Chapter 324: Sincerity

    Chapter 324: Sincerity

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    'He's ok two days ago, why does he ask for help today?'

    "What happened?" Zhang Tie asked nervously as he thought that Yang Yuankang might have encountered some dangers.

    "Bro, do you have more all-purpose medicament? You have to give me some more today as my happiness in the rest of life fully depends on you!" Yang Yuankang said with watery eyes.

    'F*ck!' Zhang Tie swore inside, 'when do I have the ability to determine whether you are happy or not? How could your happiness be related with me?'

    "I've already given your 100 vials two days ago and let you to control the delivery speed. You only need to sell 7-8 vials a day. How come you sell them off so fast?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    The day before yesterday, Zhang Tie supplied Yang Yuankang with 100 vials for 2 weeks' sale. Now, after Zhang Taibai forcefully bought away a huge terrine of well-fermented all-purpose medicament, there was only one terrine of well-fermented all-purpose medicament left useful in 2 months.

    It weighed more than 100 kg, which could fill in over 1000 vials of all-purpose medicament. Besides consuming it by himself, Zhang Tie could only supply a limited amount of vials to the market, at most 20 vials a day.

    "They have been grabbed away by friends in less than 1 day! Yang Yuankang said in a bashful way, "You know, we're all friends, I feel reluctant to refuse them. Therefore, I failed to control the sales volume. This time, you have to help me, Zhang Tie, I've promised to sell another 10 vials to my friend..."

    "Your friend is a woman?" Judging from Yang Yuankang's face, Zhang Tie probably knew what happened.

    "Yes, I've fallen in love with her for a long time. Finally, she asked me for help, if I could not do that..."

    Zhang Tie understood it at once, "Fine, I will give you 20 more vials, don't forget to control the sales volume this time!"

    Yang Yuankang became greatly jubilant as his face started to radiate brilliant light, "That's my brother!"

    Right then, a staff in the Administration Center of Herbs Valley of Breaking-Heavens Department found Zhang Tie and told him that the exclusive vials had arrived and urged him to take them away from the Administration Center.

    "You've customized a batch of exclusive vials?" Yang Yuankang was really surprised about Zhang Tie's work efficiency. Previously he thought that it would take Zhang Tie a period before customize his exclusive vials. It was really out of his imagination that Zhang Tie had already customized them.

    Zhang Tie nodded as he asked Yang Yuankang, "Are you free now? Accompany me to the Herbs Valley, I will get you 20 vials of all-purpose medicament!"

    "Great!" Yang Yuankang nodded immediately.

    Zhang Tie then went towards the Herbs Valley together with Yang Yuankang. On the way, he inquired Yang Yuankang about the sales situation of the all-purpose medicament.

    The popularity of all-purpose medicament was completely out of Zhang Tie's imagination. In Zhang Tie's opinion, the most obvious influence of all-purpose medicament was to replace LV 1 antidote. Its price was much cheaper than LV 1 antidote. By contrast, fewer people would like to buy LV 1 antidote at higher price.

    However, this medicament had other functions, its price was not for common consumers. For most of cultivators who came to the Hidden Dragon Island for forming battle qi or reaching a higher level, Zhang Tie's medicament was still not cheap.

    Perhaps, someone would buy 1 or 2 vials out of curiosity, it was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that over 100 vials of medicament were sold out so fast.

    "Don't you know that, 90% of the all-purpose medicament had been bought away by girls in the Breaking-Heavens Department. Even thought not, they were finally gifted to girls. Girls of Breaking-Heavens Department were the largest and the ultimate group of consumers!" Yang Yuankang poured out a secret that astounded Zhang Tie pretty much.

    "Girls? What those girls need so many all-purpose medicament for?" Zhang Tie asked in astonishment, "for hairdressing?"

    "Almost like that!" Saying that, Yang Yuankang also became a bit wordless, "You know that the girls of Breaking-Heavens Department need to train hard. Because of this, their hands, knees, elbows, ankles and soles coarsened. Some girls' faces even turned darker. A few days ago, a girl found that all-purpose medicament could help their coarsened skin become more watery and smooth, like have been newly generated. It could also beautify girls' skin. Soon after, all the other girls knew these effects. As a result, all-purpose medicament instantly became a best-seller..."

    "Using all-purpose medicament as facial mask and skin membrane?" Zhang Tie was really dumbfounded. He admired the creativity of these women so much. They could spend everything for beautifying themselves. Although he heard from Ma Aiyun about hairdressing several days ago, he thought they were drinking it; he had never thought that they could play so many tricks with the all-purpose medicament.

    "Some of them even use it to wash their hair!" Yang Yuankang added.

    "Wash hair?" Zhang Tie felt those women were really unrivaled. Even though he invented the all-purpose medicament, he had not imagined that it could have so many purposes.

    "After buying the all-purpose medicament, some female herbal medicine apprentices soaked all-purpose medicament together with some polygonum multiflorum and soapberry. After a few days, they could use the solution to wash their hair. It was said that by using the super enzyme as a shampoo, their hair became both black and bright and smelt very fragrant. Besides, the problem like dropping hair is also solved!"

