Chapter 344: Rapid Moving Skill

    Chapter 344: Rapid Moving Skill

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    After 18 seconds later, the creation of the space and terrain were finished; however, it took Zhang Tie quite a while to recover his senses.

    With an illuminating lamp in hand, Heller was standing beside Zhang Tie and waiting for him to recover his composure.

    "Just now..." Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva.

    "Everything is due to the application and manifestation of energy!" Heller answered calmly.

    Knowing that Heller wouldn't tell him too much about that, Zhang Tie didn't ask Heller any more. Raising his head, Zhang Tie stared at the colorful fog surrounding the whole Castle of Black Iron. Just now, all this had been created by that fog and manifested in only 18 seconds.

    'There must be a great secret in the colorful fog!' Zhang Tie thought; however, he was not able to discover the secret at that moment.

    Seeing Heller having prepared to be the guide, Zhang Tie didn't say anything. They directly walked into the underground cave. With lamp in hand, Heller walked in front, followed by Zhang Tie. They followed the twisting path down into the cave's depths. After a short while, Zhang Tie had already seen the red glow reflected on the walls of the cave while the air felt a bit hot.

    After turning a corner, Zhang Tie caught sight of the underground karst full of magma. It was exactly as he had imagined. Stalactites were hanging down from the top of the karst cave while below them was a fiery magma lake.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not throw the fiery-flame red lotus seeds into that magma lake. Even though those seeds could grow into fiery-flame red lotuses, it would be very difficult for him to pick them up. After all, he was not as powerful as his master. Therefore, Zhang Tie dug some ditches beside the magma lake and directly threw the 8 seeds of fiery-flame red lotus into those ditches full of flowing fiery magma.

    In this way, when they grew into fiery-flame red lotuses, he would stand beside the ditches and picked up those seedpods only by reaching out a little.

    'Oh, although my master didn't mention it, there should be a lotus root of the fiery-flame red lotus. I really wonder how potent the effects of the lotus flower and the lotus root of fiery-flame red lotus would be.'

    The depth of magma in the ditches was only between 1m to 2m, which was very suitable to the growth of lotus flower.

    Flowing magma had very great density itself. Therefore, the lotus seeds slowly sank into the magma.

    Watching those sinking seeds, Zhang Tie instantly thought up an idea as he opened the basic attributes panel of the Castle of Black Iron.

    Castle of Black Iron

    - Length: 1 Krosa

    - Width: 1 Krosa

    - Aura value: 411,598

    - Merit value: 71,612

    - Basic energy storage: 846,520

    - Special output: basic energy reiki yeast.

    Now, with the increasing varieties of plants and their rapid growth in Castle of Black Iron, the aura values were increasing gradually. More than 3,000 aura values could be produced per day in Castle of Black Iron.

    Recently, the merit values in the Castle of Black Iron had mainly come from the merits that he had gained through setting free sand-scale fish.

    For the basic energy storage in Castle of Black Iron, although it was over 800,000, 600,000 of them had been promised to Heller in order to know if it was Lan Yunxi's first kiss. Therefore, only 600,000 of them were reserved for Heller.

    That meant Zhang Tie could only use 246,520 basic energy units of them.

    After checking his available resources, Zhang Tie then opened the option "Silicon-based Living Beings and Species Management" under the function "Living Beings and Species Management". He then selected the 8 seeds of fiery-flame red lotus that he had "sown" just now on the panel one by another.

    Zhang Tie then input a certain number of "aura values", "basic energy values", and "merit values" into the seeds. He input one single resource into 3 seeds, 2 resources in the other 3 seeds and 3 resources in the rest 2 seeds.

    Given the marvelous effects of fiery-flame red lotuses, this was largest amount of value points - in this batch mutations and evolutions of the seeds of fiery-flame red lotus - that Zhang Tie had spent ever since he'd gotten the Castle of Black Iron. Any seed being input in aura values or basic energy values would gain at least 20,000 values of a single resource. Additionally, Zhang Tie even input almost 10,000 merit values into the seeds.

    Zhang Tie selected different directions of evolution and mutation for each seed. He didn't know what those seeds really needed; he just wanted to have a try, like buying lottery. It was almost expected that he wouldn't win a prize; however, once he succeeded, he would gain a great benefit from them, just like those mutated basic energy reiki yeast.

    After doing all this, Zhang Tie and Heller returned to the surface.

    "Castle Lord, the growth circle of fiery-flame red lotus is very long. If you want to see the result of this round of mutation and evolution as soon as possible, you have to input more aura value points to accelerate its growth. With more land, you will be able to grow more plants; with more plants, you will gain more aura value points."

    "If I want more land, I have to have more basic energy storage first!" Zhang Tie nodded, "Don't worry about the basic energy storage, I will keep it in mind. I don't want to gain the result of this round of mutation and evolution for 10 years."

    Heller the nodded, "Well, I will not disturb your cultivation, my lord. Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree has brought you a great surprise, I'm expecting for my lord to become one of the most powerful beings as soon as possible!"

    After that, Heller left. According to Heller, he and the three servants also needed a sleep to maintain their vitality. As it was late in the evening, the other three servants would have already fallen asleep. Alone, Zhang Tie took a walk in the Castle of Black Iron under the moonlight.

    Thinking about Heller's words, Zhang Tie's heart raced as he walked towards that small tree. In three days, the latest Leakless Fruit would become ripe tomorrow.

