Chapter 354: Secret Tunnel

    Chapter 354: Secret Tunnel

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    "Peh... peh..."

    As the inside of the tunnel had not been smoothed, some areas jutted out from the edges. When Zhang Tie passed one such place, his head against the jut on the ceiling; as a result, some sandy soil dropped off, making Zhang Tie's head dirty all over. Some of the soil even entered Zhang Tie's mouth; therefore, Zhang Tie hurriedly spat it out.

    Steel shovel and spade in hand, Zhang Tie moved to the end of this narrow tunnel where he had reached yesterday. With one leg half-knelt down on the ground, he then pulled down his goggles and slightly inserted his steel shovel into the hard and thick soil. As a result, a lot of earth and sand were dug out.

    With his great, mammoth strength, in just a few minutes, Zhang Tie had already dug out a great amount of earth and sand and pushed another meter forward.

    Seeing too much earth and sand being piled in the secret tunnel, Zhang Tie put down his steel shovel; he then held a steel spade whose handle had been cut short. With one spade, he had lifted over 10 kg of earth and sand; Zhang Tie then focused his spiritual energy on them and instantly moved them into the Pool of Chaos in Castle of Black Iron...

    Zhang Tie then kept digging and removing the waste like this...

    After several days' work, Zhang Tie had become very familiar with this series of movements. The earth and sand blocking the secret tunnel were soon moved away, by something akin to magic, and became the basic energy storage of Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie then moved another meter forward. After that, he switched his spade for the shovel and kept digging like a groundhog.

    With the support of Zhang Tie's terrifying, mammoth strength and physique, and the Pool of Chaos in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie delt with the sand and earth very easily. Therefore, Zhang Tie's efficiency was very high - it only took him a couple of minutes to push one or two meters forward.

    Although it was pitch dark in the secret tunnel, this was not a problem for Zhang Tie at all because he had night viewing ability.

    Several hours later, Zhang Tie stopped working. He leaned his ears against the wall of the tunnel as he heard the clear sound of running water from the other side of the tunnel. Zhang Tie was so thrilled that he kept digging faster.

    10 minutes later, with a sound of crash, a lot of sand and earth collapsed. At the same time, Zhang Tie drilled out of his secret tunnel and appeared in a karst cave of a subterranean river in the hinterland of Yunju Mountain.

    This karst cave only covered several ten thousand square meters and was just over 10 meters in height. The inside of the cave was twisted with various odd-looking stalactites and limestones. A five to six meter wide subterranean river bubbled through the cave.

    In most cases, humans' fears originated from the unknown. Darkness was one such unknown. If one could see clearly his surroundings, one's fear would be greatly reduced.

    Zhang Tie was such a case. If he didn't have the night viewing ability, he might be a bit scared in such a strange environment; however, after clearly seeing the karst cave and the subterranean river, Zhang Tie became relaxed at once.

    "It seems that Liu Gong didn't lie to me. According to their geological survey, there's a huge enclosed karst cave and a subterranean river leading to the Flying Swallow Lake!" Zhang Tie mumbled.

    After briefly checking this underground karst cave, Zhang Tie found it was really an enclosed space in the hinterland of a mountain. Besides the secret tunnel that he had dug, Zhang Tie didn't find any other access to this karst cave; therefore, Zhang Tie became completely reassured.

    After checking this karst cave in the hinterland of Yunju Mountain, Zhang Tie investigated that subterranean river, which was only three to four meters deep. After coursing through the karst cave for a distance, it entered the hinterland of the mountain.

    From his brief check of the karst cave and the subterranean river, Zhang Tie estimated where he was and the position of Flying Swallow Lake in the outside; thus, he dove into the subterranean river without any hesitation.

    The river was very crystal. With the help of his night viewing ability, Zhang Tie could still see clearly under water. Zhang Tie had a very sharp sense of the water flow; additionally, he could swim super fast and breath without any limit under water. Therefore, he had no fear when he jumped into the subterranean river.

