Chapter 355: Wolf and Eagle in the Sea

    Chapter 355: Wolf and Eagle in the Sea

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    The party on the rooftop lasted for more than four hours, during which period, some boys were drunk, even many girls were intoxicated as their faces looked rosier than usual.

    When they were completely indulged in, Zhang Tie took off his upper garment and shouted towards those girls from Zhixing Department, "Girls, here's your creditor, big sale from your senior brother; with one kiss, your debt would be cleared; now or never!"

    The moment Zhang Tie finished, Guo Miaolu whose face had totally blushed due to drink rushed oved and rapidly hugged Zhang Tie's head, with a sound of "Bo...", she forcefully kissed Zhang Tie's face...

    At the sight of that, the other girls all shrieked. A great number of girls then rushed towards him. With a series of sound "Bo...", Zhang Tie's face had been marked with more than 10 red lips.

    As soon as the debts were cleared, Zhang Tie was instantly thrown into the swimming pool by those girls, causing a high splash. The moment he fell into the swimming pool, Zhang Tie instantly woke.

    The water in the swimming pool was maintained at about 36 degrees Celsius through a steam heat circulation system; therefore, it felt pretty comfortable inside. As the depth of the water was even less than two meters, with a slight movement of his hands, Zhang Tie had already floated back to the water level. He then stared at those girls who were staggering back and forth due to their laughter.

    "Damn, who dared to throw me into the water? You'd better not get caught by me, otherwise, I will force you to be my wife!" Zhang Tie pretended to be vicious as he splashed water towards those girls beside the swimming pool. After that, he charged at them ferociously.

    Seeing this, those girls shrieked as they escaped in all directions. Many girls' skirts were even splashed wet.

    Zhang Tie burst out laughing as he climbed on the land. At this moment, Zhang Tie found that most of them were completely drunk.

    Wei Wu and Zhang Yunfei were lying on the grass, continuously vomiting. Among the boys, besides Yang Yuankang and Liu Xu who brought their girlfriends along, everybody else was drunk out of their minds.

    It was similar with girls. Among those girls, the ones who were drunk first were Zhang Tie's generous senior sisters Ma Aiyun and Yuan Ziyi. They were straightforward; if not, they would not have dared to find Zhang Tie trouble in the training field of basic movements. When they started to compete by drinking alcohol, most of the boys could not defeat them at all. Zhang Feng and Zhang Keliang were the typical examples who were lying below the table.

    "It's... it's the happiest day since I came to Hidden Dragon Island. Senior brother...come on...let's have another cup!" Li Yurou, a junior sister from Zhixing Department staggered in front of Zhang Tie. Soon after she finished saying this, she fell into the swimming pool. Seeing this, Zhang Tie hurriedly carried her out of there and summoned some female servants to take her into a bedroom.

    As the master of this castle, of course, Zhang Tie should not just leave or become drunk. He told those female servants to take anyone drunk into a bedroom for a rest. He estimated that they would've recovered by the next day. No matter what, he had dozens of guest rooms which were enough to hold them.

    Of course, the boys' bedrooms and girls' bedrooms were isolated. Those girls slept together in connected suites; each suite could hold a few girls. In this way, it would be easy for those girls to look after each other in case of any emergencies.

    For Yang Yuankang and Liu Xu, Zhang Tie threw a key to each of them. He would not care whether they would sleep alone or with their girlfriends. Zhang Tie knew that Zhang Zao and Yang Meiling were not drunk, either. They were free to make the choice.

    Zhang Tie then saw Yang Yuankang and Liu Xu leave the rooftop with their girlfriends; however, he had not imagined that they went back to the rooftop in only a few minutes.

    "What happened?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "I was chased out!" Yang Yuankang touched his nose and said in an embarrassed way.

    "Meiling said you are not a good person!" Liu Xu shrugged towards Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie then burst out laughing before he summoned a female servant to take Yang Yuankang and Liu Xu to their own bedrooms.

    Gradually, people started to leave the rooftop. They came and left happily and felt pretty cool about this party.

    Zhang Tie was the last one remaining on the rooftop.

