Chapter 359: Attack Head On

    Chapter 359: Attack Head On

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    After reaching the fifth floor, Zhang Tie finally understood why he had only met a few people on the fourth floor. It was because most of the people living on the fourth floor were attending a conference on the fifth floor.

    The lamplight and human voices faintly came out of the conference room. In the corridor outside the conference room were two tough men.

    By the time Zhang Tie had reach the conference room on the fifth floor, he had already cleaned up the other places on the floor. This conference room was the last place with living people in the Zhen Clan Mansion of Heavens Cold City.

    As he waited by the corridor, Zhang Tie thought about the saying 'plans change'. His plan had been to break through each area of the mansion under the cover of darkness, however, the plan failed when he reached the fifth floor.

    After glancing down the corridor swiftly, Zhang Tie hurriedly put his head back. Standing behind the wall at the corner of the wall, he started to calculate the distance from where he was standing to the end of this corridor.

    It was longer than fifty meters, over such a distance, his binding chains were ineffective as it was greater than the maximal effective distance of the binding chains.

    The corridor was the only way to get from his current position to where the two tough men stood. The corridor was brightly lit, which meant Zhang Tie could not hide himself at all. The moment he appeared, he would definitely be noticed.

    Even if he darted at his fastest speed, it would still take him two seconds to be there. This period was enough for the two guards to give a warning to those inside the room.

    'I don't know how many people were in there. Could there be any powerhouses above LV 10?

    'There are three options for me to choose from, attack head on, give up, or stay here to wait for a better chance!'

    Zhang Tie peered at his watch - 02:53 am...

    Zhang Tie only considered it for a second. Then, he arranged his equipment and put his sword back in the Castle of Black Iron. He then took out some rapid-wind six steel armor-breaking bolts with no tail feathers and inserted all the armor-breaking bolts into the slots of his tactical vest. After doing all that, he took a deep breath and dashed out...

    Zhang Tie chose the first option - attack by force!

    Within a second, Zhang Tie moved forward more than twenty meters; at the same time, he threw out two armor-breaking bolts.

    Without even having a chance to send a warning, the two guards' heads had exploded like watermelons; a red liquid sprayed out of their heads, forming two fresh flowers on the wall.

    Sonic boom!

    Not until after the two heads were exploded by armor-breaking bolts were air-torn sounds heard in the corridor.

    With Iron-Blood Battle Qi boiling like a dragon in his body, Zhang Tie's body started to burn like a fire had been lit beneath him; almost as soon as the air-torn sounds were heard, Zhang Tie ferociously patted on the wooden door of the conference room with his hands.

    Compared to the gentle Iron-Blood Battle Qi that he used to open locks earlier, now it had become unrivaled, untamed, and ferocious. After being struck, the oak door instantly shattered into wooden pieces. At the same time, with huge strength and speed, those broken wooden chips were blasted into the conference room.

    This process only took Zhang Tie less than two seconds. After noticing the sounds outside the room, those people inside the room only had, at most, a second to respond.

    In such a short period, most people inside the conference room had not responded before numerous shattered wooden chips had already been blasted in like hidden weapons and bolts accompanied by the ferocious Qi of Iron-Blood Battle Qi.

    In a split second, a shrill shriek was heard in the conference room; meanwhile, those facing the door had been covered with shattered wooden chips and spikes in different sizes, causing great chaos in the room.

    Alongside the numerous wooden chips, Zhang Tie rushed in.

    In a situation like this, every second counted for Zhang Tie. At this critical moment, Zhang Tie's mind was calm once again as he started to drive his spiritual energy at full speed.

    0.01 seconds after he entered the conference room, Zhang Tie had already clearly observed everything in the room. The scene was like a fixed painting in his mind.

    There were eight people in the conference room; the three of them facing the door had already fallen onto the ground with blood spurting all over. Many wounds had appeared all over one their bodies due to shattered wooden chips. One of the wounds was fatal as it had hit the main artery of his neck. After being cut open, the artery started to spray blood like water coming out of a faucet. That person then covered that wound with one hand.

    The other two were not that heavily wounded. Their wounds were not fatal for the time being - an eye of one of them was stabbed with a toothpick-long wooden pike; he was lying on the floor with a pained expression while the other one watched on - stunned. Even with a lot of wounds on his body, he was still confused about what had happened, even now.

    Besides the above three, two more people were sitting on the table. They didn't stand up; instead, they just looked a bit surprised. The other three had already stood up - one 50-odd year old man had only stood up. The one beside him stood ready to attack; the fastest one was already charging towards Zhang Tie...

    In the next 0.01 seconds, Zhang Tie started his first round of attack - binding chains.

