Chapter 329: Hunting

    Chapter 329: Hunting

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    If he wasn't even brave to face the enemy, he would be a coward!

    When he knew that he couldn't defeat him, if he chose to fight with gritting teeth only to be caught or killed, he would be an idiot.

    With the exception of that time when he chose to sacrifice himself for his brothers in Iron-Blood Camp, he would never be that foolish on dealing with other things.

    Zhang Tie was neither a coward nor an idiot. He was willing to fight, however, if he found that the opponent was far more powerful than he was and he could not get the anticipated result if he kept fighting the opponent, he would definitely turn back and escape without any hesitation, just like now!

    When escaping, Zhang was actually wounded inside due to the first round of fighting with that man in black clothes.

    Zhang Tie had ignited 13 surging points on his spine and officially reached LV 7; however, that person was a LV 10 powerful fighter who had ignited at least 55 surging points.

    That man was truly powerful, at least for Zhang Tie. The distance of 40 surging points between him and Zhang Tie was like an abyss that Zhang Tie could not cross. This was not the right moment to fight him, even though Zhang Tie had formed Iron-Blood Battle Qi and eaten a great number of fruits.

    Actually, Zhang Tie's performance had greatly shocked that man. Before seeing Zhang Tie, that man had never imagined that he could be wounded by some LV 7 kid. What was more amazing was that Zhang Tie could slip away like a loach, staying out of his grasps for so long after wounding him.

    The super great endurance and speed brought by 9 Wild-Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits...

    The agility and the precise choice of each step after his enlightenment from "One Movement, One Scenery"...

    His physical potential after the ignition of 13 surging points and Iron-Blood Battle Qi as the powerful top battle qi was exerted to the utmost by Zhang Tie at this moment.

    The underground space where the huge centipedes lived was quite cramped and gloomy; in contrast, the karst cave was relatively spacious, the height of this karst cave only varied from just over 10 m to dozens of meters. Weird-looking rigged rocks could be seen everywhere. The karst cave was twisting and winding, which was totally different from the karst cave where he hunted the hell-black spiders last time.

    If the area above the karst cave where hell-black spiders lived could hold a huge city, then the size of this karst cave was as big as an animal's intestinal tract.

    Zhang Tie didn't know where this karst cave would lead to; he only felt that the icy killing intent was getting closer to him.

    That man moved much faster than Zhang Tie. The incredible ability of a LV 10 fighter was awe-inspiring. If not for the handbolts, Zhang Tie might have been caught by that man already.

    Each time Zhang Tie felt that man would catch him, Zhang Tie would shout loudly, "Look out for my bolt..."; however, Zhang Tie didn't really throw out a bolt sometimes, instead, he just frightened that guy. Other times, he actually threw out a handbolt. By then, that man had to change his moving direction or pat away Zhang Tie's handbolt.

    In this way, Zhang could extend the distance between himself and that man at critical moments.

    Zhang Tie kept running for over 20 minutes. Finally, that man found the right way to deal with Zhang Tie's trick. As long as Zhang Tie didn't turn around, that man would keep chasing after him; by comparison, the moment Zhang Tie turned around, if Zhang Tie threw out his handbolt, that man would change his moving direction and moved in the shape of a "Z" so as to evade Zhang Tie's hidden weapon.

    Seeing this, Zhang Tie also started to be anxious. When he turned around, he would slow down, which slowed him about as much as that man slowed when moving in the shape of a "Z". In this way, the distance between Zhang Tie and that man gradually narrowed.

    Gradually, the distance between them narrowed from 100 m to 50 m.

    After running for over 20 minutes, Zhang Tie finally saw some people hunting huge centipedes in the underground karst cave.

    The 3 people were dissecting a huge centipede that they've killed.

    However, all Zhang Tie could only do was to shout loudly towards them, "Hurry up, escape in different directions..."

    As Zhang Tie had flashed over them, the three people were still standing in the same spot. Seeing them still standing over there, Zhang Tie sighed inside as he knew that they'd lost any chance of survival.