    In the cold breeze, Zhang Tie watched the tranquil rooftop and the stars all over the sky as he took a deep breath.

    When Zhang Tie wanted to turn back and leave, he saw a girl in red skirt - Lan Yunxi was standing there.

    "I thought you wouldn't come!" Zhang Tie walked towards Lan Yunxi with a big smile.

    "If I was here too early, how would you've cleared the debts of your junior sisters?" Lan Yunxi showed the white of her eyes towards Zhang Tie. Soon after she moodily said that, not only Zhang Tie became slightly stunned, even Lan Yunxi paused for a moment. 'Am I jealous about those girls?'

    Zhang Tie moved closer to her with a smile, "You miss me, right? If not, you wouldn't have come and you wouldn't feel jealous about those girls!"

    Seeing Zhang Tie's gleaming eyes drawing closer to her, Lan Yunxi became nervous again. Actually she didn't want to be here; however, she eventually came here.

    "Stop..."Lan Yunxi shrieked out of tension as she moved two steps back.

    However, Zhang Tie kept walking forward like having not heard here words at all. He instantly grabbed Lan Yunxi's hands. Lan Yunxi struggled for a while, yet she failed to get out of Zhang Tie's grip. She then bit her lips and glared at Zhang Tie, "Let me go, you b*stard!"

    "You like me, right?" Zhang Tie asked Lan Yunxi with gleaming eyes.

    "How come?" Lan Yunxi's face slightly blushed.

    "Let's take a test!"

    "What test...hmm..."

    Zhang Tie then instantly hugged Lan Yunxi tightly and kissed her lips. He started to suck forcefully. In a split second, Lan Yunxi's lips were broken through by Zhang Tie's tongue. Zhang Tie opened her purely white teeth with his tongue and mingled with her fragrant tongue at once...

    Since he pressed this girl under his body at the beginning, Zhang Tie had known that this girl was hot inside although looking cold. She looked like an icy tall mountain yet her inside was like a volcano which was going to erupt. Perhaps, the daily environment and those people that she had contact with in daily life made her a bit depressive. She could not easily express her desire for love and to be conquered by a man; actually she wasn't different from the other girls. In some aspects, she even had stronger desire and demand; the more she was depressive, the stronger the desire would be.

    Those girls of Rose Association told Zhang Tie a rule - women were only women; they were neither goddesses nor sluts. They could be goddesses in someone's eyes or sluts in someone else's eyes, vice versa.

    The moment he caught sight of Lan Yunxi, Zhang Tie's heart had started to burn. He knew why Lan Yunxi was here. She was here to be conquered, physically or spiritually, nothing else.

    Soon after Zhang Tie put his tongue into Lan Yunxi's mouth, he had felt a pain on his tongue as it was bit by Lan Yunxi. She wanted to protest in this way as she didn't want to be defeated so fast by Zhang Tie.

    When Lan Yunxi bit Zhang Tie's tongue, they gazed at each other face to face, lips on lips, eyes to eyes. They could sense the heat from the other's breath.

    Lan Yunxi tried to move her head away, yet she failed as Zhang Tie was pressing her head and neck with his left hand; at the sight of the fury and shame in Lan Yunxi's eyes and sensing the growing biting strength from her teeth, Zhang Tie felt salty from his tongue; he then knew that his tongue was bleeding...

    Lan Yunxi knew it too. Under the firm gaze of Zhang Tie, Lan Yunxi only resisted for a few seconds. Then, her eyes became tender as she slowly loosened her bite and kept her eyes closed. Zhang Tie didn't do it excessively as he only kissed Lan Yunxi for a minute before left her lips.

    Lan Yunxi opened her eyes and stared at Zhang Tie with a blurred and complicated look. Zhang Tie stared at her too. The two people just stared at each other without saying anything.

    "Those who assassinated you in Dragon Cave have deep-rooted power. Huaiyuan Palace is not as safe as it looks. You should take care of yourself!" Lan Yunxi opened her mouth first. Then, she jumped onto to the wall of the internal castle like a red cloud to evade from the hand that Zhang Tie stretched out towards her.