    If it was another person, even it was a powerhouse who was ten times more powerful than Zhang Tie and had good swimming skills, he wouldn't just jump into the subterranean river, because he didn't know the flowing direction and environment of the subterranean river.

    What if you found that this subterranean river lasted over 1,000 km like a water pipe when you jumped in and had no chance to get out for a breath?

    Although you felt the water here flew slowly and indicated no danger at all, what if, after swimming several thousand kilometers, you suddenly found this subterranean river led to a terrifying waterfall which cascaded into an abyss? What if there were subterranean whirlpools with horrible power capable of drowning you? Each of the above situations could easily kill a person.

    Therefore, almost nobody dared to swim in subterranean rivers casually, even though they might have such incredible swimming skills that they could take ocean as their own swimming pool. Compared to the ocean, the dangers in this subterranean river were unpredictable.

    After swimming for a while in the subterranean river, Zhang Tie found the way in front divided into two. One seemed leading to Flying Swallow Lake while the other seemed leading to White Dragon Town.

    Zhang Tie chose the way leading to Flying Swallow Lake. It was only a distance of 500 to 600 meters from there to Flying Swallow Lake. The waterway in front became increasingly narrower from five or six meters to two or three meters wide, resulting in the water's rate of flow also slowing down. The narrowest place was less than one meter in width as it was between two huge rocks; thankfully, Zhang Tie finally swam across there.

    With a bright light, Zhang Tie raised his head and found that he had already left the subterranean river. Over twenty meters above him was the surface of Flying Swallowing Lake. The connection between the Subterranean River and the Flying Swallow Lake was at the bottom of the lake on the side closest to Yunju Mountain, which was even and water flow slowly out, so it wouldn't be noticed easily.

    The bottom of Flying Swallow Lake was covered with verdant water weeds and stones. The connecting tunnel between the subterranean river and the Flying Swallow Lake was hidden amongst the water weeds and stones. Unless someone especially waited by the cave, nobody would notice someone swimming out of it.

    A shoal of finger-long fish swam across the water weeds while the water level of the lake was glistening like jumping golden flames. Zhang Tie, who suddenly moved his head out of the water weeds scared those little fish away at once. Zhang Tie then observed the water level for a while and found a ship floating 300 meters away from him.

    Looking up from the bottom, Zhang Tie could see clearly the arched belly of the ship.

    It was not the right moment to expose himself by getting out of the water. After figuring out the surrounding environment, Zhang Tie made a turn like a fish and flowed back into that tunnel at the bottom of Flying Swallow Lake. When he reached that cross 500-600 m away in the upper reach, Zhang Tie thought for a while before swimming along the waterway towards White Dragon Town.

    Several minutes later, Zhang Tie exposed his head out of a shiny water level. After taking two mouthfuls of fresh air, Zhang Tie raised his head and looked up as he felt the entrance of the cave was a bit weird; at that moment, a pitch-black object fell down; thankfully, Zhang Tie jumped away swiftly; otherwise, his head would have been crushed by it.

    After being scared a lot, Zhang Tie watched that object carefully and found it was a bucket; Zhang Tie immediately knew where he was.

    "Wanfu, you asshole, are you napping there again? Have you prepared the water in the water vat in the back garden? Xiaohe and the other servant girls are still waiting for it. Lord's flowers need to be watered in both the morning and evening; if they were not watered on time because of you, I will break your legs. You b*stard..." A domineering voice came from above.

    "Haha, Steward Zhao, how could I dare sleep here? Look, I'm drawing water from the well!" With the flattery voice, that wooden bucket then tilted and sank in the water; In a few seconds, it had been filled with water and was drawn out of the well.

    "Don't think that I've not seen that. Obviously, you started to move when you saw me. You were obviously indolent in duty. I will dock half of your pay for this month!" With that icy condemnation, Steward Zhao got closer to the well.

    "No, Steward Zhao, if that happens, I will be in a poor mood. Then, I will drink a lot to ease my sorrow; if so, I would hardly be able keep what I saw in the evening a few days ago a secret!"

    "What do you mean?"

