Chapter 363: Action

    Chapter 363: Action

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    Lan Yunxi had a powerful qi field. Regardless of her docile performance when she and Zhang Tie were alone, in the public, such as Hidden Dragon Palace, this woman was like a queen. The moment she arrived, all the great figures in Hidden Dragon Palace were defeated.

    The reason that most people in Hidden Dragon Palace called Lan Yunxi "senior sister Xi" instead of "senior sister Yun or senior sister Yunxi" mostly lay in that everybody respected her. In their eyes, Lan Yunxi was as glamorous as the sun in the early morning, who didn't feel being oppressive at all. Therefore, they call her senior sister Xi.

    At this moment, Lan Yunxi didn't wear a skirt; instead, she was wearing an amaranth armor.

    On the back of her armor was a long bow of the same color while a whip-like weapon was circling her waist. It was Zhang Tie's first time seeing Lan Yunxi's weapons and armor. She looked pretty heroic. Together with her amaranth armor, snow-white, tender skin, and black hair, she looked pretty beautiful.

    Zhang Tie recalled that he almost occupied the shortcut towards her soul and that raptured kiss on the flat roof of Jinwu Castle, which formed a sharp contrast to the present Lan Yunxi, Zhang Tie's saliva almost flew out.

    Lan Yunxi did not enter alone as she was followed by a great number of fully-armored soldiers and officials of Hidden Dragon Palace. Because some elites in Hidden Dragon Palace had been involved in various affairs of Zhang Clan in different degrees, it was not strange that Lan Yunxi came here with a batch of people.

    Seeing her enter, all those in front of her gave a way to her. At sight of Lan Yunxi, Yu Xiaotian revealed a smile as he slightly nodded towards Lan Yunxi.

    Zhang Wumu, whose eyes were always closed and arms crossed, also opened his eyes when he heard the arrival of Lan Yunxi. At this moment, his eyes were gleaming like flames. For the other members, especially the men of Hidden Dragon Palace, were all revealing adoring gazes at the sight of Lan Yunxi.

    After glancing over the Fight Performance Hall casually, Zhang Tie felt pretty stressed as his rivals in love spread over there. Additionally, none of those guys were average. Except for some guys, almost half of those male guys who ranked earlier on the Hidden Dragon Ranks had adoringly gazed at Lan Yunxi.

    Not only males, even females had different looks at sight of Lan Yunxi. Ma Aiyun and Gu Caidie beside Zhang Tie were totally worshipping and admiring her; in contrast, some girls looked jealous and envious - females always got jealous.

    Two women standing not far from Zhang Tie slightly raised their jaws and thrusting their breasts the moment they saw Lan Yunxi coming in. They both came in two minutes ahead of Lan Yunxi. It was said they both ranked highly on the Hidden Dragon Ranks and were well-known in Breaking Heavens Department. When they arrived just now, they even aroused some chaos. However, the moment Lan Yunxi arrived, they became dwarfed at once.

    Lan Yunxi directly walked onto the high platform in Fight Performance Hall with her eyes looking steadily forward. Zhang Tie kept his eyes fixed on her. Although Lan Yunxi had caught sight of him, she moved her eyes again instantly, causing Zhang Tie to be a bit disappointed.

    "Senior sister Xi is really the ideal role model for all the girls in Hidden Dragon Palace. I will become as beautiful and powerful as her in the future!" Ma Aiyun mumbled while the other girls beside her forcefully nodded their heads.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie just rubbed his face with a bitter smile.

    The moment Lan Yunxi stood on the high platform, she looked like a general more than a woman. After glancing over those people at present with a solemn look, she ceased those noises and disturbance instantly.

    "Gu Bai, out of ranks!" Lan Yunxi's solemn voice sounded in the Fight Performance Hall.

    Hearing Lan Yunxi call Gu Bai, not only Zhang Tie, many people were surprised as they didn't even know whom Gu Bai was. As a result, they just looked around.

