Chapter 347: Female Slaves

    Chapter 347: Female Slaves

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    "I need 30 women; they must be loyal to me!"

    Receiving this request, Davinci rolled his eyes, "There are so many women like this, I can find you 300 if you want. What else do you need?"

    "They'd better not be Chinese!" As a Chinese himself, Zhang Tie hated the idea of using Chinese as slaves.

    "It's okay. Generally speaking, non-Chinese slaves are always loyal to their owners in Chinese communities!" Davinci explained in an experienced way, "If you'd like, follow me, please!"

    Davinci then guided Zhang Tie into the small town.

    Zhang Tie walked as he watched talented and beautiful slaves. Besides those enamel badges that represented that they were slaves, there was nothing different between them and commoners when looking aspects like costumes, speech, and actions.

    "Are they living in this small town?" Zhang Tie asked Davinci.

    "Does it seem strange? The small town is like a clean showcase which is used to exhibit commodities. Of course, the lower quality commodities would be moved away from the showcase and be replaced with new ones! All the slaves here treasure this opportunity very much; because they know that if they get sold at a high price here, they will not live that hard from then on; if they miss this opportunity, they would be dealt with like discounted commodities!"

    "How will they be dealt with if they cannot be sold?" Zhang Tie became curious.

    "Because those business groups in the slave trade will not feed them for their rest of lives, men will have to do dangerous and hard work in mines while females might be sold in low-level brothels where they'd be hard pressed to survive for 10 years. Finally, they would die due to various reasons. Generally speaking, such slaves would be sold at the price of only a couple of gold coins or a bit more than 10 gold coins."

    Hearing this reply, Zhang Tie was shocked inside, 'This just shows how cruel the slave trade is! As slaves, they've already lost the ability to control their own fate.'

    "Do we have such poor slaves in Paradise Lost?"

    "As overdue products could not be sold at a high price, nobody would display them in the showcase; instead, they are carried to the other places of Stars Viewing City. I suggest to not go there as they are full of despair and would bring you bad luck!" Davinci persuaded aside.

    "Your words have excited my interest. After leaving here, show me where those cheap slaves are!" Zhang Tie smiled. Although he could not change the current situation of slave trade, Zhang Tie didn't think that the slave trade was noble. Although slaves were marked with different prices, Zhang Tie knew that no life was humble; even an earthworm had its own magical ability and dignity, let alone humans.

    "I just want to have a look."

    "No problem, as you will, after leaving Paradise Lost, I will take you to have a look over there; but I suggest you don't choose any of them!"


    After walking in Paradise Lost several minutes, under the guidance of Davinci, Zhang Tie had already arrived at a place branded with "Karse Business Group Trade Agency".

    Since Paradise Lost was a supermarket for slave trading, there must be sales agency from the manufacturers. This was what Davinci explained to Zhang Tie on the way here. Undoubtedly, Karst Business Group Trade Agency was such an agency.

    "Welcome, honorable guest and my old friend Davinci!"

    The moment they entered Karst Business Group Trade Agency, a swarthy guy with a marvelous handlebar moustache and in a funny and fat hat had walked towards them enthusiastically. He hugged with Davinci first before shaking hands with Zhang Tie politely.

    "Tamir, Mr. Zhang comes from Huaiyuan Palace, the noblest clan among mankind. He wants to choose some docile female servants; therefore, I brought him here for you. I hope you won't disappoint him!" Davinci told this guy.

    "Of course, it's the great honor of Karst Business Group to serve Mr. Zhang!" Knowing Zhang Tie's status, Tamir made a deep bow towards him.

    "Erm, Davinci said your agency... is not bad and that perhaps you can meet my requirements, therefore, he brought me here!"

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt a bit embarrassed, because the moment he and Davinci entered, some young and beauties with swarthy skin had knelt down in front of them, 2 girls cleaned their shoes. After that, another 2 girls moved forward and started to massage their calves.

    Zhang Tie had not enjoyed such a special treatment before; therefore, he was not accustomed to it; however, Davinci and that guy with handlebar moustache had been completely accustomed to this service. He didn't even glance at that girl kneeling down in front of him.

