Chapter 351: Performance

    Chapter 351: Performance

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    Due to Zhang Tie's personality, he would not deny what she said immediately; neither would he easily be screwed over by a girl. The moment Zhang Tie was going to explain it, one of the guys, who was walking towards him in tidy clothes like an elite, pointed at Zhang Tie with an angry expression.

    "Nana, who's that brat? Are you hiding from me because of him?"

    "This is my husband. This kind of tender, little man is my dish, so what?"

    Raising her head, that girl called Nana threw a contemptuous glance at that man.

    That man then fixed his eyes onto Nana and revealed a sudden smile, "I know, you must be annoying me on purpose! Why are you still so naive? How could you like some little kid?"

    'F*ck! This dad doesn't talk and you take me as a waxwork in the exhibition hall?' Zhang Tie swore inside as he instantly put his arm around Nana's slim waist and hugged her into his own chest; meanwhile, he forcefully kissed her face and looked at that man in an aggressive way.

    "Baby, who's that guy? He's so talkative; I've not heard you talk about him before. I know you only care about driving your Red Rabbit all day long! Why not tell me such an important thing?"

    With a wisp of amazement and shame, that girl then responded with a smile.

    "I'm sorry, honey! I just didn't want you to worry about me! I won't do it any more..."

    With a sound of "Pah", Zhang Tie patted on her butt and pretended to glare at her out of fury and rudeness. "That's my girl!"

    After being smacked on her butt, the girl immediately raised her eyebrows; but in a split second, she recovered her smile and buried her head onto Zhang Tie's chest as she pretended to be bashful, "Bad man, so many people are watching!"

    "Heh, heh, it depends on whether you could take good care of me tonight!" Zhang Tie rubbed her butt with hand at the same time. 'It feels really great.' Zhang Tie yelled inside.

    "You big, bad wolf. Don't talk about it here! We'll talk about it back in bedroom..." The girl further lowered her head as she twisted her body and moved Zhang Tie's hand away from her butt. At the same time, she forcefully pinched Zhang Tie's lower back.

    "What else? Aren't you women being used to warm up beds and deliver kids? We will talk about delivering kids later. Are you wanting me to treat you like a princess or something? No crap! I will show you my power tonight!" Zhang Tie then glanced at that man, who looked about 27 years old, who had been stunned so much and behaved like a playboy, "Learn more from me, uncle. It's Black Iron Age! Flowers delivery, wealth show, inviting girls for dinner, or pretending to care about them have become out of date!"

    "You... you... you..." Being heavily insulted, that man pointed at Zhang Tie with a shaking hand and could almost not utter a sound...

    Seeing their owner behaving that way, the 2 tough bodyguards beside that man walked forward and drew close to Zhang Tie.

    "Mr, do you need any help?" Seeing it becoming a bit tense at the entrance of the lift, some security personnel in black uniform of the hotel had already walked towards them.

    The one uttered was a baldheaded black man. He was tall, calm and polite, which forced the 2 bodyguards of the impulsive man to calm down.

    Looking at the security personnel, the guy who had almost gone out of his mind called back his 2 bodyguards.

    "Nana, you really disappoint me too much. How come you like such a kid..."

    With this word, he ferociously glared at Zhang Tie. After that, that man waved at his bodyguards and left.

    Seeing that man and his lackeys leave, the security guard who asked just now glanced at Zhang Tie and that girl called Nana; he then immediately knew it was because of love affairs. Therefore, he left with the other security personnel.

    Not until they all left did that girl who had been hugging Zhang Tie like an innocent girl started to look solemn.

    "You b*stard, let me go!"

    Staring at Zhang Tie, that girl forcefully patted Zhang Tie's hand off.

    Zhang then sniffed forcefully 'This girl smells really good.'

    "If I didn't hug you, could you've fooled him? I've not even asked you for the performance fee!"

    "You've taken advantage of me so much, yet you are asking me for a performance fee?"

    "I stirred up an enemy because of your casual words. I might be beaten to death the moment I go out of the hotel. That guy looks like a narrow-minded man! Beauty is dangerous!"

    After staring Zhang Tie several seconds, that girl suddenly burst out a laughter, "Well, we're even. You have nice driving skills. Where did you learned those skills? We can have a match one day!"

    "Sorry, I've not played such a naive game since I was 7; I'm not interested in it! I'm on my way to dinner, make way please..." Zhang Tie directly walked towards the dining hall.

    Looking at Zhang Tie, the girl called Nana became still. Watching Zhang Tie's shadow, she looked curious and interested...