    Wanfu then lowered his voice and became mysterious.

    "As I drank too much, I went to the toilet in the night before last. However, because I was drunk and it was very dark then, I could not find the toilet; therefore, I went to the rockery in the back garden to have a pee; coincidently, I caught sight of you and Xiaohong, the servant of madam in the mountain cave, heh...heh...Steward Zhao really had a good physique!"

    "Hmm... hmm..." Steward Zhao started to cough ferociously, "Wanfu, you are too honest and diligent. How can you be left to finish so much work in the Mansion alone? Just fill the water vat in the back garden today; take a rest tomorrow. I will add 5 silver coins for you monthly compensation from then on. Don't be loaf on the job. Lord will definitely reward your hard work!"

    "Thanks, Steward Zhao!"


    Hearing that conversation, Zhang Tie swore inside as he dove into the water once again.


    Several minutes later, Zhang Tie arrived back in the mountain cave in the hinterland of Yunju Mountain. Although nobody else would come here, Zhang Tie still covered this cave with some water weeds and a huge stone before going back to a hidden room along that secret tunnel.

    This hidden room was a bit similar to that one left by Donder in Blackhot City. It covered more than 200 square meters and was connected to the upside through stairs. Additionally, there were some 10,000-year flourite lamps and some simple daily products in the hidden room. This place was used for Zhang Tie to enter meditation and cultivate his fighting skills in Jinwu Castle.

    After climbing out of the secret tunnel, Zhang Tie easily moved the over 300 kilogram slab of bluestone back to its original position. He then placed a desk on the stone floor. In this way, nobody else could identify that secret tunnel at all.

    There was another secret tunnel in the castle which was connected to Zhang Tie's bedroom and study room, through which, Zhang Tie could silently leave Jinwu Castle and arrived at the place close to the airship port.

    That secret tunnel was built by Long Wind Business Group for Zhang Tie; however, after Liu Xiang's betrayal, Zhang Tie understood it clearly that the secret tunnel to the airport had become useless to him.

    Any secret known by two people was not a secret anymore. What was more, more than two people knew of the existence of that secret tunnel such as those who attended the designing of the castle's blueprints and the construction of the secret tunnel. Therefore, those who wanted to screw over Zhang Tie must have already known about its existence.

    Perhaps, at this moment, someone on Hidden Dragon Island was watching that secret tunnel through a telescope.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not make plans or keep secrets on the basis of a secret tunnel which had been exposed. Therefore, ever since he came back to Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie had remained in his secret room under the guise of meditating and cultivating fighting skills for a long period of time every day; actually, in this period, Zhang Tie had silently broken through a secret tunnel based on the information that he had received which nobody else knew except for him.

    At the beginning, that engineer who was responsible for building Jinwu castle only casually mentioned the geological structure of Yunju Mountain to Zhang Tie; however, he would not have imagined that Zhang Tie had kept his words in mind and truly dug out a secret tunnel leading to the hinterland of Yunju Mountain and found a path in the subterranean river to leave this castle secretly.

    Perhaps, even that engineer could not remember that he had mentioned this to Zhang Tie at this moment. After all, a person spoke a lot every day, especially in casual conversations. Nobody could remember each sentence that they had said.

    Zhang Tie felt good. After circling around the hidden room and placing everything back in its original position, Zhang Tie glanced at his watch and decided to leave; at this moment, he lowered his head and found he was a bit embarrassed; therefore, he directly entered Castle of Black Iron. After changing into a set of clean clothes in Castle of Black Iron, he checked his appearance in a mirror and returned to the hidden room.

    Given Zhang Tie's current look, nobody would think that he was digging hole like a groundhog these days.

    'I will take a chance to investigate the situation of that household in White Dragon Town. If possible, I will buy their house under another name. That way, it would be more convenient for me to leave my castle and it would be harder for others to figure out my trace. Damn! Smart rabbits always have three holes. I'm smarter than a rabbit!'

    Thinking that, Zhang Tie had walked upside through the stairs. After passing through a 10 meter long passageway, Zhang Tie opened the alloy-made cypher lock of the hidden room before walked out of the hidden room.


