Chapter 321: One Movement, One Scenery

    Chapter 321: One Movement, One Scenery

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    Not knowing how long he had practised on the quincuncial piles, after being immersed in that bizarre situation, Zhang Tie felt pleased as he opened his eyes. He then knew that a great amount of people in the training room were watching him.

    Among them, besides his senior sisters who guided him in the morning and some men who he didn't know, he caught sight of Lan Yunxi.

    The moment he saw her, Zhang Tie seemed to notice a halo on her as the entire world became alive. In a split second, the empty land in his memory was fulfilled once again. Only after 1 days since he left Lan Yunxi, Lan Yunxi's image had been obscure in his mind again. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt that he had not seen her for several years.

    With eyes fixed on Zhang Tie, nobody uttered, especially Zhang Tie's martial sisters. They looked like they had seen a ghost. Even Lan Yunxi's eyes became a bit surprised.

    "What a mighty Iron-Blood Fist..." One of those strange men let out a long sigh with a smile on his face.

    'Mighty?' glancing over the metal hydraulic columns which fell down like daisies being destroyed by heavy wind, Zhang Tie also became shocked. At the last moment when he was immersed in that situation just now, Zhang Tie even felt that those quincuncial piles under his feet became surplus. They were just like broken stones on the road. He just kicked them away casually and broke them into pieces. When he "woke up", he found that he was already standing on the ground.

    Each of the metal hydraulic columns being connected to the power equipment in the room weighed a few tons. Although they were not completely solid, they were as firm as robust trees. Those metal hydraulic columns twisted and lay down around Zhang Tie in radial patterns, forming a weird scene. As a result, the oil in the broken metal hydraulic columns slowly flowed over the ground.

    Zhang Tie lowered his head and found that some liquid almost reached his feet; he hurriedly jumped away.

    "Zhang Tie, what happened to you just now? Caidie said you found some insights. What have you got?" Ma Aiyun was straightforward. Seeing Zhang Tie walking over there, she opened her mouth first.

    "I don't know..." said Zhang Tie, scratching his head. Zhang Tie became a bit bashful. Just now, he truly had realized something; however, it was pure subjective experience which could not be described. That was why it could not be easily realized.

    "You don't know?" Widening her eyes, Ma Aiyun added, "How come?"

    "I really don't know how to describe it. I only felt something pour out of my inner heart. This brought me a strange experience. I don't know what I've realized!"

    "What experience?" Gu Caidie asked out of curiosity. Some girls who guided Zhang Tie had not received any experience on finding the insight at all. Therefore, they all wondered what Zhang Tie had experienced.

    Not only them, even those beside him were watching Zhang Tie full of curiosity, including Lan Yunxi. Such a sharing on finding the insight and experience would be beneficial to everyone's cultivation. Even though they could not realize like Zhang Tie, at least they could understand how such insight would change a person and provide a rare, beneficial experience and reference to their cultivation.

    "How to say..." Zhang Tie tried to recall that feeling. Noticing that even Lan Yunxi was interested in this, Zhang Tie thought for awhile before he tried to put it in a clearer way.

    "No need to put your focus on using adjectives, simply tell us about your true feeling!" That man who said just now uttered again.

    Zhang Tie glanced at that man and found he looked a bit similar to Lan Yunxi; he then immediately assumed the status of that man. He should at least be Lan Yunxi's relative or elder, instead of her dad.

    'Zhang Taixuan-- the Count Long Wind, Lan Yunxi's dad was the head of Zhang clan. He was so powerful and busy everyday, he would never waste time to talk with him. Even if he wanted to marry her daughter to Zhang Tie, he didn't need to be that hurried. Although he was not Zhang Taixuan, this man looked so majestic and gentle which reminded Zhang Tie that he was definitely not an average person.

    'No crap, Lan Yunxi's dad and mom are all great figures with powerful family background, how could her relative and elder be average.' Zhang Tie swore him inside. Seeing the man treating him pretty kindly, Zhang Tie also nodded at him with a friend smile.

    This man's words truly reminded Zhang Tie that language and vocabulary were not important; what was important was the true insight and feeling. After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie had already understood that feeling.

    "At the beginning, I felt something coming out of my heart. It seemed to be an incessant force which kept pouring out like a spring. Yes, like a spring. I felt that I became a spring myself. The spring gradually converged into a pond. The the spring flowed out of the pond and started to naturally flow among mountains. It then turned into a stream, which felt so jubilant among mountains. Not only this, I even felt pretty free. I enjoyed the scenery that I passed by. The scenery kept changing at all time, which was really impressive!"