    After briefing Zhang Tie's request to Davinci, Tamir became thrilled. 30 female slaves meant thousands of gold coins. It was not a small business for Karst Business Group.

    "We have over 50 female slaves in Paradise Lost, they all have good looks; please wait here for a minute, I will arrange them for you to choose!"

    After inviting Zhang Tie and Davinci into an exotic lounge and serving them some fruit, tea, and pastries, Tamir hurriedly went out jubilantly. After Zhang Tie and Davinci sat down, the same two girls entered and knelt down in front of them like catties and started to massage their calves.

    Davinci then gazed at that girl in front of him with lewd eyes while his swollen eyeballs started to scan across her breasts which were still in development.

    The 2 girls both wore yarn skirts with their collars wide open, showing off their breasts. After kneeling down, they could easily expose their boobs to Davinci and Zhang Tie; additionally, they were very good at massaging. With proper rhythm and power, even though they only massaged calves, it was already very comfortable and relaxing.

    Not only Davinci, even Zhang Tie had already been immersed in that massage. After being relaxed, Zhang Tie gazed at her breasts as he started to feel his mummy becoming restless.

    Since leaving Blapei, Zhang Tie had not made love with women for over 7 months. Due to his rising hormones, Zhang Tie kept recalling the raptured moments between him and Hanna and those girls of Rose Association recently.

    The girls kneeling down in front of them were like a mix of Chinese and White women. They had large, black eyes, high and straight noses and smooth skin. They looked a bit brownish red and were similar to those from a tropical zone. Their hair was black, which was similar to Chinese girls; however, their heads were oval; if they were divided by the shape of skull, they should be standard white women.

    Although the 2 girls didn't look as hot as Hanna and Alice; their figures were very outstanding...

    Noticing that Zhang Tie was observing her, the girl's face slightly blushed.

    Knowing that if he kept watching that, his mummy would definitely become stiff and raise a tent on his crotch, Zhang Tie hurriedly moved his eyes away from that girl's chests. He then took 2 big mouths of tea water and sensed a weird taste of ewe milk. Having not been accustomed to that, Zhang Tie put the cup back onto the table.

    "Ha...ha..." Davinci laughed in a wretched way, "All of Varner's beautiful female slaves practice "Love Expression" since they were young. They have learned how to please men at a young age; therefore, they are very docile; if you like, you can buy one. It would only take you 100 gold coins for such a beautiful Varner virgin. How about it? Do you want a try?"

    "They all come from the Varner Empire?"

    "Of course, I'm afraid that only Varner women could satisfy your requirements across Paradise Lost; therefore, I bring you here!"

    Zhang Tie thought for a while and agreed.

    Thanks to what he had learned in Hidden Dragon Palace during the past half year, Zhang Tie had learned about this Varner Empire from map and books.

    Varner Empire was a strange hierarchical slave-owner's state. All the slaves in the country came from a social class - sotuona which was derived from the caste system of this country.

    In Varner Empire, sotuona meant humble and slave. People coming from this class would be slaves generation after generation.

    Varner Empire was famous for its slaves as its slaves were well known by being loyal to their owners.

    After a few minutes, Tamir had entered with big smiles, "I've already arranged it, you can select them now!"

    Under the guidance of Tamir, Zhang Tie and Davinci walked into the courtyard behind the Karst Business Group Agency. The moment he arrived there, Zhang Tie felt like being punched face-to-face as his face turned slightly pale.

    Over 50 women were standing in rows tidily over there. Judging from their looks, their ages changed from 15 to 40 years old.

    However, they were all naked with their hands covering the special place between their legs. They looked like fruits being peeled off.

    In any human country, it would be a humiliation for women to display their naked body in the public, even if they were slaves.

    Those women slightly quivered, their bodies being a bit stiff. With tears in eye sockets, many of them tried their best to lower their heads to cover their private places.

    If it was another scene such as when he stayed with those girls of Rose Association, Zhang Tie would be very pleasant at the sight of so many girls peeling off their clothes in front of him; however, at the present, Zhang Tie felt very uncomfortable and pained at the sight of those naked women.

    "Stand up straight; move away your hands and display your naked bodies..." Tamir instantly changed his smile into a solemn expression. Being scolded, those women shook heavily as they moved away their hands from their private places; meanwhile, many of them started to drop tears.

