Chapter 352: Night Viewing Ability

    Chapter 352: Night Viewing Ability

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    The fiery-flame red lotus seeds in the liquor released an alluring fragrance. Lifting the bottle, Zhang Tie watched the red liquid for a while. He then gritted his teeth and started to drink it forcefully.

    Curiously, the taste of the liquor had been diluted as the liquid tasted extremely bitter, instead of pungent; besides, its taste had a sort of chilliness that almost penetrated in Zhang Tie's bones.

    At that moment, the seeds which were as hard as steel beads a few days ago had become crispy like Chinese chestnuts. Zhang Tie directly chewed all ten seeds and swallowed them all, causing a sound of "kacha, kacha".

    Soon after he drank the bitter, icy liquid, Zhang Tie felt his stomach burning like the external combustion chamber of the steam-driven external combustion engine. At the same time, he felt his body temperature rising rapidly.

    Remembering his master's warning, Zhang Tie swallowed all the liquid in the bottle very quickly; then, he yelled and rushed out of the lab.

    In less than half a minute, Zhang Tie had felt his body burning; even his iron-blood battle qi had been triggered and formed a battle-qi totem of a huge centipede.

    As Zhang Tie ran, he kept peeling off his clothes. Like a mad cow whose tail was burned, in a wink of eye, he had rushed 100 m away. Yelling weirdly, he then dove into that fresh water lake inside the Castle of Black Iron naked, like a meteor, causing a 10 m higher spray.

    A'gan, Aziz, and Edward were really stunned. They hurriedly collected Zhang Tie's clothes and shoes as they rushed towards that lake at the same time.

    When they arrived at the lake, under the gloomy light in darkness, they saw Zhang Tie radiating a crimson light several meters below the water like a piece of red-hot iron. Meanwhile, a wisp of steam was rising above the water.

    "Castle Lord, are you okay?" A'gan asked out of concern.

    Heller's eyes radiated a gleaming light. After watching Zhang Tie for a while, he waved his head, "He's fine; Castle Lord has just accomplished a round of fabulous evolution!"

    Hearing Heller's reply, Agan, Aziz and Edward all let out a sigh.


    Although the others were worried about him, Zhang Tie was very cozy.

    When the burning heat was absorbed by the icy lake at night, it warmed the surrounding air, which firstly drilled into his heart; after warming Zhang Tie's heart and making it feel very comfortable, it drilled into Zhang Tie's spleen, then his kidney. After circling around his kidney twice, it went back to Zhang Tie's mind and mingled with his spiritual energy.

    After his spiritual energy mingled with that weird strength for a while, Zhang Tie had a weird feeling - although the total amount of his spiritual energy didn't increase, it became more stable while that swirl of his spiritual energy in his mind felt a bit tranquil.

    Out of Zhang Tie's mind, that warm energy started to penetrate into Zhang Tie eyes from inside to the outside.

    When that warmth entered Zhang Tie's ocular tissue, Zhang Tie didn't feel warm anymore; but icy, but it still made his eyes very comfortable. The icy feeling came from a mysterious point inside his brain, in line with the middle place between his eyebrows.

    Zhang Tie was immersed in water in this comfortable way for 3 hours.

    3 hours later...

    With a sound of "Huala...", Zhang Tie exposed his head out of the water and heavily panted, breathing in the Castle of Black Iron's fresh air.

    At this time, Zhang Tie saw the Castle of Black Iron in a completely new light...

    When he jumped into lake, it was dark in Castle of Black Iron while everything in the darkness was obscure; however, at this moment, everything in his eyes was different.

    It was like the sunset scene in Castle of Black Iron. In the background of bright shadows and space that slightly radiated a golden color, everything was clearly presented in Zhang Tie's eyes, the visual effect of which was much better than that of night viewing medicament.

    When he used a vial of night viewing medicament, he felt like he was wearing a layer of thick yellowish green glass; with that night viewing effect, he could clearly see an object's shape, yet he could not identify the object's colors easily. However, now, Zhang Tie could easily and clearly identify the colors of the plants in the Castle of Black Iron.

    What was more, Zhang Tie found that his visual ability had become much better than before as he could see objects clearly at a longer distance.

    Within the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie felt a mysterious connection between the spiritual energy in his mind and his eyes. If his spiritual energy was a lake at this moment, the water in this lake was irrigating his eyes through a fine water pipe.