    "Senior sister Xi, what do you look me for?"

    Gu Bai walked out of the crowd with a stiff smile.

    Seeing Gu Bai walking out, Lan Yunxi slightly narrowed her eyes as she ordered, "Take him away!"

    Receiving this order, the two officials who looked serious instantly charged towards Gu Bai; before Gu Bai responded, they had already searched him all over including his jaw, shoulders, elbows, wrists, palms, fingers, waists, knees, and ankles by patting, twisting, pulling, or tearing. Under Zhang Tie's dumbfounded gaze, Gu Bai's bones and joints had been dislocated all over like a dismantled toy. At the same time, various vials and a dagger were discovered at once.

    'Powerhouses,' a thought flashed across Zhang Tie's mind. It was Zhang Tie's first time seeing people dislocate a person so rapidly.

    As a result, Gu Bai instantly collapsed onto the ground like a sea snake whose bones had been taken out.

    Everybody was startled. After Gu Bai realized what happened, he shouted loudly out of fear, "Senior sister Xi, what are you doing?" Although his jaw had been dislocated, he could still speak.

    Lan Yunxi didn't look at him at all; instead, she looked at the entrance of the Fight Performance Hall. Two officials of Hidden Dragon Palace then hurriedly walked in with two items.

    "We found this set of crystal remote-sensing communication machine and this code book underground Gu Bai's courtyard in Blue Dragon Town!"

    Watching the two items, everybody in Fight Performance Hall widened their eyes, "How come Gu Bai had this?"

    However, at sight of the two items, Gu Bai's face turned really pale, "I... I can... can... can explain!"

    Lan Yunxi gazed at him with an icy look. "Explain? Do you want to explain how you exposed the intelligence of Hidden Dragon Island and Hidden Dragon Palace to the outside? Do you know how may losses Huaiyuan Palace has suffered because of you? Do you know how many people your actions have killed? What do you want to explain? Drag him away..."

    Gu Bai then was pulled out of Hidden Dragon Palace by two officials directly.

    "I want to say something... I want to say something!" Gu Bai shouted loudly as he was pulled away.

    "Gu Bai, student of Hidden Dragon Palace colluded with demons and sold intelligence of the Zhang Clan and Hidden Dragon Palace. On the order of the Seniors Association of the Zhang Clan, we are here to arrest Gu Bai. According to the regulations of Huaiyuan Palace, anyone who colludes with demons will be face death penalty together with all of their family members!" An official beside Lan Yunxi stood forward as he read the decree loudly.

    Hearing this decree, Gu Bai almost passed out while everybody else at present was shocked inside; most people didn't know what happened, except for Zhang Tie, 'The event in Stars Viewing City finally broke out.'

    After the exceptionally tranquil past two days, Huaiyuan Palace's response was completely out of Zhang Tie's imagination. Gu Bai was dug out, which meant that those big figures in Huaiyuan Palace were searching for the mole according to the clues over the past two days. Gu Bai was probably the very person who leaked Zhang Tie's intelligence about the mass-production of all-purpose medicament in Hidden Dragon Palace to the outside.

    Of course, Hidden Dragon Palace summoned everybody back hurriedly was not only to arrest a rebel in the public. Zhang Tie speculated that something amazing would happen later on.

    Zhang Tie was right.

    "From now on, all the LV 6 junior brothers and sisters from Breaking Heavens Department have to stay in Fight Performance Hall tonight. All the students above LV 7 have the right to join a military operation organized by the Zhang Clan tonight. Anyone who'd like to join this action will gain 200 clan contribution points. If you don't want to join it, you have to stay in the Fight Performance Hall tonight too!" Lan Yunxi declared.

    "Senior sister Xi, what military action it is?" the handsome Yu Xiaotian asked on behalf of everybody else at present.