    Certainly, Zhang Tie had not imagined that the all-purpose medicament could have so many effects. Zhang Tie was also shocked inside after hearing all these news. He only had tried to ferment super enzyme with various fruits; perhaps he could also try to mix something else inside, such as, some substances that had cosmetic effect like peach blossoms or roses.

    When they talked with each other, they had already arrived at the Administration Center of the Herbs Valley.

    After checking Zhang Tie's clan identification plate, a staff in the Administration Center of Herbs Valley directly brought Zhang Tie into a warehouse of the Administration Center as he pointed at a pile of crates marked with Alchemists Association, "These are the 10,000 exclusive vials that you've ordered. Here is the Document on the your exclusive symbol that you've registered in the Alchemists Association!", the staff in the Administration Center passed another paper document folder to Zhang Tie.

    Being not too hasty to move away the vials, Zhang Tie open the paper document folder and took a serious look.

    That document was an document on the registration of exclusive symbol officially delivered by the Human Alchemists Association. With this document, from then on, Zhang Tie had become the only owner of the exclusive symbol "Manjusaka". Meanwhile, he had the right to use this exclusive symbol on his vials of medicament.

    When Zhang Tie opened that document, Yang Yuankang also drew close his head to him and watched that very delicate and mysterical symbol on the document.

    "Manjusaka?" Yang Yuankang mumbled that word under the symbol in a low voice, "Is this your exclusive symbol?"

    "Right, how do you feel?" Zhang Tie directly showed it to Yang Yuankang in a generous way.

    Yang Yuankang carefully gazed at that symbol as he revealed a big smile, "Very beautiful! How to say! It is a bit mystical!"

    Zhang Tie burst out laughter, "Let's have a look at the vials!"

    Saying this, Zhang Tie had directly opened a crate of vials in front of him and took out of a vial from inside before took a careful look.

    These vials were totally different from the ones with no symbol before as a square exclusive symbol were carved on the middle of these vials. It was a bloody, mystical blossom, under which was the Chinese character "", which means 'manjusaka'. With this symbol, the vials instantly reached a higher level.

    "You're now an alchemist master!" Yang Yuankang praised, "How much is the vials that you've customized?"

    "26 copper coins for each vial with no symbol, 30 copper coins for each vial with exclusive symbol!"

    "Hehe, a bit more expensive than those vials with no symbol that I've bought before!"

    "No crap, hurry up, help me remove them!"

    "To where?"

    "Poria Cocos Park!" Saying this, Zhang Tie had lifted 2 crates of vials by each hand. Seeing this, Yang Yuankang also hurriedly followed up with some crates of vials.

    The vial was neither huge nor heavy. A crate could contain 500 vials with exclusive symbol. 20 crates for 10,000 vials of medicament. With the help of the workers in the Administration Center, they soon moved all the vials into the Poria Cocos Park.

    With the exception of these vials of medicament, Zhang Tie also ordered a small vial filling machine.

    In the Poria Cocos Park, although Yang Yuankang had long known that it was not difficult for Zhang Tie to produce all-purpose medicament, at the first sight of the almost 100 huge terrines, Yang Yuankang was still shocked for quite a while.

    With the help of the small vial filler and the help of Yang Yuankang, it took Zhang Tie less than 20 minutes to fill all the fermented super enzyme from the huge terrine into 1174 wholly new vials of all-purpose medicament in total.

    Staring at the 1000-odd vials of all-purpose medicament lying in the cases in a tidy way, Yang Yuankang forcefully swallowed his saliva and mumbled, "Am I dreaming? How could I see so many vials of all-purpose medicament in front of me!"

    Zhang Tie then took out 20 vials from them and handed them to Yang Yuankang, "These are all the vials that I could provide in 2 months, you could take 500 vials of them away at any time. As for the rest, I've promised to let some senior sisters to sell a part of them for me! 2 months later, I could provide you 1000 vials of all-purpose medicament months."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Yang Yuankang nodded. Although he wanted to take all the all-purpose medicament here away, he knew that it was imposible. For all-purpose medicament, Zhang Tie had his own plan. It was already very fortunate for him to be Zhang Tie's dealer. Certainly, Zhang Tie won't entrust him for the sale of all the all-purpose medicament on the Hidden Dragon Island as he didn't have the ability to do that.

    "From today on, you need to watch out your safety, bro!" Yang Yuankang pointed at a vial marked with the wholly new symbol "manjusaka", "Once this thing enters the market, manjusaka would be an offical brand in the eyes of the public. Although in this way, all-purpose medicament became more expensive and more reliable, you need to know that some bad guys in the Breaking-Heavens Department or on the other places of the Hidden Dragon Island might be jealous about you!"

    "Trust me, I will pay attention to that!" Zhang Tie replied. After enlightening the "One Step, One Scenary" situation, Zhang Tie felt that he had reached a greater improvement in his real strength; besides, his Iron-Body Fist had reached a higher level. Additionally, he was now a "Will-be LV 7 fighter". If he fought Zhang Qingguo now, he was confident to beat that guy who was jumping in front of him here and there to spit out blood.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Yang Yuankang friendly urged again about his safety before jubilantly took away the 20 vials of medicament in order to gift them to some girl.

