Chapter 333: Face Life With a Smile

    Chapter 333: Face Life With a Smile

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    "The fiery-flame red lotus lives in the magma underground. It's an exotic treasure in this world. Commoners could rarely see it. Even though commoners might find it by chance, they couldn't harvest it. Even average lotus seeds could brighten one's eyes and improve one's spirit, the lotus seeds of fiery-flame red lotus living in magma have much better effects. With only a few of them, you will have a much better visual ability and gain a much better night vision abilities in darkness than night viewing medicament!" The old man smiled.

    "Thanks, master!"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie was pretty thrilled. It was really awesome to gain the night vision ability. It was like intensifying the effect of night viewing medicament on him. Zhang Tie knew that this item was definitely priceless as it could grant people a new ability--night vision. When he thought about it, he was very excited.

    "As the lotus seed in the lotus seedpod is very hard, you can't directly eat it." The old man urged, "When you go back, remember to take out the lotus seed and soak it in liquor. Three days later, the lotus seed would be softened while the color of the liquor would turn as red as blood. By then, you can eat the lotus seed together with the liquor. This fiery-flame red lotus seed has an excellent effect. After eating it, you would feel hot and dry all over. You'd better soak your whole body in cold water in case your eyes are destroyed by the great effect of the lotus seed!"

    "Master, how many lotus seeds do I need to eat before it takes effect?"

    "Ten seeds is enough for each time. As the fiery-flame red lotus is an exotic treasure, its seeds have numerous effects. You could keep the remaining lotus seeds so that you might use them in the future. If you can stand it, you could also eat them all in batches!"

    I'm rich. This lotus seedpod contains at least 20 seeds. That is to say, after eating 10 seeds, I have another 10 left. Zhang Tie felt very happy, My master is really excellent. This country bumpkin hasn't even heard about this gift before.

    As they talked, they've already gotten close to the entrance of the Dragon Cave as a light beam threw inside.

    "Remember, I will be back for you in a half year to 1 year. As the holy war is coming, dangers exist everywhere, you need to watch out for yourself!"

    "Bon voyage, master!" Zhang Tie became a bit sad.

    "Hehe, I wouldn't have imagined that I could have an apprentice, see you!" After touching Zhang Tie's head, Zhao Yuan smiled as he turned around and strode away and disappeared in a few footsteps like a shadow under Zhang Tie curious gaze.

    "Do powerhouses always leave in this way?" Zhang Tie mumbled.


    After exiting the Dragon Cave, Zhang Tie looked at the sunset and sniffed the air which was much fresher than that underground. Only after an afternoon, Zhang Tie had felt reborn. After being betrayed, almost assassinated, and gaining a master, Zhang Tie started to realize the importance of chance.

    It's really nice to be alive!

    After experiencing the whole afternoon's struggle, Zhang Tie's clothes had become ragged. Additionally, he had suffered a lot of bruises and wounds. At this moment, he looked really embarrassed, especially at the entrance of the Dragon Cave alone, which made him very attractive.

    It was almost close to dusk when many people who had entered Dragon Cave to form battle qis started to exit one by another. For many people, they could not form battle qi at once like Zhang Tie. Additionally, Hell-black spiders would be more active and more hard to be dealt with at night; therefore, those who were not very powerful would come out of Dragon Cave before night fell.

    "Master, that man looks so poor!" The other two people exited as one girl among them started to feel pitiful about Zhang Tie at the sight of his poor look.

    "This is the result of poor fighting skills. This man looks young, he might not have formed battle qi before entering Dragon Cave. He's lucky to come back alive!" Hand in hand, the girl then left with her master after a glance at Zhang Tie.

    "Senior brother...Zhang...Zhang Tie..." Another amazing sound drifted from Zhang Tie's back. Zhang Tie turned around and saw Du Yuhan, Lv Shasha, and Qu Liangying coming out of Dragon Cave. It was Qu Liangying who called him just now. At the sight of Zhang Tie's look, all the girls were stunned, including Guo Miaolu.

    "Argh, junior sisters. Are you forming battle qi here?" Zhang Tie greeted them with a smile.

    "Yea, we're all LV 6 now. We're forming battle qi here. When we form our battle qi, we will be able to enter Breaking Heavens Department together like senior brother. These days, senior sister Guo takes us here to form soul fire!" Qu Liangying explained with a pair of blinking eyes fixed on Zhang Tie.