    "Zhen Clan in Heavens Cold City, Langye Prefecture colludes with demons. They are remnants of the Three-Eye Association of demons. According to the decision of the Seniors Association of Huaiyuan Palace, we will start a clan war tonight and crush Zhen Clan to pieces! Not only Hidden Dragon Island, even the whole Huaiyuan Prefecture has been cordoned off inside tonight. Students who join the action tonight will attack Heavens Cold City with the other elites of the Zhang Clan by airships. As this action involves demons, you might meet unprecedented dangers. Therefore, only the students above LV 7 can join it voluntarily!"

    The moment Lan Yunxi finished her words, Zhang Wumu had stomped onto the floor of Fight Performance Hall, causing an earthquake at once. Then, that terrifying man laughed like thunders, "Fine, count me in. I finally get a chance to kill those sons of bitches. Previously, I thought that I could not do that until I was in Hurricane Plateau. It's really out of my imagination that Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City were the remnants of Three-Eye Association of Demons. I will definitely join the massacre tonight!"

    "Students who want to join this action tonight can select weapons in the armory of Fight Performance Hall now. You have ten minutes to prepare. In ten minutes' time, we will leave Hidden Dragon Island in batches. This action is very important and dangerous. Don't be reluctant. Your fates are in your own hands!"

    After saying this, the gate of the armory connected to the Fight Performance Hall was opened. Lan Yunxi walked inside first. Seeing this, a great number of people also walked in the armory without any hesitation, including most of those guys who ranked earlier on the Hidden Dragon Ranks.

    After exchanging glances with each other, Zhang Tie and his friends' hearts started to pound.

    What was war? This was.

    "Go or not?" Zhang Tie asked Liu Xu and Yang Yuankang.

    "Of course, everybody should kill those b*stards of Three-Eye Association like Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City. This time, with elites there, we can definitely destroy them. If we did not go there, it would be a pity!" Liu Xu's eyes radiated gleaming light.

    "Of course, we should kill those demons' lackeys!" Yang Yuankang also raised his head and said proudly.

    "What about you?" Liu Xu asked Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie touched his nose. To be honest, he had killed so many guys from the Zhen Clan, Zhang Tie felt that he had committed to his responsibilities. He was not interested in these righteous affairs or honors; however, as Lan Yunxi had joined, of course he could not just hide on Hidden Dragon Island and wait for his woman to fight outside.

    "Then, I will accompany you righteous men!" Zhang Tie revealed a pale smile. Yang Yuankang and Liu Xu exchanged glanced with each other before bursting out laughing.

    "I will be there too!" Ma Aiyun and the other girls looked very excited.

    Hearing those girls' intention, Zhang Tie stared at them seriously, "You should think carefully, battle is not like competing fighting skills in Breaking Heavens Department. On battle field, blood and flesh would spread over everywhere. Can you really stand it? Someone would spit for several days after only one glance."

    "Since senior sister Xi is going there, we will also go there!" Face turning a bit pale, Yuan Ziyi asked, "Aren't you going there as well?"

    "Don't you know what my nickname is?" Zhang Tie smiled, "I was called flesh grinder on battle field. I killed several dozens of military officers and numerous average soldiers in a few days. I have been adapted to these scenes!"

    "You are bragging!" Ma Aiyun smiled.

    "This is not the time to joke. Women should not join wars!" Zhang Tie replied seriously.

    Ma Aiyun and the other girls then exchanged glanced with each other and became a bit hesitant.

    "Zhang Tie, you go select equipment in the armory first, Liu Xu and I will go notify Zhang Zao and Meiling. We will gather outside," Yang Yunkang told Zhang Tie before left with Liu Xu.

    At this moment, many lovers were bidding farewell to each other. Some lovers even entered the armory in pairs. As Liu Xu and Yang Yuankang's girlfriends were only LV 6, they were not qualified to join the action; before they left, they hurriedly went to notify them.

