Chapter 330: Conversion Lord

    Chapter 330: Conversion Lord

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    What made Zhang Tie regretful was that there were no subterranean river courses through which he could slip away. It was like a huge bowl had been put underground. Besides some weird shiny aquatic plants and fishes, it was full of icy stones at the bottom of the lake.

    With eyes slightly closed, Zhang Tie started to feel the water flow. Along the flowing water, he found an undercurrent at the bottom of the lake.

    'That man won't dive in, I won't come out of the water, will we just maintain this state?

    'But I have advantage of time now. As long as I don't go out, when the Hidden Dragon Palace and Long Wind Business Group realize there's an abnormal situation, they will definitely send a powerhouse here.' Zhang Tie comforted himself as he felt a bit worried, not knowing what other methods those guys might apply.

    After staying in the dragon cave for a long while, benefited from setting free earthworms, Zhang Tie started to feel the effect of his preliminary recovery body.

    'It's also a good chance to recover myself!

    'Do I need to hide in Castle of Black Iron for a while? As long as I stay in Castle of Black Iron for 2 days, it would definitely be chaotic outside. By then, that guy should have already escaped. '

    An idea flashed across Zhang Tie's mind.

    'No, that's my final trump card for a live threatening situation. I should not expose my trump card until the last moment. As long as this trump card is exposed, it would bring me numerous troubles.'

    Zhang Tie then started to recover under water...

    That man on the bank was standing still with his icy, gleaming eyes narrowed and fixed on the water.

    He knew that he had wounded Zhang Tie just now, but he didn't know whether Zhang Tie had died or not.

    Neither of the 2 men moved.

    Gradually, the lake recovered its tranquility...

    10 minutes later, the man's lackeys finally arrived at here with gasps. Due to Zhang Tie's counterattack, only 8 of them were left alive.

    Seeing his lackeys return, that man in black clothes asked coldly, "Have you dealt with those corpses?"


    "Fine, Zhang Tie has been wounded by my attack. He's underwater now. I don't know whether he's dead or not; you two, go inside and check whether there's any other subterranean river course or not. If Zhang Tie is dead, get his corpse out of there!"

    After glancing at the underground lake, one of them instantly walked out and dove inside the lake.

    After 2 minutes, the lake was still tranquil while nobody coming out. It seemed that a terrifying monster was hiding under water. That man who had dived inside the lake seemed to have just disappeared. Seeing this, the other 7 people's faces all turned pale.

    "2 more in..." The man in black robe said in a cold-blooded way.

    2 of the 7 people then gritted their teeth before jumped inside...

    2 more minutes later, after the splatters caused by the 2 men when they jumped inside, the lake became tranquil once again. The 2 men didn't come out either.

    "You're still alive; and you have nowhere to go inside. Do you really think that I cannot force you out?" The man in black robe revealed a cold smile before ordered the rest 5 men whose faces had turned completely pale, "Prepare the crossbows and keep an eye on the water. Shoot anyone jumping out of the lake. I only need you to block him a few seconds!"

    After knowing that they didn't need to go inside the lake, the rest people all let out a sigh, "Yes, sir!".

    When the 5 people stood on five directions over the lake with crossbows, that man in black robe then took out of a pitch-black vial and poured all the liquid from the vial into the lake.

    The moment he poured the liquid into the lake, the water inside had already started to turn black. After a few seconds, fish inside the lake started to die one by another. Finally, the water's surface was filled with floating, dead fish.

    With a slight sound of "Hula" on the farthest side of the lake, a body suddenly flew out of the water. At the sight of it, the five lackeys who had long waited instantly triggered their crossbows. At the same time, the man in black robe flashed towards that place.

    With a sound of "Pata", that body fell onto the bank after being shot by 5 bolts. When the man in black robe and the other guys ran over there and turned over that body, they were startled as it was their partner who had dived inside. Because it was wearing Zhang Tie's clothes, they had not recognized it.

    'Too bad!' As this thought flashed across the leader's mind, another splash was heard from the other side of the water as Zhang Tie jumped out of the water and rushed away.

    With a growl, that man in black robe hurriedly started to chase after Zhang Tie. As a LV 10 powerhouse, he had been tricked by Zhang Tie man times. He'd been driven completely furious and had determined to tear Zhang Tie into pieces.


    Ten minutes later...