    Zhang Tie watched Lan Yunxi with a bit regret like watching a cloud in the skyline. He was gripping this cloud just now, however, it had floated away in a blink of eye.

    "Has Huaiyuan Palace found any clues?"

    "Not yet, but the Seniors Association of Huaiyuan Palace doubted that those people were related to demons. They might be demons' pieces in human race. They were stirring up troubles on continents!"

    'Demons?' This answer really shocked Zhang Tie; however, Zhang Tie had considered the possibility of it being like that. So, he just furrowed his brows.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's considerate look, Lan Yunxi didn't say anything; instead, she drew out a notebook from her sleeve and threw it to Zhang Tie.

    "What's this?"

    "It's the defensive loopholes of Jinwu Castle. Your slaves are too weak and they don't have any experience in guarding and patrolling castle. There are many problems with guarding and patrolling. You've not fully exerted the function of the defensive facilities of the castle yet; in many powerhouses' eyes, your castle is no different from an empty one!"

    Holding that volume, Zhang Tie felt warm inside. He knew that Lan Yunxi must have been here last night.

    "How about accompanying me tonight?" Zhang Tie put it straight.

    Lan Yunxi's face blushed at once as she glared at Zhang Tie and jumped off the wall...

    Watching the empty wall of the internal castle, Zhang Tie felt vacant. He then opened that volume and gazed it for quite a while before putting it away.

    Zhang Tie then looked at his watch; it was 11:26 pm...

    He then left the rooftop...

    "Where are those guests?" Zhang Tie called Sonia.

    "Master, your guests have been taken to their own bedrooms!" the female servant answered politely.

    "Hmm, after cleaning up the rooftop, you go to bed too. If someone comes for me, tell them I'm in the cultivation room; if it's not important, don't bother me!"

    "Yes, sir!"


    Two minutes later, Zhang Tie entered his hidden room and locked the door from inside. Before entering the secret tunnel, Zhang looked at his watch again - 11.29 pm.

    Lowering his body, Zhang Tie walked along the secret tunnel. The moment he went out of the secret tunnel and arrived in the hinterland of Yunju Mountain, Zhang Tie had used his rapid moving skill and dove into the subterranean river...

    With the effect of rapid moving skill in water, Zhang Tie felt that he was covered by an invisible bubble, which didn't influence his senses underwater at all; instead, with it, Zhang Tie felt that his resistance was close to zero.

    As a result, Zhang Tie raised his moving speed by one times in the subterranean river at once.

    After only six or seven minutes, Zhang Tie had arrived at Iron Stones Beach which he was very familiar with. Without any hesitation, he directly entered the sea from the side of Iron Stones Beach. After identifying the general direction, Zhang Tie arrived at the bottom of sea where he opened the space tunnel that connected the sea water and the Pool of Chaos.

    At the bottom of the sea water, under the bliss of rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie soon raised his moving speed to an amazing degree.

    While absorbing sea water, Zhang Tie obtained a constant driving force. With the bliss of rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie's resistance in water was reduced to the minimum by that invisible bubble; with the reinforced night viewing ability, Zhang Tie could see very far at the bottom of the sea; with super powerful spiritual energy and sensitive sense towards current, Zhang Tie became more flexible than fish in water.

    All this led to the miraculous speed under water.

    Zhang Tie was shooting forward in the sea like a rocket or a torpedo without causing any sound. Even Zhang Tie was amazed about that speed. He felt driving his Faerie Dragon T9 under water. From the back moving scenes at the bottom of the sea, Zhang Tie could judge his moving speed - definitely over 160 km per hour, which was almost equal to the fastest speed of Faerie Dragon T9.

    Zhang Tie felt like a wolf in the sea. The ocean was like a vast prairie...

    After less than twenty km away from Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Tie had felt an ocean current beside him, the direction of which was the same as his movement - towards Jinhai City; therefore, Zhang Tie cut into the ocean current at once.

    Being pushed by the ocean current, Zhang Tie felt entering an expressway as he sped up once again. He was an eagle now... as he felt flying in the ocean...
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