Chapter 366: Invitation

    Chapter 366: Invitation

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    As more and more students landed from the airships, the Black Armor Army finally started to collapse.

    The first batch of people, who followed after Zhang Tie, were all powerful fighters above LV 7 from Hidden Dragon Palace.

    The soldiers of Black Armor Army were elites among the guards in Heavens Cold City; their ability almost matched that of the Iron-Blood Camp's in Norman Empire in Zhang Tie's opinion. However, except for only a minority of military officers who could fight the powerhouses from Hidden Dragon Palace for a while, the average soldiers were all easily defeated by the elites of Hidden Dragon Place.

    In Zhang Tie's eyes, the only thing praiseworthy about the soldiers of Black Armor Army was their desperate fighting spirit. For this troop composed of clan members who would never surrender unless their clan ordered them to put down their weapons. This was also the reason why all the clan forces in this age were reliable - nobody would betray their own clan and family.


    After all the male students from Hidden Dragon Palace had landed, the elites of the regular army of the Zhang Clan also started to slide down in batches. The female students from Hidden Dragon Palace were at the end of the line.

    Although Zhang Tie only fought a bit longer than twenty minutes, his heavy chain protective plate armor that radiated metallic luster before had been covered with blood stains like being scooped out of a blood pond. The color of the outside of the armor had become terrifying crimson. Even Zhang Tie had lost count of how many people he had killed. Finally, he could see no enemies around him at all; even if there were enemies, they tried to stay away from him.


    As more and more reinforcements came down from the airship, Zhang Tie slowed down his killing speed. Instead, he just wandered around the fort and collected his heavy javelins from the bodies of those who'd been nailed to the ground by him.

    In a short while, Zhang Tie had collected seven of the nine heavy javelins.

    When Zhang Tie came to the eighth javelin, a red-eyed military officer in black armor jumped out of the cloister in the fort and slashed towards Zhang Tie's neck ferociously and swiftly.

    "Who are you?"

    This military officer was very young; he was only about twenty years old, a bit elder than Zhang Tie. With a handsome face, his fighting strength was between LV 6 and LV 7. He was also very brave. When he attacked Zhang Tie, a battle qi totem of huge black spider appeared behind him, displaying his fighting strength.

    If given more time, this young military officer might have a bright future and would rise to LV 7 soon. If he met someone else, he might have killed that one, however, he'd met Zhang Tie which meant everything would come to an end.

    Zhang Tie had exerted the power of the Iron-Blood Fist, which ranked first among the secret fighting skills of the royal household of the Norman Empire in the Waii Sub-Continent, to a terrifying extent.

    Zhang Tie didn't even glance at him, instead, he just kicked out sharply, ferociously, and directly. His assailant shot him over twenty meters away like a bolt, causing him hit onto the hard wall of the fort. As a result, he was broken into pieces and turned into a pool of blood and flesh before he could even utter a miserable shriek.

    Zhang Tie didn't feel pity for any of the Zhen Clan members at all. He had sworn to uproot the Zhen Clan. Of course, he would not let this man live.

    After killing him, Zhang Tie pulled out the eighth heavy javelin from a corpse that had been using a heavy crossbow and wiped off the blood stains on his clothes. He then walked towards Ma Aiyun and the other girls.

    The six female students had also killed some average soldiers of Black Armor Army. However, in Zhang Tie's eyes, perhaps due to being influenced by the miserable, bloody atmosphere or because it was their first time in a war of such a scale, those senior sisters could only exert half of their fighting strength at most.

    The six female students were divided into two groups, three in each group as suggested by Zhang Tie. They were fighting more than ten soldiers about five to six meters apart.

    At the sight of their pale faces due to fear and exhaustion, Zhang Tie slightly shook his head; war was really not suitable for women!

    Carrying his heavy shield and javelin container, Zhang Tie leisurely picked up a long spear and a grim flail of more than 100 kg from two dead bodies and walked at a steady pace.

    Seeing that Gu Caidie and the other two girls were a bit tense while fighting three guys in black armor, Zhang Tie instantly threw out the long spear and penetrated through the 3 guys like a kebab, sending them flying back at the same time. Benefitting from that, those girls breathed a sigh of relief.