    'What an unpromising guy! As long as you got something good, you will gift them to your woman?' Seeing off Yang Yuankang leaving jubilantly with 20 vials of all-purpose medicament, Zhang Tie sniggerred inside.

    The moment Yang Yuankang disappeared, Zhang Tie instantly fetched a special pot-cover sized box that he had customized in a goldsmith's shop in the White Dragon Town two days ago from the lab of the Poria Cocos Park and started to be busy in a very meticulous and excited way...


    When Lan Yunxi returned to his Phoenix-Resting Pavilion in the evening, she received the most sexy gift that she had received since she was born...

    Lan Yunxi was the only person who lived in the Phoenix-Resting Pavilion. This was the privilege the number one student in the Clan's Donation List could enjoy. In recent decades, Lan Yunxi was the first female student that enjoyed this special treatment in the Hidden Dragon Palace. Previously, this privilege was usually enjoyed by male students.

    As the number one student on the Hidden Dragon Clan Contribution List, she could have one pavilion and 2 exclusive servants. Therefore, there were 2 servant girls arranged for her in the Phoenix-Resting Pavilion.

    "Miss, someone send a gift to you today!" The moment Lan Yunxi returned to the Phoenix-Resting Pavilion, Xiaoqing, one of his servant girl had brought her such a news.

    "Burn it!" Lan Yunxi ordered in a cold way. Since entering the Hidden Dragon Palace, she had received numerous gifts. Those guys who courted her either considered that they were talented or sent her collection of poems, paintings or music books which almost made her apathetic.

    One guy who was excelled at fighting skills yet with a simple head, gifted her a gorgeous, powerful gold-edge saber being blissed with several rune effects. There were rings on its back. The saber weighed more than 80 kg.

    The second day after she received the saber, Lan Yunxi ferociously tamped that guy with his saber, causing him pass out with full of bumps on his forehead. From then on, all the male students in the Breaking-Heavens Department knew that Lan Yunxi didn't like others to gift her weapon. Therefore, more people tended to gift her poems and music books.

    Besides the above-mentioned guys, Lan Yunxi always saw men talking about national affairs in front of her or doing everything to please her. Some men didn't even dare to look into her eyes.

    All the guys who talked about national affairs thought they were not like average people and they disdained to please her in those naive tricks. By comparison, those guys who would like to do everything to please Lan Yunxi all had good plans, which made Lan Yunxi directly throw off their gifts. As for those who were not even brave enough to look into her eyes, she thought they were not brave to send gifts to her either.

    "This one is special, not like the previous ones. I cannot easily burn it. Please have a look by youself, Miss!" Xiaoqing revealed a smile.

    Lan Yunxi then glanced at that gift. It was too rustic, sexy and extremely vulgar.

    On the top of the gift was a bundle of vulgar yet beautiful roses which were as large as a pot cover. Under the roses were a more vulgar gold jewelry box, which weighed more than 10 kg. Opening the box, she saw a deep blue mattress made of velvet. On the mattress were standing 99 vials of all-purpose medicament in a tidy way, which formed a heart-shaped pattern.

    On the vials were a message left to Lan Yunxi.

    Taking that notepaper, Lan Yunxi read the extremely awkward words, it was a damn b*ll** doggerel.

    All-purpose medicament is truly good, no matter men, women, old and young, they all need it.

    Beauties with it would grow prettier year by year.

    No matter how much you hate me, I will sent you my sincerity!

    The signature of the doggerel was --You know!

    Reading this doggerel, Lan Yunxi's face changed every now and then. She looked both happy or furious.

    "Miss, do you need me to throw these things away?" Xiaoqing observed Lan Yunxi's face carefully as she asked in a faint voice. Although these things were valuable, Lan Yunxi could also easily throw them away if she wanted as she had even thrown away priceless night-luminous pearls without a blink of her eyes.

    "Who sent them here?"

    "A 16-17 student from Hidden Dragon Palace with a grinning face!"

    "Is it a grinning face! It's a stealthy face!" Lan Yunxi made a cold hurrumph.

    "I will throw it away then..." Saying this, Xiaoqing pretended to throw them away.

    "Stop..." Lan Yunxi stopped Xiaoqing while saying calmly to her with a serious look, "These flowers look really good, it's a pity to throw them off. Just keep them!"

    "Yes, Miss!" Xiaoqing revealed a wisp of smile at the corner of her mouth.


    One hour later, lying in a bathtub being covered with petals, Lan Yunxi held a vial of all-purpose medicament. Watching at the exclusive symbol, she became slightly perplexed--Manjusaka, how could that villain come out such a poetic, sad and beautiful name?

    Looking at her naked body in the mirror, Lan Yunxi thought of a b*stard. Not knowing why, Lan Yunxi's cheeks gradually blushed...
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