    He released his binding chains so fast. Almost the moment Zhang Tie locked someone with his eyes, the binding chains had already flown out of the place between Zhang Tie's two eyebrows.

    Because of what happened previously, tonight could not be settled through peaceful means, Zhang Tie was determined to win the battle at the risk of his life.

    The binding chains instantly hit the eight people in the conference room. Due to the performance of the binding chains, whenever they took effect on someone, Zhang Tie would know how long their effects would last; however, if that person being struck was above LV 7, the binding chain would be ineffective to him.

    The moment the binding chains flew out, Zhang Tie clearly knew the fighting strength of those people in the room. After being struck by binding chains, five of them instantly lost their ability to move; the other three were not influenced at all. That was to say, three of them were at least LV 8.

    Fortunately, among the three people not influenced by the binding chains, one had been wounded - the one whose eye had been stabbed by a wooden spike. One was charging towards Zhang Tie and the third man was that 50-odd guy who was standing by the seat of the host.

    Zhang Tie had completely figured out the situation in the room within the first 0.02 seconds after rushing into the room and accomplishing his first round of attack with the binding chains.

    Five of the eight people completely lost their fighting strength and couldn't move at all. The shortest recovery time for one of the five fixed people was four minutes. For the remaining three people, one had lost half of his fighting strength while the other two men's fighting strengths were unknown.

    After figuring out the current situation, Zhang Tie became clearer on his next objective - kill that one who had lost half of his fighting strength. For the other two, if either of them were above LV 10 and he could not solve the fight in four minutes, he had to escape. If he kept fighting a real powerhouse here for too long, he might attract the troop; if so, the situation would only get worse.

    'I hope there's no LV 10 guys here,' Zhang Tie thought to himself. Then, he rushed towards that man whose eye had been wounded.

    Time started to run again...

    After Zhang Tie completely figured out the situation in the conference room and completed the first round of attack with binding chains, the three people who could move didn't know that five of the eight people had lost their ability to fight and were even unable to utter a single word.

    In the first second after Zhang Tie rushed into the conference room, the person charging at Zhang Tie had already punched towards Zhang Tie. Seeing that, Zhang Tie directly kicked onto that person's palm; meanwhile, he turned around and rushed towards that man with a wounded eye...

    In the next second after Zhang Tie rushed in, "Qihai, watch out!" the man standing by the seat of the host shouted loudly as he charged towards Zhang Tie with a grim look on his face.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was still being aided by the rapid moving skill, ergo Zhang Tie could still move 20% quicker than usual; Zhang Tie was moving at a terrifying speed.

    Receiving that man's warning, the guy with a wounded eye rolled aside before even looking at Zhang Tie clearly, ignoring the sharp pain in his eye and panic in his heart...

    If it were any of others, when in such a situation, they would hardly attack that escaping guy anymore as they had to face the real powerhouse's attack. However, Zhang Tie could.

    In the third second after Zhang Tie rushed in, when he faced that 50-odd man's attack with a punch, Zhang Tie threw an armor-breaking bolt at that escaping man...

    A shrill shriek, a booming crash, and the air-torn sound of that armor-breaking bolt sounded in the third and the fourth second.

    In the fourth second after Zhang Tie rushed in, that man rushing forwards and Zhang Tie were pushed back by each other's ferocious Qi at the same time.

    When Zhang Tie was sent flying back in the air, two more armor-breaking bolts appeared in his hands...

    The first LV 8 powerhouse whose hand had been kicked by Zhang Tie was instantly sent flying ten meters back and directly hit the wall of the conference room. Soon after, he recovered the boiling qi and blood in his body and prepared to launch the second round of attacks. Suddenly, his head had exploded...

    In the fifth second, after landing on the ground, Zhang Tie sprung out at that 50-odd man.

    In the sixth second, after two rounds of lightning fast fighting, Zhang Tie received that man's hit with his chest while he smashed his Iron-Blood Fist onto that man's lower abdomen...

    Zhang Tie spat out a mouthful of blood; comparatively, that man's eyes, ears, mouth and nose spurted out blood at the same time...

    "Iron-Blood Battle Qi! Who are you..." That man's hoarse voice suddenly stopped. Lowering his head, he watched his lower abdomen with an incredulous look and found that the blade of a pitch-black sword had already fully entered his body...

    'How did this happen? Weren't his hands empty just now? Where did he get the sword from? Iron-Blood Battle Qi? He's Zhang...' The 50-odd man had so many questions before his death.

    In the seventh second, Zhang Tie had chopped off his head and sent it flying in the air...

    The head on attack then came to an end...

    Zhang Tie knelt down on the floor at once and spat out another mouthful of blood...
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