Chapter 356: On The Way

    Chapter 356: On The Way

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    The last passenger liner leaving the wharf of Hidden Dragon Island each day was 7:00 pm, after which, passengers could only leave at 6:00 am the following morning. Unless there was a special situation causing them to leave by airship, people could only leave Hidden Dragon Island on a passenger liner.

    The alleged special situations referred to the privilege for some members and agencies of the Zhang Clan to access Hidden Dragon Island by airship. Of course, Zhang Clan's airships could not be taken by commoners; additionally, the airline to Hidden Dragon Island had not been opened, therefore, it was impossible for commoners to leave the island by airship.

    The airline distance between Hidden Dragon Island and Jinhai City was over 140 km. It was a four to five hour journey on a passenger liner. Perhaps there wasn't only one person who could swim over 100 km in water, such as some senior fighters, whose physique and swimming skills were exceptional.

    However, nobody across Hidden Dragon Island, even Huaiyuan Prefecture, could imagine that someone could swim back to continent from Hidden Dragon Island in less than 1 hour.

    Zhang Tie enjoyed moving super fast in the current. As he could hardly identify the direction he was heading in under water, every few minutes he would leave the ocean current and stick his head out of water to relocate and modify his moving direction based on the positions of stars, the positions of some reefs which were exposed above water, and beacons.

    After moving under water about 40 minutes at an amazing speed, the ocean current slowed down and divided into 2 currents, one towards left, the other toward right. Then, the divided ocean currents were further divided into smaller radioactive subterranean flows and finally became disordered swirling turbulent flows and undercurrents before disappeared.

    Sensing the change of the ocean current, Zhang Tie knew that he almost reached the continent based on his experiences.

    Zhang Tie then exposed his head out of the water and looked forward. In pitch-dark evening, Zhang Tie could see some sparse lamplight and beacons. He knew that the harbor of Jinhai City was right in front of him.

    Zhang Tie then looked at his watch again - 00:21 am, which meant it had been less than one hour since he left Jinwu Castle. After locking the references and the general direction, Zhang Tie dove in water again and swam towards a coast on the west of the wharf of Jinhai City.


    At 00:25 am, Zhang Tie finally climbed onto a beach on the west coast of Jinhai City.

    It was still less than an hour since he'd left Hidden Dragon Island.

    Because it was midnight, it was pretty tranquil on the surrounding beach; besides sea waves and the rustling sound of some rows of coconut trees in the sea wind, Zhang Tie could only see some lamplight penetrating from the rooms of coastal villas along with barks.

    This area was the seafront residential quarter.

    Zhang Tie walked straight towards a coastal villa right in front of him, which only occupied less than 200 square meters with a small courtyard and a garage. It was only about 70 m away from the beach. A few days ago, it only took Zhang Tie 1100 gold coins to buy this coastal villa.

    Of course, the name of the owner of this villa was Fei Yuao, instead of Zhang Tie. When he walked on the beach, Zhang Tie was wearing a mask.

    After passing by the beach of dozens of meters in length, Zhang Tie walked on the footpath of the bank; he then walked through a coastal highway which was five to six meters in width and stepped on his own grassland in the courtyard before he arrived in front of the door to the villa.

    Zhang Tie firstly checked the special traces that he left here and found they were not moved; he then dug out the key of the villa from a flowerpot beside the door. After that, he opened the door and walked in.

    With a sound of "Ka...", Zhang Tie closed the door from inside. Without turning on the lamps, he directly walked towards a washroom on the first floor. In the washroom, Zhang Tie rapidly used the soap to clean off the salty smell of sea water. After drying up, he put on the clothes that he had long prepared for tonight and came to the garage of the villa.

    There was also a Faerie Dragon T9 in the garage of the villa. Being different from the first blue Faerie Dragon T9, this one was black and under the name of Fei Yuao, its number plate was "Huai G807T".

    Zhang Tie opened the gate of the garage and jumped onto the car. Only after stepping down on the mechanical ignition pedal four times did he start the car. Half a minute later, when the steam pressure finger of this alcohol-fueled sport car reached the working state, Zhang Tie drove it out of the garage. After that, he parked it outside the garage; after locking the gate of the garage, he returned to the car and drove away from the villa.

    When he drove away from there, Zhang Tie peered at his watch - 00:32, the effect of the first rapid moving skill had just disappeared.

