Chapter 326: Betrayal

    Chapter 326: Betrayal

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    Zhang Tie was a bit shocked about being traced, yet he still pretended to wander in the Black Dragon Town. After that, he saw a lane on the roadside; therefore, he flashed in.

    Zhang Tie rushed into the lane less than 20 seconds, two shadows appeared at the entrance of the lane. After exchanging glances with each other, they also rushed in the lane.

    This lane was less than 2m in width. After moving forward over 30 meters, Zhang Tie turned a corner and stopped. With arms crossed and eyes narrowed, he leaned against the wall and slowed his breath. Meanwhile, he started to hear the footsteps in the lane.

    Over 10 seconds later, the subtle sound of footsteps became clearer. Based on the sound of the footsteps, Zhang Tie knew that he was traced by 2 people. They both moved very swiftly.

    When the sound of footsteps became closer to the corner, Zhang Tie instantly flashed out and launched an attack at once...

    Those 2 people had not imagined that Zhang Tie could attack them first, but they were obviously experts. The moment Zhang Tie punched them, they reacted to it and hurriedly counterattacked him.

    With two muffled sounds, Zhang Tie sent both of them 2 m away.

    Previously, Zhang Tie thought that he could end the battle at once; he had not imagined that those two had such great fighting abilities.

    "Sto..." Before one guy was able to say something, Zhang Tie had thrown another punch. Zhang Tie's strength was so huge that the moment they reacted to his another attack, the two guys felt having no other ways but to forcefully hold it back.

    'F*ck, how can a LV 6 guy have such huge strength?' The two guys swore inside before held back his attack.

    Feeling the huge strength, they were sent flying several meters away again. Like their shadow, Zhang Tie closely followed them and punched for the fourth time...

    This time, Zhang Tie attacked more ferociously and swiftly. After four moves, he had forced the two people over 10 m back.

    With a sound of "Qing", one guy who could not stand any more. He directly pulled out his long sword from his back.

    When sword qi spread in the lane like spring rain, with only one movement, Zhang Tie had left the attacking range of the sword qi and stood in the pavilion. He then started to appreciate the scenary of the "spring rain" like a tourist on the grassland.

    Compared to Zhang Tie's attack before, his retreat shocked them too. The two people knew their real fighting abilities. Seeing his partner applied the fighting skill "sword rain" and it did not even touch Zhang Tie's clothes, one guy was really stunned as he realized that he had encountered the most powerful opponent in his life.

    Although "sword rain" was a defensive move, it was also aggressive like needles in cotton. Whether it could be well applied depended on the person who applied it. However, a LV 9 sword master-hand only forced him one step back. Zhang Tie's quick judgement, response and easy expression really shocked them.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's gleaming eyes and the gradually rising battle-qi totem on his back, the guy who used his sword before shouted loudly hurriedly.

    "Stop, we are from Long Wind Business Group!"

    Hearing his explanation, Zhang Tie became slightly surprised as the rising battle-qi totem disappeared at once, "You say you are from Long Wind Business Group, show me your identification certificate!"

    After exchanging glances with each other, they presented their identification plates to Zhang Tie. After checking their identification plates, Zhang Tie completely hid his qi and slightly frowned his forehead, "Why do you trace me then?"

    Whoever being traced would not feel good, including Zhang Tie.

    That guy who pulled out the sword had put it back into the sheath.

    "As Long Wind Business Group is worrying about your safety, they arranged us to protect you stealthily!" Another guy explained with an innocent look. They had not imagined that Zhang Tie was that shrewd. Two LV 9 experts traced a LV 6 man, yet was noticed and being forced to pull out sword in only a few seconds. What a shame! What a shame!

    "Protect me?" Zhang Tie felt a bit hilarious, "Do you mean I will encounter dangers on the island?"

    "If you were the old Zhang Tie, you might be safe; but now, it is hard to say. These days, many alchemists had been killed on the land. It was a bit chaotic out there!" That guy who put his sword back into sheath explained.

    "Many alchemists were killed on the land?" Zhang Tie was shocked, "Do you know who did this?"

    "We don't know. They moved very fast and leave no clue or people alive. These days, alchemists on all continents were scared of them. The Alchemists Association had released the reward of huge amount of money for hunting them. Being concerned about your safety, the Long Wind Business Group dispatches us to protect you stealthily!" They explained everything straightforwardly.

    After figuring out what happened, Zhang Tie's bad mood disappeared at once.

    "Big brothers, as I don't know about your status before, I launched the attack. Wish you didn't mind that!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile instantly, "How do I address you then?"

    "After exchanging glances with each other, the guy who held the sword burst out in laughter generously, "I'm Liu Xiang, he's Zhang Haichao, Brother Zhang Tie really has great fighting skills!"

    "Haha, thanks, big brother Liu. I wonder when will your task come to an end?"

    "This is a long-term task. I'm afraid that it will not come to an end until you leave Hidden Dragon Island. You just do whatever you want in the island. We will not interfere with you. We hope you do not mind being traced by us stealthily as we are just following the order!" Zhang Haichao explained.