    A few minutes after Zhang Tie left the hidden room, some guys whom Zhang Tie had invited for a party had already arrived outside Jinwu Castle in advance.

    "Wei Wu, are we here a bit early? Zhang Tie said to get here after the sunset. But it's still one hour away from sunset..." Walking on the mountain path of Yunju Mountain, Zhang Hongsheng raised his head and looked at that sun which was only a bit in the west and lowered his voice, "Isn't it a bit embarrassing if we arrive there too early?"

    "Never mind, it would be embarrassing if we are there too late!" Wei Wu waved his hand manly, "We are Zhang Tie's earliest brothers and friends in Hidden Dragon Palace, of course we need to be there earlier. We can help him prepare for the party. I was told that Zhang Tie has invited twenty to thirty people in total. We are celebrating him moving into a new home; therefore, we need to be there a bit earlier!"

    "There should be some others in the castle, he doesn't need our help at all. I'm curious about Jinwu Castle; if we can be there a bit earlier, we can have a nosy around his castle; if we are late, Zhang Tie will be too busy to take care of us!" Zhang Yunfei smiled.

    After half a year's cultivation in Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Yunfei who was delicate before had grown taller, darker, and healthier with a pair of spirited eyes. He was totally different from that person half year ago. Besides Zhang Yunfei, Wei Wu and Zhang Hongsheng also changed greatly. They would soon ignite the 8th surging point on their spine and officially became LV 6 fighters.

    Hearing these words, Zhang Keiliang who always behaved like an elder brother only replied with a smile. He then raised his head and looked at the magnificent Jinwu Castle at the end of the mountain path.

    In this age, every man would like to have his own castle. To have one's own castle meant the beginning of having one's own clan. Zhang Keliang had not mentioned his dream to others, which was to found his own clan and have such a castle one day.

    He was not jealous about Zhang Tie's achievement; instead, he took it as a stimulant. He was proud of having Zhang Tie as his friend as he could gain a powerful, positive energy from Zhang Tie.

    'I can make it one day too!' Zhang Keliang mumbled.

    After being decorated, the exterior wall of Jinwu Castle was not that ugly grey concrete wall anymore; instead, it had been covered with a special clouding granite which was a specialty of Yunju Mountain. In this way, the exterior wall became more defensive; besides, it was much more beautiful than before.

    Additionally, the style of Jinwu Castle was also very unique. Compared to those classical castles which looked square, this castle featured more flexible and personalized elements.

    Therefore, Jinwu Castle became the most beautiful castle on Hidden Dragon Island.

    Although they had seen castles many times in Hidden Dragon Island, when they arrived at the foot of Jinwu Castle, they were really shocked by the high exterior wall of the castle and the flying eaves at the top of the bartizans which looked like they were burning in the sunshine. Gazing at it all, the group could only stand there with jaws on the ground.

    On the walls, bartizans and steam-driven battery platforms, some tall Spirits Soldiers in wholly steel armor were standing guard with long spears, which made the castle more magnificent and solemn.

    Outside the castle gate, 2 rows of tall Spirits soldiers were standing on both sides of the suspension bridge.

    Although Jinwu Castle had just been completed, it was already established to a certain degree.

    The moment Wei Wu's group moved close to the front gate of the castle, a tall Spirits soldier in a full body armor with a long sword on his waist had already walked up to them.

    "Excuse me, are you here for the party tonight?"

    "Yes, we are!" Zhang Yunfei answered.

    "I'm Lenox, the team leader of security guards of Jinwu Castle, may I have a look at your letters of invitation?"

    When they were going to present their letters of invitation, a voice sounded behind Lenox.

    "No need, Lenox, they are my friends!" With a big smile, Zhang Tie had already raced up from inside the gate of the castle.

    The moment they caught sight of Zhang Tie, they all smiled while some Spirits guards outside the gate instantly stood at attention with their long spears.