    After frightening those women, Tamir turned around his head towards Zhang Tie, "You can check them now. They are all B class beauties. Their prices change from 60 gold coins to 80 gold coins; some of them are innocent virgins; each of them would cost you 80 gold coins; for the others, as long as you can find a scar or defect on their bodies, you can have 1 gold coin deducted!"

    "Let...let them put on clothes!" Zhang Tie said in a low voice while trying his best to control his fury.

    "What?" Tamir didn't hear it clearly as he asked out of curiosity.

    "Are you motherf*cking deaf?" Being driven infuriated, Zhang Tie instantly grabbed Tamir and pulled him in front of him. With one hand on Tamir's collar, he easily lifted Tamir in the air with his eyes glaring at him as he growled, "Let them put on clothes, right now!"

    Seeing Zhang Tie's sudden rage, Davinci's face turned pale while Tamir's face turned totally bloodless. Zhang Tie's sharp and powerful eyes shocked Tamir too much.

    "Hurry up...hurry up...put on your clothes right now!" While his collar was grabbed, Tamir shrieked loudly. Hearing Tamir's order, all the women glanced at Zhang Tie in appreciation; after that, they turned back and hurriedly squatted down to put on their clothes.

    Seeing them putting on their clothes, Zhang Tie gradually recovered his composure. He then loosened his grip on Tamir.

    Davinci then glanced at Zhang Tie with strange eyes, "It's a rule for the buyer to check the bodies of those female slaves, Tamir didn't know that you don't like this!"

    "Argh. Mr. Zhang doesn't like this rule. I know now. I'm really sorry for that. I promise you nothing similar will happen next time..." Although Tamir was still a bit shocked and still didn't understand why Zhang Tie lost his temper just now, considering so many weird people here, he presumed that perhaps Zhang Tie saw this as taboo; therefore, he hurriedly apologized to Zhang Tie.

    In this line, the customers were gods, especially those coming from the ruling clan of Huaiyuan Prefecture like Zhang Tie. Although he'd been roared at by Zhang Tie, Tamir still retained his smile.

    "Do they need to do this...every time?" Zhang Tie asked Davinci in a low voice.

    "Yes, every time, until they are bought away. This batch is new here; they are not accustomed to doing it. They will adapt to it in the future..." Davinci explained calmly.

    "Every time..."

    Davinci noticed Zhang Tie mumbling something several times before taking out the papernote of 20,000 gold coins and patted it onto Tamir, "No need to choose, I want them all!"


    After Zhang Tie determined to buy those female slaves, it was Davinci's turn to bargain with Tamir. According to the rule, the compensation of the slave trade agent would be 1/10 of the difference between the offer of the seller and the turnover. The greater the difference was, the more compensation Davinci would gain.

    There were 53 female slaves in total and Tamir's offer was 3756 gold coins. After a sharp bargain between Davinci and Tamir, the final turnover was 3640 gold coins. After it was done, Zhang Tie immediately threw 12 gold coins to Davinci. Davinci became so happy that he instantly broke out into a broad smile.

    Actually, Zhang Tie bought 53 female slaves at the cost of 3652 gold coins.

    After those female slaves followed Zhang Tie out of the Karst Business Group Trade Center, the girl that had massaged Zhang Tie's calf just now rushed out of the room and hugged another woman among those female slaves. They cried loudly at once like that they would separated forever.

    "What's happening?" Zhang Tie asked Tamir.

    "They are sisters. After this separation, they might never see each other in the future!" Tamir replied.

    Seeing this scene, many girls started to drop tears while some girls showed their heads out of the rooms far away and looked towards here with pitiful expressions. Hearing their heart-tearing cries, even Zhang Tie felt like crying.

    'Well, I will always be the good man!' Zhang Tie sighed inside. 'No matter what, I've already bought more than 50, I don't care to have one more. My castle on Hidden Dragon Island could even hold 300-500 people. I can afford their accommodations and food!'

    "Oh, my castle needs some servants to take care of the flowers and grasses. Call out those little girls who received me just now, I will bring them away together!"

    'With more than 50 female servants to help me ferment the enzyme and do chores, it will be great! What's next is to buy some male servants...'
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