    "I feel really sorry for that..."

    "That's our work!" Liu Xiang smiled as he looked at Zhang Tie, "Oh, how did you notice us just now? Old Yang and I have been partners for a long time. We are very confident to not be noticed by the one we trace!"

    "I have a very sharp sense. I only felt being traced on the street. As I could not identify you in the public, I have to force you out by setting a trap!"

    "How smart!" Liu Xiang nodded, "Brother Zhang is only LV 6, right? But your iron-blood fist is really excellent. Old Yang and I could not even able to hold it back!"

    Through a few seconds' battle, although they didn't use their full strength, they all had left a deep impression of each other.

    "I'm going to the Dragon Cave to form LV 7 battle-qi totem today!" Zhang Tie explained.

    "That's great!" Liu Xiang exchanged glances with Zhang Tie. Aftering knowing that Zhang Tie had almost been LV 7, the two felt much better.


    One minute later, Zhang Tie walked out of the lane and entered a nearby drugstore to buy a vial of night viewing medicament before heading for the Dragon Cave alone.

    Walking out of the other end of the lane, Liu Xiang and Zhang Haichao also bought 1 vial of night viewing medicament respectively. They then encountered Zhang Tie at the entrance of Dragon Cave. With a distance between them and Zhang Tie, they entered the Dragon Cave together.

    There were a lot of people entering the Dragon Cave every day. Soon after Zhang Tie and the two people entered, another batches of people entered too.


    Two hours later, in the deep, gloomy cave where few people could be seen...

    When Liu Xiang and Zhang Haichao passed a underground area of tall mosses, a lot of bolts were shot out of the plants and flew directly towards the two people...

    Almost the moment the bolts were shot out, Liu Xiang had charged out like a fierce tiger. With bright sword qi, a wide area of tall lotus-leaves mosses and the second wave of bolts were shatterred off by Liu Xiang.

    At this very moment, Zhang Haichao had jumped up from the ground like a furious eagle while wearing a pair of eccentric steel claws and launched a furious attack from the air.

    Being punched by the two LV 9 experts, the group of killers had to drop off their crossbows and jumped out of that area of lotus-leaves mosses; however, almost the moment they drilled out, they had been torn off into pieces by sword qi and shadowing claws.

    Seeing 5-6 corpses lying on the ground, Liu Xiang frowned, "Not right, they look a bit strange..."

    "Yea, they don't bleed!" Looking at his steel claws where there was not blood, Zhang Haichao's face also turned gloomy.

    "Hurry up, go find Zhang Tie, he's in danger..." Liu Xiang's face changed at once.

    When Zhang Haichao turned, a part of long sword was pierced through his chest. Looking at that part of long sword, Zhang Haichao felt that this was the last thing that he could believe. With eyes turning red, he punched backward, forcing Liu Xiang to draw out of his long sword and move 5 meters back in a split second.

    Zhang Haichao then started to spit out dark blood. Liu Xiang's attack not only heavily wounded his veins, but also sharply poisoned him. Swaggering his body, he fixed his eyes on Liu Xiang, "Wh...why...do you betray Huaiyuan Palace!"

    Liu Xiang just revealed a smile. With sounds of "shasha" from all directions, a great amount of bowmen surrounded him once again. At the same time, another round of bolts rain were triggered. With a roar, Zhang Haichao kept surging forward and rushed inside the bolts rain...

    In a wink, he tore off 5 more people into pieces. When Zhang Haichao wanted to tore apart the 6 person by his steel claws, his body swayed. At the same time, 10 more bolts were nailed onto his body, closely after which, a sword qi flashed by. As a result, his head flew off his body and dropped onto the ground 10 m away, eyes as wide as copper bells[1]...

    "What a pity..." Cleaning the long sword in his hand, Liu Xiang watched Zhang Haichao's headless corpse, "If not in this way, I might really not have killed you. If not kill you, in a few years, you might be promoted to LV 10 and become a powerful fighter..."

    "Nothing pitiful at all!" No until then did a man in black robe walked out of the dark corner and glanced at those corpses lying on the ground in a distant way, "Just some dead bodies!"

    "But since then, my status would be exposed!" Liu Xiang let out a sign, "I've been lurked in Huaiyuan Palace for over 10 years!"

    "You should appreciate that Huaiyuan Palace dispatches you here as this is a good chance for you to show your loyalty to us. Now that you've made it, everything you've done is worthwhile!"

    "Hope so!"After saying this, Liu Xiang broke his own long sword and punched himself. After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he made his bun tilt and his hair messy. After that, he ran towards the path where Zhang Tie had passed in a flurried way...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie finally met a huge centipede. After killed it so easily, Zhang Tie widened his eyes and watched that ball of soul fire flying towards him and entering his body. In a split second, he had formed his LV 7 battle-qi totem.

    Soon after, he saw Liu Xiang running towards him in an embarrassed way...
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