Chapter 357: Massacre in the Evening

    Chapter 357: Massacre in the Evening

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    Stars Viewing City was a city of light. When most people went to bed, many places in the city started to get boisterous. After entering Stars Viewing City, Zhang Tie decelerated; he could see prostitutes everywhere on the roadside who were attracting customers. Being low-key in the daytime, the red-light district and brothels recovered their vitality at this moment.

    The black Faerie Dragon T9 was quietly passing through the streets like a black spirit. It passed by the uproarious Milkway Hotel and finally parked in front of a high-end restaurant 500 meters away from the Milkway Hotel to the east.

    When he parked the car, Zhang Tie glanced at his watch - 02:16 am. The odometer of the Faerie Dragon T9 displayed 278 km, which was almost the distance from Jinhai City to Stars Viewing City.

    The moment Zhang Tie parked the car, a waiter outside the restaurant opened the car's door for him politely. Zhang Tie got out of the car and took the parking service plate from the waiter.

    "Fill the alcohol to the brim, I also need a chartered room!"

    The waiter nodded. He quickly walked around the car to check if there were any scratches on it. After that, the waiter got into the car very carefully, closed the car's door, and drove Zhang Tie's car into the parking lot before filling the alcohol to the brim.

    "Sir, follow me please!"

    A waiter guided Zhang Tie into the restaurant.

    This senior restaurant adopted the garden design. All the dining rooms were independent pavilions and chartered rooms in the garden so that guests did not disturb each other. There was some distance between those pavilions and chartered rooms. The landscape design also had guests' privacy in consideration. Besides the lamplight out of the pavilions and chartered rooms, the whole garden looked very dim. Seeing all this, Zhang Tie nodded inside.

    Such a design not only met some people's requirements for a tranquil environment but was also convenient for doing something else besides eating food.

    Based on his sharp auditory sense, Zhang Tie heard sounds from some pavilions which were different from eating sounds - women's giggles and light groans. This place was perfect for lovers on a date.

    The waiter guided Zhang Tie into an independent, chartered room. After checking the environment there, Zhang Tie nodded inside again.

    "Sir, our minimal consumption for a chartered room is 30 silver coins. If it's less than 30 silver coins, you should also pay 30 silver coins. The normal dinner time is 2 hours. If you stay here longer, you have to pay 2 more silver coins for an additional hour!"

    Zhang Tie nodded.

    A few minutes later, Zhang Tie ordered his food and a bottle of alcohol. Then, he sat in the chartered room leisurely for a rest.

    Zhang Tie didn't order too much, which had been brought in within 10 minutes.

    "Enjoy yourself, sir!"

    "Can you tell me where I can select girls?" Zhang Tie revealed a Donder-like wicked smile.

    Having been asked similar questions so many times, the waiter replied, "If you need such a service, you can exit the rear door of the restaurant, then, turn left; after walking 100 m, turn right; there's a mansion called Fairy Beings. You will like it!"

    Zhang Tie popped out a silver coin. That waiter grabbed it at once; after that, he left with a big smile and closed the door from outside.

    Zhang Tie glanced at his watch again, it was 02:24 am...

    After taking a deep breath, Zhang Tie sat back. Glancing at the food and drinks on the table, Zhang Tie closed his eyes.

    'If you want to do something big, you have to be calm!' Zhang Tie reminded himself inside, 'At a critical moment, you have to be patient.'

    After closing his eyes for a while, Zhang Tie opened them. Seeing the food and drinks in front of him, he picked up his chopsticks...

    Ten minutes later, Zhang Tie stood up, took off his wind coat and hung it on a hanger beside the table.

    Asking waiter where to find women - eating food, yet not opening the bottle of alcohol - leaving a wind coat - although being trivial clues, if someone really entered his chartered room after Zhang Tie left, they would definitely reach a conclusion - Zhang Tie probably had gone out to look for women; he might be back. In this way, Zhang Tie guaranteed the only possible conclusion they could reach.

    After arranging everything in the room, Zhang Tie focused his spiritual energy and triggered the rune effect of rapid moving skill in his mind. After being triggered, one of the 6 god's runes of rapid moving skill radiated golden light at once. The rune reversed, upside down, and started to pour down inside Zhang Tie's body like a golden rain of light. As a result, each cell in Zhang Tie cheered up like drinking ice-cold plum syrup in summer days.

    Under the bliss of rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie instantly felt he'd become pretty light while the land became a elastic huge spring. As long as he used a bit strength, he could move himself a great distance.

    Effect of rapid moving skill: increase moving speed by 120% on the basis of the original moving speed; the rune effect of rapid moving skill in battle would weaken by 80%, which means that Zhang Tie could still pace up by 24% in battle.

    Zhang Tie opened the window of the chartered room and looked at the high wall of the restaurant. Putting his hands on the windowsill slightly, he jumped over 4 m out of the window in a way which was much swifter than a leopard. After landing his feet on the wall, he instantly jumped off the wall and entered the endless darkness.

    It was less than 600 m from here to the Zhen Clan Mansion of Heavens Cold City. Based on his memory, Zhang Tie flashed across tranquil alleys in the darkness. One minute later, Zhang Tie had already arrived at the corner of the west wall of Zhen Clan Mansion of Heavens Cold City. In a split second, he had jumped into the courtyard of the Mansion like a roc flapping its wings.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was wearing a black cold-resistant cap which was especially for pioneers, only exposing his gleaming, icy eyes; besides, he was wearing a set of black tights and a tactical vest of pioneers, a heavy pioneer's sword in hand.

    This sword was long and sharp. It was very destructive. Additionally, its body had gone through matt treatment; therefore, it would not reflect any light in darkness.