    Wei Wu, Zhang Keliang, and the other 2 people then punched Zhang Tie's shoulders with smile. Zhang Tie punched them back too like how they greeted with each other before; they then burst out laughing.

    "Brat, you're rich now. You are the first one to have a castle in Hidden Dragon Palace. If not for your letter of invitation, I would never have believed that you could've become so rich in only half a year!" saying this, Weiwu punched Zhang Tie once again.

    "Haha. God helped me develop all-purpose medicament; don't be jealous!" Zhang Tie still talked with them in the same way like before.

    "All-purpose medicament is too poor in quality, I will develop something far superior when I become an alchemist" Zhang Hongsheng said loudly. After that, he even threw a contemptuous glance at Zhang Tie.

    "Forget about that! Even if you become a golden-robe alchemist one day, you still won't be as rich as me!" Zhang Tie also pretended to glance at Zhang Hongsheng contemptuously. "I'm not even a herbal apprentice now, so what?"

    Seeing this, everybody smiled once again. Although Zhang Tie lived in his own castle now, he was still that guy who picked navy-blue iron ores together with them.

    "Are you going out?" Zhang Yunfei asked Zhang Tie.

    "No, I saw you from the wall just now. Therefore, I'm here to welcome you guys. How about having a look at my Jinwu Castle before the party?"

    "Please!" Zhang Keliang answered at once.

    Zhang Tie then guided them in Jinwu Castle and showed them around it.

    To be honest, Zhang Tie really was proud of having a castle at such a young age, even though he tried his best to be modest. At the moment, Zhang Tie found that his dream - to lie on gold coins with the accompany of a lot of beauties - had already come true so early.

    Even the buildings closest to the walls of the barbican could easily hold 1800 soldiers or other people and would be very spacious to hold 600-700 people; however, only 100 Spirits soldiers were stationed in the barbican of Jinwu Castle; therefore, it looked extremely spacious here. Except for those rooms already being utilized, there were still over 300 empty rooms in different sizes.

    There was a circular, broad street, a small fountain square for the performance of fighting skills and a garden between the barbican and the internal castle. The street, the fountain square and the garden were even interlinked with some winding corridors and half-overlay alleys and delicate lanes. On two sides of these alleys and lanes, there were many relatively lower buildings which were as high as 4 floors, namely lower than twenty meters.

    These buildings were built in an extremely tidy and delicate way. At the sight of them, Zhang Yunfei and the other three guys remembered those shops on both sides of the business street in their own hometowns.

    "What are these rooms for?" Zhang Hongsheng asked out of curiosity, "They look like stores."

    "Yes, they are going to be stores. In the future, they could be public houses, hotels, or various workshops. It would be very wasteful if such a huge castle only held a few people!"

    "Are you going to open some areas of Jinwu Castle to the public for commercial purpose?" Zhang Yunfei realized at once.

    Zhang Tie smiled, "Why not? As Hidden Dragon Island is becoming more and more populated, the land available in the towns surrounding Dragon Cave are in short supply. I've made an investigation that in the coming years, more than 100,000 square meters of housing area need to increase every year so as to meet various commercial and service demands. Now that, why not take advantage of my current resources? This would bring me money and make Hidden Dragon Island more populated and energetic. My target is to make Jinwu Castle into a small city on Hidden Dragon Island!"

    "Alas, it seems that Zhang Tie's opinion is feasible. This place is close to White Dragon Town and not far from Dragon Cave; however, it is much more tranquil than those towns surrounding Dragon Cave. Not everyone who comes to Hidden Dragon Island likes the noisy environment in the towns; if this place was really opened to the public for commercial purpose, I think it could work!" Zhang Hongsheng [1] shouted, "Many senior brothers in Breaking Heavens Department of Hidden Dragon Palace are also opening stores and hotels to make money. Why not here?"

    Wei Wu then rubbed his jaw with his hand like an experienced man as he looked at the tidy, elegant and ambient environment on both sides of the street, "How about Jinwu Commercial Area or Jinwu Pedestrian Street? These two names sound great. Oh, are you going to sell or rent them?"

