    At this moment, Zhang Tie also figured it out why he couldn't remember where he had seen this name. Because when he saw this name in Qinyun Palace, he thought that must be a man.


    On the second early morning, Yang Yuankang had come for Zhang Tie with an apology.

    "When we got that batch of medicament a couple of days ago, we didn't know that is all-purpose medicament either. Zhang Feng then told some friends that you made the all-purpose medicament. Therefore, the moment they knew that was an all-purpose medicament, many people knew that you made that. I heard many people came here for you last night. Did they find trouble for you?"

    Zhang Tie really didn't think too much about this event as he knew that it would happen sooner or later. Therefore, he didn't blame Yang Yuankang; instead, he comforted him, "Never mind, sooner or later, they would know that. How about the sales these days?"

    Speaking of the sales, Yang Yuankang instantly became thrilled, "Demand totally exceeds supply. If we hadn't controlled the sales volume, we'd have long sold them all in one day!"

    "He...he...you must have made a lot!"

    "Previously, the selling price of one vial of that medicament was 5 gold coins; these days, it had risen to 9 gold coins!" Feeling embarrassed, Yang Yuankang looked at Zhang Tie, "How should we share the surplus profit..."

    Zhang Tie then waved his hands generously, "It's yours. In the future, I will still provide your at the cost of 4 gold coins per vial..."

    Yang Yuankang revealed a big smile as he felt Zhang Tie was really a good friend, "We rented a store in the Black Dragon Town. It's been decorated recently. We will start running it a few days later!"

    Zhang Tie nodded as he suddenly recalled something, "Oh, do you know Lan Yunxi?"

    "Senior sister Xi?" Yang Yuankang glanced at Zhang Tie surprisingly, "She's the most famous person in Hidden Dragon Palace. Many people were pursuing her..."

    "I know, she ranks first in both Hidden Dragon Fighting Force List and Hidden Dragon Clan Contribution List. Those who dare to pursue her is really brave enough!" Saying this, even Zhang Tie didn't know how he felt. He just gritted his teeth inside and realized that he had a lot of competitors, "Could those guys be as shameless as I?"

    "Hoho, senior sister Xi has an excellent look and great fighting force. What's more, she's the daughter of count Long Wind and the princess of Zhang clan in Huaiyuan Palace. It was nothing different than entering the sky with one footstep to get her heart for many people!" Yang Yuankang explained with a smile.

    "What? Lan Yunxi is the daughter of Zhang Taixuan, the count Long Wind?" Zhang Tie widened his eyes, "Why not she surname Zhang?"

    "Senior sister Xi's mother was born in the Lan clan of Xi'an Palace, who's a princess of Lan clan, also the first woman who married Lan clan after Lan clan and Zhang clan established connections through marriage. Her first offspring for Zhang clan should also surname Lan; therefore, senior sister Xi followed her mother's surname!"

    Zhang Tie was really stunned. He finally understood what a holy fairy the woman he loved was! 'F*ck, that's too bad. If Count Long Wind knew that his daughter was almost raped by me, will he come to the Hidden Dragon Island with a sword to chop off my head...'
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