    Zhang Tie waved the heavy, three-headed flail and caused a weird ripple in the air. After being accelerated, the spiked steel heads of the flail had a terrifying impact force which could even match that of a steam punching machine. Simply by waving it horizontally, Zhang Tie had easily broken the helmets and armors of four soldiers of Black Armor Army, causing their necks to sprout out blood along with their brains and pieces of flesh.

    With another horizontal sweep, together with the sounds of broken armors and bones as well as miserable shrieks, another three guys twisted with their weapons and fell down like cornstalks being destroyed by hurricane.

    In less than two seconds after Zhang Tie came close to those girls, all their enemies had been cleared away. Seeing this, the girls became startled.

    Zhang Tie then walked towards the remaining soldiers of Black Armor Army who were besieging the group of Gu Caidie. Seeing Zhang Tie walking towards them, those guys then shouted loudly with frightened looks; they turned around to escape. However, after running a few steps, they were caught up by a fighter of the elite troop of Hidden Dragon Palace. One slash, one down; in a wink, they all became corpses.

    Seeing that the remaining opponents had been surrounded and the situation would be resolved in a short while, Zhang Tie stopped.

    From when the first combustion bomb was dropped down until the end of the war, the warfare in Bluestone Pass Fort only lasted less than one hour.

    Seeing Zhang Tie walking towards them in bloody armor, although knowing who was inside, those girls were all scared as they moved back subconsciously and fixed their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile as he picked off his helmet. After seeing Zhang Tie's familiar face, those girls looked a bit better. At the same time, the group of Ma Aiyun hurriedly moved close to him. Considering the thick blood stains on the ground, they became very cautious as they drew close to Zhang Tie.

    "Sen... senior brother!" They even stammered at sight of Zhang Tie.

    "Are you all right, senior sisters?"

    "Fine!" Ma Aiyun tried to recover his composure. As she was holding her sword too forcefully, her fingers had even become blue, the same to the other girls.

    "Zhang Tie, you're injured?!" Yuan Ziyi pointed at a location on Zhang Tie's shoulder and shouted out of surprise.

    "Argh? Where?" Zhang Tie started to check himself.

    "It's... it's on your shoulder!"

    Zhang Tie then touched it and picked off a piece of organ from the connection between his left shoulder and his left arm and casually threw it onto the ground, "I'm not injured, it might be a piece of flesh from one of my opponents!"

    A piece of flesh? Hearing this and seeing said piece of flesh lying on the ground, one girl couldn't stand it at once as she turned around and started to vomit. The rest of girls all looked worse for wear. They couldn't stomach looking at it any more.

    Zhang Tie knew the reason that those big figures allowed these girls to join this action - they would probably face more cruel battles in the future, as they were more powerful than average women, they should at least witness and adapt to this bloody environment even though the clan didn't expect them to be the main fighting force on battlefields.

    "Zhang Tie..." Liu Xu and Yang Yuankang both walked over with their weapons dripping with blood. Seeing the blood stains all over Zhang Tie's armor, they looked at Zhang Tie in a way which was a bit different than usual.

    "Thank god, we're all right!" Zhang Tie smiled, "Don't look at me that way, I've told you that I became accustomed to life on the battlefield when I was in the Iron-Blood Camp of the Norman Empire before!"

    "You were in the Iron-Blood Camp of Norman Empire? Are you interested in joining our Breaking-Sun Army after leaving Hidden Dragon Palace?" Saying that, the senior military officer who was explaining and assigning tasks for them on the airship was walking towards them with some elites of the regular troop of Hidden Dragon Palace; he fixed his eagle-like sharp, gleaming eyes onto Zhang Tie like discovering a gold ingot.

    He was wearing a violet golden, flowing cloud armor which was usually worn by lieutenant generals in Jinyun Country. However, there was no military rank and badge of any troop. They only knew that this guy must be a high military officer in Zhang Clan; however, they didn't know which position he held.


    Seeing him walking towards them, those students, including Zhang Tie, hurriedly bowed towards him as a military etiquette.

    "How about that?" continued the officer, with his eyes fixed on Zhang Tie.
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