    "You say you became a spring and a stream when you practised on quincuncial piles? you felt jubilant while flowing down the mountain and enjoying scenery on the way? What the hell is that?' Those girls didn't understand this insight, which made them admirable.

    Although those girls didn't understand, the 50 year-old man beside Lan Yunxi knew it as a wisp of amazement flashed across his eyes, "If that's true, it must be the 'one movement, one scenery' level!"

    'One movement, one scenery?' Zhang Tie recalled and found that was similar to his experience. By the end, he felt like enjoying different scenery with each movement.

    "Martial sister Xi, could you introduce this..." Zhang Tie looked at Lan Yunxi as he asked.

    When Zhang Tie turned towards her, Lan Yunxi's heart truly raced. Based on Zhang Tie's character, if he called her "Yunxi" in a shameless way, she didn't even know how to explain to the 4th uncle. When she saw Zhang Tie behaving that politely, she swore him 'b*stard' inside. She could even feel that Zhang Tie was making grimace towards her inside.

    "This is my 4th uncle. He's coming for you today!" After slightly recovering composure, Lan Yunxi made a brief introduction.

    "Let's talk about it outside. It smells bad here!" Zhang Tie looked at Lan Yunxi's 4th uncle. The odor of the hydraulic oil started to gradually volatilize, which made people uncomfortable.

    They then left the training room together.

    Knowing that Zhang Tie would leave, Ma Aiyun and the other girls could only bid farewell to Zhang Tie.

    "Senior sisters, please wait a minute, thanks for your guidance to me these days. I feel that I could pass the test on fundamental movements. Please accept it now!" Zhang Tie smiled.

    "Are you ready to attend the test now?" When Gu Caidie asked, all the others who were walking out of the training field stopped.

    Without saying anything, Zhang Tie directly rushed to the front of the 100-m test passage. He instantly jumped onto the quincuncial piles which were extending and shrinking and started to jump on them rapidly.

    Right then, there were still many people who were trying to pass the 100-m long passage of quincuncial piles which were constantly changing. In every second, someone would be shot down from the top of the piles into the water pool.

    The moment Zhang Tie stood on a quincuncial pile, a high-pressure water column had shot towards him. Zhang Tie smiled and leisurely walked one step aside to evade it.

    When Zhang Tie first saw this test passage on fundamental movements, Zhang Tie felt that this test was too hard; however, at this moment, the passage was like a plain road for him while each point on the top of each quincuncial pile was a geometrical plane which could be extended without any limit.

    Point is zero-dimensional; moving point would form a line, which was one-dimensional; moving line would form a plane which was two-dimensional; moving plane would form body, which was three-dimensional; moving body would form a four-dimensional universal time, space and the world.

    When in movement, all the solid items could be extended, all the existences would be composed of multiple factors. When you split this multiple-dimensional time and space. To the final analysis, everything could be split into one "point", which was hard to understand. It could be zero, it could be empty, it could be the root of everything in the universe.

    Although this passage was still the same one, Zhang Tie changed; therefore, this passage changed in Zhang Tie's eyes. As Zhang Tie's heart changed, his cognition about this world also changed; this indicated a different level.

    "One movement, one scenery" was an advanced level like seeing a plain road out of thorns and a scenery out of fire, which could not be described.

    At this moment, in Zhang Tie's eyes, the numerous quincuncial piles with different lengths had become different levels of planes which were extended in front of him.

    The road was under his feet. There were numerous roads, which connected one by another. No matter where they reached, there was always a place for Zhang Tie to stand on. He could even make a way out of no way. Everything that he saw on the way were just roadside scenery.

    In a split second, the fierce high-pressure water columns became fine drizzles in the sky with a sort of complaint...

    Including Lan Yunxi and the senior girls who were guiding Zhang Tie, their eyes all radiated gleaming light...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was like a poet. In a white suit, Zhang Tie wandered in a long alley. He held an umbrella in the fine drizzle and seemed wanting to encounter a lady with lilac fragrance...

    The other guys who were gritting their teeth on the test passage were like laborers in the mud. Compared to Zhang Tie who was like a prince, they were like paupers.

    After reading the end of the passage, Zhang Tie raised his eyebrows and revealed his teeth with a sexy smile...

    Zhang Tie's nice image in the girls' minds broke apart at once.

    'Peh, still a rogue!' Lan Yunxi swore at him inside...
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