    "Rent, of course!" Zhang Tie smiled. "Are you kidding me? If I want to have the most authority in Jinwu Castle, of course, I will not sell this land. If I just rent them, I will still have the right to decide their use. I don't need to find trouble for myself."

    After looking around carefully, Zhang Keliang's heart started to race. Actually, not only Zhang Keliang, even Wei Wu and the other two guys had considered the source of the monthly payment in Breaking Heavens Department in the future.

    Although there were many ways to make money on Hidden Dragon Island, such as making medicament and various tools, exploring and undertaking tasks with high risks and high profits; the fastest and most stable way to make money was actually the popular business route, namely, opening stores to serve people on the island.

    As long as you were not too stupid, if you opened a store on Hidden Dragon Island, you could always make money. The constant flow of people on Hidden Dragon Island was the biggest assurance for your income. Therefore, the price of land and stores in the towns were also very expensive. For Wei Wu, Zhang Keliang, Zhang Yunfei, and Zhang Hongsheng, they had to struggle for a long time to buy a store on Hidden Dragon Island; however, the shotcut was right in front of them.

    Receiving no response, Zhang Tie noticed their hesitated and embarrassed looks and laughed, "All right, no crap; just take where you want, one room for each, you can do your own business respectively or cooperatively. It depends on you. Free rent for the first two years. How about it?"

    Wei Wu uttered a weird sound as he instantly hugged Zhang Tie and intended to kiss Zhang Tie's face, which really frightened Zhang Tie a lot.

    "F*ck, what do you want? I'm not interested in men!" Zhang Tie directly responded with a shoulder throw.

    "If not this, how else can I express my excitement and pleasure?!"

    "If you dare to kiss me, I will let the hundred Spirits soldiers in the Castle express their excitement and pleasure to you in the same way!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Wei Wu was so scared that he hurriedly jumped away from Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Keiang, Zhang Hongsheng, and Zhang Yunfei all burst out laughing loudly.

    In the internal castle, they visited the production area of all-purpose medicament, which was going to be the core area of internal castle. Watching the 1000-odd huge terrines in the stratified warehouses and those rooms that had been isolated for cleaning, mincing, mixing and canning fruits and the whole set of processing tools in the rooms, they were really stunned.

    "My goddess! Are you making all-purpose medicament or pickled vegetables?" Zhang Hongsheng exclaimed.

    "Almost like that. All-purpose medicament is just a super enzyme. Some processing procedures are same to that of common enzymes!" Zhang Tie explained. No matter what, he could not keep this a secret from them; for some people, they might have already known about this. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't plan to keep this as a secret from his friends.

    Realizing the importance of this place, Zhang Keliang, Zhang Hongsheng, Zhang Yunfei, and Wei Wu didn't say anything, yet they were all moved inside as they knew that Zhang Tie took them as bosom buddies.

    In the internal castle of Jinwu Castle, besides visiting the production area of all-purpose medicament, they also looked around Zhang Tie's bedroom. Compared to the former bedroom where Zhang Tie lived in Zhixing Department, this bedroom had been more than 200 square meters, excluding the balcony. This was really awe-inspiring. In Zhang Tie's words, there were too many empty rooms in internal castle, including more than 30 guest rooms; therefore, he chose the biggest one as the master bedroom.

    During their visit, they also saw those women inside the internal castle, who were those slaves that Zhang Tie had bought. At this moment, they had put on new clothes which were essential for female servants in castle.

    When choosing their costumes, Zhang Tie suddenly recalled Hanna; therefore, he let all the female servants put on costumes like how the local women would wear on beer festival in Blapei. The only difference was that the colors of their costumes were predominated by black and white.

    - High-heeled leather shoes, foot-reaching skirt, corset, apron, opening collar with delicate lace and tidy puff sleeve.

    Those female servants all thought that with this costume, they could work easily; meanwhile, they could also show their elegant figures; therefore, they were very happy.

    For Zhang Tie, whenever he saw them in this costume, he would feel relaxed like going back to Blapei. The costumes truly made him feel warm inside.