    When he saw the latest "Fruit of Brilliance" on the other side of the small tree, Zhang Tie was not too amazed. As those people who had been killed by him in Dragon Cave were so vicious, Zhang Tie knew that they must have done a lot of evil things; therefore, it was normal for him to gain a fruit of brilliance.

    'I wonder whether the LV 10 guy who committed a suicide during my questioning has contributed to this Fruit of Brilliance; if he did, the fruit of brilliance will be very nutritious. Even if he didn't, as I've killed a LV 9 guy and 10 more lackeys, this fruit will not be too disappointing either.

    'Heller's "surprise" should not be the fruit of brilliance.'

    Zhang Tie then checked all the twigs on small tree very carefully. Finally, he caught sight of a fruit that he had not seen for a long time.

    The fruit was pitch-dark with tadpole-like runes swimming inside while there was a cross on its surface.

    'Fruit of Judgment!'

    Zhang Tie became so excited that he almost jumped up as it had been so long since he had experienced its effects.

    Zhang Tie couldn't wait to check the attributes of this fruit of judgment by reaching out his hand.

    Heart pounding, Zhang Tie didn't know whether this fruit of judgment could update his "binding skill" or bring him a new skill; no matter what, it would definitely stimulate Zhang Tie to howl like a wolf.

    - Fruit of Judgment; the fruit has become ripe. It contains a god's rune whose effect is "moving rapidly". Usage: Pick it and paste it on the place between your eyebrows; then, activate it with your spiritual energy to integrate it with your body. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. Twelve hours after being picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    'Moving rapidly? Is it a skill to increase my speed?' Having experienced the achievement of binding skill, Zhang Tie knew that he needed to integrate with this god's rune before learned the effect of this god's rune

    'How did I gain a fruit of judgment this time?' Compared to his excitement, Zhang Tie was more curious about this; therefore, he continued to check the instructions on this fruit.

    - Darkness would cover the mother land. Numerous lives would wail in blood sea and fiery flame; Those followers of demons betray the honor that was born within them; they enjoy pleasant feasts at the cost of the rest of mankind. Their souls have deteriorated while their bodies have become dirty. To those dauntless men who dared to wave your broadswords towards darkness, please hold fast your broadsword and end these dirty lives; please judge their evils by broadsword; according to the rule of creation, the more judgments you've made, the more power you will gain to become a judge.

    Zhang Tie really wondered how many evil things the Zhen family of Heavens Cold City had done. 'F*ck! I always thought that this treatment only came from those mulings of Sun Dynasty who do evil things in the name of celestial beings!'

    After thinking that way, Zhang Tie then took a careful look at that instruction. Then, a chilly thought flashed in his mind - the Zhen family might have relations with demons?

    Zhang Tie was stunned for a while; then, he shook his head, 'I've been set up with Zhen clan; therefore, I will kill them all no matter whether they have relations with demons or not.'

    He then picked the fruit of brilliance and sat down on the ground with cross legs to slowly absorb the spirit of the fruit.

    The spirit carried by this fruit was out of Zhang Tie's expectation. The moment the fruit entered his mouth, the spirit inside had started to enter his mind constantly and integrated with Zhang Tie's original spiritual energy.

    Before eating this fruit, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy was almost 64 to 65 times greater than that of his base spiritual energy after his practice and ignition of surging points during the past half year; however, after absorbing this fruit of brilliance, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy surged and became 87-88 times that of his base energy, a one third increase.

    This really surprised Zhang Tie, making him ecstatic.

    After eating the fruit of brilliance, Zhang Tie picked that fruit of judgment without any hesitation and pasted it between his eyebrows while penetrating the spiritual energy that he had greatly improved just now into that fruit of judgment.

    The same as the first fruit of judgment that he had experienced, after Zhang Tie triggered it with his spiritual energy, the fruit of judgment gradually became cooler. Eventually, the fruit changed into a weird rune, like water flowing into the sea, and disappeared from his hand; after that, it entered Zhang Tie's mind and connected to that "binding" rune in his mind.

    At the same time, the information about the attributes of this rune also appeared in Zhang Tie's mind.

    God's rune skill - rapid moving skill!

    Level - preliminary.

    The current number/maximum stored rapid moving runes - 0/7.

    The available environment of rapid moving rune - land and water.

    Effect of the rapid moving skill: increase moving speed by 120% of the original moving speed.

    Lasting time of a triggered rapid moving skill - 1 hour!

    The condition to terminate the effect of rapid moving skill - when you exceed your physical strength by 110%, its effect would terminate.

    When in battle, the effect of rapid moving skill would decline by 80%!

    Rapid moving runes can be used constantly as long as your physical strength can sustain it and the runes aren't all used up.


    The moment he finished reading them, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy had rolled in the new rune. After swallowing about 40 bases worth of his spiritual energy, the rune of the rapid moving skill suddenly radiated golden rays. With a slight quake, a rune of rapid moving skill appeared beside that god's rune like a kid's soap bubbles and started to rotate around that god's rune where it had been born.

    Like having found their new partners, the swimming snake-like binding chains in the surrounding all swam towards this soap-bubble like guy and greeted it.

    After this soap-bubble like thing came out, an attribute of rapid moving skill also changed:

    - The current number/maximum stored rapid moving runes - 1/7.
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