    After leisurely eating a grand supper in the dining hall, Zhang Tie returned to his room.

    'It's already the 3rd day since I soaked the lotus seeds of fiery-flame red lotus into liquor. According to my master, I could eat them today.'

    After arranging his personal belongings in the room, Zhang Tie carried his backpack by hand and entered Castle of Black Iron as he focused his attention onto the arch door in his mind.


    At this moment, it was also dark in Castle of Black Iron; but it was not too late. What amazed Zhang Tie was that A'gan, Edward, and Aziz were burning a bonfire in the courtyard beside those houses. They were roasting corncobs, making the aroma fill the air.

    Seeing Zhang Tie coming in, they hurriedly ran towards Zhang Tie and kissed Zhang Tie's shoes.

    "Castle Lord, your loyal servant A'gan is waiting for your orders!"

    "Castle Lord, your loyal servant Edward is waiting for your orders!"

    "Castle Lord, your loyal servant Aziz is waiting for your orders!"

    The three guys said one after another as if they'd reached an agreement in advance.

    These days, Zhang Tie always entered Castle of Black Iron late at night when the 3 guys had fallen asleep; therefore, he rarely saw them. At the sight of the 3 diligent guys this time, Zhang Tie felt pretty good.

    "What are you doing there?"

    "My lord, we are roasting popcorns. They are very yummy!" A'gan explained honestly.

    When A'gan replied, Aziz had already taken a well-roasted popcorn from the bonfire; after patting off the ash from it, he gave it to Zhang Tie in a flattery way.

    Seeing their expecting eyes, Zhang Tie didn't hesitate at all; instead, he held the popcorn and peeled off its black skin and corn silk before engulfing it.

    With only one mouthful, Zhang Tie became a bit still, 'Wow, this is really yummy; at least, I've not tasted such a great, yummy food before.

    'Is this the taste of corn from Castle of Black Iron?' Eating it, Zhang Tie felt a bit shameful as he had not inquired about the grains production in Castle of Black Iron for a long time.

    He could see the good, tidy fields, which were reclaimed by A'gan, Aziz and Edward. Various crops were growing well inside the fields.

    "Nice, very yummy! You guys are doing well; you're good people and you've done nice farming work!" Zhang Tie patted their shoulders which made them quiver all over due to excitement.

    "Argh, Castle Lord praised me..." A'gan was so happy that he danced with joy.

    "Castle Lord patted my shoulder!" Edward looked like having hit the jackpot.

    "I grew that corncob!" Aziz jumped off the ground and turned 2 somersaults in the air.

    'Is that so exciting?' Zhang Tie watched his hands, 'Is my hand that magical?'

    "You created them. The meaning of their existence is to please Castle Lord. Any of your praise and admiration would make them very happy as it would lubricate their souls and wisdom and indicate your greatest affirmation to our work!" Heller appeared beside Zhang Tie with a smile.

    'I know,' Zhang Tie also became happy as he passed his backpack to Heller, "Put it in the equipment room, I will use it in a few days!"

    "Yes, sir. Speaking of equipment room, I want to remind Castle Lord that our rooms are in short supply as all the grains warehouse have been filled; no more grain is available!"

    "Argh!" Hearing this news, Zhang Tie became a bit amazed, "What should we do then?"

    "There are two methods: first, I accelerate the growth of a batch of woods in Castle of Black Iron using reiki; then, I will have Edward build some rooms using the logs; but pines, parasols are not of good quality. If I accelerate their growth using reiki, it would be a waste; therefore, I hope Castle Lord could bring in some proper woods, such as blueberry, teakwood, nanmu, sanders, Korean pine, and ash trees as houses built of these woods would be more durable and better-looking!"

    "What about the second method?"

    "As long as Castle Lord can accumulate enough basic energy storage, you could directly form a mountain with many caves using the space and terrain creation system; that would cost you less time!"

    Hearing this method, Zhang Tie felt being a poor again; he just forced a smile, "No need to be that hurry, I will bring in some woods; for basic energy, I will increase it. You know, I've been a bit busy recently!"

    "I understand, at your will, my lord!"

    Zhang Tie then hurriedly ran into his lab. The color of the liquor inside the glass bottle truly had become bloody, deep red like fire...

    Opening its lid, Zhang Tie forcefully sniffed that special taste from inside and felt his battle qi being ignited...

    'Is this the function of the seeds of fiery-flame red lotus? That's too powerful!'
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