    Over 10 seconds later, the booming sound of the turbine steam-driven, heat recollected, external combustion engine drifted down the coastal avenue of Jinhai City...

    At 00:37, Zhang Tie drove onto the highway from Jinhai City to Stars Viewing City...

    Few vehicles were on the highway in the evening; additionally, with the help of his night viewing ability, it was no different to daytime. Having become very familiar with the road conditions and the vehicle, Zhang Tie accelerated to the maximal speed, 180 km per hour, in a split second...

    With super high spiritual energy, Zhang Tie felt time and moving objects slowing down; additionally, he felt a weird, super powerful synergy between him and the Faerie Dragon T9, due to which, his driving intention, maneuvers, and the car's mechanical performances combined into a perfect process.

    In this state, Zhang Tie clearly knew how to completely display his driving intention through special maneuvers. He clearly understood how certain mechanical performances of this car could support him to accomplish specific maneuvers.

    Everything became transparent to Zhang Tie.

    Although in driving, Zhang Tie felt that he was running on foot as everything was at his will.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether those people who liked to race cars also had the same feeling as him. But after thinking for a few seconds, Zhang Tie ascertained that nobody else could have such a feeling except him.

    Because if those racers had the same feeling as him, it would be meaningless for them to race cars. With the same driving intention, the same perfect maneuvers and the same ability to exert mechanical performances to the utmost based on road conditions, it would be a simple data comparison on mechanical performances of the cars. If so, racing cars would be meaningless.

    Zhang Tie liked high speed movement in both water and on the land. Additionally, as he was drawing closer to Stars Viewing City, Zhang Tie's killing intent also started to boil like wildfire. A cool feeling started to rise from his heart...

    After having a party with his friends on Hidden Dragon Island, he traveled hundreds of kilometers under the moonlight so as to strike his enemy. How cool it was!


    "Nana, you must be lying to us. These snake-shaped soul-chasing curves are so difficult to pass. I was told that even the car king could only shift 6 curves and had to decelerate at the 7th curve when he was alive. How could that person pass these snake curves perfectly at the speed above 100 km/h in 20 seconds? Do you mean that someone was sharper than the former car king?"

    Besides Zhang Tie, there were really some guys who came out in the evening. At this moment, some young racers were gathering on a slope beside a curve. They were talking about driving skills and that guy Nana had met here several days ago.

    None of them believed Nana's words. If there was truly such an able man, they would have long heard about him.

    With a "terrifying" makeup, Nana threw a contemptuous glance over them, "I know you cannot do it, but it doesn't mean that nobody can do it. Was the car king really that great? He died many years ago, yet you still mention him every day. If you are really that ambitious, you should try to surpass him like that guy I met that day. You should not take a dead man as your idol!"

    "Heh...heh..." a 20-odd guy who looked embarrassed revealed an obscene smile as he gazed at Nana's boobs and butts and licked his lips, "Only you have seen that guy; of course, you can boost him as well as you can. According to you, he has been in Jinhai City for so many days; but you still don't find him. If you are really that ambitious, do you dare bet with me?"

    "For what?" Nana raised her eyebrows and asked.

    "I give you 2 weeks to find him. If you could find anyone who's greater than the car king on passing these curves, you will be the winner. If you cannot make it, you are the loser; then..."In pale look, that man forcefully swallowed his saliva...


    "Then, I will f*ck you for a whole night!"

    "Wow..." Hearing such a rude request, the other racers yelled, some of them even whistled. Even those tomboys started to kick up a fuss.

    With her eyes widely opened, Nana glared at that person ferociously, "What if you lose the bet, shar-pei[1]?"

    "I can allow you to f*ck me for the whole night!" That man revealed a wicked smile, "How about it? If you dare not, just admit that you were bragging just now. No matter what, you girls always like to 'blow'."

    Shar-pei's pun aroused more yelling.

    Nana's face was instantly covered with a layer of frost, "Do you want to thrust me with that thing in your crotch? Fine, I accept your bet; but if you lose it, this mother will thrust you with this thing, dare you?"

    Saying that, Nana waved a riot stick towards him. At the sight of that 30-cm long riot stick in her hand, many racers felt their anuses tightening. They became scared as Nana would definitely do it based on her temperament.