    With a sound of "bang", Zhang Tie smacked the black battle qi which was launched towards him in the air; however, a powerful aftershock coursed through him and causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

    After being struck once again, Zhang Tie lost his balance and rolled down along an inclined slope.

    That was a pretty narrow, long, and smooth slope of a huge underground valley. It was an intersection of two huge quartz deposits. It extended several hundred meters underground. After losing the control of his body, Zhang Tie kept rolling downward along the slope and became disoriented and dizzy.

    This feeling reminded Zhang Tie of that scene that he was forced by some wild wolves to jump into the cave of Gold-eaten boas. What was different was that the man behind him was several times sharper than those b*tches.

    Zhang Tie didn't stop until 3 minutes later. The moment he stopped, he felt the bone-scorching heat from the ground along with a surrounding rosy light.

    There was a river of magma which was slowly flowing under this seam. With the exception of that slope, he was surrounded by high-temperature lava in three directions.

    The moment Zhang Tie forcefully picked himself up from the ground, he had heard a weird ridicule, "jie...jie...jie...".

    "Keep running, why stop? You're really good at choosing places. This is a good place to destroy your body!" Like a black cloud, that man jumped off the quartz on the slope and landed several meters away from Zhang Tie. He then started to stare at Zhang Tie with an alert but mocking look.

    After rolling down the slope for so long, Zhang Tie had been further wounded. Besides, he was suffering from slight poisoning. As a result, he spat out another mouthful of blood.

    After wiping off the blood from the corners of his mouth, Zhang Tie didn't stand up; instead, he kept half-squatting like a wolf and gazed at that man with an unyielding and icy gaze.

    "I swear that if I don't die today, I will definitely tear up your family members and those people who assigned you here into pieces!" Zhang Tie pointed at him and firmly swore.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, that man's pupils narrowed slightly as he replied in ridicule, "Do you think that you can survive today?"

    After saying this, that man surged forward like a lightning bolt as he directly smacked towards Zhang Tie's head, aiming to kill Zhang Tie directly and sparing no chance to survive him...

    Almost at the same time, a gleaming sword qi brightened up over Zhang Tie's waist like a lightning bolt formed by a red snake...

    The battle of life or death was so transient and fierce that in less than a second, they'd already exchanged more than ten attacks...

    One second later, Zhang Tie was blasted away by that man. Meanwhile, his red-snake sword drew a curving line in the air and dropped into the river of magma dozens of meters away which then slowly sunk inside...

    That man in black robe touched the wound on his left shoulder and the mask on his face; he then looked at Zhang Tie who was spitting out blood and forcefully standing up once again before sighing, "As a LV 10 powerful fighter, I could have ignored most of common fighters under LV 9. I've not imagined that I could be wounded by you three times. You're the first one in the world who could wound me in face-to-face battle. I will never allow you to survive in this world. As we are both Chinese, I'll give you the chance to tell me your last words!"

    Zhang Tie could feel his chest and abdomen almost being torn off due to pain. Glaring at that man whose mask had been broken by him, Zhang Tie gritted his teeth and asked, "Who are you?"

    "You don't need to know who I am. If dead people actually get to live in another world, we might have a chance to witness how we are worshipped by all the future generations!" With a wisp of ridicule full of killing intent, that man drew close to Zhang Tie one step by another, "What other trump card do you have. If you don't use it now, I'm afraid that you won't have another chance to use it!"

    Zhang Tie slightly narrowed his eyes and showed no panic at all. He truly had a final trump card; however, Zhang Tie was somewhat hesitant.

    'I should use this chance to escape...

    'I should use this chance to escape...

    'I should use this chance to escape...

    'Give me a bit more time, I should use this chance to escape...'

    Zhang Tie growled inside while that man kept drawing closer to him. Each of that man's step forward was oppressive and cautious which was especially owned by powerhouse.

    When Zhang Tie was racking his mind to seek for the last chance of survival in this dilemma, Zhang Tie's eyes were fully filled with amazement that could be rarely seen in this world when he threw his eyes behind that man's back.

    "Did you think that trick would work on me a second time and earn another 2 seconds of life for you, did you think I would actually believe it this time? Ha...ha...unless it's an immortal, nobody can save you at this moment..." Throwing a derisive glance towards Zhang Tie, he ridiculed Zhang Tie's naive and ignorant trick.

    "I've never said that I'm an immortal, but I remember that some in the Eastern Continent call me 'Conversion Lord'!" A faint old man's voice tinged with fatigue drifted from behind the man in black robe.
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