Chapter 340: Home

    Chapter 340: Home

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    "Elder brother, you can never expose this figure to anyone else. Although I am cooperating with Long Wind Business Group and they also know that I can realize the mass production of all-purpose medicament, they are still dubious and uncertain about my ability to produce such a large quantity of all-purpose medicament. This is to be tested by time and mutual cooperation. Additionally, those who want to assassinate me are also fixing their eyes on us. If this message were exposed to the public, it would very troublesome!"

    Looking at his elder brother's shocked expression, Zhang Tie warned him. After experiencing an assassination attempt, Zhang Tie had become more meticulous than ever.

    Because all the events were caused by the all-purpose medicament, before he was able to protect himself, Zhang Tie felt that he had better be a bit low-key. For the sale of all-purpose medicament on Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Tie prepared to slightly slow down his productivity and gradually increase it as his power grew so as to keep away those who wanted to kill him until he could deal with them.

    Previously, Zhang Tie thought that he didn't need to fear anything with the protection of Huaiyuan palace. Now, he realized that this thought was extremely naive as the biggest danger facing him might come from Huaiyuan Palace. If he was still that high-key, it would be no different than a kid running in a boisterous market with a treasure in hand.

    Zhang Yang nodded. When he wanted to say something, the door was pushed open while Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law walked in with Zhang Cheng'an in her arms, who was younger than six months, "Time for dinner, Mom has made it!"

    Zhang Yang then smiled at Zhang Cheng'an as he opened his arms, "Son, come here to your dad!"

    The little guy was sucking on a bottle and waving his small chubby hand, intending to come for Zhang Yang; however, his mom wouldn't let him go.

    "Wait until your leg is recovered. This little guy is very naughty. He will agitate your wounds!" Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law said.

    Hearing this, Zhang Yang didn't insist.

    Since his elder sister-in-law had entered, Zhang Tie then didn't say anything about the abduction or assassination attempts; instead, he changed the topic.

    "Elder brother, when will you recover?"

    "The doctor said it would probably take 1-2 months for all my wounds to recover!"

    Zhang Tie then put his hand into his pocket when he utilized the space teleportation function of his Castle of Black Iron and took a vial of medicament from it. Of course, in the eyes of the others, he was taking it out of his own pocket.

    Zhang Tie then gave that vial of medicament to Zhang Yang.

    "What's this?" Zhang Yang asked.

    "This is a senior recovery medicament. Drink it and your wounds would soon recover!"

    "Argh, that's marvelous. How much does a vial of this cost?" Having heard this for the first time, Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law walked towards him with Zhang Cheng'an; taking it from Zhang Tie's hand, she took a careful look at it.

    "You might not easily buy this kind of medicament in the market now. It would cost above 600 gold coins in the market!"

    It was a gift from the Gregory Clan as compensation in Blackhot City. Because Zhang Tie had experienced the marvelous effect of senior recovery medicament when in the Orphanage, Zhang Tie knew it was very precious; therefore, he'd kept this one in reserve.

    When Zhang Tie attended the auction in Kalur City, the price of each vial of preliminary recovery medicament had been more than 30 gold coins while the price of each medium recovery medicament was about 200 gold coins. There was no advanced recovery medicament there at all.

    The quality of the items being sold in auction was better than almost anywhere else; however, the price there was also much higher than normal market price. When one buys products at auction, it's like buying costumes in high-end shopping malls. The same product would be sold at different prices in different places.

    Although the Breaking Heavens Department sold advanced recovery medicament, they were only sold for the students of Zhang Clan. The price of each vial of senior recovery medicament there was 500 gold coins plus 80 clan contribution points, which was equal to more than 600 gold coins.

    Hearing this figure, her hand shook at once as Zhang Cheng'an was grabbing towards that vial; so, she hurriedly passed it back to Zhang Yang.

    600 gold coins? That amount of money was more than the whole net worth of Zhang Tie's family or Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law's family hen in Blackhot City. Although Zhang Tie's dad had worked over 30 years in the plant, all of his salaries combined were still less than this. For commoners, this was definitely a huge amount of money. Now, such a small vial of medicament was worth that huge amount of money. Of course, Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law became very nervous.

    "Zhang Tie, this...this is too valuable!" Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law urged. Born in an average family, she clearly knew the meaning of 600 gold coins.

    "For me, nothing could be more valuable than a family member's health. Just take it, elder sister-in-law!" Zhang Tie insisted with a smile, as directly hugged Zhang Cheng'an and kissed his tender face, "Sorry, your uncle came back in too much of a hurry this time and forgot to get a gift for you. When you are 1 year old, your uncle will gift you something!"