    It seemed that Guo Miaolu still estranged Zhang Tie. She formed her battle qi 1 month later than Zhang Tie did. After entering Breaking Heavens Department, she didn't meet Zhang Tie. When Zhang Tie asked girls from Zhixing Department to help him last time, Guo Miaolu was not there either. Therefore, at the sight of Zhang Tie and thinking about the debt that she owed to Zhang Tie, she felt a bit embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

    Guo Miaolu didn't say anything while the other girls became more intimate with Zhang Tie.

    "Senior brother Zhang Tie...what's wrong with you? Why are you standing here?" Lyu Shasha asked with a bit embarrassed look. The moment Zhang Tie moved his eyes to her, thinking of the disgusting joke that Zhang Tie had made with her, the little girl hurriedly lower her head down and silently hid behind Du Yuhan.

    Seeing this, Du Yuhan brutally threw the white of her eyes towards Zhang Tie.

    "Nothing serious, I just feel very lucky to be alive today; therefore, I stood here to breathe more fresh air! I almost could not get out of Dragon Cave today!" Zhang Tie said with a smile like making a joke. When Lyu Shasha raise her head and stared at Zhang Tie, he even made a grimace towards her. She then became scared and hid behind Du Yuhan once again.

    "You are raving again!" Not knowing why, at the sight of Zhang Tie's joking look, Guo Miaolu would be unhappy. Therefore, after Zhang Tie joked, Guo Miaolu instantly condemned him.

    "Alas, it's true!" Zhang Tie looked more exaggerated. With a bitter look, he started to tell them what happened to him this afternoon with exaggerating movements, "I was firstly raided by a LV 9 b*stard. He almost stabbed a chopstick-sized steel needle into my head. Thankfully, I was agile and stopped him..."

    "Keep boasting, what's next!" Qu Liangying smiled.

    "That b*stard has been killed by me. After that, a LV 10 fighter chased after me along with a great number of lackeys holding crossbows. When I hid in water after being wounded, I was forced out by their poison. Finally, I was almost smacked to death by that guy and threw into magma...

    Still being alive after being chased by LV 9 and LV 10 fighters? None of the girls at present believed it was true.

    "This senior brother can't leave you alone. If I just leave you in this way, junior sister Guo would be too sad, right?" Zhang Tie joked shamelessly.

    "Harrumph!" Guo Miaolu's eyebrows raised as she prepared to lose temper, however, at the sight of Zhang Tie's shameless look, not knowing why she just couldn't do it. Instead, she just replied with a cold harrumph and looked aside.

    "Liar, if you were truly chased by LV 9 and LV 10 fighters, it would be a big event and you must have saved for help. How could you still joke here?" Lyu Shasha showed her head from Du Yuhan's back and rebutted Zhang Tie like a timid rabbit.

    Zhang Tie then revealed a smile like nothing had happened, "As I meet junior sisters here, I am too happy; therefore, I forgot that!"

    Saying this, his battle qi started to rise up like a rolling banner. It was a huge bloody banner of a huge terrifying centipede, which seemed to have felt Zhang Tie's willingness and was roaring towards the heavens. As a result, many people in the neighboring towns caught sight of it and were stunned by it!

    After officially entering LV 7, Zhang Tie's battle qi totem was more powerful and shocking visually compared to his battle qi when he was LV 6. The terrifying shadow of huge centipede in the bloody banner was as high as 20 floors. Everybody standing on the plains or mountains of the Hidden Dragon Island could see it...

    Zhang Tie's battle qi totem kept waving crazily above Dragon Cave, which contained a rolling, unparalleled killing intent...

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's bloody banner; those girls' expressions varified greatly: some of them were shocked, some were dubious while some were crazy about it like Qu Liangying.

    However, Lyu Shasha's eyes were filled with tears. The moment Zhang Tie's battle qi totem rolled up, Lyu Shasha had understood at once that those jokes that Zhang made with them were true. Zhang Tie faced life and death situation himself while always presenting his positive side in front of them...

    Du Yuhan also understood it. Glancing over Zhang Tie ragged clothes and wounds, she suddenly felt pity for him...

    With shrill sound booms, the first batch of powerhouses of Long Wind Business Group on Hidden Dragon Island arrived here. When they saw Zhang Tie's embarrassed look, their faces changed at the same time...

    Zhang Tie then walked in front of Lyu Shasha and helped her wipe off her tears. After that, he twisted her delicate nose, "Don't cry, this senior brother is alive; that means those who cross me have to go die..."

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