Chapter 334: Enlightenment and Response

    Chapter 334: Enlightenment and Response

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    Zhang was not heavily wounded. Therefore, after leaving Dragon Cave, he didn't go back to Hidden Dragon Palace at once; instead, with the protection of a great number of powerhouses from the Long Wind Business Group, he came to his own castle which was still in construction.

    The people assigned by Long Wind Business Group to protect Zhang Tie had tried to assassinate him with outsiders. This event was severe enough to cause great waves in Huaiyuan Palace.

    Therefore, the moment Zhang Tie went out of Dragon Cave, he had released his battle-qi totem, because he knew that it was just a beginning and a larger storm would arrive. Even if Long Wind Business Group wanted to end the investigation, he wouldn't agree.

    Although the Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold Town in Langye Prefecture, Jinyun Country could not match Huaiyuan Palace, it was still powerful. Based on his intuition, Zhang Tie realized that the reason that the Zhen Clan dared to perform such an action must be very shocking.

    As only a few people know that I have the means of mass-producing an all-purpose medicament, how could this message be exposed to the public? Why Liu Xiang, that douchebag was assigned here to protect me? Thinking of the two questions, Zhang Tie started to feel a crisis, which didn't come from outside, but from Huaiyuan Palace and the Long Wind Business Group.

    Certainly, Huaiyuan Palace would not gain profits at the risk of its direct descendant. However, as it was as huge as a kingdom, there were always some traitors. It was very normal and could not be avoided in any country.

    What happened today influenced Zhang Tie's mentality more than his health. After today's event, Zhang Tie realized that he had been trusting and relying on the Zhang Clan too much since he arrived at Huaiyuan Palace. Because of this, he was almost killed.

    After an analysis, Zhang Tie had a clearer recognition on the positioning of Huaiyuan Palace and himself--Zhang Clan was a giant ship while he was only an average passenger on this giant ship. It was true that by taking this giant ship of terrifying magnitude he could overcome some heavy wind and waves and deep water zones safe and sound. However, there were also some bad guys and mice who were gnawing at the boards of the ship.

    If I rely on that sense of safety brought by this giant ship and relax my vigilance, I might step on a place that has been eroded by mice and fall into the sea or be pushed into the sea from back like what happened today.

    The best way is to build a ship for my own. When in an emergency situation, I could save myself from that ship. I could be the captain so that I could go wherever I want instead of having to follow other's orders.

    After leaving Dragon Cave, Zhang Tie had thought this through after a short while. Although Zhang Tie looked unchanged, he had already made a clear decision on the next plan--it's time to gradually turn all-purpose medicament and gold coins into his own power.


    The group of people soon arrived at the foot of the Yunju Mountain nearby White Dragon Town from Dragon Cave. Because those girls from Zhixing Department wanted to go back to Hidden Dragon Palace, they were headed the same way as Zhang Tie.

    "Junior sisters, we have to say good bye here. Hidden Dragon Island is not safe either. It will be more dangerous in the future. Someone even dared to assassinate me today, I don't know what else would happen in the future. Junior sisters will have to take care yourselves. Never think that you can be safe and sound as the descendants or relatives by marrying male members of Zhang Clan!" Before separating with those girls, Zhang Tie warned them carefully.

    Sensing Zhang Tie's concern and good intent, they were all moved a bit.

    "Won't you go back to Hidden Dragon Palace together with us?" Qu Liangying asked out of curiosity.

    "I won't..."Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he pointed at that completed main building, "From now on, I will always live here. If you need any help, you can find me here!"

    "Argh..." Watching that magnificent castle, Lyu Shasha stared at Zhang Tie and asked innocently, "You..you've got a job here? A guardian?"

    As the cooperation between Zhang Tie and Long Wind Business Group was still half-confidential, before mass production of all-purpose medicament, neither of the two parties had made any declaration; instead, they both maintained silent. Therefore, by then, over 99% of people in Hidden Dragon Palace had not known that the castle that covered over 30,000 square meters on the Yunju Mountain actually belonged to Zhang Tie.

    Hearing Lyu Shasha's words, Zhang Tie became a bit depressed as he rubbed his bruised and swollen face and seriously stared at Lyu Shasha who looked innocent, "Does this senior brother look like a coolie? Don't I look like rich man? Why can't I build a castle for myself?"