    Gazing at Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang was moved inside; however, he didn't say anything; instead, he directly opened the vial and downed it.

    Seeing a small amount of dregs were left in the vial, Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law hurriedly took a kettle and made a cup of water. After cooling the water by blowing it, she cleansed the inside of the vial with the water and let Zhang Yang drink it.

    The powerful effects of the senior recovery medicament started to work only 1 minute after Zhang Yang drank it.

    "Argh, that's strange. The wounds on my legs feel itchy; it's like a lot of ants are creeping inside. It feels a bit hot!" Zhang Yang twisted on the bed.

    "The wounds are healing. As wounds on bones will recover a bit slower than those bruises, after the recovery, your wounds should feel very cool and comfortable!"


    10 minutes later, when Zhang Yang laughed loudly with Zhang Cheng'an in his hands and walked downstairs with Zhang Tie to have dinner, their mom and dad were really shocked. After hearing the reason, the whole family enjoyed dinner together even more so than usual.

    This was the first reunion dinner of the family since Zhang Tie left half year ago.

    On the table, when Zhang Tie's dad asked Zhang Tie about his situation in Hidden Dragon Palace, Zhang Tie described it as a vacation which was away from any danger or hardship. Everywhere was pleasant. Zhang Tie's mom laughed a lot at that. She laughed so much that a few tears rolled down her face. His dad couldn't stand it anymore as he directly flicked Zhang Tie's forehead with a chopstick.

    "Fool, you think I don't know about life on Hidden Dragon Island? Others always have to work hard in Hidden Dragon Palace; how come you only play in the sea water with junior sisters or play on weird machines and toys with senior sisters in Hidden Dragon Palace? How come those magical beasts just lie in the Dragon Cave to be killed by you as long as you release your battle qi? Do you think the Dragon Cave is like one of those ditches where kids catch loaches?"

    Realizing that his dad could not be cheated that easily, Zhang Tie hurriedly smirked, "My dad is smart. But the fact was really like what your son has described. If you don't believe me, you can ask anyone on Hidden Dragon Island about me. Ask if your son saved a junior sister when he was playing in the sea or whether your son damaged those hydraulic quincuncial piles when he played with his senior sisters at the fundamental footsteps training field! I had even paid for the maintenance fee. Many people know about it!"

    "Have you always been that attractive? How come so many girls surround you every day?" Zhang Tie's dad pretended to glare at him.

    "I've inherited your excellent genes. That's why I'm so handsome, kind, and sincere. Of course those senior and junior sisters like me," Zhang Tie said shamelessly.

    "That's it. When I was young..." Hearing Zhang Tie's praise, Zhang Tie's dad became proud. When he wanted to say something, he found Zhang Tie's mom glaring at him. Therefore, he hurriedly coughed twice before shutting up. He didn't ask Zhang Tie about his situation on Hidden Dragon Island any more.

    Zhang Tie's mom was feeding her grandson some chicken soup. After that little guy grabbed his own soup spoon, she turned her head and looked at Zhang Tie, "Now that you have so many senior and junior sisters on Hidden Dragon Island, do you have a girlfriend? Bring her back home when you are free. As long as you are in love with each other, you should be engaged as soon as possible!"

    It was Zhang Tie's time to cough, "Your son truly has fallen in love with a girl on the island; but I've not dealt with that. When I make it, I will bring her back home!"

    "The 3 girls who came for you in Blackhot City were nice. Besides that girl called Pandora who hadn't developed well yet, the other two both looked pretty good with good family backgrounds. Alas, what a pity..." Zhang Tie's mom then sighed.

    "No need to feel pity about that. We can meet again if we want. This place is only a short flight from Blackhot City. As long as you like them, your son will marry them all in the future. How about that?"

    "What do you mean by 'as long as I like them'. Most importantly, you should love your wives!"

    "Okay, that's a deal. As your son likes so many girls, I will marry them all in the future; perhaps I will marry a princess. Don't be frightened then!" Zhang Tie made a grimace.

    "Princess? Are you kidding me? As long as you could marry one as good as your elder sister-in-law and deliver me a grandson, I will thank the goddesses!"

    "You want grandsons? That's easy. Let my elder brother and my elder sister-in-law deliver another one in a year for you!"

    This time, Zhang Tie's mom knocked his forehead with a stick of chopstick while Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law's face blushed...
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