    Zhang Tie obviously had turned himself into a killer at that moment.

    The Zhen Clan Mansion of Heavens Cold City could never have imagined such a malefic figure would arrive here.

    The courtyard of the Zhen Clan mansion of Heavens Cold City occupied several thousand square meters. In the middle of the courtyard was a 5-floor traditional Chinese building. At this moment, it was pitch-black inside the mansion, except for some sparse burning lamps.

    With the effect of "One Step, One Scenery" and "Rapid Moving Skill", Zhang Tie flashed across light and darkness like a grey shadow. In a split second, he had already passed by 100 m and arrived beside a fountain in the courtyard.

    In a split second, a binding chain flew out of the place between his eyebrows; meanwhile, Zhang Tie stabbed his sword into that fountain with the help of night viewing ability, causing a great amount of bloody water spray out of the fountain...

    "One solved, there's another one.' Zhang Tie mumbled as he flashed away in the darkness; in a few seconds, he had arrived below some high pine trees. Zhang Tie sent out one binding chain again as he jumped up from the ground...

    One second later, Zhang Tie grabbed a rapid wind 6 steel-made armor-breaking bolt with no tail feather and directly penetrated through that person's heart by the sharp triangular head of his bolt and nailed him onto the trunk.

    Eyes widely opened, that guy being nailed onto the trunk glared at Zhang Tie out of fear, seemingly being curious about how Zhang Tie knew where he was hiding and how Zhang Tie made him still all of a sudden. At the same time, a lot of blood spurted out of his mouth.

    Before that man died, his eyes were filled with curiosity. Zhang Tie then glanced at this man's ear.

    'F*ck, as I have predicted, they are the assassinators!' After swearing inside, Zhang Tie slowly slid down the pine tree and directly darted towards the main building of the Zhen Clan mansion at a terrifying speed.


    At the entrance of the main building, there was a room still with dim light, where the guards of the mansion were on night duty.

    "Zhen Yi, Zhen Xiong, you need to take a round outside. Recently, we need to be especially careful; Master has delivered the order; we'd better keep trouble out of there.

    The moment Zhang Tie arrived there, he had heard a sound. He then stopped outside the window of that room; although those inside the room could not see him, he could clearly hear their conversation.

    An aroma of boiled meat drifted out of the room. Zhang Tie guessed that they were eating inside.

    "I don't think anything will happen in Stars Viewing City. Our Zhen Clan has been doing business here for many years, yet we've not met trouble at all. There are only bitches and slaves here; additionally we've got 2 more people outside. We've just checked it 10 minutes ago. It's pretty safe!" Zhang Tie heard a slightly lazy voice, followed by a series of chewing sound.

    "It's hard to say. Some days ago, some clan members went to Hidden Dragon Island to form battle-qi, why would they come back so fast? Have they formed battle-qi in such a short period? I was told..."

    "Shut up, Zhen Xiong. Have you forgotten about the master's ban? Nobody in the mansion is allowed to talk about the affairs of the Zhen Clan!" The same voice sounded, "Master is always in a bad mood these days. If he heard that you were talking about that, you would be in big trouble. Do you want to have a go in the Worm Jail of Heavens Cold City?"

    Hearing this, the other two kept silent. They even stopped eating. The air in the room seemed freezing. A few seconds later, Zhang Tie heard the same man made a hollow laugh, "He... he... I was just saying. Only the three of us know about it; additionally, it's in the mansion. It's not a violation strictly; but brother Blade was right. I will watch out. Lao Yi, let's go out for another check!"

    With the sound of moving chairs, someone seemed to be standing up, but before they came out, Zhang Tie had flashed in; immediately, he had released binding chains and bound them all in a split second.

    As Zhang Tie had predicted, LV 8 powerhouses were not common in any place. Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City was not so luxurious as to use a LV 8 powerhouse as a sentry. It was already a huge consumption for them to employ some LV 6 or LV 7 guys; however, those below LV 8 were nothing more than bound chicks in front of his preliminary binding chain.

    Two people in the room had stood up and were going to walk out of the room; the remaining one was holding a pair of chopsticks. None of them could've imagined that they would be attacked. Eyes wide open, they gazed at Zhang Tie who was pitch-black all over; however, they could not move, or even utter any words. They all looked pretty shocked.

    They didn't even know what happened to their bodies as they became stiff all of a sudden. Besides rolling their eyeballs and blinking their eyes, they could do nothing else.

    Under the mask, Zhang Tie sniggered. After his spiritual energy was reinforced, the power of his binding chains also increased, causing them stiff longer. The moment the binding chains hit them, Zhang Tie knew that even the one with the most powerful spiritual energy had to wait at least 8 minutes before recovering free movement.

    'This period is enough for me to do a lot of things.'

    "I know you can hear me. You can choose the way to blink your eyes as a reply to my questions. If you wish to answer my question, you can rapidly blink your eyes several times..."

    The 3 people just gazed at him while nobody blinked. Zhang Tie then casually waved his sword towards the neck of the man on the chair, causing his neck spurting blood like a broken water pipe. In only a few seconds, that man had become a bloody man as he lowered his head and died on the chair.

    The other two's eyes almost popped out of their heads as their eyes were full of fear.

    "I ask you one more time. People who would like to answer my questions can rapidly blink your eyes several times..."

    The one on the left responded a bit slowly, seemingly still being hesitated. Zhang Tie then directly penetrated through his heart with his sword...

    The last one alive was Zhen Xiong...

    "I'll repeat myself the last time. Anybody who would like to answer my questions can rapidly blink your eyes several times..." Zhang Tie asked leisurely.

    Zhen Xiong rapidly blinked his eyes...
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