    Seeing that Ma Aiyun and the other girls were still hesitating, Zhang Tie directly walked into the armory of the Fight Performance Hall.

    The armory had two gates. After entering the gate from the Fight Performance Hall, they chose their equipment and weapons before left from the other gate. After that, they gathered outside the armory and prepared to board the airships. As Lan Yunxi only left them ten minutes to prepare, they quickly selected their equipment and weapons.

    The armory covering over 3,000 square meters was full of armor and weapons. It was enough to arm a troop of thousands of people. Of course, it could easily arm these students from Breaking Heavens Department.

    Considering his sufficient physique, Zhang Tie chose an attractive, heavy, protective plate armor, which boasted super powerful defense ability and flexibility. However, it weighed more than 150 kilograms. The alloy steel on his chest, on his back, and his helmet was thicker than twenty millimeters. The armor extended to his feet. It was definitely like a humanoid tank. Anyone in such a heavy, protective plate armor was freakily muscular guy.

    Having experienced fighting in wars, Zhang Tie clearly knew that individual moving ability was definitely more important than defensive capability; the average person would definitely not choose such terrifying armor. However, it was a waste if Zhang Tie, who had freak huge strength, didn't choose such armor with high protective capabilities. Additionally, Zhang Tie felt that it would not be a bad thing in the fight with the Zhen Clan which was involved with demons. Because, Zhen Clan might have its trump card which could be very destructive.

    After putting on the equipment, Zhang Tie only exposed his eyes to the public through the grim ox-horn like helmet.

    The moment Zhang Tie prepared to choose a heavy sword which was similar to his "Man's Certificate", he caught sight of Ma Aiyun and the other girls entering armory, heads raising. Zhang Tie then sighed inside and just chose a 1.7 m high heavy spiked shield which weighed over 100 kg.

    After that, he chose a set of heavy metal container with nine javelins inside and carried them on his back. He then walked towards Ma Aiyun and the other girls, causing a loud sound.

    When those girls were putting on female tight armors, they caught sight of such a monster walking towards them. They were really startled by Zhang Tie's equipment.

    "When you land and fight them, remember my current look and follow me up. With the heavy shield, I can protect you when necessary!" Zhang Tie's voice drifted out of the air holes on the helmet in a low, muffled way.

    "Zhang Tie?" Those girls' eyes almost popped out of their heads.

    "Hmm!" Zhang Tie nodded, "As your fighting strength is limited, try some agile weapons and equipment; additionally, you six should not separate, try to stay in a group of three. As it's your first time on the battlefield, you should remember that when you see any enemy with their head still attached, stab one more time, regardless of the wounds and blood stains on them. Pay special attention to those who have crossbows, javelins, or put one hand behind their body."

    Zhang Tie gained this knowledge on battlefields at the cost of blood and lives. After saying that, Zhang Tie turned around and left, causing a muffled sound, "Kengchi, kengchi". After exchanging glances with each other, those girls then watched the back of Zhang Tie's terrifying armor and felt warm inside.

    After leaving the armory, Zhang Tie received one vial of medium recovery medicament and one vial of medium antidote potion at the entrance. He then thought inside, 'This is really a generous treatment from big clans like Huaiyuan Palace!'

    Standing outside, Lan Yunxi fixed her eyes on the entrance of the armory. Having not seen Zhang Tie, she felt a bit reassured and a bit disappointed.

    Right then, one guy who looked like an iron tortoise walked out of the entrance of the armory. At the beginning, Lan Yunxi didn't pay special attention to him; not until this guy passed by Lan Yunxi did she slightly quiver all over.

    "I will beat your buttocks when I come back!" Zhang Tie murmured.

    Lan Yuni glared at him initially. Then, she revealed a wisp of smile on her tense face - b*stard.

    Several minutes later, with the arrival of some big war airships, all the students who'd joined the operation boarded on in batches. After that, those airships directly flew away from Hidden Dragon Island towards the north in the dim twilight...
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