    However, after knowing that there were over fifty female servants in the internal castle in usual time, those guys' expressions completely changed. After exchanging glances with each other, they swore at Zhang Tie in unison.


    Zhang Tie then burst out laughing loudly...

    "Oh, where are those junior sisters from Zhixing Department? Have you seen them on the way here?"

    "You don't know that? For such a invitation, if they don't spend one or two hours preparing, they won't come here. Some girls have long gone to White Dragon Town to dress their hair in the early morning!"


    An hour after Wei Wu arrived at Jinwu Castle, the girls from Zhixing Department and Breaking Heavens Department finally arrived, at the sight of them, Zhang Tie was really shocked by their incredible looks.

    All of them had gotten ready carefully as each of them was beautiful and enchanting. At the sight of them, Zhang Tie revealed a sorrow look while saying, "

    "You all look like fairies, are you trying to murder me by your incredible looks?!"

    "Peh, liar!" Hearing Zhang Tie's words, even Guo Miaolu's face slightly blushed because of being bashful or joy, 'Although Zhang Tie was always nasty most of the time, he could really amuse girls.'

    Seeing Qu Liangying pulling Gu Caidie's hands intimately and enjoying their talk, Zhang Tie touched his head, "Are you sparing two single men..."

    "Caidie is my senior sister!"

    "Liangying is my junior sister!"

    The two girls smiled as they answered and showed the white of their eyes to Zhang Tie.

    "Heh...heh...welcome to my Jinwu Castle for guidance, it's my great honor to have you here..."

    Zhang Tie then made a 'welcome' gesture at the gate of the castle.

    Those girls then walked in the castle with smiles on faces. At the end of the line, Liu Shasha even threw a glance at Zhang Tie when she passed him. At the same time, Zhang Tie also glanced at her and gazed at her little mouth with an obscure smile. As a result, Liu Shasha was so scared that she instantly hid behind Du Yuhan.

    Zhang Tie burst out laughing loudly...


    Soon after these girls arrived, Yang Yuankang, Zhang Lin, Zhu Wenqiang and Liu Xu also arrived while Yang Yuankang and Liu Xu even brought along their girlfriends.

    Yang Yuankang's girlfriend was Zhang Zao while Liu Xu's girlfriend was Yang Meiling. Their were both students of Hidden Dragon Palace.


    Zhang Tie chose to start their party on a rooftop of the internal castle. There was a swimming pool, a small garden and a room which covered more than 300 square meters. This place was used for entertainment; therefore, it was more cozy than comfortable.

    Zhang Tie provided them with a buffet, a seafood barbecue and limitless drinks. Although they were all acting a bit reserved, when they arrived at the rooftop and noticed the arrangements, they all cheered up, especially girls. Before Zhang Tie said anything, they've already ran away towards the buffet table and the grill.

    As they were almost of the same age and came from Hidden Dragon Palace, they had too many things to share. A short while later, after becoming more familiar with each other, they had already begun to get along well with each other and the rooftop had been overwhelmed with cheers from everyone, the laughter of girls, and exclamations from boys...


    An hour later, it was already totally dark outside. Starting from Wei Wu, who competed to drink the most alcohol with Guo Miaolu and threw up into the swimming pool by some boys, everybody in the party became crazy...

    Seeing that all of his friends on Hidden Dragon Island was there except for Lan Yunxi, Zhang Tie felt a bit regretful and sorrowful.

    "What the hell is love? It makes me want to die. You motherf*cker! I can't stand it anymore!" Zhang Tie shouted loudly while shaking his head. After that, he took a bottle of liquor and downed it; then, he took another one. After a crude cut through the lid, he sent the lid of the bottle in the air. He then yelled towards those male animals who were still competing with alcohol and showing their muscles, "This alcohol emperor, Zhang Tie, is going to kill people tonight, who'd like to fight me..."

    Hearing this, a number of animals charged at him with roars...

    However, the boys didn't know that Zhang Tie didn't mean that he was going to compete drinking alcohol with them...
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