Chapter 358: A Bloody Night

    Chapter 358: A Bloody Night

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    After being told some pieces of information that he wanted, Zhang Tie stabbed Zhen Xiong to death directly. Looking at Zhen Xiong's disbelieving expression, Zhang Tie's eyes radiated an icy light, "I didn't promise to not kill you after you answered my questions!"

    The blade was covered with blood beads. After wiping the blade on Zhen Xiong's clothes, Zhang Tie knelt down and took out of a bunch of keys. Then, he left the room quietly.

    What Zhen Xiong had said was not absolutely true, but definitely not fully fake; at least he knew more than Zhang Tie. The key was that Zhang Tie confirmed that piece of information - When he was attacked on Hidden Dragon Island, a batch of people truly went to Huaiyuan Prefecture from Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City in the name of forming battle qi.

    They only stayed in the Zhen Clan Mansion of Stars Viewing City for one day; then, they went to Hidden Dragon Island. After the assassination, they came back to the Zhen Clan Mansion in batches before leaving Stars Viewing City and Huaiyuan Prefecture immediately after...

    Zhen Xiong was curious that it was not enough for them to form battle qi in such a short period at all.

    Zhang Tie sniggered inside, 'Those members of the Zhen Clan were obviously there to assist those b*stards who were killed by me. After knowing that that their plan failed, those people had to leave Hidden Dragon Island with an excuse.

    'It seems that the Zhen Clan assigned two powers to act in Hidden Dragon Island, one in public, one in the dark. Those average people in the mansion only knew that power acting in public. For that power in the dark, only the master of the Zhen Clan and a minority knew it. This explained why the master delivered the order to forbid his clan members from talking about this affair.

    'They even arranged hidden guards. Before this event, they rarely used hidden guards in the evening. Since that event happened, they started to be meticulous. The only reason for this is that they've done something bad.'

    The moment he recalled what he and his elder brother encountered that day, Zhang Tie's killing intent boiled up like magma once again.

    After slightly rotating the key, Zhang Tie quietly pushed open the gate of the main building. He flashed in and locked the gate from inside.

    The main building occupied almost 2,000 square meters. Besides being available for the accommodation of clan members, this building was also the trade base of the Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City in Huaiyuan Prefecture. The Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City had many businesses such as slave trading, weapons trading with Huaiyuan Palace, and ocean transporting to name a few.

    It was pitch-dark in the mansion; however, with his night viewing ability, the moment Zhang Tie entered the gate, he sensed the magnificence of the lobby.

    Zhang Tie didn't go upstairs; instead, he flashed by the lobby like a shadow and moved dozens meters forward along a corridor on the left of the lobby; then, he arrived at the lounge where the other guards rested.

    Of course, besides the 5 guards outside the mansion, there were more guards inside the mansion.

    Almost as soon as Zhang Tie flashed in, he had crashed with a yawning man who had walked out of the washroom and was pulling on the zipper on his trousers.

    Zhang Tie instantly stretched out his hand from the dark and pinched his neck; before that man could say anything, he had been killed by Zhang Tie's Iron-Blood Battle Qi and collapsed onto the ground like a piece of spaghetti.

    Several meters away, Zhang Tie noticed the door of a room which was narrowly open; a slight snore drifted out from inside. He then rushed in; ten seconds later, Zhang Tie closed that door quietly, allowing no sounds to escape the room anymore.

    There were some more bedrooms beside this one. Zhang Tie walked inside quietly one by one. By slightly releasing his Iron-Blood Battle Qi onto the locks, Zhang Tie opened the locks without causing any sound...

    Five minutes later, when Zhang Tie left the first floor and arrived at the second floor of the mansion, nobody alive was left on 1st floor any more. That meant all the guards of the Zhen Clan Mansion of Heavens Cold City had been wipe out by Zhang Tie.

    Two little 'emergencies' happened during this period.

    There was one time when Zhang Tie opened a door, due to lack of lubricating oil, the door slightly creaked. As a result, a very alert guard was woken up. He instantly jumped up from the bed; however, everything stopped by then.

    Although Zhang Tie was still several meters away from that guy who was ready for attack, after releasing his binding chain, he had already 'fixed' that guy. Before the other guards woke up, Zhang Tie had already swiftly sliced all of their necks.

    The room became quiet at once.

    The second was not an emergency strictly as those guys in a room were not sleeping at all; instead, they were gambling. Zhang Tie had heard the sounds inside the door from outside. This was actually an attack by force in the fastest way. From Zhang Tie darted into the room and sent their heads flying almost at the same time. It only took Zhang Tie less than 2 seconds.