    Zhang Tie tried to turn off the water pipe of spiritual energy. He then opened his eyes and found everything became dark like before...

    A'gan, Edward and Aziz were holding torches and watching him out of concern.

    "Castle Lord, are you alright?"

    Zhang Tie then turned on that water pipe of spiritual energy once again; this time, darkness disappeared and the whole space was changed into that sunset scene again. Everything then became clear in Zhang Tie's eyes...

    Turned on... Turned off... Turned on... Turned off...

    Clear... Obscure... Clear... Obscure...

    Sunset scene... Darkness... Sunset scene... Darkness...

    'That's really interesting!' Zhang Tie felt like a big bulb had been installed in his eyes that could light up the whole world. With that bulb, he could easily shift between two different visual effects. Although this night viewing effect would consume a bit of his spiritual energy, it was almost negligible to Zhang Tie. Even if Zhang Tie kept using this night viewing effect for 3 months, it would not cost him 1/5 of his total spiritual energy.

    "Haha... I'm fine!" After knowing the effect of this night viewing ability, Zhang Tie was pretty jubilant. He burst into laughter and swam to the lakeside before putting on his clothes.

    Because Heller and the three servants were all male, Zhang Tie didn't feel shameful about putting on clothes in the public.

    "Congratulations! Castle Lord, you've gained a new ability!" Heller said.

    "You already know about that effect?" Zhang Tie asked Heller as he was putting on his T-shirt.

    "I know everything in this space. The Castle of Black Iron has sensed your change, my lord."

    "Fiery-flame red lotus is really nice. It's exotic!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    "As a silicon-based plant in magma, fiery-flame red lotus has a great ability to bear and sense high temperature. When those fiery-flame red lotus that you've sowed in the Castle of Black Iron grow ripe, Castle Lord can eat some more seeds. Then, your night viewing ability will gradually be intensified!" Heller explained.

    "Intensified?" Hearing that word, Zhang Tie became a bit still as he slowed down the movement to fasten his waist band, "I think this ability is already sharp now, you mean it can become sharper?"

    "Although Castle Lord can see clearly objects' shapes in darkness, can you see their temperatures clearly? As objects would present different colors and temperatures when in different environments, you will actually be able to identify them!" Heller explained.

    "I can see objects' temperatures?" After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie further asked, "What's it for?"

    "He...he...commoners can identify 1 million kinds of rays and colors or so; actually, there are numerous kinds of rays and colors due to different temperatures of objects and energies in the universe. Temperature is a very important 'measure' in universe; if your eyes could see these temperatures, you would see a much more splendid scene in this world..."

    "You mean people's eyes could see different temperatures, but for what?" Heller's words were out of Zhang Tie's comprehension ability.

    "For instance, a man is hiding behind that big tree. Can you see that man from here, day or night?" Heller pointed at a tree over there.

    "No!" Zhang Tie waved his head.

    "Of course you can't; because you are watching using your normal visual ability. But if you could see temperatures, even though that man was hiding behind that big tree, you would still see him clearly. The reason lies in the difference between his body temperature and that of the big tree, which was as remarkable as a burning 10,000-year fluorite lamp!"

    Zhang Tie understood it at once. He had not imagined that the seeds of fiery-flame red lotus could have such an effect. Therefore, Zhang Tie burst out laughter.


    Although what he did to the slaves today didn't lead to any special fruit, Zhang Tie was not too disappointed about that.

    Although Zhang Tie didn't gain any fruit of redemption, he gained more than 6000 merit values by setting free slaves, which made him very satisfied.

    After eating the latest Leakless Fruit, Zhang Tie left Castle of Black Iron and reappeared in the room of the hotel.

    With a night viewing ability, Zhang Tie continued to observe that building through the spyglass throughout the night. He figured out the personnel arrangements of that building in the evening and kept those arrangements in mind to further improve his plan.


    On the 2nd morning, after accomplishing this travel to Stars Viewing City, Zhang Tie returned to Jinhai City in his Faerie Dragon T9. After staying with his family members for one day in Jinhai City, Zhang Tie wore Fei Yuao's face mask once again and made his final preparations on the plan in Jinhai City in the name of Fei Yuao, which cost him his remaining 2000 gold coins or so.

    Later on, Fei Yuao disappeared and Zhang Tie returned to Hidden Dragon Island to accumulate his strength quietly and wait for the coming massacre and revenge!
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