    Shar-pei's face also turned pale. However, looking at that delicate face under the "heavy" makeup and her plump figure that had not yet been f*cked by a man, he gritted his teeth, "Fine, that's the deal. In 2 weeks, if anyone could finish snake movements in the soul-chasing curves, you will be the winner; if not..."

    "The, this mother will be f*cked by you for a whole night!" Nana also gritted her teeth.

    The 2 people then clapped to settle the bet...

    The moment they settled the bet, the booming sound of engine had drifted from afar on the mountain path.

    All the racers then exchanged glances with each other on the roadside slope.

    "What? Is anyone absent?"

    "No, we're all here. Some fresh guys might join in!"

    "The car came here from Jinhai City. Wow! Listen to the engine, it's super fast; Fatty, guess what kind of car it is..."

    "It's Faerie Dragon T9..."

    Listening to the sound of the engine, Nana's heart started to race. This was really a familiar sound.

    Then, a black shadow flashed by the road under the slope where the racers gathered, causing some tree leaves and weeds fly in the air.

    "Wow, at least 160, is he killing himself? It's so dark..."

    "Idiot, not 160; listen to the engine carefully, it's 180..."

    "Argh, look, the T9 is arriving at the soul-chasing curves; yet it hasn't decelerated..." Those racers fixed their widely opening eyes onto the moving lights of the Faerie Dragon T9 as they held their breaths.

    Sitting on the car, Zhang Tie had long noticed those racers gathered on the roadside slope with their attractive lamplight of cars from afar. For Zhang Tie, he had seen these kinds of people so many times; therefore, he was not curious about them at all and directly passed by them without any hesitation.

    'It seems to be constantly sudden curves in front.' Having passed by here one time before, Zhang Tie still remembered it; additionally, there was also a sign on the roadside.

    Zhang Tie slightly decelerated like how a runner would do when he turned a corner. Zhang Tie didn't think too much. Based on this powerful synergy and instinct for controlling the car, he lowered his driving speed so that he could pass the curves rapidly under control.

    He had been so adapted to the maneuvering skills to reverse his steering wheel constantly and rapidly to shift aside into curves when he passed curves at high speed. It was as easy as tilting his body when he ran by a corner. In the whole process, Zhang Tie maintained his back wheels' traction at a critical point so that his car could reach a critical point on both flexibility and speed.

    Zhang Tie then chose the simplest and most efficient route based on the critical points and passed through 7 curves at a constant speed before accelerating away...


    It was pretty silent on the roadside slope at this moment...

    Because it was dark, nobody could see how Zhang Tie's car passed by those curves; however, Zhang Tie's lamplight told them the driving route of the car clearly.

    At that moment, everybody had an illusion - they were not lamps anymore, but a pair of huge eyes of a boa. Behind that pair of eyes, a boa swiftly twisted by the soul-chasing 7 curves in its special way...

    "Those were truly snake-like movements, those were truly snake-like movements..." one guy shouted loudly.

    "The best maneuvers, the best speed and the best route..."Another guy mumbled like he'd been possessed by a ghost; meanwhile, he drew the driving route of that pair of lamps.

    "Jeez, how long did he take?"

    "18.2 seconds!"

    Everybody was shocked...

    Watching the soul-chasing curves below in pale, shar-pei's bones were quivering all over. Hearing his teeth collision, everybody else turned back. At the sight of shar-pei's weird expression and Nana who was walking towards him with a grin, a riot stick in hand, all the males present clamped their legs together.

    Nana's movements looked pretty sexy; but everybody started to tremble at this moment.

    "Nana... ho... how about... ad... adding some oil to it?" Shar-pei revealed a smile which was even uglier than cry, "I... I will take it as a prostatic examination!"

    Nana sniggered, "You're telling me that? Weren't you going to f*ck me? I will let you have a taste of how it feels to be f*cked!"


    Half a minute later, hearing a shrill shriek from shar-pei who was lying on the back of his car and seeing Nana walking out from the back of shar-pei's car, all the other male hurriedly jumped back into their cars and dared not look at her any more. 'F*ck! This woman is too terrifying. She's the last person that I want to cause trouble with!'

    When these racers arrived at Stars Viewing City, the T9 that they saw just now was long gone.

    Black Faerie Dragon T9 - there were at least one or two hundred cars like this in Stars Viewing City; additionally, they had not identified its plate number, of course, they would not be able to find it.
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