    Besides the residences of these guards on the first floor, there were some warehouses and a basement which stored valuables. As it was not the right moment to collect the treasures in the warehouses, Zhang Tie didn't do that; instead, after clearing out all the guards on first floor, he rushed onto the second floor.

    There were so many offices, conference rooms and reference rooms on the second floor, which seemed to be used for businesses. Zhang Tie searched each room on the second floor, yet found nobody at all; therefore, he rushed to the third floor.

    Zhang Tie in the dark was like the king of terror as he was bloody wherever he was.

    When he arrived at the third floor, he took a look around all the rooms; the soft and thick carpet silenced his footsteps. When he heard any sound of breath inside a room, he would quietly open the door with his Iron-Blood Battle Qi and walk in, killing the ones inside before he walked out.

    All the members inside the mansion was male; therefore, Zhang Tie didn't feel any mental burden about killing them; since the Zhen Clan wanted to kill him and his elder brother, the resentment between him and Zhen Clan had been cemented. Additionally, the Zhen Clan acted mysteriously and viciously. According to Lan Yunxi, the powers that carried out assassinations and destructions among mankind always had deep backgrounds and probably had been bought over by demons. For such a clan, of course, Zhang Tie wouldn't feel merciful about them at all.

    Zhang Tie swept over the third floor very quickly; he then arrived at the fourth floor.

    The management of the mansion lived on the fourth floor and up. After taking a look around the fourth floor, Zhang Tie found nobody in most rooms; he then slightly furrowed his brows. 'Aren't those guys here today? What a coincidence!'

    When Zhang Tie arrived at the outside of the last bedroom on the 4th floor, he heard some strange sound from inside; he then opened the lock and entered silently.

    The room was radiating crimson light which looked a bit weird. The moment Zhang Tie entered, he had heard the sound clearly. He then passed by the parlor and opened another door; then, he was shocked...

    A woman was naked, mouth clogged with a piece of cloth; her neck, feet and hands were tied onto an iron bed with iron rings while a man was moving up and down on her body; meanwhile, he was stabbing that women with a 30-cm long iron wire.

    "B*tch, is that cool? Is it cool... I'm stabbing you with 2 items...is that cool...oh, right, faster...argh, narrower...this father has long since wanted to f*ck you. Did you think you were that sharp by seducing the master... argh... There's some places where you cannot go in this mansion... Some things you should not ask... You must not have imagined that you are a gift from the master. It's really much more comfortable to f*ck you than slaves..."

    The man was talking in a low voice while lying on that woman's body like a wild beast who was eating...

    The woman struggled due to a great pain. The iron rings had become extremely bloody; however, the woman's struggle brought greater pleasure to this man.

    Seeing this, Zhang Tie swore furiously, "B*stard!"

    That guy was not weak; he was at least LV 6. The moment he heard Zhang Tie's voice, he instantly popped away from that woman and flashed several meters away. At the sight of Zhang Tie in pitch black clothes and full of killing intent, his pupils contracted at once.

    He was 20-odd years old and looked handsome with a bluish white face; however, he looked evil and ferocious.

    From Zhang Tie's look, he knew that Zhang Tie must not be an average person and he definitely could not defeat Zhang Tie; even if he called for help, Zhang Tie would've killed him long before others arrived.

    "Did someone hire you to kill me? If you leave here, I will pay you double the amount as compensation. You might not know that, my dad is..." That guy pretended to be calm; however, his head had already flown in the air while his eyes looked amazed, a single thought went through his mind, 'So fast!'

    After chopping off that man's head, Zhang Tie came to one side of the girl and took out of that piece of cloth from her mouth. She glanced at that headless corpse; then, she moved her eyes on Zhang Tie. With a miserable smile, tears rolled down her face...

    Zhang Tie undid the iron rings on her neck and limbs and put her down. After checking her body rapidly, he sighed inside and stood up.

    This girl would die. Although only minor wounds could be seen on her skin, the b*stard's iron wire had made her guts like a sieve ...

    Zhang Tie tore off a piece of curtain and covered her naked, bloody body before left...

    "There is... in study room, hidden cell, hidden cell... on the 5th floor..."

    Zhang Tie stopped and turned around his head as he heard the woman uttering those words. He simply nodded and rushed out...

    'Those sons of b*tches...'
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