    "Do you know how much it would take to build a castle?" Guo Miaolu stared at Zhang Tie with wide-opened eyes and asked without any confidence, "We could only spend the money that we have made on the island. Don't cheat small girls with this trick anymore. Although you can make a lot of money by selling your all-purpose medicament, you are still not able to build a castle!"

    "Previously, I truly didn't know how much it would spend to build a castle, but now I know, the total amount of money for building and decorating this castle was 460,000 gold coins!" Zhang Tie smirked as he shrugged his shoulders. At that moment, he didn't even want to waste time by arguing with those little girls. "Perhaps in a few days, you would see my name in the first place of the Hidden Dragon Wealth List!"

    "Liar!" Du Yuhan twitched her mouth. In this age, 460,000 gold coins was a terrifying amount of money which weighed 11.5 tons. Even those richest senior brothers in Breaking Heavens Department only had 100,000-200,000 gold coins. Therefore, Du Yuhan thought that Zhang Tie was lying to her.

    "Haha, I mean it!" Zhang Tie didn't explain. He then casually wove his hands towards those girls in a cool way to bid them farewell.

    After leaving those innocent junior girls from Zhixing Department, Zhang Tie's face turned completely solemn at once. He then entered his castle in Yunju Mountain silently.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's gloomy look and the group of powerhouses from Long Wind Business Group on his side, Liu Gong, who had just seen Zhang Tie several hours ago was startled at once.

    "Argh, what happened?"

    "Nothing serious, I was the target of an assassination attempt." Zhang Tie replied calmly. However, his words were really shocking. "Which room is a bit tranquil, I want to sleep here tonight."

    After what happened today, Zhang Tie knew that even Long Wind Business Group and Hidden Dragon Palace were not safe for him, he only wanted to find a tranquil place so as to make a plan. With this potential sense of crisis, Zhang Tie instinctively felt that he would be safer in his own place.

    "As the steel molds of cement in the hall of the castle has just been moved away this afternoon, it would be tranquil there!" LiuGong replied. At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't look as easy-going as before, instead, he looked more serious and dignified. Therefore, Liu Gong responded instantly.

    "Fine, I will then take a rest in the hall."

    Saying this, Zhang Tie had entered the exterior castle. After passing by 2 city walls, some bartizans and a square which was filled with various building materials and instruments. They had arrived in the hall.

    After the steel mold of cement in the hall was moved away, everywhere was gray, including those pillars and walls. There were even traces of steel molds on the concrete walls. It looked pretty shabby here. However, although it wasn't completed, it had already presented its noble and magnificent look.

    There were 2 rows of huge pillars in the hall, the diameter of each one was several meters. It occupied over 2000 square meters. On the top of the hall, the shape of a beautiful octagonal dome could already be recognized. The luxury here could be imagined in the near future.

    As the construction workers were removing steel molds of cement here in this afternoon, there were still some racks of steel pipes and a few steel molds on the ground of the hall.

    Zhang Tie casually sat on a pile of steel moulds with fists on knees. In a pretty dignified way, he closed his eyes.

    Seeing this, the powerhouses from Long Wind Business Group then safeguarded around Zhang Tie and the entrance and had people light up the hall.

    As Long Wind Business Group's people on Hidden Dragon Island had sent the message that Zhang Tie encountered an assassination and the man being assigned to protect him betrayed the organization, Zhang Tie then waited for Long Wind Business Group's reply--Why the people being assigned by the Business Group to protect him would assassinate him? How the news that he could mass-produce an all-purpose medicament was exposed?

    It was a big event that a student in Hidden Dragon Palace encountered an assassination. A director of Hidden Dragon Palace had already hurriedly arrived here with a group of people in 10 minutes after Zhang Tie arrived here. After inquiring Zhang Tie about what happened, they then entered Dragon Cave to verify what Zhang Tie had told them.

    After they left, all the towns and wharfs on Hidden Dragon Island were in a state of siege and the atmosphere of Hidden Dragon Island as a whole started to be tense at once.

    2 hours later, the second group of powerhouses of Long Wind Business Group and the person in charge of this event had finally arrived at Yunju Mountain via huge airships...
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