    Several seconds later, three shrill shrieks drifted into Zhang Tie's ears. Zhang Tie turned around to find 3 heads flying in the air amidst a fountain of blood.

    'As that man dared to hunt me in the Dragon Cave, he would definitely not allow any witness to live, because as long as those witnesses revealed it in the public, this man will not leave Hidden Dragon Island alive. '

    Zhang Tie could see that man's cruel, sinister smile as he licked his lips.

    "Motherf*cker!" Zhang Tie was driven furious. Meanwhile, he threw out 2 more handbolts. By moving in a weird way, that man patted away the last two of Zhang Tie's handbolts from the first batch.

    "No more struggling, I promise you an easy death!" After patting away the 2 handbolts, that man kept speeding up.

    "F*ck, you b*stard; wait, this father will teach you a lesson sooner or later!" Zhang Tie kept his head down and rushing forward.

    "Is that true?" the man ridiculed, "I'm afraid that you will not live to see that day!"

    Zhang Tie had soon rushed hundreds of meters away from where those three were killed, as the distance between him and the man closed to less than 30 m. At the sight of an underground lake which covered more than 6000 square meters, Zhang Tie became thrilled at once as he hurriedly dove inside.

    There were plenty of water resources in the underground world. There were various creatures in the water, some of which were even more ferocious than those on land. However, since Zhang Tie entered Hidden Dragon Palace, he had not heard about any dangerous creatures in the waters of the underground space where huge centipedes lived. That was why he dared to dive into the lake without any hesitation.

    The underground lake was crystal clear. When he dove inside, he could see clearly the shiny little fishes and floating waterseeds.

    The moment Zhang Tie dove into the lake, the man arrived at the water's edge. Almost the moment the splatters left by Zhang Tie fell onto the water, that man's skin had turned red as he smacked onto the water with his fierce battle qi, aiming at Zhang Tie's back in the water.

    When he smacked the water, his battle qi formed into a black palm that had been amplified many times.

    As a result, a 10 m high splatter splashed up like something exploding out of a torpedo. Soon after he dove down 10 m, Zhang Tie felt the surrounding water became frozen while an incredible strength penetrated through the water and struck Zhang Tie on the back.

    "Wua..." Zhang Tie immediately spat out a mouthful of blood in the water, tinting the surrounding water.

    When one reached LV 8, many advanced battle qis would be able to hurt people without having to touch the opponent. When he was in the Iron-Blood Camp, Zhang Tie had seen Captain Reinhardt performed this using "Man's Certificate". On the training field, Captain Reinhardt released his battle qi and controlled Zhang Tie's Man's Certificate to make a several meters long ditch on the ground with sword qi, which really shocked them.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that the guy could be that horrible. If it hadn't been Zhang Tie, who had eaten a lot of Iron-Body Fruits, any normal LV 6-7 fighter would have been killed.

    Through this strike, Zhang Tie knew that he was too lucky when he collided that man in the air earlier and how smart he was by choosing escape.

    'If this man had not underestimated my real power, he might have killed me in the first round.'

    However, at this moment, although not having lain down, Zhang Tie knew that he had been wounded and could not move as easy as before.

    With the inertia of this strike, Zhang Tie dove another 20 m. It was already more than 50 m in depth. Zhang Tie soon arrived at the bottom of the water and found a hidden place to recover while gazing at the entrance of the water; meanwhile, he started to think up some countermeasures rapidly.

    That man didn't follow him in. Realizing this, Zhang Tie slightly let out a sigh. At the same time, Zhang Tie also realized that that man must have learnt about how he was a yaksha in the sea. As he knew that Zhang Tie excelled at diving, he didn't dare to follow in.

    Zhang Tie admitted that that guy was much trickier than he had imagined. He was powerful, fierce, and cunning. Knowing that Zhang Tie's movement ability was greatly restricted in the water, he kept striking the water, attempting to seal Zhang Tie's fate...

    When he figured out the environment under water, Zhang Tie started to cry inside...
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